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听电影学英语-朋友一场 11

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  [00:01.08]Late ’20s. male Caucasian 晚了20分钟 高加索人男性
[00:03.36]with multiple lacerations on lower mandible and possible concussion1. 下颚骨有多处损伤 可能有脑震荡
[00:07.32]Transport en route, over. 送诊途中 完毕
[00:08.24]- 10-4. - So, uh, Jamie, - 10-4 - 那么,嗯,洁蜜
[00:10.80]- you still living in town? - Oh, yeah, I just moved back. - 你还住在镇上? - 哦,对,我刚回来的
[00:12.88]Oh, really? Me too. 真的?我也是
[00:14.88]- It’s a small world. - No kidding. - 这世界真小 - 没错
[00:17.96]I cannot get over how great you look. 我抵挡不住你的魅力
[00:18.60]Jeez, you know, 你知道吗
[00:20.56]Oh, pfft. Me? Look at you! 哦,我? 看看你!
[00:25.24]Yeah, I guess my skin cleared up 对,我现在皮肤好了
[00:25.32]and I lost my stammer2, 而且我不结巴了
[00:29.08]I’m actually only doing this part-time till I can make it in music. 事实上我只在业余时间弹 直到我能进军音乐界
[00:29.28]but I still play a mean guitar. 但我仍然弹吉他
[00:32.96]You know, Chris is in the music business too. He could probably help you. 你知道,克里斯现在也在音乐界工作 他可能能帮你
[00:37.04]Oh, hey. Easy there, Gretzky. 哦,嘿 放松,滑冰小子
[00:39.36]Shh. 嘘
[00:40.00]You know, we should hang out, you know, have lunch sometime? 我们应该出去玩玩 什么时候吃个午饭?
[00:46.40]I would love to have lunch. 我很高兴与你共餐

[00:48.88]Um, where can I give you my phone number? 嗯,你把我的电话号码记在哪里?
[00:49.96]Just write it on this. 就写这上面吧
[00:57.16]Jamie Palamino. 洁蜜 帕拉米诺
[01:00.12]This is bullshit! 扯淡!
[01:00.80]You haven’t aged3 a peep. 你一点都没变
[01:07.96]What do you know about Dusty Dinkleman? 你有多了解达斯丁 丁克曼?
[01:10.76]Works in the building, drives ambulance. Why? 在这里上班 开救护车,怎么了?
[01:11.16]- You mean Dusty Lee? - Yeah. - 你是说达斯丁 李? - 对
[01:12.92]Well check this out. So I’m out with Jamie again-- 帮我想想 我又和洁蜜出去了--
[01:18.32]Another day date? 又是一天的约会?
[01:19.28]Yes. Anyway, 对,不管怎么说
[01:20.40]we’re having a great time 我们很愉快
[01:24.20]and then Dusty shows up out of nowhere, 然后达斯丁不知道从什么地方冒出来
[01:24.68]and then Jamie gives him her number. 然后洁蜜给他留了电话
[01:28.72]Hey, didn’t Dusty have like a huge crush on Jamie? 嘿,那个达斯丁不是不也曾经很喜欢洁蜜?
[01:30.44]- Uh... - Yeah, you got some - 嗯... - 对,你有
[01:34.32]competition there, Chris. I mean, Dusty is a really nice guy. 对手了,克里斯 我是说,达斯丁确实是个好小伙儿
[01:37.80]Yeah, well Jamie doesn’t date nice guys. 对,洁蜜没约过好小伙儿
[01:39.08]She puts them in the friend zone 她把他们当成朋友

  [01:39.76]and then tortures the shit out of them. 然后折磨他们
[01:41.48]I don’t know. Jamie’s come a long way since high school. 我不知道 洁蜜自从高中以后经历了很多
[01:45.52]I think she might be maturing. 我想她应该成熟了
[01:47.16]Maturing? 成熟了?
[01:51.00]So that’s why she went with Dusty. 这就是她约会达斯丁的原因
[01:53.12]She wants a sensitive guy-- 她要个敏感的家伙--
[01:54.88]more like the old me. 就和以前的我差不多
[01:56.88]Well, if she wants Mr. Rogers, 嗯,如果她想要罗杰斯先生
[01:58.24]then I’m going to show her 那我就给她看看
[02:00.24]the biggest pussy4 she’s ever seen. 她从没见过的大烂人
[02:01.96]Yeah. 对
[02:03.72]Okay, we’re done. Now, uh... 好了,我们完了 现在,嗯...
[02:06.80]you’re gonna need to wear this for the next few days 你今后几天要戴着这个
[02:10.80]until those stitches are ready to come out. 直到可以拆线
[02:11.08]And here you go. Huh? Just like your old yearbook picture. 行了,啊? 跟你以前同学录的照片一样
[02:18.44]# Feel my love from afar. #
[02:21.80]- Can I come in? - I just said that. - 我能进来吗? - 我刚才说了
[02:21.96]Come in! 进来!
[02:26.52]I brought magazines. 我拿来了杂志
[02:29.20]Ugh, these are old. 啊,这些是旧的
[02:31.36]- Flowers? - Those are daisies. - 花? - 那是雏菊
[02:35.16]- How about snacks? - Carbs? Are you kidding me? - 零食呢? - 卡路里? 你开玩笑吗?
[02:39.40]I’m just trying to be helpful. 我只是想帮点忙
[02:42.48]Well you’re not. So vamoose. 你帮不上 走吧
[02:45.40]- I guess I’ll just leave you now. - No, wait wait. - 我想我只好不管你了 - 不,等等
[02:50.04]I’m sorry I’m being such a biatch. 对不起 我这么挑剔
[02:51.44]It’s just that I’m supposed to be in Paris and I’m not, 只是因为我应该在巴黎而我却还没有
[02:55.72]and I’m going out of my mind with boredom5! 而且我现在烦透了!
[02:56.24]I mean, my Sidekick broke and l-- 我是说,我的伙伴不管我了而我--
[02:59.12]I haven’t had sex in, like, forever. 我没有,没有做爱,很久了
[03:04.08]And I’m so horny. 我很抱歉
[03:07.76]I’m horny. 我冲动了
[03:08.04]Wait a minute. 等一会儿
[03:13.44]- How old are you? - I’m 22-- 20-- 19-- - 你多大了? - 我22-- 20-- 19--
[03:17.32]I’m-- I’m 18. 我-- 我18岁
[03:19.08]Eighteen. 18岁
[03:22.08]So do you really have my poster on your wall? 那么你是真的把我的海报贴在墙上了?
[03:25.52]- Yeah. - Do you ever like... - 对 - 你是否...
[03:30.64]All the time. 总是
[03:32.68]How many times in a day? 一天多少次?
[03:33.88]- Eight. - Eight?! - 8次 - 8次?!
[03:41.04]Eight? Oh my God, that’s hot. 8次? 哦我的天,那可真行

