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听电影学英语-征婚广告 02

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  [00:03.52]That was one race, and I’ve made some adjustments, charlie. 只比过一次,而且我已经做了改进
[00:04.48]- Wood boats can win, trust me on that. - They can’t win. -木船能赢,相信我 -赢不了
[00:09.28]That’s why people don’t want them. 所以才没人要
[00:10.36]They can’t win, but they lose beautifully. 赢不了也能输得漂亮
[00:13.16]And the whole experience is just better. Look at this. 有完整的经验才会更好,看这条
[00:14.40]I’m making these boats the exact same way... 我用的方法 和葡萄牙人制造探险船的一样
[00:18.92]...the Spanish and the Portuguese1 made their ships of exploration.
[00:22.88]There’s a continuity at stake here, charlie. 这是一个传承的问题,查理
[00:24.80]This is more than a boat. 这不只是一条船
[00:27.88]- This is a time machine. - Lf you paid this much attention to Lisa... -这是架时间机器 -要是你对莉莎也这么用心...
[00:29.12]...you’d still be together. - This is true. -你们就不会散 -这我承认
[00:31.04]But you know what? If I had to do it it all over again, I wouldn’t. 但知道吗?我并不想重来一次
[00:38.28]I wouldn’t. Lisa taught me about sadness... 不想, 莉莎让我明白了人类品行上的...
[00:41.08]...about human frailty2... ...可悲之处...
[00:43.88]...and how unbearably3 fleeting4 happiness can be. 以及什么是好景不常,情何以堪
[00:45.84]- I’m gonna owe her for the rest of my life. - Oh, you’ll be paying. Monthly. -我终生感谢她 -对,你得付赡养费

[00:48.80]Hope you don’t mind that I brought Mother Teresa. 但愿你不介意我把特蕾莎带来
[00:51.68]Are you kidding? I love this girl. Mother Teresa, do you have a friend for me? 开玩笑,我喜欢它, 特蕾莎,你有朋友介绍给我吗?
[00:57.60]Hey, is everything all right at home? 家里一切还好吧?
[00:59.36]Yeah, Jennifer just gets tired of all the family gatherings5. 是的,不过詹妮弗厌烦了家庭聚会
[01:03.56]Too many old stories. It makes her feel left out. 老故事让她觉得被冷落了
[01:04.20]Yeah. Kevin used to say that. 凯文也说过
[01:07.84]- I still say it. - I say it too. -我还是要说 -我也是
[01:08.08]It seems hard now, Sarah, I know... 目前是不太好受, 但你也得到了重新开始的机会
[01:13.08]Thank you, but in the marketplace of available women... 谢谢,但在单身女人市场上--
[01:17.64]Any guy would be lucky to get you. You’re smart, you’re funny... 谁得到你都该庆幸,你聪明,幽默...
[01:21.56]...even pretty when you’re not wallowing in self-pity. 不自怜自艾的时候还很漂亮
[01:23.00]You’re not the wallower in the family. Carol is the wallower. 卡萝比你更自怜自艾
[01:23.12]Am I wallowing? Really? 我有吗?
[01:28.88]Me? I never wallow. I suffer in silence. 我?我从不那样,我总是默默忍受
[01:29.00]- No, that’s christine. - Thank you, Michael. -不,那是克瑞斯蒂 -谢谢,迈克

  [01:33.28]No, no.
[01:36.04]- Sylvia Plath. - This is why people... 这就是人们不想再拥有大家庭的原因
[01:37.52]...don’t have large families anymore.
[01:41.24]- Bye. I love you. - Bye. -再见,我爱你 -再见
[01:41.48]- Bye, Bill. - Love you, carol. -再见,比尔 -我爱你,卡萝
[01:46.12]- See you, Dad. - Thank you, I think. -再见,爸 -谢谢
[01:47.48]- See you later, Dad. - Bye, Daddy. 再见,爸
[01:48.16]Bye, chris. Bye. 再见,克瑞丝
[01:50.76]There’s someone special waiting for you, Sarah. 肯定有个特别的人在等你,莎拉
[01:51.04]Bye. 再见
[01:54.24]I know it. Someone worthy6. 我知道,一个配得上你的人
[01:58.40]Kevin was not, on his best day... 凯文是身在福中不知福
[02:03.00]...good enough for you, sweetheart. 对你来说是好事
[02:06.04]Now you tell me. 现在才说
[02:27.84]Why not? 干嘛不试试?
[02:28.92]You know I love you and I love Lisa, but I think you’re both better off. 我爱你也爱莉莎, 但分开对你俩都好
[02:34.40]We sure weren’t making each other happy there at the end. 最终我们肯定没能让彼此幸福
[02:38.56]Or the beginning. 也许开始就是
[02:39.44]Or the middle. 也许一直都是
[02:42.16]I mean, don’t get me wrong, we all wanted to sleep with Lisa, but marriage... 别误会,我是说 我们都想和莉莎上床,但结婚...
[02:46.52]- That’s not right. - I said that out loud, didn’t I? -这可不对 -我不该说是吧?
[02:50.52]- You did. - I better strike that from the record. -你已经说了 -那我从"记录中撤回"
[02:51.08]No, lawyers get to do that. I’m instructing you to disregard that. 律师可以这样做,你就当没听见
[02:55.04]I think women have the whole thing planned. 我认为女人有一整套计划
[02:57.88]Really, the whole thing. 真的,全盘计划
[03:01.92]An epic7 narrative8 in their heads. You know my theory about this? 她们脑子里有个剧本, 懂我意思吗?
[03:03.80]When you meet, they have the whole story written. 她们一早就写好了
[03:07.52]But you don’t get to read it. 但你没看过
[03:09.16]But if you go off script... 可一旦你偏离了原作...
[03:10.96]...right? They write you out of the story. 懂吗?你就得退场
[03:15.36]I got written out of Act 3. 我第三幕就退场了
[03:17.36]Now you’re in Act 4, where I get you banged every night of the week. 现在你在第四幕, 我会让你夜夜狂欢
[03:19.64]Charlie, I’m toast. I just got shredded9. I am... 查理,我刚被撕成碎片,我--
[03:21.72]- It’s time, healing time. I’m on the bench. - Hey. Hey. 该疗伤了,我在替补席
[03:24.48]I’m out of the game. Bench me, bench me. 我退出了比赛,让我歇会,歇会
[03:29.16]- Hey. - Benched. 歇会
[04:15.88]I’ll be right with you. 马上来
[04:20.64]- Hi. Can I help you? - Single chicken breast, please. -要点什么? -请给我一块鸡胸肉

