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美国国家电台 NPR 2012-10-08

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 From NPR News in Washington, I'm Louise Schiavone.It would be a big night for President Obama in Los Angels as he seeds to raise more campaign cash from California riches and famous. NPR's Mara Liasson reports a A star-studded concert comes after a roller-coaster week for the president.

The night's boundary(?) will feature performances by Katy Perry, Jon Bon Jovi and Stevie Wonder. It comes just after the president's campaign that it has raised $181 million in September. That's the second best month the president has ever had just short of the $191 million in September 4 years ago. Mr. Obama has been trying to regain1 the momentum2  he lost after a poor debate on Wednesday. Polls nationally and in key battle states show that Mitt3 Romney received a bounce anywhere from 3 to 5 points based on the widespread perception that he won that debate. The president was helped a bit by a better-than-expected job's report on Friday. But he's now reconsidering his debate strategy in preparation for the next encounter with Romney, a town hall style debate in New York on October 16. Mara Liasson, NPR News, Washington.
今晚演出的嘉宾有K, J 和 S。 就在这之前,总统已经在9月份成功筹集到1亿8千1百万的资金。这对于奥巴马而言是第二好的成绩,仅次于4年前的9月份所取得的1亿9千1百万的成绩。奥巴马想要从周三的电视辩论的失利中迅速恢复势头。由于罗姆尼普遍被认为是总统辩论的赢家,全国以及重要的几个州的民意调查结果显示罗姆尼的支持率上升了3到5个百分点。而奥巴马却因为周五失业率报告比预想有所上升,而稍微得到点帮助。但是他为了准备下一次与罗姆尼的辩论,正在重新考虑辩论策略。下次辩论将在10月16日纽约的市政厅里展开。
Former GOP presidential primary candidate N told NBC's Meet the Press that the wake of the a weak debate performance. The president cut off a major break with Friday's lower jobless figures.
I think it was a significant help to the president. Imagine it came out at 8.2 following that debate. I mean people would have entered this weekend saying, well, that's close to the end.
On the same program, Obama adviser4 R declared Mitt Romney's attack on public broadcast in general. And big bird in particular was debate stumble.
The notion that, 'Let's go to war with Sesame Street but give Wall Street a big, wet kiss,' that's exactly what got us into this mess.
* big bird to have no sides(?), When asked about the presidential debate does stop the Sesame Street was interviewed on NBC's Saturday Night Live by S.
Before you go do you have any political statement you'd like to make.
No, I don't want to ruffle5 any feathers. 
In Venezuela, the vote for president is on today and Venezuelan expats living in the Southern US streamed into New Orleans to cast their votes in that election. Allison Keyes has more.
Earlier this year being Venezuela closed the Venezuelan consulate6 in Miami. So some Southern Florida voters hopped7 on buses for the trip to New Orleans to cast their ballots8, 22 year-old A that told NBC 60 TV. 
The fact we are here to look for a better future for our country, I think that's really important. 
The Venezuela * attend New Orleans said it was expecting more than 19,000 voters from 10 US states, including Arkansas, the Carolinas, in a * that's amount 8 voting centers for Venezuelan in the US. Venezuelan president Hugo is expecting a challenge from V.
委内瑞拉的*称将会有来自美国10个州超过1万9千名选民来到新奥尔良,包括阿肯色,卡罗莱州......在美国将会有8个投票中心。 委内瑞拉总统查韦斯将会迎来V的挑战。
60 victims of Britain's phone hacking9 scandal are calling on the government to regulate the news media. L, reports that in a letter to the prime minister they say failure to do so will mount a betrayal. 
The hacking victims say the government must not reject statutory regulation of a press. The * include Writer JK Rowling, singer CHARLOTTE CHURCH, and actors JUDE LAW, and  HUGH GRANT.  HUGH GRANT told the BBC there must be a body with teeth that rule on complaint as an ethic10 media conductor to prevent papers, politicians and police, once again, becoming too close. 
Instead the press regulation by itself, this system which approved over 50 years again and again to fail. For those to be an independent regulator, independent of the news ministory, but also crucially independent of government. 
In response, Cameron says he dose not want heavy-hand state intervention11, insisting there must be a free press. For NPR News, I'm L in London.
The driver of the Canadian tour bus that overturned on a New Jersey12 interstate exit ramp13 this weekend told state police he lost control of his vehicle when anther driver cut him off. The driver was one of almost 2 dozen injured. Three are still hospitalized.
It's that season again that means Sunday at Maine's Sunday River ski resort time for the North American Wife Carrying Championship. Covering an obstacle course that includes hurdles14, sand traps and a water hole, the winners were worldwide wife carrying championship couple from Helsinki, Finland. They won the woman's weight in beer and five times her weight in cash which was about 530 dollars. 


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