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NPR 2012-12-01

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  From NPR News in Washington, I'm Windsor Johnston.
  President Obama is taking his case for avoiding the "fiscal1 cliff" to the Philadelphia suburbs. Mr. Obama is insisting on higher taxes for the top 2% of earners and argues that Republicans are standing2 in the way of the deal. Speaking to a crowd at a toy factory today, the president says he's going to take the efforts of everyone to push his plan through.
  "But we all know you can't take anything for granted when it comes to Washington. Let's face it. And that's why I'm going to be asking all of you to make your voices heard over the next few days and the next couple of weeks. I need you to remind members of Congress -- Democrats3 and Republicans -- to not get bogged4 down in a bunch of partisan5 bickering6."
  Republicans are calling the president's campaign-style trip today an obstacle to fruitful talks. Yesterday House Speaker John Boehner accused Democrats of ruling out sensible spending cuts that he says must be part of any deal.
  The House has passed a bill that would allow some immigrants getting advanced degrees at American universities to get green cards when they graduate. As NPR's Tamara Keith reports the legislation represents one small piece of what many argue should be more comprehensive immigration reform.
  The STEM Jobs Act targets a small part of the nation's immigration system where there is a broad agreement improvement is needed. It would allow students earning advanced degrees in science, technology, engineering and mathematics to stay and work in America when they are done. Ed Royce is a Republican representative from California.
  "Many of them of course end up on years long green card waiting lists. And as a result, many of them give up and go to work for one of our global competitors."
  But Democrats complain this particular measure would eliminate another valuable visa program. The White House says the president won't support it because it's too narrowly focused and he wants comprehensive immigration reform. Tamara Keith, NPR News.
  Protesters have again turned out by the tens of thousands in Cairo's Tahrir Square to denounce President Mohamed Morsi and the draft constitution his Islamist allies have produced. Merrit Kennedy in Cairo reports.
  Protesters here are also concerned about a draft constitution that was approved early this morning by a majority Islamist assembly. Imam Bibars runs a women's NGO.
  "I want women and minorities and poor and rich to be treated equally in the constitution that represents everybody. We don't have that now."
  The document is similar to the previous pre-revolution constitution. It was voted on after most liberal and leftist groups withdrew from the assembly. The Muslim Brotherhood7, the group President Morsi hails from, has planned large rallies in support of the president tomorrow. For NPR News, Merrit Kennedy in Cairo.
  The Dow was down 12 points.
  This is NPR.
  Supreme8 Court justices today are meeting to decide when and how they will deal with the debate over whether the Constitution gives people the right to marry, regardless of sexual orientation9. Three weeks ago, voters backed same-sex marriage in three states and defeated a ban on gay marriage in another state. Any cases are expected to be argued in March with a decision by the end of June.
  More work is planned on the wreckage10 of the Deepwater Horizon. NPR's Debbie Elliott reports the action comes after repeated reports of oil sheen in the Gulf11 of Mexico near the site of BP's disastrous12 2010 well blowout.
  The Coast Guard wants BP and rig owner Transocean to do further inspections13 at the wellhead site. Robots, submarines will be deployed14 next week to make sure oil is not escaping from what's left of the exploded drilling rig and the equipment used to stop the out-of-control well. BP recently capped and plugged a failed containment15 dome16 that was emitting oil from the Gulf floor, but the sheen persists. Coast Guard officials say tests show the oil is BP's, but it's considered dead oil that's been trapped on the Gulf floor, not fresh oil that is seeping17 from the plugged well. The Coast Guard also wants the companies to come up with a plan for permanent remediation of the oil that remains18 in the wreckage. Debbie Elliott, NPR News
  Former President George H.W. Bush remains in stable condition at a Houston hospital where he is being treated for a lingering cough related to bronchitis. Hospital officials say there is no change in the status of the 88-year-old. Mr. Bush has been in and out of the hospital recently for complications resulting from bronchitis.
  I'm Windsor Johnston, NPR News.


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