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美国国家电台 NPR 2012-10-13

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 The Campaign is coming off speared debate between the vice1 presidential candidates in Kentucky last night looking the bill momentum2 in weeks left before the election. Vice president was in Wisconsin where he accusing GOP of trying to protect wealthiest Americans in expense of Middle class. They are so desperate to hold on to tax cut the Wealthiest are not asking for. They patriotic3 pufcus but they know they don't need it. And they know it's time for them to chip in. In Virginia, presidential candidate Mitt4 Romney applauded his republican running mate congressman5 Paul Ryan on outlining tickets economic plan last night. He laid out our 5-point plan to get this economic going. And other candidate of course just taxes. But American people are looking for answers not taxes. Romney and Ryan due to campaign in Ohio in fewer hours.

US Stocks have been drifting lower with mixed reaction for investors6 .They remain cautious over JP Morgan chase even the nation's largest bank reportedly better expect in quarterly earning.NPR reports JP Morgan Chase's third quarter profits were up more than 30% on stronger mortgage lending.JP Morgan chase reported quarterly profits are 5.7 billion dollars up37% over the same period a year ago. The bank says business was up across the board including 29& jump in home mortgage lending. That CEO Jimmy Diamond comment the housing market has finally turned the corner. Another major bank announced quarterly earning today. Wellsfago announced its profits thrived 22% over last year roughly in line with analysis expectation. Joe Rose NPR news New York.
SO far, we are seeing US stocks mixed with the Dow up 3 points, NASDAQ up 5 and S&P 500 down 4.
In Syria, rebels claimed to have taken over a major air defense7 base outside the country's largest city Allopp.NPR reports the rebels say the confiscated8 21 rockets. Activists9 in Aleppo saying they raid on the Syria Air Base happened over night as rebels fighters are working to bring down Syria president Bushier and bush the base with machine guns. Some reporters say among rebels were Jihad fighters outlined with group that have amd mentality10 also included foreign fighters. The taking over comes as rebels also secure a town on major highway connecting Aleppo to Syrian capital Damascus. If the rebels hold the town, they would block the major transport point for the region army. Syrian rebels and regime army have been locked in stalemate for many months. As both sides make incremental11 gains in the secure weapons and territory but neither side has been able to deal with defended blow to the other.NPR news ,Beirut.
Before the close, the Dow is up three at 13329,you are listening to NPR news.
Just contained with first 100 days of Egyptian president Mahaa Morsi term has touched off new clashes in Cairo square. Morsi supporters detroyed stage while anti-government crowd gathered for rally today. Egyptian leaders’ critique demanded more diversity on allowed Islamist dominated panel that would create to draft Egypt's new constitution.
The Nobel peace prize announced in Alot goes to European Union.NPR reports it's cited for six-decade contribution to advancement12, peace, reconciliation13, democracy, and human right in Europe. The European Union grow out of ashes world 2,most devastating14 war in human history. Since it's reception, it guaranteed peace on cutland for the longest period in Modern history. The dream of United Europe starting in 1950 as long time enemy France and Germany agree to pull their war making industry colane steel. Wide range social reforms produced cretal degree wealthier states and also capped civil and ideological15 strife16 as they. But EU has been shaken by three year euro crisis that has fermenting17 populism and anti-Brussels sentiment.NPR news Berlin.
A dozen of states are now reporting case of fungus18 meningitis raising the number of illness linking to contaminated steroid shot for back pain to 184.Officials with Center for disease and control prevention say the death toll19 remain unchanged at 14.Medication manufacturing by Massachusetts base company has been recalled.


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