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听电影学英语-朋友一场 17

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  [00:04.04]Dusty! 达斯丁!
[00:07.64]Yes! 耶!
[00:09.64]- I really need to speak with you! - This next number - 我真的需要跟你谈谈! - 下一首
[00:11.12]- is for your favorite teacher and mine. - Let’s go. 是给你们最喜欢的老师还有我
[00:15.92]She put this wonderful concert together for all of us. 她让我们欢聚于这样美妙的音乐会
[00:18.76]Give a big round of applause to Miss Jamie Palamino. 让我们给洁蜜 帕拉米诺小姐最热烈的掌声
[00:21.56]# When Jamie smiles #
[00:25.24]# It takes me miles #
[00:30.48]God, I still can’t believe he wrote me that song.
[00:31.12]# From where I’ve-- # 天哪,我还是不能相信他给我写了那首歌
[00:34.36]Oh I can. He’s been working on that song since high school, remember? 我相信,他在高中就写了那首歌,记得吗?
[00:37.88]It’s like the stalker’s national anthem1. 就像国歌一样
[00:39.24]Not to mention I already heard that song today, 更别说我今天已经听过这首歌了
[00:42.44]only it was Janice’s eyes that made him smile. 只不过改成贾尼丝的眼睛让他微笑
[00:44.84]- Janice? Who’s Janice? - A nurse with really big boobs - 贾尼丝?谁是贾尼丝? - 一个有大波的护士
[00:47.32]that works at the medical center. A girl I saw him kissing earlier tonight. 在医院工作,我看见他今晚早些时候亲过的女孩
[00:49.20]Dusty’s a Jersey2 player, Jamie! 达斯丁是个好演员 洁蜜!
[00:51.00]He’s out for revenge on you 他是为了报复你
[00:53.88]for putting him in the friend zone in high school. 为了高中只把他当作朋友
[00:56.04]What are you talking about? 你在说什么?
[00:57.24]The guy’s looking for the anger bang! 他在寻找机会发泄!
[00:59.40]Amazing! That’s exactly what he said about you. 真逗!这是他说你的啊

[01:02.40]- Don’t you see what’s happening here? - Oh, I don’t know. - 你没看出来怎么回事吗? - 哦,我不知道
[01:05.48]The guy’s just out-playing me, that’s all. 那个家伙赢了我,就是这样
[01:08.48]- W-what am l, a game? - No! - 那我呢-我是什么,游戏? - 不!
[01:08.56]Oh, it’s about you! Now he’s out-playing you! 哦,那是你! 他赢了你!
[01:10.48]Would you guys like to join us in a carol 你们愿意参加我们的合唱
[01:14.84]- to celebrate the birth of our Lord? - No! - 来庆祝我们主的诞生? - 不!
[01:21.88]My God, don’t! Dusty! Don’t! 我的天,别! 达斯丁!不要!
[01:25.36]- Dinkleman! - What is the matter with you? - 丁克曼! - 你什么毛病?
[01:26.08]This is a Christmas concert for children! 这是孩子们的圣诞音乐会!
[01:28.36]- You liar3! - Suckster’s not your boyfriend, is he? - 你个骗子! - 笨蛋不是你男朋友吧,是不是?
[01:32.92]- No, he’s not! - ’Cause we like Dusty. - 不,他不是! - 因为我们喜欢达斯丁

  [01:34.80]Dusty! Dusty! Dusty! Dusty! 达斯丁! 达斯丁! 达斯丁! 达斯丁!
[01:37.72]- Ugh! - Dusty! Dusty! Dusty...! - 啊! - 达斯丁! 达斯丁! 达斯丁..!
[01:38.92]Oooh! 哦!
[01:40.28]I’m being framed! I’m being framed! 我不能动了! 我不能动了!
[01:43.36]- Dusty! - Dinkleman! - 达斯丁! - 丁克曼!
[01:46.76]Man, when you come back to town, you come back to town! 伙计,你回到镇上真是丢人啊!
[01:49.92]Huh? Huh? Look, don’t sweat it. 啊?啊? 听着,别担心
[01:53.12]W-w-we’ll go to The Maple4 tonight 我-我-我们今晚去红枫
[01:55.56]You can apologize to Jamie 你可以向洁蜜道歉
[01:59.36]and everything will be just-- just peachy. 一切都会-- 很好
[02:01.48]Okay, yep, good. Thanks, Clark, for everything. 好了,嗯 谢谢,克莱克,谢谢你做的一切
[02:04.96]See you in another 10 years. Guess not. 10年以后再见 最好不要
[02:08.40]How’d it go with Jamie last night? You boink her? 你和洁蜜昨晚如何了? 你上她了?
[02:12.28]That would be a no. 没有
[02:12.88]Raise you hand if your brother’s a homo! 如果你的兄弟是同性恋的请举手!
[02:18.28]All right. Keep in touch! 好 保持联络!
[02:24.64]You believe that? Not one taxi, not one. 你相信吗? 没有出租车,没有一辆
[02:27.12]Stupid town. I gotta take the bus! 该死的小镇 我得坐公交车!
[02:31.28]Dude, bus sucks! 兄弟,公交车不好!
[02:35.24]Yes! I am outta here! 对! 我要离开了!
[02:39.72]So long, Sucktown! Kiss my ass5! 再见,该死的小镇! 去你的!
[02:43.60]Hey, Mr. Bus Driver Man. 嘿,公交司机先生
[02:47.60]Hey... 嘿...
[02:48.56]pull my finger. Come on, pull my finger. 让我放个屁 快点,放个屁
[03:14.80]- Aw! - Yoo-hoo! - 啊! - 哟-吼!
[03:19.68]- Great. - Jamie! - 太好了 - 洁蜜!
[03:21.68]- Whoa, miss, miss. W-w-whoa. - What? What, what, wha-- - 哦,小姐,小姐,喔-喔-喔哦 - 干嘛?干嘛,干嘛,干--
[03:23.48]- what, Chris? What do you want? - I just want to apologize. - 什么,克里斯?你想要什么? - 我只是要道歉
[03:26.84]I’m sorry. I was out of line, okay? 对不起 我发神经,好吗?
[03:28.56]- You’re an asshole. - Oh, my-- I was-- - 你是个混蛋 - 哦,我的--我曾--
[03:32.20]Hey, I’m gonna get you a cab and take you home, huh? 嘿,我给你找辆出租车送你回家吧,啊?
[03:33.48]- She’s so sensitive! - You blew it. I’m winning. - 她真是敏感! - 你完了,我赢了
[03:37.28]- You’re the Devil. - So go ahead, just go sleep it off. - 你是恶魔 - 那就去吧,睡一觉
[03:40.60]You’ll be right as rain in the morning, brother. 明天早上就好了
[03:42.88]Chris, you’re drunk! Go home! 克里斯,你喝醉了! 回家去!
[03:45.64]I’m not drunk. What’s this? 我没喝醉 这是什么?
[03:47.92]Ooh. "Simply Dusty" 哦 "简单的达斯丁"