  [03:43.84]- You’re hot. - I know, I know. - 你很性感 - 我知道,我知道

  [03:50.80]- Oh, ow. - Are you okay? - 哦,噢 - 你没事吧?
[03:53.40]Oh, my back is killing6 me. 哦,我的背疼死了
[03:55.96]Oh, I could give you a massage7. 哦,我可以给你按摩
[03:57.08]Oh, would you mind? 噢,你介意吗?
[04:00.56]Not at all. 不介意
[04:03.60]- Oopsie, I’m naked. - You’re naked. - 噢,我赤裸裸了 - 你赤裸裸了
[04:06.12]Do you have any oil? 你有油吗?
[04:08.68]Right back. 马上回来
[04:16.52]What took you so long? 你怎么去了那么久?
[04:19.92]- Show me what you’ve got, baby. - Okay. - 给我你拿来的东西,宝贝 - 好
[04:21.32]Baby, ooh! 宝贝,哦!
[04:23.32]Ooh, more more! 哦,还要还要!
[04:29.08]- Okay, enough. Enough! - Okay. - 好,够了,够了! - 好
[04:29.76]Oh, yeah. 哦,耶
[04:36.64]Hey hey. Merry Christmas, neighbor. 嘿嘿 圣诞快乐,邻居
[04:44.40]Gee-- hey! 呀-- 嘿!
[04:45.48]- Ooh, yeah. - Mikey likey, - 哦,耶 - 麦克喜欢
[04:47.48]- Mikey likey, Mikey likey, Mikey likey-- - Yeah... - 麦克喜欢,麦克喜欢,麦克喜欢-- - 耶...
[04:54.24]Oh! Where the hell have you been?! 哦!你到底去哪里了?!
[04:56.52]I was getting you food. 我去找你的食物
[04:57.88]- Are you wearing braces8? - It’s not braces. - 你是戴着牙套吗? - 不是牙套
[04:58.08]It’s a retainer and it’s not that bad. 是牙托 没有那么坏


1 concussion 5YDys     
  • He was carried off the field with slight concussion.他因轻微脑震荡给抬离了现场。
  • She suffers from brain concussion.她得了脑震荡。
2 stammer duMwo     
  • He's got a bad stammer.他口吃非常严重。
  • We must not try to play off the boy troubled with a stammer.我们不可以取笑这个有口吃病的男孩。
3 aged 6zWzdI     
  • He had put on weight and aged a little.他胖了,也老点了。
  • He is aged,but his memory is still good.他已年老,然而记忆力还好。
4 pussy x0dzA     
  • Why can't they leave my pussy alone?为什么他们就不能离我小猫咪远一点?
  • The baby was playing with his pussy.孩子正和他的猫嬉戏。
5 boredom ynByy     
  • Unemployment can drive you mad with boredom.失业会让你无聊得发疯。
  • A walkman can relieve the boredom of running.跑步时带着随身听就不那么乏味了。
6 killing kpBziQ     
  • Investors are set to make a killing from the sell-off.投资者准备清仓以便大赚一笔。
  • Last week my brother made a killing on Wall Street.上个周我兄弟在华尔街赚了一大笔。
7 massage 6ouz43     
  • He is really quite skilled in doing massage.他的按摩技术确实不错。
  • Massage helps relieve the tension in one's muscles.按摩可使僵硬的肌肉松弛。
8 braces ca4b7fc327bd02465aeaf6e4ce63bfcd     
n.吊带,背带;托架( brace的名词复数 );箍子;括弧;(儿童)牙箍v.支住( brace的第三人称单数 );撑牢;使自己站稳;振作起来
  • The table is shaky because the braces are loose. 这张桌子摇摇晃晃,因为支架全松了。
  • You don't need braces if you're wearing a belt! 要系腰带,就用不着吊带了。
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