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美国国家电台 NPR 2012-08-04

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 The nation's unemployment rate climbed 0.1% in June,heading 8.3%。It was campaign fodder1 for GOP presidential hopeful Mitt2 Romney who told audience in Los Vegas. President's policy has not worked because he thinks government makes Americans work he is wrong.At white house ,President Obama welcomed the news that US employers added 163,000 last month NPR Scott Hourse has more. Employment reports from Labor3 department show it 's strongest job growth since February  with more than twice as many job added as ,month before. President Obama says US economy now adds more than a million jobs so far this year. Those are labors4 family members finding work and security comes with work. Mr.Obama acknowledged that far too many Americans are still looking for work. The separate surveys from Labor Department show unemployment rate inch up last month to 8.3%.Scott Horse NPR news ,the white house.

President Obama renewed his call on congress to extend middle class tax breaks..Speaking in the Washington the president said the time couldn't be worse to take break away from the middle class. Mitt Romney was also talking about tax today addressing charges from Senate majority leader Harry5 that over ten years Romney not pay taxes. Republican presidential candidate has rejected Democratic calls to release tax returns and speaking on campaign trial Romney said he has paid tax every year and a lot of taxes. 
Syrian president Burshal is reportedly asking Russia for loans and shipment of fuel.NPR reports delegation6 of the senior Syrian officials in Moscow to seek help for the battle region. Russia is one of few world power supporting Al-shad along with the China ,Russia has blocked UN resolution call in for tougher sanction against the Syrian government. But existing sanctions in growing civil conflict has drained the region hard currency and made it hard to obtain distill7 oil or another fuel.Syrian officials told reporters in Moscow that his group has asked for long-term supplies. Meanwhile a group of Russian warships8 carrying marine9 and army vehicles is reported to be heading to Russian base in the Syrian port taties .Russian defense10 officials declined to say whether the ships were actually docked the sport.NPR news Moscow.
UN general assembly has overwhelming denounced Syrian crack down and demand lockdown of Syrian chemical and biological weapons vow11 came more powerful council has been deadlock12 by Russia and China veto of resolution that could lead to sanctions.
On Wall Street this hour, the Dow was up 285 points, the NASDAQ was up 63 this is NPR.
16-year old Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas now has two gold medals enter facing on the calock current flick13 box. But Speaking on NBC today's show the teenage champion said her most important accomplishment14 was making history. It’s so meaningful to be the first African-American to win all around, gold medal beyond the individual. And make history box definitely on one of person magical, amazing. Today Olympic tennis competition Wimbledon Serena William clinch15 at least silver medal and earned the birth of Olympic final when she beat with No.1 seed Victoria Aza 6-1,6-2.
The final of Olympic men shot put competition slide from this evening in London.NPR says Americans have good chance to medal this event. Think the quanta American sport ,chances are the shot put does come to mind.but USA has medal in 21 of 23 summer they sent team to.USA in fact has 17 gold medals in the sport and next one to come forward Reese Hoffa,Hoffa a Colorado star university of Georgia who still lives in Athens has further qualify throw just tiny bit shot of 71 feet. The 34 year old syringe 25 pond Hoffa’s personal best throw is 7.2 and feet. Hoffa can also serve rubles cue in another 40 second. Mike Pasc NPR new London.
And Britain has won men's Olympic track cycling pursuit beating Australia in world record time.
I’m Louise Schiavone,NPR news Washington


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  • I gave him a baseball mitt for his birthday.为祝贺他的生日,我送给他一只棒球手套。
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