  [04:23.64]For an extra 75 cents, you can get the whole fryer here. 再加75美分你能买下整只炸鸡
[04:25.56]Two breasts, two thighs10 and a wing. 鸡胸,鸡腿,鸡翅都有
[04:27.44]Thank you. I don’t know when I’d eat all that. 谢谢,我吃不了那么多
[04:28.08]- It’s just an extra 75 cents. - It’s not the 75 cents. -只要多加75美分 -不是钱的事
[04:33.12]I hate to see food go bad. 我讨厌看着食物坏掉
[04:35.28]We got a hundred recipes. You can cook them, freeze them and... 有办法解决, 可以煮熟,冷藏以及--
[04:36.64]Look, listen to me, mister. I’m divorced, okay? 听着,先生,我离婚了,明白吗?
[04:40.96]I eat alone, usually standing11 over the sink. 一个人吃饭,就在水槽边
[04:44.20]I don’t want chicken hanging around, okay? 我不想到处都是鸡肉,懂吗?
[04:45.48]- Okay. - Thank you. -懂了 -谢谢


1 Portuguese alRzLs     
  • They styled their house in the Portuguese manner.他们仿照葡萄牙的风格设计自己的房子。
  • Her family is Portuguese in origin.她的家族是葡萄牙血统。
2 frailty 468ym     
  • Despite increasing physical frailty,he continued to write stories.尽管身体越来越虛弱,他仍然继续写小说。
  • He paused and suddenly all the frailty and fatigue showed.他顿住了,虚弱与疲惫一下子显露出来。
3 unbearably 96f09e3fcfe66bba0bfe374618d6b05c     
  • It was unbearably hot in the car. 汽车里热得难以忍受。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • She found it unbearably painful to speak. 她发现开口说话痛苦得令人难以承受。 来自《简明英汉词典》
4 fleeting k7zyS     
  • The girls caught only a fleeting glimpse of the driver.女孩们只匆匆瞥了一眼司机。
  • Knowing the life fleeting,she set herself to enjoy if as best as she could.她知道这种日子转瞬即逝,于是让自已尽情地享受。
5 gatherings 400b026348cc2270e0046708acff2352     
聚集( gathering的名词复数 ); 收集; 采集; 搜集
  • His conduct at social gatherings created a lot of comment. 他在社交聚会上的表现引起许多闲话。
  • During one of these gatherings a pupil caught stealing. 有一次,其中一名弟子偷窃被抓住。
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  • I did not esteem him to be worthy of trust.我认为他不值得信赖。
  • There occurred nothing that was worthy to be mentioned.没有值得一提的事发生。
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  • I gave up my epic and wrote this little tale instead.我放弃了写叙事诗,而写了这个小故事。
  • They held a banquet of epic proportions.他们举行了盛大的宴会。
8 narrative CFmxS     
  • He was a writer of great narrative power.他是一位颇有记述能力的作家。
  • Neither author was very strong on narrative.两个作者都不是很善于讲故事。
9 shredded d51bccc81979c227d80aa796078813ac     
  • Serve the fish on a bed of shredded lettuce. 先铺一层碎生菜叶,再把鱼放上,就可以上桌了。
  • I think Mapo beancurd and shredded meat in chilli sauce are quite special. 我觉得麻婆豆腐和鱼香肉丝味道不错。 来自《简明英汉词典》
10 thighs e4741ffc827755fcb63c8b296150ab4e     
n.股,大腿( thigh的名词复数 );食用的鸡(等的)腿
  • He's gone to London for skin grafts on his thighs. 他去伦敦做大腿植皮手术了。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • The water came up to the fisherman's thighs. 水没到了渔夫的大腿。 来自《简明英汉词典》
11 standing 2hCzgo     
  • After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing.地震过后只有几幢房屋还立着。
  • They're standing out against any change in the law.他们坚决反对对法律做任何修改。
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