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  Monday September 6 is Labor1 Day in the United States, a day set aside to honor American workers and the dignity of labor. The organized labor movement of the late 19th century that spawned2 the national holiday has waxed and waned3 over the years.
Many Americans view Labor Day as a welcome end-of-summer three-day weekend to spend at the beach or the barbecue pit.
But the first Labor Day observance was in New York City in 1882. It was intended as a celebration of the strength and spirit of labor and trade. U.S. President Grover Cleveland proposed the first Monday in September be a national holiday, rather than May Day, which had more radical4 associations, and it became law in 1894.
最先庆祝劳工节的地方是纽约,时间是1882年9月5日,当时是为了庆祝各界劳工的力量与精神。1887年,美国总统克里夫兰(Grover Cleveland)提议每年9月的第一个星期一为劳工节,这项建议在1894年获得国会批准而成为法律。
"It is the only national holiday that we have that commemorates5 the contributions of a particular segment of society - working people," explained Historian Joshua Freeman of the City University of New York.
纽约市立大学历史学家乔舒亚·弗里曼(Joshua Freeman)指出,美国劳工节纪念的是劳动者为国家所做的贡献,而不是社会矛盾和冲突。弗里曼说:“劳工节是美国唯一的一个专门纪念社会某一特定群体所做贡献的国家纪念日,纪念对象是劳动人民。”
Freeman says America's labor force changed dramatically over the years with the rise of steam power and the abolition6 of slavery.
"The United States had an industrial economy that grew rapidly in the 19th century, especially after our Civil War in the 1860s - steel mills and iron mills and railroads and huge textile mills - some of them employing thousands of workers in a single facility," said Freeman. "And this growth of manufacturing transformed not only the economy, but [also] the whole nation and the communities and the politics and culture of the country."
Freeman says labor had a difficult time organizing those industries. Corporations sensed higher wages and shorter working hours would erode7 company profits and complicate8 managing production.
Union labor's golden age begins
Many strikes turned violent as worker frustrations9 mounted. But historian Joshua Freedman says from the turn of the 20th century through the 1930s, America's organized labor movement grew.
"And, of course, the big breakthroughs came in the 1930s, when the giant companies, the GMs, the Fords, the U.S. Steels were finally unionized after years and years of trying to do so," added Freeman. "And that really made the labor movement central to American society - to its economy, to its politics. And, of course, it tremendously upgraded the standard of living of American workers. They suddenly got weekends off. They started being able to buy homes, to buy cars, [and] to send their kids to college, to take vacations, to retire. These were things that, at the beginning the 20th century, a working person could not do. But by the end of the 20th century, they were almost taken for granted."
Many corporations came to realize prosperous workers stimulate11 economic growth by creating a consumer class that buys houses, cars and other goods.
Freeman says the three decades following World War II were a "golden age" for U.S. labor unions. He adds that by the early-1950s, a third of American workers were union members.
"[Union members were] still a minority, but they were in key locations of the economy, the templates and power centers - the steel industry, the auto12 industry, the coal industry, transportation [and] construction," explained Freeman. "So their social weight transcended13 even their large numbers. That is no longer true today. We are a very different economy and a much weaker labor movement. Today the template for American capitalism14 is more Wal-Mart than GM or Ford10 and that is a low wage, non-union approach to running a business."
他说:“虽然还是少数,但工会成员却遍布美国经济举足轻重的关键部门 - 钢铁、汽车、煤炭、运输和建筑等各个领域。他们不但人数众多,影响力更大。然而事到如今这种盛况却已是时过境迁了,我们今天的经济完全不同,劳工运动的势力也大不如前了。美国资本主义今天更多是靠沃尔玛(Wal-Mart)这样的低薪、没有工会的企业来驱动,而不是靠通用汽车或福特汽车等工会组织完善的大企业了。”
Unions begin decline
Union membership has declined dramatically since the 1970s. The recession of that decade meant jobs were harder to find, so people were more willing to take lower-wage, non-union jobs. Meanwhile, the growth of international competition forced American companies to cut costs to maintain profits, and they have hired workers abroad at non-union wages and closed U.S. factories. Many firms have merged15 into international corporations with production facilities in parts of the world where costs are lower.
Changing demographics also played a role. U.S. population growth shifted to the South and Southwest, where union membership has been lower than elsewhere in the country.
Today, labor organizers are recruiting immigrants, much as they did a century ago.
Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations political scientist Janice Fine says organized labor has historically vacillated between solidarity16 and fear that immigrants will work for lower wages and bring down living standards for all Americans. At other times, Fine says organized labor has fostered solidarity among all workers.
罗格斯大学(Rutgers University)管理与劳工关系学院政治学家贾尼斯·法恩(Janice Fine)说,从历史上看,工会组织有时号召团结,有时又担心移民会接受低薪工作,影响美国人的生活水准。但总体而言,美国工会增加了工友们的团结。
"What labor movements have concluded is that low wage immigrant workers have become a real source of vitality17 in the labor movement throughout the world because they have been keen to organize. Very often, they are in relationship with each other; they have very often migrated with their home communities, and there is a willingness on the part of these workers to take risks to better their situation," noted18 Fine.
The future of American unions remains19 unclear. In 2010, the number of public sector20 union members far surpassed their counterparts in the private sector.
Government unions have come under increasingly sharp criticism by some conservatives who say that big government is largely to blame for the current recession. They say government workers enjoy expensive salaries and benefits that outstrip21 those enjoyed by the corporate22 labor force. Janice Fine disagrees.
"It is confusing to me because studies show that public sector wages are not out of whack23 with public sector wages," added Fine. "And, in fact, white collar public sector workers are paid much less than their private sector counterparts. The idea that somehow we are going to hold teachers and cops and firefighters and blue collar sanitation24 workers responsible for this much larger problem in the economy just seems really sad."


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