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 She reconciled with her father when they made 1981's On Golden Pond. Later, learning about her mom's mental illness helped her find closure. 她和父亲在1981年拍摄《金色池塘》时言归于好。后来,了解到母亲的精神疾病,帮助她解脱。

"If you can come to answers, as I was able to do, you end up being able to say, 'This had nothing to do with me.' It wasn't that I wasn't lovable. . . . The minute you know that, you can feel tremendous empathy, and you can forgive." “如果你能像我一样找到答案,你最终会说,‘这与我无关。’这并不是说我不可爱……当你意识到这一点的时候,你就会产生巨大的共鸣,你就会原谅别人。”
After three marriages she says she is no longer dating. "I've closed up shop," Fonda insists when asked about the state of her love life. 三次婚姻之后,她说她不再约会了。当被问及感情生活状况时,方达坚称:“我已经关门了。”
"Men don't ask me out." But she easily summons up her past passions. Her first husband, French screenwriter and director Roger Vadim, directed her in 1968's Barbarella. “男人不会约我出去。”但她很容易唤起过去的激情。她的第一任丈夫是法国编剧兼导演罗杰·瓦迪姆(Roger Vadim), 1968年执导了《芭芭拉》(Barbarella)。
"Everyone fell in love with Roger Vadim," Fonda says. "Men and women. He was incredibly sexy. . . . I was young and wanted him to teach me how to be a woman." “每个人都爱上了罗杰·瓦迪姆,”方达说。“无论男女。他非常性感……我当时很年轻,想让他教我如何成为一个女人。”
But their marriage was tainted1 by Vadim's womanizing and insatiable sexual appetite. In her memoir2 Fonda wrote that he liked bringing other women into their bed. 但他们的婚姻被瓦迪姆的沉迷女色和永不满足的性欲所玷污。方达在她的回忆录中写道,他喜欢带其他女人回家上床。
In the documentary she says it eventually broke them up: "I knew I was going to have to leave him and that whole hedonistic relationship." 在纪录片中,她说这最终使得他们:“我知道我将不得不离开他和那种享乐主义的关系。”
She has no regrets about her movies—not even Barbarella. "It's almost feminist—she runs her own spacecraft!" she jokes of her breakout role as an outer-space sex kitten. 她对自己的电影毫无遗憾,甚至芭芭拉也不例外。“她几乎是女性主义者——她自己驾驶宇宙飞船!”她开玩笑说她的突破性角色是一个外太空性感小猫。
But a nude3 scene was diicult. "I didn't like to get naked. Vadim promised me the titles on the opening sequence would cover everything that needed to be covered. He lied. 但是一个裸体场景很难。“我不喜欢裸体。瓦迪姆向我保证,片头的标题会遮住所有需要遮挡的内容。他撒了谎。
So I just got raging drunk on vodka. It turned out we had to do it a second time the next day, so I was hung over." 所以我喝伏特加喝得酩酊大醉。结果第二天我们不得不再拍一次,所以我宿醉还没醒。”
Later, when Fonda starred as a call girl in 1971's Klute, for which she won her first Oscar, she spent time with prostitutes as research: "I went with them when they bought their cocaine4, and to after-hours clubs ....I saw a lot. All the women I met seemed so broken." 之后,方达主演1971年的《柳巷芳草》,扮演应召女郎,赢得了第一个奥斯卡奖,她花时间与妓女做研究:“我跟她们一起去买可卡因,下班后去俱乐部....我看到了很多。我遇到的所有女人似乎都很伤心。
She is proud of her activism but admits she made big mistakes. 她为自己的行动主义感到骄傲,但也承认自己犯了很大的错误。
In 1972 Fonda faced the wrath5 of many Americans after she went to North Vietnam to speak out against the war and posed on an antiaircraft gun, earning the nickname Hanoi Jane. 1972年,方达前往越南北部公开反对战争,并手持高射机枪摆姿势,赢得了“河内简”(Hanoi Jane)的外号,这一举动激怒了许多美国人。
The controversy6 has followed her ever since. "It's my nature that if I know what I'm doing is right—even though I've certainly made mistakes—it makes me more determined7 to keep going. 从那以后,争议一直困扰着她。“我的天性是,如果我知道我所做的是正确的——即使我确实犯过错误——它会让我更有决心继续前进。
Which means I'm not going to stop talking about what's wrong with the Vietnam War or corporate8 control of our economy or other things I speak out about," she says. 这意味着,我不会停止谈论越南战争、企业控制我们经济的问题,或者我所说的其他事情,”她说。
But she does regret some of her actions. "What I'm most sorry for is that I sat on an antiaircraft gun and had my picture taken," she says. 但她确实对自己的一些行为感到后悔。她说:“我最抱歉的是,我坐在高射炮上照了相。”
"It's hard to even explain how it happened. I was kind of out of my mind when I look at myself in those images." “甚至很难解释它是如何发生的。当我在这些照片中看到自己的时候,我有点疯了。”
In 2015 she told veterans protesting one of her speaking engagements, "I will go to my grave knowing I made a huge, huge mistake that made a lot of people think I was against the soldiers." 2015年,她对一次演讲抗议她的退伍军人说,“至死我都知道我犯了一个很大很大的错误,让很多人认为我是在反对士兵。”


1 tainted qgDzqS     
adj.腐坏的;污染的;沾污的;感染的v.使变质( taint的过去式和过去分词 );使污染;败坏;被污染,腐坏,败坏
  • The administration was tainted with scandal. 丑闻使得政府声名狼藉。
  • He was considered tainted by association with the corrupt regime. 他因与腐败政府有牵连而名誉受损。 来自《简明英汉词典》
2 memoir O7Hz7     
  • He has just published a memoir in honour of his captain.他刚刚出了一本传记来纪念他的队长。
  • In her memoir,the actress wrote about the bittersweet memories of her first love.在那个女演员的自传中,她写到了自己苦乐掺半的初恋。
3 nude CHLxF     
  • It's a painting of the Duchess of Alba in the nude.这是一幅阿尔巴公爵夫人的裸体肖像画。
  • She doesn't like nude swimming.她不喜欢裸泳。
4 cocaine VbYy4     
  • That young man is a cocaine addict.那个年轻人吸食可卡因成瘾。
  • Don't have cocaine abusively.不可滥服古柯碱。
5 wrath nVNzv     
  • His silence marked his wrath. 他的沉默表明了他的愤怒。
  • The wrath of the people is now aroused. 人们被激怒了。
6 controversy 6Z9y0     
  • That is a fact beyond controversy.那是一个无可争论的事实。
  • We ran the risk of becoming the butt of every controversy.我们要冒使自己在所有的纷争中都成为众矢之的的风险。
7 determined duszmP     
  • I have determined on going to Tibet after graduation.我已决定毕业后去西藏。
  • He determined to view the rooms behind the office.他决定查看一下办公室后面的房间。
8 corporate 7olzl     
  • This is our corporate responsibility.这是我们共同的责任。
  • His corporate's life will be as short as a rabbit's tail.他的公司的寿命是兔子尾巴长不了。
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