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听电影学英语-朋友一场 12

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  [00:03.56]- Ha, you look like a doofus! - Doofus! - 哈,你看上去像个白痴! - 白痴!
[00:07.64]Doofus! Doofus! 白痴!白痴!
[00:08.52]Doofus! Doofus! Doof-- 白痴!白痴! 白--
[00:15.88]Chris? 克里斯?
[00:16.68]Mommy. 妈妈
[00:18.48]So pretty. 真可爱
[00:21.12]Honey, look what just came for you. 亲爱的,看看给你的
[00:24.92]It’s a "Get well soon" card from Jamie. 是一张洁蜜送的“尽快康复”卡
[00:31.20]- Boo. - Oh yeah? - 嘘 - 啊?
[00:32.60]What do you think of that, huh? 你怎么想,啊?
[00:35.88]It’s hugs and kisses, dude. Mom writes that on my cards. 是抱抱和亲亲,兄弟 妈妈在我的卡片上都这么写
[00:38.24]That’s because I love you both so much. 那是因为我是那么的爱你们两个
[00:42.20]Thanks, Mommy. 谢谢,妈妈
[00:53.44]Oh, God. 哦,天哪
[01:03.52]Truce1! 休战!
[01:05.96]Total pussy2. 全乱了
[01:08.20]You’re the biggest pussy on planet Earth. 你是这个世界上最烂的人
[01:11.24]It’s you. 是你
[01:16.92]- Hello? - Jamie! - 哈喽? - 洁蜜!
[01:19.40]- Chris! How are you feeling? - So much better. - 克里斯!你感觉如何? - 好多了
[01:23.08]Listen, I know it’s Christmas Eve, 听着,我知道是圣诞前夜
[01:24.00]- but do you have any plans tonight? - No. - 但你今晚有什么计划吗? - 没有
[01:27.56]Well... 那么...
[01:29.04]the revival3 theater in town 镇上的剧场

[01:31.04]is showing Nicholas Sparks’s "The Notebook." 正在上映尼古拉斯 斯巴克斯的《恋恋笔记本》
[01:33.32]Huh? 啊?
[01:35.88]- Hello? I’m on the phone. - Really you want to see "The Notebook"? - 哈喽?我在用电话 - 你真的想去看《恋恋笔记本》?
[01:39.00]Yes, because I love sentimental4 tear-jerkers. 对,因为我喜欢催人泪下的感情戏
[01:39.48]I’m gonna friggin’ puke. 我要吐了
[01:41.36]Just a second. 稍等
[01:49.40]- You are so dead. Do you hear me? - Whatever, dude. - 你死定了,你听见了吗? - 随便,伙计
[01:50.80]- What’re you doing over there? - Faggot. - 你在那干什么? - 同性恋
[01:53.60]- Nothing. - Ooh, that’s my call-waiting. One second. - 没什么 - 哦,我还有个电话,稍等
[01:54.80]- So, anyway... - Hello? - 所以,不论如何... - 哈喽?
[01:57.96]- Hey, Jamie. It’s Dusty. - Hey, Dusty. - 嘿,洁蜜,是我达斯丁 - 嘿,达斯丁
[01:58.68]Hey, listen, just-- 嘿,听着,就--
[02:01.72]Dude, I think she left you hanging. 兄弟,我觉得她不会付你的约
[02:05.36]It’s probably just an important business call. Get off the phone. 很有可能是个重要的商务电话 你放下电话
[02:06.72]- What, the bar ran out of curly fries? - Get off the phone. - 什么,没有花招了? - 你放下电话
[02:10.68]Dude, are you gonna boink Jamie tonight? 兄弟,你今晚准备上洁蜜吗?
[02:13.20]Yes. Are you happy now? 对,你现在高兴了?
[02:15.48]All right. 好吧
[02:17.96]- Dude, "The Notebook"’s so gay. - Get off the phone! - 兄弟,《恋恋笔记本》太适合同性恋了 - 放下电话!

