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 Bode1& Morgan Miller2 Finding New Purpose in Tragedy 博德·米勒和摩根·米勒在悲剧中找到了新的目标

After their baby girl drowned in a neighbor's pool, the olympic skier3 and his wife want to spare other families their shattering pain 女儿淹死在邻居的游泳池后,这位奥林匹克滑雪运动员和妻子想让其他家庭免于重蹈覆辙
The "tiny sliver4 of light" at the door jamb sank Morgan Miller's heart. 看到门框上的“微光”,摩根·米勒的心沉了下去。
Morgan and three of the four children between her and Olympic skier Bode Miller were at a neighbor's house in Coto de Caza, Calif., on June 9— 6月9日,摩根带着她和奥林匹克滑雪运动员博德·米勒(Bode Miller)四个孩子中的三个在加利福尼亚州科托德卡扎(Coto de Caza)的邻居家——
the moms chatting on the sofa, the two Miller boys in an adjacent room and 19-month-old Emeline toddling5 back and forth6 between them. 母亲们在沙发上聊天,米勒家两个男孩在隔壁的房间里玩,19个月大的艾米琳(Emeline)在他们之间走来走去。
"It was just a normal day.... All of asudden, it was just too quiet," Morgan recalls, choking on tears. “那是很普通的一天……突然间,一切都太安静了,”摩根哽咽着回忆说。
"I said, ‘Where's Emmy?' " It was then that Morgan, 31, spied the light beam that meant the door to the backyard was ajar. “我说,‘埃米在哪儿?’”就在这时,31岁的摩根发现了一束光,这意味着通往后院的门半开着。
She found Emmy floating in the pool outside. 她发现埃米漂浮在外面的游泳池里。
"I ran and I jumped in," says Morgan, who performed CPR  until an ambulance came. “我跑过去跳进游泳池,”摩根说,她一直为女儿做心肺复苏,直到救护车赶到。
"I was at the softball game, so I was hearing all this through the phone," recalls Bode. "Just in shock." “我当时在看垒球比赛,所以我通过电话得知了这一切,”博德回忆说。“震惊”。
Her brain deprived ofoxygen for too long, Emmy died the next day. 艾米的大脑缺氧太久,第二天就死了。
Seven weeks after living every parent's worst nightmare, the Millers7, who are expecting their third child in October, sat down with NBC's Today to share Emmy's story in a July 30 broadcast in hopes of saving other parents from the same tragedy. 这场对父母来说最可怕的噩梦过去七周之后,十月即将迎来第三个孩子的米勒一家在7月30日的NBC《今日》节目中与大家分享了艾美的故事,希望其他的父母不要遭遇同样的悲剧。
"It's an obligation," Bode tells NBC. "I think it does, in some way, help to heal a little bit—that maybe we're preventing it from happening to somebody else." “我们义不容辞,”博德告诉NBC。“我认为,在某种程度上,它确实有助于治愈我们自己——也许我们正在阻止这种事发生在别人身上。”
Drowning is the leading cause of death for healthy children under 4, but Bode, 40, says he went to every pediatrician check up with his kids—and this risk came up "not a single time." 溺水是4岁以下健康儿童的主要死亡原因,但40岁的博德说,他和孩子们一起去看了所有的儿科医生,“一次也没有”出现这种危险。
But even that fact could be dangerously misleading because it doesn't include deaths like Emmy's, which occur after drowning due to oxygen deprivation8. 但即便如此,这个事实也可能非常具有误导性,因为它不包括像埃米这样溺水后因缺氧而死的人。
"A childunder 30 lbs. can drown in 30 seconds," says Morgan. "I just keep counting to 30 in my head. That was all I needed.... “一个体重不足30磅的孩子。能在30秒内淹死,”摩根说。“我反复在脑子里数到30。我只需要……
Guilt9 is a very painful thing. I hope and pray and beg that it gets easier." 内疚是一件很痛苦的事情。我希望、祈祷、祈求一切都能变得更容易些。”
The Millers now amplify10 what the American Academy of Pediatrics urges: drowning-preven-tion classes, barriers around pools and parents being, in Morgan's words, "hyperaware" of children near any body of water, including bathtubs. 米勒夫妇现在强调了美国儿科学会(American Academy of Pediatrics)的呼吁:开设防溺课程,在泳池周围设置障碍,家长们——用摩根的话来说,孩子在任何水域附近活动(包括浴缸)时要“高度警惕”。
Emmy, they say, was excited to be a big sister and carried a doll with her for practice. 他们说,埃米很高兴能成为一个姐姐,并拿着一个娃娃练习。
"She was such a bright light," says Morgan. "Now we have the opportunity to get to love that baby not only for ourselves but for Emmy." “她那么活泼,”摩根说。“现在我们有机会不仅为我们自己,也为艾米去爱那个孩子。”


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  • These figures do not bode well for the company's future.这些数字显示出公司的前景不妙。
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  • Every miller draws water to his own mill.磨坊主都往自己磨里注水。
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