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NPR 2012-05-20

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 Leaders of eight leading world economies are meeting today at Camp David, in the Maryland mountains to discuss the European debt crisis. Michael Froman is president Obama's deputy national security advisor1 on international economics. He says the leaders agree they hope Greece can remain part of the eurozone.

There are a lot of important choices the Greece faces in the coming weeks. They are in the midst of an election campaign. They need to choose a government, that government needs to choose an economic strategy and as they do that, the G8 want to affirm their interest if Greece stays part of the eurozone while respecting its commitment. 
The summit is to wrap up tonight. The world leaders will then travel to Chicago for a two-day NATO summit which opens tomorrow. 
President Obama's reelection campaign is launching a new website to help voters navigate2 a slow of state in local voting laws, including new one's requiring photo ID and limiting early voting. NPR's Pam Fessler reports.
The website is called gottavote.org. Bob Bauer, the campaign's general Counsel  says it's a one-stop shop for those looking for answers to important questions, such as, When do I have to register by? What do I need to bring to the poll? Can I vote early? Where is my polling place? The information is state-specific and available in English and Spanish. It's part of the Democratic efforts to sign up as many new voters as possible and make sure that new voting restriction3 don't discourage those most likely to vote Democratic from going to the polls. Democrats4 and voting rights group are fighting the laws in court. But they want to educate voters just in case the new requirements are still in effect in November. Pam Fessler, NPR News, Washington.
At least ten people were killed and three more wounded in a suicide bombing in eastern Afghanistan today. The attacker targeted an Afghan police checkpoint. NPR's Ahmad Shafi  reports. 
Afghan officials say the police were searching cars when the attacker walked out of his vehicle and set off his explosives, killing5 over a dozen civilians6 and also two police officers. Khost province lies at the border with Pakistan, the Haqqani network has a stronghold inside the Pakistani border areas where they frequently attack Afghan and US-led NATO forces. Ahmad Shafi , NPR News, Kabul. 
Chinese activists7 Chen Guangcheng is on his way to the United States, ending a month-long diplomatic dispute. Chinese officials today allowed him to travel to the US to further his education. Here he is speaking in ** with a reporter before going to a plane in Beijing. Chen was saying he hopes that his supporters understand why he is leaving China, he is heading to New York. He had been in prison and under house arrest for seven years. He escaped in April and sought sanctuary9 in the US embassy. 
You are listening to NPR News. 
A private company was supposed to launch a supply ship to the International Space Station from Cape8 Canaveral, but the mission was aborted10 a half second before lift off. The on-board computers automatically shut everything down while they detected a problem in one engine. Tuesday is the earliest that SpaceX can try again. This was the first attempted launch by several private US companies hoping to take over the job of delivering cargo11 to the space station. Now the shuttle mission has ended. 
The second jewel in Horse racing12 Triple Crown has been run today at Pimlico Race Course, outside Baltimore. ** of member station WYPR reports this year's Preakness will offer a rematch of the top 2 Kentucky Derby finishers.
All half another came from behind the HL Bodemeister with the Derby. The winner we said no time getting to Pimlico arriving less than 48 hours after his victory. The earliest arrival in recent memory. Trainer Doug O'Neill thinks that's working well for him. 
The horse settled in beautifully and now as you see, other horses are going to rush in. And I feel like we have an edge.  Bob Baffert, Bodemeister's trainer has one of the best records in Preakness history with five wins. He didn't bring his horse to Pimlico until Wednesday. But he thinks Bodemeister will have enough time to settle in. 
You know what you never knew. But I could always ** from excuse. The Ads makers13 have made Baffert's Bodemeister to win the 137th running of Preakness. For NPR News, I'm ** Baltimore.
A Japanese woman beat her own record today. Tamae Watanabe reached the summit of Mount Everest becoming the oldest woman to climb the mountain. She became the oldest ten years old. This time, she is 73.
I'm Nora Raum, NPR News in Washington.


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