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Female(F):We want to tell you what we know, as we know it, but we just got a report in that there was some sort of explosion...
[00:-1.00]Male(M):The first thing any television camera saw this morning was this, just before 9:00, roughly 15 minutes earlier,
[00:-2.00]an American Airlines jet - hijacked1 from Boston - had crashed into the South Tower of the World Trade Center.
[00:-3.00]There were 92 people on board.
[00:-4.00]Reporter(R):It does not appear as though there is any kind of effort up there yet.
[00:-5.00]Now, remember,... OH, MY GOD!
[00:-6.00]F:My God!
[00:-7.00]M:That looks like a second plane has just hit...
[00:-8.00]R:I did not see a plane go in...
[00:-9.00]M:Minutes later, the second plane hit the second tower. The fire ball ate up the aircraft.
[00:10.00]It was a United Airlines flight. A 767 from Boston to Los Angeles. There had been 65 people on board.
[00:11.00]New York City was staggered, and still, it wasn’t over.
[00:12.00]This was the Southern Tower, falling in on itself. It was now roughly an hour since the first attack.
[00:13.00]Meanwhile, it was beginning here in Washington. Another hijacked plane hits the Pentagon.
[00:14.00]R:US officials are saying there was no warning, no indicators2 of any kind, of a likely terrorist attack.
[00:15.00]Uh, number two, they say Pentagon officials within the intelligence and the counter-terrorism offices are now looking at this very intensely...
[00:16.00]M:ABC reporters across the city are beginning to hear the word "terrorism."
[00:17.00]R:It seems obvious unofficially to people here that it was a terrorist attack,
[00:18.00]but that obviously they can’t reach any firm conclusions at this point.

[00:19.00]So, the Pentagon is engaged, and I’m sure, law enforcement is, but they say they had no warnings.
[00:20.00]M:Report piles on report.
[00:21.00]R:...Okay, there’s been an explosion of some kind, uh, that shook the grounds of the...
[00:22.00]We all heard it. Everybody ran for cover. We don’t know where it was ,and we don’t see the smoke yet,...
[00:23.00]burning, burning, burning... They’re screaming at us to get out.
[00:24.00]M:On television, it looked like it was happening all over. 10:28 am. New York City,
[00:25.00]and in the shadow of the one remaining tower, a snatch of conversation between a reporter and a rescuer.
[00:26.00]R:Why are they pulling us out of here?
[00:27.00]Rescuer (Res):Because it’s leaning. The tower is leaning.
[00:28.00]R:The North Tower is leaning?... Oh, my God! There it goes!
[00:29.00]M:Washington. The White House is evacuated3.
[00:30.00]Female Voice:The Office of Personnel Management says all Federal Office Buildings in the Washington area have been evacuated and closed.
[00:31.00]The employees sent home immediately.
[00:32.00]M:The President was not in the city. He was in Florida, visiting a school.
[00:33.00]President Bush:Today we’ve had a national tragedy. Two airplanes have crashed into the World Trade Center in an apparent terrorist attack on our country.
[00:34.00]R:Officials at this end are not confirming if the President’s plane is going to Andrews.
[00:35.00]We don’t know if it’s going to Andrews, or some other location. All I said is that they will convene4 a National Security Council meeting,
[00:36.00]and we don’t know where that will take place either. Obviously, they want to keep a lot of people guessing as to the President’s whereabouts.

[00:37.00]M:Now it was lunchtime, and yet more terrible news is coming in. Another United Airliner5,
[00:38.00]with 45 people on board, has crashed south of Pittsburgh, presumably another victim of terrorism.
[00:39.00]R:We talked to a couple of people who actually witnessed the plane going down,
[00:40.00]and they it was quite devastating6... went right down into the woods.
[00:41.00]They saw all sorts of debris7 flying out of the woods and into the trees.
[00:42.00]And it is quite a devastating scene from what we’re told.
[00:43.00]M:At this point, it is hard to believe we are still on the same day that began with this picture.
[00:44.00]National Guard units are out. Washington is shut down. Airports in the US and Canada are closed.
[00:45.00]And the death toll8, still uncountable, is also unimaginable. John Donvan. ABC News. Washington.


1 hijacked 54f3e68c506e45e75f9a155a27738c2f     
劫持( hijack的过去式和过去分词 ); 绑架; 拦路抢劫; 操纵(会议等,以推销自己的意图)
  • The plane was hijacked by two armed men on a flight from London to Rome. 飞机在从伦敦飞往罗马途中遭到两名持械男子劫持。
  • The plane was hijacked soon after it took off. 那架飞机起飞后不久被劫持了。
2 indicators f46872fc1b5f08e9d32bd107be1df829     
(仪器上显示温度、压力、耗油量等的)指针( indicator的名词复数 ); 指示物; (车辆上的)转弯指示灯; 指示信号
  • The economic indicators are better than expected. 经济指标比预期的好。
  • It is still difficult to develop indicators for many concepts used in social science. 为社会科学领域的许多概念确立一个指标仍然很难。
3 evacuated b2adcc11308c78e262805bbcd7da1669     
  • Police evacuated nearby buildings. 警方已将附近大楼的居民疏散。
  • The fireman evacuated the guests from the burning hotel. 消防队员把客人们从燃烧着的旅馆中撤出来。
4 convene QpSzZ     
  • The Diet will convene at 3p.m. tomorrow.国会将于明天下午三点钟开会。
  • Senior officials convened in October 1991 in London.1991年10月,高级官员在伦敦会齐。
5 airliner Azxz9v     
  • The pilot landed the airliner safely.驾驶员使客机安全着陆。
  • The passengers were shepherded across the tarmac to the airliner.旅客们被引导走过跑道去上飞机。
6 devastating muOzlG     
  • It is the most devastating storm in 20 years.这是20年来破坏性最大的风暴。
  • Affairs do have a devastating effect on marriages.婚外情确实会对婚姻造成毁灭性的影响。
7 debris debris     
  • After the bombing there was a lot of debris everywhere.轰炸之后到处瓦砾成堆。
  • Bacteria sticks to food debris in the teeth,causing decay.细菌附着在牙缝中的食物残渣上,导致蛀牙。
8 toll LJpzo     
  • The hailstone took a heavy toll of the crops in our village last night.昨晚那场冰雹损坏了我们村的庄稼。
  • The war took a heavy toll of human life.这次战争夺去了许多人的生命。
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