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 One day she came home with a pamphlet about a course she wanted my stepfather Steve to take. 有一天,她带着一本小册子回家,她想让我的继父史蒂夫上一门课。

Steve looked over the booklet. "This is Scientology!" he said. "A cult1! I'm not going there. Are you out of your mind?" 史蒂夫把小册子看了一遍。“这是山达基!”“这是狂热崇拜!我不去那里。你疯了吗?”
What was going on was that Sterling2 Management was run by Scientologists and was a top recruiter for the church. 其实,斯特林管理是由山达基教徒管理的,是教会的高级扩员机构。
My mother said she finally had a purpose—she was joining the fight to save humanity! Steve walked out. 妈妈说她终于有了目标——她加入了拯救人类的战斗!史蒂夫出走了。
After that, Mom fell deeper and deeper into the church. LeClair was involved in her own life, acing3 school and getting accepted at the American University of Paris. 从那以后,妈妈在这个教会里越陷越深。勒克莱尔忙于自己的生活,在学校成绩优异,被巴黎美国大学录取。
That summer she took a job her mom had found for her at Sterling, selling management-training manuals. 那年夏天,她在斯特林做了一份妈妈为她找的工作,销售管理培训手册。
Then she had a near-fatal car accident that shook her to the core, and Scientology's teachings suddenly piqued4 her interest. 然后,她发生了一场几乎致命的车祸,把她吓得魂飞魄散,山达基的教义突然激起了她的兴趣。
I knew little about Scientology except what I'd gleaned5 from my mother—that practitioners6 gained self-knowledge and spiritual fulfillment through training fashioned after founder7 L. Ron Hubbard's Dianetics self-help book. 我对山达基知之甚少,只从母亲那里知道了一些——教徒们模仿创始人L.罗恩·哈伯德(L. Ron Hubbard)的《智力学》自助书籍的内容进行训练,借此获得自我认识和精神满足。
We were immortal8 beings with emotional baggage from our past incarnations. 我们是不朽的存有,带着我们前世化身的情感包袱。
Through courses and the counseling sessions of "auditing9," we could address those issues and achieve a superior state of spiritual enlightenment. 通过“旁听”课程和咨询,我们可以解决这些问题,达到一种更高的精神启蒙状态。
Only Scientologists, as evolved, superior beings, could save the planet. 只有山达基教徒这种经过进化的高级生物,才能拯救地球。
As I began taking "auditing" sessions I finally understood what my mother had meant when she talked about a "higher purpose." 当我开始参加“审计”课程时,我终于明白了我母亲所说的“更高的目标”是什么意思。
It made sense to me. LeClair put her college plans on hold. 这对我来说很有意义。勒克莱尔搁置了她的大学计划。
She soon came to believe that no part of her life would be off limits to Scientology. 她很快就相信她生命中的任何部分都不会对山达基教有所保留。
"I want you to read this," the auditor10 said one day. It regarded homosexuality. Swallowing hard, I began reading. “我想让你读读这个,”一天审计员说。那是关于同性恋的。我忍气吞声,开始看书。
L. Ron Hubbard considered homosexuals and other "perverts11" as "evil, untrustworthy, a criminal." My hands trembled. L.罗恩·哈伯德认为同性恋和其他“变态”是“邪恶的,不可信赖的,罪犯”。我的手在颤抖。
"Have you ever had homosexual thoughts?" she asked. “你有过同性恋的想法吗?”她问。
I realized the auditor must have been referring to my brief encounter with a classmate, which I'd confessed to another auditor. 我意识到审计员一定是指我与一位同学的短暂接触,我向另一位审计员承认了这一点。
"Yes," I said. "I had thoughts about a high school friend." "Thank you. Did you ever act on it?" "No," I said, telling a white lie. "I did not." “是的,”我说。“我对一个高中朋友有想法。”“谢谢。你曾经做过吗?”“没有,”我说,撒了个善意的谎,“我没有。”
I'd just assumed all girls experimented with each other. I had known enough not to broadcast it—not because I thought I was gay; it just wasn't something you talked about. 我只是认为所有的女孩都试过。我非常明白,不会到处说——不是因为我认为我是同性恋;只是你从来没聊到过。
The subject of dating came up during my sessions. Each time, I responded honestly that I couldn't find anyone I wanted to be with. I was told I was being too picky.  他们跟我谈到约会。每次,我都诚实地回答说,我找不到一个想与其共度一生的人。他们说我太挑剔了。


1 cult 3nPzm     
  • Her books aren't bestsellers,but they have a certain cult following.她的书算不上畅销书,但有一定的崇拜者。
  • The cult of sun worship is probably the most primitive one.太阳崇拜仪式或许是最为原始的一种。
2 sterling yG8z6     
  • Could you tell me the current rate for sterling, please?能否请您告诉我现行英国货币的兑换率?
