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听电影学英语-征婚广告 03

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  [00:24.08]Hey. There she is. 嘿,你来啦
[00:32.32]- Good morning. How are you? - Good morning. -早,你还好吗? -早
[00:34.20]I called you last night to see if you were up for a movie... 昨晚我找过你, 想看你是否有空看电影...
[00:38.12]...or bowling1 or group shampooing. - I’m sorry. Eric’s parents are in town. -打保龄球或是去洗头 -抱歉,艾里克的父母来了
[00:44.84]Mr. And Mrs. Stalin. I’m under house arrest. 斯大林夫妇, 我被关在了家里
[00:46.12]- Weren’t they just here? - Thank you. -他们不是在这吗? -谢谢
[00:47.16]I don’t know why they can’t stay at a hotel. Nothing I do makes them happy. 不知道他们干嘛不住酒店, 他们看我不顺眼
[00:50.12]And they make Eric so nervous, he’s like the Tin Man. 还让艾里克紧张得象块木头
[00:53.28]You have to hang in there, Leo. You and Eric are my model... 你得呆在那,里奥, 你和艾里克是我的榜样...
[00:56.56]...for a successful relationship. - I fear for you, child. -就维持关系来说 -我怕了你,小朋友
[00:59.96]Anyone have anything exciting happen this weekend to share? 这周末谁有什么高兴事和大家分享吗?
[01:04.44]My Uncle Mike slept over. 麦克叔叔在我家过夜
[01:05.52]Uncles and aunts are very important to us, aren’t they? 叔叔婶婶对我们很重要,对吧?
[01:08.64]He’s not really my uncle, but my mommy makes me call him that. 他不是我真正的叔叔, 是妈妈让我这样叫的

[01:14.88]When he’s there, I can’t sleep with my mommy because he’s in her bed. 他睡妈妈的床, 所以我就不能和妈妈一起睡了
[01:18.64]Anyone else have anything they’d like to share? 还有谁有什么事想说吗?
[01:22.92]Yes, Austin. 好的,奥斯汀
[01:23.20]My parents are trying it apart for a while. 我父母想分开一阵子
[01:26.00]- We have a theme, June. - Yes, we do. -变成主题会了,琼 -没错
[01:29.32]And Mom says my dad is incorrigible2. That means he likes other women. 妈妈说爸爸无药可救了, 就是说他爱上了别的女人
[01:36.72]Good. 真棒
[01:38.72]One, two. 一,二
[01:40.60]Let me try. 让我试试
[01:41.24]That’s a hop3. 跳得好
[01:45.08]One, two, that’s a new step. Very good. 一,二,这是种新步法,太棒了
[01:48.40]- Molly, you wanna try the sticks? - Yeah, come on, Molly. -莫莉,想试试这个吗? -来吧,莫莉
[01:53.12]Very good. Keep it going like that. 很好,就是这样
[01:57.60]- Watch. - No, I’m doing it. -看着点 -不,让我来
[02:01.52]Austin! 奥斯汀
[02:02.56]Good Lord, it’s a gusher4. 老天,就象喷泉
[02:13.36]Let me see your teeth. 让我看看你的牙
[02:15.20]- Hey, bubba. - Look who’s here. -嘿,小家伙 -看谁来了
[02:18.80]Daddy! 爸爸
[02:19.56]- Are you all right? - Yep, I’m fine. -你还好吗? -是的,很好
[02:21.48]He had a decent bloody5 nose for a while, but he’s fine now. 他鼻子流了很多血,但现在没事了

  [02:24.88]- You didn’t have to rush right over. - A kid bleeds, I show up. It’s house rules. -你不用急着赶来 -孩子流血我得到场,家里的规矩
[02:30.12]- You wanna get your stuff together now? - Yeah. 一起去收拾东西好吗?
[02:33.20]- Then I need a minute alone with Ms. Nolan. - Okay. Bye, Ms. Nolan. -待会我要和诺兰小姐说点事 -好的,再见,诺兰小姐
[02:34.80]Bye. 再见
[02:51.08]No. No. No. 不,不行
[02:55.88]So, Ms. Nolan... 诺兰小姐....
[02:56.84]- Sarah, please. - And I’m Bob. -请叫我莎拉 -我是鲍伯
[02:58.12]Actually, everybody calls me Bobby. 大家都叫我鲍比
[03:02.72]I’ve been trying to change it since third grade. 从三年级起我就想让大家改口
[03:03.04]I’m a pushover for Bobbys... 我就怕"鲍比"...
[03:06.20]...ever since my first boyfriend, Bobby Healy, just... 我的第一个男朋友就叫鲍比-赫利, 只是...
[03:10.36]I forget, is it "always discuss your personal history with parents" or "never discuss"? 我忘了该"总是和家长谈自己的私事" 还是"从不谈"
[03:16.76]It’s "always discuss." Besides, I find it comforting. 是"总是谈", 再说我也觉得这样很轻松
[03:19.44]So has Austin told you anything about...? 奥斯汀有没有提到过关于...?
[03:20.72]- About you and... - Yeah. -关于你和-- -对
[03:24.68]That you’re taking a break from your marriage and you’re incorrigible. 他说你们要分开一阵, 还有你无可救药
[03:26.20]That phrasing came from his mother. 是他妈妈的说法
[03:30.68]- I wouldn’t have put it that way, but... - I’m sorry. -我不赞成这种方式,可-- -很遗憾
[03:33.28]If there’s anything you think I need to know, tell me. 如果有我该知道的事,请告诉我
[03:34.84]- I will. - Sometimes with Austin, you can forget. -好的 -和奥斯汀一起时可能会疏忽
[03:38.44]- Because he seems so mature. - I know. -因为他有点早熟 -我知道
[03:40.48]The other day he asked about my retirement6 plan. 有一天他还问过我的退休计划
[03:41.48]Well, he cares about you, and he wants you to be financially secure. 他是关心你,希望你经济有保障
[03:45.88]You know Austin adores you. I can see why. 奥斯汀崇拜你,我能看出是为什么
[03:50.36]- Thank you, Bob. - I might prefer Bobby after all. -谢谢,鲍伯 -我没准还是更喜欢"鲍比"
[03:51.84]I mean, I like the... I like the history. 我是说,我喜欢那段过去
[04:04.96]Two guys alone in the afternoon watching Doctor Zhivago. 光是两个男人大白天的 看"日瓦戈医生"
[04:06.44]- There’s something gravely wrong here. - It’s all there, man. -看来问题很严重 -都在那,伙计
[04:11.20]The yearning7, the suffering, a woman you’ll pursue... 渴望,痛苦, 一个你追求的女人...
[04:12.48]...through blizzards8, across continents. 顶风冒雪,跋山涉水
[04:14.72]A love so real, even after you’re dead it still hurts. 一份真正的爱, 哪怕你死了都会心痛

