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人物:Lady GAGA-一个明星的重生(1)

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 Lady GAGA: a star is reborn Lady GAGA:一个明星的重生

Lady Gaga, the Hollywood Actress has arrived. Lady Gaga,好莱坞女演员来了。
As she steps onto the carpet at the recent Los Angeles premiere of A Star Is Born, it's hard to imagine she was ever anything but this: a shimmering1, glimmering2 throwback to the golden age of film. 在最近洛杉矶举行的《一个明星的诞生》首映式上,当她走上地毯时,很难想象她曾经绝不会如此:造型回归电影黄金时代,熠熠生辉,光芒万丈。
Complete with demure3 smile, dazzling gown and the uncanny ability to find her perfect angle for the flashing cameras, in that moment she's akin4 to Hepburn, Monroe, Bacall, somehow all combined—and a far cry from her past of bursting out of an egg and wearing head-to-toe red meat as a dress. 笑容端庄,礼服闪耀,又知道自己该如何向相机展示最完美的一面,在那一刻她像极了赫本,梦露,巴考尔,或者是她们的结合体,让人再难想起她曾经破壳而出,一身血红生肉片装出现。
But only within Gaga can a blushing leading lady and the world's most envelope-pushing pop star coexist. 但只有在Gaga身上,羞答答的女主角和世界上最怪异的流行歌手才能共存。
Unlike Ally, the shy, insecure singer she plays in A Star Is Born, Lady Gaga, 32, born Stefani Germanotta, always felt she was destined5 for greatness. 32岁的Lady Gaga原名斯蒂芬妮·杰尔马诺塔(Stefani Germanotta),与她在《一个明星的诞生》中扮演的害羞、没有安全感的歌手爱丽不同,她总是觉得自己注定会成功。
"What intrigued6 me about Ally is she was nothing like I was when I started," Gaga recently told People of her character. Gaga最近在接受《人物》杂志采访时谈到了她的角色,她说:“爱丽让我着迷的地方是,她一点也不像我刚开始的时候。”
"When I wanted to become a singer and decided7 that I was going to really hit the pavement and try to make it, I really believed in myself. “当我想成为一名歌手的时候,当我决定要真正走上街头,努力做到这一点的时候,我真的相信自己。
I was banging down every door that I could and dragging my piano around New York City trying to get gigs. I was intrigued by her vulnerability." 我拼命地敲开每一扇门,拖着钢琴在纽约市四处寻找演出机会。我对她的脆弱很感兴趣。”
With more than $41 million made at the box office its opening weekend, director and co-lead Bradley Cooper's reimagining of the original 1937 love story A Star Is Born has earned both him and Gaga—whom he tapped as his costar after they shared an impromptu8 duet in her living room—rave reviews as well as a chart-climbing soundtrack and significant Oscar buzz. 电影放映首个周末便赢得4100多万美元票房,导演兼另一位主演布拉德利·库珀重新塑造的1937年的爱情故事为他和Gaga赢得了如潮的好评,原声带在榜单上一路上升,电影在奥斯卡引起轰动。在Gaga家的起居室,他们两个共同完成一段即兴二重唱,之后他决定请Gaga出演另一位主角。
After a roller-coaster few years that brought highs like her Super Bowl performance and Grammy-nominated album Joanne in 2017 and lows like her painful split with fiancé Taylor Kinney the year before and going public with her debilitating9 pain in her Netflix documentary Five Foot Two, Gaga is now experiencing contentment at last, both personally and professionally. 那几年如同过山车一般,有顶峰:超级碗演出,2017年专辑《乔安妮》获得格莱美奖提名;也有低谷:前一年与未婚夫泰勒·金尼的伤心分手,和在Netflix纪录片《五尺二寸》中公布病痛。而现在Gaga最终获得了满足,包括个人生活和职业发展两方面。
Together for nearly two years, she and Christian10 Carino, an agent, have yet to publicly comment on their relationship status, though it is widely believed in industry circles that they are engaged. 她和经纪人克里斯蒂安·卡里诺(Christian Carino)在一起已经快两年了,但还没有就两人的关系状况发表公开评论,不过业界普遍认为他们订婚了。
It's a far happier state than the one Gaga once envisioned for herself. 当前的状态比Gaga曾经想象的更加幸福。
"When you work as hard as I do, or you resign your life to something like music or art or writing, you have to commit yourself to this struggle and commit yourself to the pain," she told Rolling Stone in 2010. “当你像我一样努力工作,或者你把生命托付给音乐、艺术或写作之类的事情时,你必须投身于这场斗争,投身于痛苦之中,”她在2010年对《滚石》杂志(Rolling Stone)表示。
"And I commit myself to my heartbreak wholeheartedly.... As artists, we are eternally heartbroken." “我全心全意地专注于我的心碎……作为艺术家,我们永远会心碎。”
Back in 2008, with hits "Just Dance" and "Poker11 Face" off her debut12 album, The Fame, at the top of the charts, few knew Gaga's struggle. 早在 2008年,Gaga的首张专辑"The Fame"中的"Just Dance"和"Poker Face"大受欢迎,高居排行榜榜首,但很少有人知道Gaga的挣扎。


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