  • Sterling has recently been strong,which will help to abate inflationary pressures.英国货币最近非常坚挺,这有助于减轻通胀压力。
3 acing 4bfdddc52aa6dda4246d383600336b9f     
  • Up to 4 years relevant experience on budget, cost acing report analysis. 4年以上财务经验,包括:预算经验,成本核算经验,财务报表经验。 来自互联网
  • Ian: I always think of happy thoughts. Imagine yourself acing the test. 伊恩:我一直保持快乐的想法。想象你考试满分。 来自互联网
4 piqued abe832d656a307cf9abb18f337accd25     
v.伤害…的自尊心( pique的过去式和过去分词 );激起(好奇心)
  • Their curiosity piqued, they stopped writing. 他们的好奇心被挑起,停下了手中的笔。 来自辞典例句
  • This phenomenon piqued Dr Morris' interest. 这一现象激起了莫里斯医生的兴趣。 来自辞典例句
5 gleaned 83f6cdf195a7d487666a71e02179d977     
v.一点点地收集(资料、事实)( glean的过去式和过去分词 );(收割后)拾穗
  • These figures have been gleaned from a number of studies. 这些数据是通过多次研究收集得来的。
  • A valuable lesson may be gleaned from it by those who have eyes to see. 明眼人可从中记取宝贵的教训。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
6 practitioners 4f6cea6bb06753de69fd05e8adbf90a8     
n.习艺者,实习者( practitioner的名词复数 );从业者(尤指医师)
  • one of the greatest practitioners of science fiction 最了不起的科幻小说家之一
  • The technique is experimental, but the list of its practitioners is growing. 这种技术是试验性的,但是采用它的人正在增加。 来自辞典例句
7 Founder wigxF     
  • He was extolled as the founder of their Florentine school.他被称颂为佛罗伦萨画派的鼻祖。
  • According to the old tradition,Romulus was the founder of Rome.按照古老的传说,罗穆卢斯是古罗马的建国者。
8 immortal 7kOyr     
  • The wild cocoa tree is effectively immortal.野生可可树实际上是不会死的。
  • The heroes of the people are immortal!人民英雄永垂不朽!
9 auditing JyVzib     
  • Auditing standards are the rules governing how an audit is performed.收支检查标准是规则统治一个稽核如何被运行。
  • The auditing services market is dominated by a few large accounting firms.审计服务市场被几家大型会计公司独占了。
10 auditor My5ziV     
  • The auditor was required to produce his working papers.那个审计员被要求提供其工作底稿。
  • The auditor examines the accounts of all county officers and departments.审计员查对所有县官员及各部门的帐目。
11 perverts 4acc125cf96bd9738bcffa2067fc213f     
n.性变态者( pervert的名词复数 )v.滥用( pervert的第三人称单数 );腐蚀;败坏;使堕落
  • A clever criminal perverts his talents. 一个聪明的犯罪者误用了他的才智。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
  • Not all fondlers are sexual perverts. 并非所有的骚扰者都是性变态。 来自互联网
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