  [02:21.24]- Sorry about that. - That’s okay. - 很抱歉 - 没关系
[02:23.52]- So anyway, what do you say? - About what? - 那么,你说什么? - 关于什么?
[02:26.72]Going to a movie tonight? Then maybe later 今晚去看电影? 或许晚点
[02:28.76]we can go for some, uh... herbal tea. 我们可以去 嗯...喝草药茶
[02:33.64]Okay, sure. 好,可以
[02:34.08]Um... You know what? You’re on my way to the theater. 嗯...你知道吗? 我去剧院顺路到你那
[02:37.10]- It’s a date. - Homo. - 这是个约会 - 同性恋
[02:37.72]Why don’t I pick you up at like 7:30? 我大概7点半去接你怎么样?
[02:41.12]- Bye for now. - Bye. - 再见 - 再见
[02:44.60]Mom! Mom! Truce! 妈妈!妈妈!休战!
[02:50.16]- Paris, here we come! - Mm. - 巴黎,我们来了! - 嗯
[02:56.32]- But I’m not ready to play a gig. - Of course you are. - 但我还没有准备好开演奏会 - 你当然准备好了
[02:57.28]No. No. 没有,没有
[03:00.28]No! 没有!
[03:03.28]- This is a bad idea, Chris. - God, I’m so stupid! - 这是个馊主意,克里斯 - 天哪,我真是太蠢了!
[03:06.44]- No you’re not, baby. - Here I am, trying to nurture5 this artist, - 不你不蠢,宝贝 - 我来了,来培养这个艺术家
[03:11.04]yet you’re this pop bubblegum sensation, 但你仍然是个轰动一时的 泡泡糖舞曲偶像
[03:15.32]and that’s okay. 那就行了
[03:18.60]Paris, here we come! 巴黎,我们来了!
[03:20.64]But I am an artist. I am an artist! 但我是个艺术家 我是个艺术家!
[03:25.68]Hey! I am an artist! 嘿!我是个艺术家!
[03:27.92]- Let’s go do this. - Are you ready for this? - 我们去吧 - 你准备好了?
[03:30.12]I was born ready, bitch. 我早就准备好了,笨蛋
[03:32.60]- I’m really excited about this. - Yeah, me too. - 我真的很兴奋 - 对,我也是
[03:35.56]- Yeah. - Okay, let’s do this. - 对 - 好了,我们干吧
[03:38.88]Yeah. 好
[03:41.96]- Hey! Wait! You’re not coming with me? - Of course I am. - 嘿!等等!你不跟我来吗? - 当然
[03:45.76]Mike’s just giving you a ride to the gig. 麦克只是送你去演奏会
[03:46.60]I’m gonna stay here, I’m gonna do some administrative6 work 我要留在这里,我需要做一些后勤工作
[03:47.60]and I’m gonna meet you there. 我们那边见
[03:51.28]It’s open mic night at The Coffee House. 咖啡屋今晚是开放之夜
[03:52.20]Coffee House is lame7, dude. Come on-- 咖啡屋不好,兄弟 行了--
[03:55.80]all right! 好!
[03:56.24]Think fast. Boop! 快点想!
[03:58.48]Oh! 噢!
[04:00.40]Ow! 喔!
[04:05.44]# And I swear #
[04:07.48]- # By the moon and the stars... # - Jesus. 天哪
[04:09.76]- # In the skies... # - Looks like the Michael Bolton starter kit8. 看上去像麦克尔伯顿套件

  [04:11.36]# I’ll be there #
[04:15.44]# And I swear #
[04:18.04]# Like a shadow that’s by your side. #
[04:20.32]Showtime. 表演时间
[04:33.24]Come on! How long does it-- 快点! 要多久--
[04:39.92]- Mistletoe. - Hello. - 槲寄生 - 哈喽
[04:42.08]- Oh my God! - Jamie! How are you? - 哦我的天! - 洁蜜!你好吗?
[04:43.76]You’ve grown into such a beautiful young woman, 你长成个漂亮的大姑娘了
[04:48.08]hasn’t she, Chris? 是不是,克里斯?
[04:51.20]Ding-dong. 叮咚
[04:55.40]Dusty. Hey. Why? 达斯丁,嘿,怎么回事?
[04:59.12]Are you kidding, man? I love "The Notebook". 你开玩笑吗,伙计? 我爱死了《恋恋笔记本》
[05:00.40]I mean, listen, I know it might sound 我是说,听着 我知道这听上去


1 truce EK8zr     
  • The hot weather gave the old man a truce from rheumatism.热天使这位老人暂时免受风湿病之苦。
  • She had thought of flying out to breathe the fresh air in an interval of truce.她想跑出去呼吸一下休战期间的新鲜空气。
2 pussy x0dzA     
  • Why can't they leave my pussy alone?为什么他们就不能离我小猫咪远一点?
  • The baby was playing with his pussy.孩子正和他的猫嬉戏。
3 revival UWixU     
  • The period saw a great revival in the wine trade.这一时期葡萄酒业出现了很大的复苏。
  • He claimed the housing market was showing signs of a revival.他指出房地产市场正出现复苏的迹象。
4 sentimental dDuzS     
  • She's a sentimental woman who believes marriage comes by destiny.她是多愁善感的人,她相信姻缘命中注定。
  • We were deeply touched by the sentimental movie.我们深深被那感伤的电影所感动。
5 nurture K5sz3     
  • The tree grows well in his nurture.在他的培育下这棵树长得很好。
  • The two sisters had received very different nurture.这俩个姊妹接受过极不同的教育。
6 administrative fzDzkc     
  • The administrative burden must be lifted from local government.必须解除地方政府的行政负担。
  • He regarded all these administrative details as beneath his notice.他认为行政管理上的这些琐事都不值一顾。
7 lame r9gzj     
  • The lame man needs a stick when he walks.那跛脚男子走路时需借助拐棍。
  • I don't believe his story.It'sounds a bit lame.我不信他讲的那一套。他的话听起来有些靠不住。
8 kit D2Rxp     
  • The kit consisted of about twenty cosmetic items.整套工具包括大约20种化妆用品。
  • The captain wants to inspect your kit.船长想检查你的行装。
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