  [03:52.08]Do you know what else is adorable? You two. 你知道什么也可爱吗?你们两个
[03:52.80]Is there any other kind? That’s adorable. 还有别的样子吗? 真可爱
[03:54.08]Hey! Stop bringing Dusty into your problems, okay? 嘿!别把达斯丁扯进来,好吗?
[03:59.84]Dusty and I are fine. 达斯丁和我很好
[04:01.84]- Dusty and I are friends. - Right! - 达斯丁和我是朋友 - 对!
[04:03.52]- Not for too long, I hope. - Yeah-- - 不要太久,我希望 - 对--
[04:05.84]Wait, what? 等等,什么?
[04:08.88]Slow down. What did you just say? 慢点 你刚才说什么?
[04:10.48]Jamie, listen, I’ve been meaning to talk to you. 洁蜜,听着,我要跟你说
[04:10.56]I-- about our relationship. 我--关于我们的关系
[04:12.56]Maybe we could take the next step or something? 或许我们可以更进一步什么的?
[04:17.08]Dusty, can I be honest with you? 达斯丁,我能对你说实话吗?
[04:17.24]- I think you’re a really nice guy. - Thank you. - 我觉得你人真的很好 - 谢谢
[04:19.04]I think you’re funny and charming and sweet, 我觉得你风趣幽默 风度翩翩而且体贴入微
[04:22.40]and I just don’t have those feelings for you. 但我就是对你没感觉
[04:25.68]- You’re kidding. - No. - 你开玩笑 - 不
[04:27.40]Whew! 喔!
[04:33.56]Okay, ’cause-- cause I wrote you that song and everything, 好吧,因为--因我给你写了那首歌 还有一切
[04:34.24]you know, and I worked really hard on it 你知道,我真的很投入
[04:38.84]and what kind of girl would you be if you didn’t put out for the guy that wrote 你是什么类型的女孩 如果你对写歌给你的男孩
[04:39.20]- you that song, you know what mean? - Huh? - 都不动心,你知道什么意思? - 嗯?
[04:44.96]F-this. I’m mobile. 算了,我走了
[04:47.76]Ah-ha! 啊哈!
[04:53.24]I’m gonna miss him! 我会想他的!
[04:53.60]- Oh! - Ow! - 哦! - 噢!
[04:57.40]- What? Heh. - Eh! - 干嘛?嗯 - 呃!


1 anthem vMRyj     
  • All those present were standing solemnly when the national anthem was played.奏国歌时全场肃立。
  • As he stood on the winner's rostrum,he sang the words of the national anthem.他站在冠军领奖台上,唱起了国歌。
2 jersey Lp5zzo     
  • He wears a cotton jersey when he plays football.他穿运动衫踢足球。
  • They were dressed alike in blue jersey and knickers.他们穿着一致,都是蓝色的运动衫和灯笼短裤。
3 liar V1ixD     
  • I know you for a thief and a liar!我算认识你了,一个又偷又骗的家伙!
  • She was wrongly labelled a liar.她被错误地扣上说谎者的帽子。
4 maple BBpxj     
  • Maple sugar is made from the sap of maple trees.枫糖是由枫树的树液制成的。
  • The maple leaves are tinge with autumn red.枫叶染上了秋天的红色。
5 ass qvyzK     
  • He is not an ass as they make him.他不象大家猜想的那样笨。
  • An ass endures his burden but not more than his burden.驴能负重但不能超过它能力所负担的。
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