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436 丹麦群众对美国遭受恐怖袭击事件表示悲痛和哀悼

Danes Express Grief and Condolences
Peter Heinlein
12 Sep 2001 02:28 UTC

Around the globe, initial reactions of horror and 1)disbelief are giving way to expressions of 2)sympathy for the victims - som1e 3)spontaneous, others organized. The Danish capital, Copenhagen, is holding a number of candle light 4)vigils and memorial services.
Within hours of the attacks in the United States, hundreds of people gathered at Copenhagen's Kristianskirken for a hastily arranged memorial. Among the five priests speaking at the service was Chad Rimmer, an American clergyman visiting Denmark.
"It makes my heart a little bit lighter1 to be here with you all this evening, and realize that even being such a long way from home at such a shocking time for all of us, I can realize that wherever you are in the world, Christians2 can gather in support of each other with a bond that goes beyond whatever passport you can carry," said Chad Rimmer.
In addition to the main memorial, half a dozen other Copenhagen churches opened all night for those wanting to pray and express their 5)grief and 6)condolences.
Danish Prime Minister Poul Nyrup Rasmussen went on nationwide television, saying he regards the attacks not just as an 7)assault on American democracy, but on the entire free world. He pledged that counter measures carried out by the United States and its allies would have to be precise and measured. He said "The U.S. counterattack, and our joint3 counter-attack, will have to be efficient and carefully targeted, and then we will be in 8)solidarity with that."
Outside the American embassy in central Copenhagen, a mountain of flowers 9)piled up around the iron security fence. A host of dignitaries led by Denmark's foreign minister dropped by to pay their respects, and a crowd of several hundred people stood in the 10)chilly evening, many with tears streaming down their faces.
Several people said they were 11)convinced the attacks were a response to U.S. policy in the Middle East. Twenty-three-year old Peter Vingaard said such terrorism would surely unleash4 a wave of sympathy for the United States and damage the cause of the 12)perpetrators.
"In Denmark there's a lot of 13)argumentation going on about pro-the United States and contra the United States," said Mr. Vingaard. "Is the role of the United States justified5? In the world what they're doing around. But either way, if the United States makes mistakes around the world, nothing justifies6 what happened today. It's so sad."
Another who came to pay his respects, 30-year-old Philip Juhl, said he was there to express his outrage7. "We're all involved in this somehow, I think, because it's an attack on the western world, the 14)civilized world, and democracy," he said.
Security at the American embassy was tightened8 within minutes after the attacks in New York and Washington. Extra police were also stationed outside the Israeli embassy.
In a country with so much 15)interaction with the United States, the Danish foreign ministry9 opened a hotline for people concerned about relatives in New York and Washington. And Americans living here reported their phones were ringing 16)constantly, mostly friends and relatives calling to express their condolences.

(1) disbelief[dIsbI5li:f]n.怀疑
(2) sympathy[5sImpEWI]n.同情, 同情心
(3) spontaneous[spRn5teInIEs]adj.自发的, 自然产生的
(4) vigil[5vIdVIl]n.守夜
(5) grief[^rI:f]n.悲痛, 伤心事, 不幸, 忧伤
(6) condolence[kEn5dEJlEns]n.哀悼, 吊唁
(7) assault[E5sC:lt]n.攻击, 袭击v.袭击
(8) solidarity[sRlI5dArItI]n.团结
(9) pile up v.堆积, 积累, 搁浅, 撞毁
(10) chilly[5tFIlI]adj.寒冷的
(11) convinced[ kEn`vInst ]adj.确信的, 深信的
(12) perpetrator n.犯罪者, 作恶者
(13) argumentation[B:^jJmen5teIF(E)n]n.争论, 论证, 论点, 讨论
(14) civilized[`sIvIlaIzd]adj.文明的, 有礼的
(15) interaction[IntEr5AkF(E)n]n.交互作用, 交感
(16) constantly[5kRnstEntlI]adv.不变地, 经常地, 坚持不懈地



1 lighter 5pPzPR     
  • The portrait was touched up so as to make it lighter.这张画经过润色,色调明朗了一些。
  • The lighter works off the car battery.引燃器利用汽车蓄电池打火。
2 Christians 28e6e30f94480962cc721493f76ca6c6     
n.基督教徒( Christian的名词复数 )
  • Christians of all denominations attended the conference. 基督教所有教派的人都出席了这次会议。
  • His novel about Jesus caused a furore among Christians. 他关于耶稣的小说激起了基督教徒的公愤。
3 joint m3lx4     
  • I had a bad fall,which put my shoulder out of joint.我重重地摔了一跤,肩膀脫臼了。
  • We wrote a letter in joint names.我们联名写了封信。
4 unleash bjewz     
  • They hope to create allies to unleash against diseases,pests,and invasive species.他们希望创造出一些新群体来对付疾病、害虫和一些有侵害性的物种。
  • Changing water levels now at times unleash a miasma of disease from exposed sewage.如今,大坝不时地改变水位,从暴露的污水释放出了疾病瘴气。
5 justified 7pSzrk     
  • She felt fully justified in asking for her money back. 她认为有充分的理由要求退款。
  • The prisoner has certainly justified his claims by his actions. 那个囚犯确实已用自己的行动表明他的要求是正当的。
6 justifies a94dbe8858a25f287b5ae1b8ef4bf2d2     
证明…有理( justify的第三人称单数 ); 为…辩护; 对…作出解释; 为…辩解(或辩护)
  • Their frequency of use both justifies and requires the memorization. 频繁的使用需要记忆,也促进了记忆。 来自About Face 3交互设计精髓
  • In my judgement the present end justifies the means. 照我的意见,只要目的正当,手段是可以不计较的。
7 outrage hvOyI     
  • When he heard the news he reacted with a sense of outrage.他得悉此事时义愤填膺。
  • We should never forget the outrage committed by the Japanese invaders.我们永远都不应该忘记日本侵略者犯下的暴行。
8 tightened bd3d8363419d9ff838bae0ba51722ee9     
收紧( tighten的过去式和过去分词 ); (使)变紧; (使)绷紧; 加紧
  • The rope holding the boat suddenly tightened and broke. 系船的绳子突然绷断了。
  • His index finger tightened on the trigger but then relaxed again. 他的食指扣住扳机,然后又松开了。
9 ministry kD5x2     
  • They sent a deputation to the ministry to complain.他们派了一个代表团到部里投诉。
  • We probed the Air Ministry statements.我们调查了空军部的记录。
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