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 Those who knew him as either Baker1's husband of 10 years—or Medley2's white knight3 of almost two—say Bullinger showed no sign of a double life. 有人认为他是贝克结婚10年的丈夫,有人认为他做了麦德利近2年的白马王子,他们表示布林格没有表现出双重生活的迹象。

"He was a pilot, so it could have been easy. But there was nothing secretive... he seemed great," says Medley's friend Rebecca Lorenz. “他是个飞行员,所以这很容易。但没有什么秘密……他看起来挺好的。”麦德利的朋友丽贝卡·洛伦茨说。
For Medley, a massage4 therapist who had lost a baby in 2011 and her husband, Todd Medley, to a heart attack in '14, meeting Bullinger when he walked into the spa where she worked had seemed like a dream come true. 麦德利是一名按摩治疗师,她在2011年失去了一个孩子,她的丈夫托德·麦德利(Todd Medley)在14年因心脏病发作去世。她看到布林格走进她工作的水疗中心时,就像美梦成真一样。
"Mike was the first time I saw Nadja smile. He was a new start," says Lorenz. "Payton would call him Dad?" 遇到迈克后我第一次看到纳迪亚微笑。他是一个新的开始。“佩顿会叫他爸爸吗?”
Friends say she had no idea that when she moved from Ogden to Idaho to live with Bullinger that he was also living with Baker in Ogden. 朋友们说,当她从奥格登搬到爱达荷州与布林格同居时,她并不知道他也和贝克在奥格登同住。
And Baker— who had retired5 from a 33-year teaching career, mostly with blind and deaf students, just a week before she was killed—seemed to have no idea her husband was having an affair. 贝克从前主要是为盲人和聋哑学生服务。被杀害一周前,她刚结束33年的教学生涯退休,这是她似乎不知道她的丈夫有外遇。
"She just thought her marriage was perfect," says her brother Lyle Baker. “她只是觉得自己的婚姻很完美,”她的哥哥莱尔·贝克(Lyle Baker)说。
But in June 2017, when Baker decided6 to surprise her husband at the Idaho house they'd bought together, Bullinger's two worlds crashed into each other. 但在2017年6月,贝克决定在他们共同购买的爱达荷别墅给她的丈夫一个惊喜,此时布林格的两个世界撞到了一起。
"She shows up unexpected, and there's a confrontation," Donahue surmises7, based on the evidence he's seen. "It was a spur-of-the-moment crime." “她出乎意料地出现了,而且发生了冲突,”多纳休根据他看到的证据推测。“这是一时冲动的犯罪。”
Baker's other brother Byron still doesn't understand. 贝克的另一个哥哥拜伦仍然不明白。
"Just pick one and tell the other to go home," he says. "You don't kill them. He didn't show any signs of being a mass murderer." 他说:“选择一个,然后让另一个回家。”“你不会杀他们的。他没有表现出任何大屠杀的迹象。”
But Bullinger's first wife, Jacqui Garcia, with whom he has two grown sons and a grand-daughter, saw a darker side. 但布林格的第一任妻子雅基·加西亚(Jacqui Garcia)看到了布林格的阴暗面。两人育有两个已成年的儿子,还有一个孙女。
Her marriage to Bullinger ended after years of infidelity, she told the Idaho Statesman. 她告诉《爱达荷政治家》,在多年的不忠之后,她和布林格的婚姻结束了。
And his second marriage ended when he started the relationship with Baker. 当他和贝克开始交往时,他的第二次婚姻就结束了。
Throughout, she says, he was a master manipulator: Mormon when he met Garcia in college, he later attended a Hindu temple with Baker and told Medley he was an atheist8, as she was. 她说,从始至终,他都是一个操纵大师:在大学里遇到加西亚时,他是摩门教徒,后来他和贝克一起信了印度教,又告诉迈德利,他和她一样都是无神论者。
As Garcia told the Statesman, "He was whatever somebody needed him to be." 正如加西亚告诉《政治家》的那样,“别人需要他是什么,他就是什么。”
Which is exactly what haunts Donahue, as the sheriff believes Bullinger could still be alive. 这正是让多纳休经常担忧的地方,因为警长相信布林格可能还活着。
"This guy was slick," says Donahue. "He obviously had charisma9 with these women. “这家伙很狡猾,”多纳休说。“他显然对这些女人很有魅力。
It's very possible he could've reinvented himself again, and there are some compassionate10 people who take him in. It keeps me up at night. I want this guy to be found." 他很有可能改头换面,有一些富有同情心的人接纳了他。这使我夜不能寐。我希望找到这个人。”


1 baker wyTz62     
  • The baker bakes his bread in the bakery.面包师在面包房内烤面包。
  • The baker frosted the cake with a mixture of sugar and whites of eggs.面包师在蛋糕上撒了一层白糖和蛋清的混合料。
2 medley vCfxg     
  • Today's sports meeting doesn't seem to include medley relay swimming.现在的运动会好象还没有混合接力泳这个比赛项目。
  • China won the Men's 200 metres Individual Medley.中国赢得了男子200米个人混合泳比赛。
3 knight W2Hxk     
  • He was made an honourary knight.他被授予荣誉爵士称号。
  • A knight rode on his richly caparisoned steed.一个骑士骑在装饰华丽的马上。
4 massage 6ouz43     
  • He is really quite skilled in doing massage.他的按摩技术确实不错。
  • Massage helps relieve the tension in one's muscles.按摩可使僵硬的肌肉松弛。
5 retired Njhzyv     
  • The old man retired to the country for rest.这位老人下乡休息去了。
  • Many retired people take up gardening as a hobby.许多退休的人都以从事园艺为嗜好。
6 decided lvqzZd     
  • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents.这使他们比对手具有明显的优势。
  • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting.英国人和中国人打招呼的方式有很明显的区别。
7 surmises 0de4d975cd99d9759cc345e7fb0890b6     
v.臆测,推断( surmise的第三人称单数 );揣测;猜想
  • The detective is completely correct in his surmises. 这个侦探所推测的完全正确。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • As the reader probably surmises, a variety of interest tables exists. 正如读者可能推测的那样,存在着各种各样的利息表。 来自辞典例句
8 atheist 0vbzU     
  • She was an atheist but now she says she's seen the light.她本来是个无神论者,可是现在她说自己的信仰改变了。
  • He is admittedly an atheist.他被公认是位无神论者。
9 charisma uX3ze     
  • He has enormous charisma. He is a giant of a man.他有超凡的个人魅力,是个伟人。
  • I don't have the charisma to pull a crowd this size.我没有那么大的魅力,能吸引这么多人。
10 compassionate PXPyc     
  • She is a compassionate person.她是一个有同情心的人。
  • The compassionate judge gave the young offender a light sentence.慈悲的法官从轻判处了那个年轻罪犯。
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