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 Some sources say Affleck's split with Shookus, 38, exacerbated1 his spiral. 有消息称,阿弗莱克和38岁的休库斯分手加剧了他的恶性循环。

"Lindsay had been supporting Ben's sobriety, but she knew he wasn't getting better," says a friend of the former couple's. “琳赛一直支持本的戒酒,但她知道他并没有好转,”这对前夫妇的一位朋友说。
"And that it was time for her to step aside." Others close to Affleck say his issues run far deeper. “她是时候离开了。”与阿弗莱克关系密切的其他人则表示,他的问题要深远得多。
"He's been famous for most of his life," adds the source close to him. “他一生中大部分时间都很有名,”知情人士补充说。
"He was young when he became famous and part of a fun, rebellious2 crowd. He didn't grow up or away from it and doesn't know how. He's really never been alone. “他成名时还很年轻,是个有趣的、叛逆的人。他没有长大,也不知道怎么长大。他从来都不是一个人。
I think Ben struggles with being two people, being the family man and also having that need to be the consummate3 cool kid." 我认为本在两个身份之间挣扎,想做顾家的男人,同时也需要成为一个完美的酷孩子。”
Affleck's first trip to rehab came in 2001, when he was driven by friend Charlie Sheen to a residential4 facility. 阿弗莱克第一次去戒毒所是在2001年,当时他的朋友查理·辛(Charlie Sheen)开车送他去了一所住宿机构。
"If it wasn't drinking, it was gambling," says the insider. "He has this personality, and it's very difficult to get away from." 知情人士表示:“不是喝酒,就是赌博。”“他性格就是这样,很难摆脱。”
In March 2017 Aleck revealed on Facebook that he had once again completed treatment, writing, "I want to live life to the fullest and be the best father I can be. 2017年3月,亚力克在Facebook上表示,他再次完成了治疗,他写道:“我想充实地生活,成为最好的父亲。
I want my kids to know there is no shame in getting help when you need it." 我想让我的孩子知道,当你需要帮助的时候,寻求帮助并不可耻。”
That September, Garner5 and Affleck's brother Casey helped him briefly6 reenter inpatient treatment after another relapse. 那年9月,加纳和阿弗莱克的哥哥凯西在他再次复发后帮助他重新接受了住院治疗。
Affleck has been public about his father Timothy's addiction7 to alcohol and the effect that had on him. 阿弗莱克公开了他父亲蒂莫西对酒精的上瘾以及对他的影响。
"(He) turned his life around in a very laudable way," the actor told The Mail on Sunday in 2008. “(他)以一种非常值得称赞的方式改变了自己的生活,”这位演员在2008年对《每日邮报》说。
"But having such serious addiction issues has a major impact—it colors who you are and becomes a part of you." “但有如此严重的上瘾问题会产生重大影响——它会影响到你是谁,并成为你的一部分。”
It also affected8 his relationship with Garner. After 10 years of marriage the two announced their separation in June 2015 and filed for divorce in April 2017. 这也影响了他和加纳的关系。结婚10年后,两人于2015年6月宣布分居,并于2017年4月提出离婚。
Since then they have been in mediation9 to settle privately10 while continuing to co-parent their kids. 从那以后,他们一直在调解,私下解决问题,同时继续共同抚养孩子。
They attended Hello, Dolly! on Broadway last month as a family, and Affleck celebrated11 his 46th birthday on Aug. 15 at a dinner with the kids at Barton G. restaurant in L.A. 上个月,他们作为一个家庭在百老汇参加了《你好,多莉!》,阿弗莱克在8月15日与孩子们在洛杉矶巴顿G.餐厅共进晚餐,庆祝了他46岁的生日。
Despite their split, Garner has remained a source of strength and support for Affleck. 尽管他们分手了,加纳仍然是阿弗莱克的力量来源和支持者。
"Ben very much needs Jen in his life," says the insider. "There is no one more compassionate12 and dedicated13 to his sobriety." “本在生活中非常需要珍,”知情人说。“没有人比她更有同情心,更专注于他的戒酒。”
Before this setback14, Affleck and Garner were close to finalizing15 their divorce. 在这次挫折之前,阿弗莱克和加纳本来即将结束他们的离婚状态。
"When it comes to settling custody16 issues, she makes it a priority to be sure the children are safe with their father," says an industry source. "Time will tell." 一位业内人士表示:“在解决监护权问题上,她把确保孩子和父亲在一起时的安全放在首位。”“时间会说明一切。”
Now with Affleck in treatment again, Garner has been readying the kids for their first days of school, promoting her new film Peppermint17 and leaning on friends for support. 现在,阿弗莱克再次接受治疗,加纳一直在为孩子们开学做准备,宣传她的新电影《薄荷》,并依靠朋友们的支持。
And she's hopeful Affleck will stay in rehab—for at least 30 days. 她希望阿弗莱克能在康复中心呆至少30天。
"Ben knew that he needed help again," says the source close to him. "He understands how serious his situation is." “本知道他又需要帮助了,”他身边的消息人士说。“他知道自己的处境有多严重。” 


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