  [04:18.96]- That’s all I want. - You need to get out. -这才是我要的 -你得出去走走
[04:20.24]- You do. You need to see real people. - You wanna watch it again? -你该看看现实中的人 -想再看一遍吗?
[04:23.76]No. I want to go out. Come on, I previewed some Internet ads for us. 我想出去,来吧, 我看过一些网络交友广告
[04:28.40]Internet ads? Come on, I want Zhivago’s Internet ad: 交友广告?免了, 我需要日瓦戈的广告:
[04:29.32]"Tragic doctor/poet in desperate pain seeks... "悲情的医生兼诗人 在绝望的痛苦中寻找...
[04:35.56]...like-minded playmate for long snowshoe across Eurasia." "志同道合的同伴 在冰雪中穿越欧亚大陆"
[04:37.08]What do you bet he gets a hundred responses? 会不会有成百的回复?
[04:40.44]We’ll start with bisexual Asian women who fly-fish. 就从这个亚裔双性恋女人开始
[04:42.92]- No Internet ads. - This is for you. I hate to fly-fish. -别提广告了 -是为你找的,我不感兴趣
[04:45.00]- No, you don’t. - What about Sherry? -你才不会 -雪莉怎么样?
[04:49.32]- I gave you her number. You never called. - Sherry? -你有她的电话却从没打过 -雪莉?
[04:52.48]Sherry’s 24. Her range of interest extends from kickboxing to Tae Bo. 24岁,兴趣范围涉及跆拳道乃至韵律搏击
[04:56.48]She slept with half the guys in my office. 她和我办公室一半的男人睡过
[04:56.72]Then why do you want to set me up with her? 那干嘛介绍给我?
[04:59.92]She slept with half the guys in my office. 她和我办公室一半的男人睡过


1 bowling cxjzeN     
  • Bowling is a popular sport with young and old.保龄球是老少都爱的运动。
  • Which sport do you 1ike most,golf or bowling?你最喜欢什么运动,高尔夫还是保龄球?
2 incorrigible nknyi     
  • Because he was an incorrigible criminal,he was sentenced to life imprisonment.他是一个死不悔改的罪犯,因此被判终生监禁。
  • Gamblers are incorrigible optimists.嗜赌的人是死不悔改的乐天派。
3 hop vdJzL     
  • The children had a competition to see who could hop the fastest.孩子们举行比赛,看谁单足跳跃最快。
  • How long can you hop on your right foot?你用右脚能跳多远?
4 gusher feUzP     
  • We endeavour to avoid the old,romantic idea of a gusher.我们力图避免那种有关喷油井的陈旧的、不切实际的计划。
  • The oil rushes up the tube and spouts up as a gusher.石油会沿着钢管上涌,如同自喷井那样喷射出来。
5 bloody kWHza     
  • He got a bloody nose in the fight.他在打斗中被打得鼻子流血。
  • He is a bloody fool.他是一个十足的笨蛋。
6 retirement TWoxH     
  • She wanted to enjoy her retirement without being beset by financial worries.她想享受退休生活而不必为金钱担忧。
  • I have to put everything away for my retirement.我必须把一切都积蓄起来以便退休后用。
7 yearning hezzPJ     
  • a yearning for a quiet life 对宁静生活的向往
  • He felt a great yearning after his old job. 他对过去的工作有一种强烈的渴想。
8 blizzards 1471207223cd592610a59597189c4c03     
暴风雪( blizzard的名词复数 ); 暴风雪似的一阵,大量(或大批)
  • Even in the summertime we might be struck by blizzards. 甚至在夏天,我们也可能受到暴风雪的袭击。
  • Blizzards battered Britain for the third day. 大风雪袭击英国已进入第三天。
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