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听电影学英语-朋友一场 07

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  [00:01.84]After all, they’re the ones who’re gonna be buying your album. 毕竟,他们是要买你专辑的人
[00:05.72]The problem is where in New Jersey1 are we gonna find 问题是我们在新泽西哪里可以找到
[00:07.72]a proper cross-section of your fans? 确定的歌迷群体?
[00:09.72]- The mall? - A mall! - 购物广场? - 购物广场!
[00:12.40]That’s a great idea! 好主意!
[00:15.84]- We have so much in common! - I know! - 我们有这么多共同点! - 我知道!
[00:17.72]- God. - Let’s do it to it! - 天哪 - 我们行动吧!
[00:19.72]Whoa! I am not going with him! 哇!我不要跟他去!
[00:21.04]Look, what better way to relate to your fans than to go with one? 听着,有什么比跟你的一个歌迷同去 更好的主意呢?
[00:24.72]In we go. 进来我们走
[00:26.88]Hey! You’re not coming with me? 嘿!你不跟我一起去?
[00:27.88]- Hmm-mm. - No, sweetie. You need to do this alone. - 嗯-哼 - 不,亲爱的,你需要自己去
[00:31.64]- I can’t be your crutch2. - But l-- - 我不是你的拐棍 - 但我--
[00:32.56]Watch your face! 小心点!
[00:35.56]Buckle up! 系好安全带!
[00:43.48]Great. That’s good. 太好了 很好
[00:45.60]That’s looking good. 看上去不错
[00:48.68]Great, guys. Really good. 很好,真的很好
[00:53.72]Mr. Palamino, how you doing? 帕拉米诺先生,你好吗?
[00:57.32]Well well well, 哇哦
[00:58.92]if it isn’t Mr. Valentine’s Day! 今天不是情人节吧!

[01:02.88]This guy, every Valentine’s Day, he’d buy Jamie like a dozen roses. 这个家伙,每个情人节都给洁蜜买一大束玫瑰
[01:04.48]Used to drive all her boyfriends nuts! 曾经赶走所有她男朋友的家伙!
[01:09.96]Ha! Till we explained, of course, it was just her little friend Chris. 哈!直到我们解释过,当然了 只是她的小朋友克里斯
[01:12.00]You prick3. 讨厌
[01:12.84]Yeah, I remember that. 对 我记得
[01:15.72]I see you still have the best Christmas display in town, sir. 我看你还是拥有镇上最好看的圣诞装饰,先生
[01:18.60]- Hey! In the state! - Hey, Chris! - 嘿!是全国! - 嘿,克里斯!
[01:21.56]I’ll be right out. 我马上出来
[01:22.36]So, uh, how’d you lose all that weight? 那个,唔,你是如何减重的?
[01:24.96]Like that retard4 from Subway? 就像地铁里那个傻子似的?
[01:29.64]It was great talking to you, sir. 很高兴跟你聊天,先生
[01:33.12]Are you kidding me? 你开玩笑吗?
[01:35.16]I rented the nicest Porsche in New Jersey. 我租了新泽喜最好的保时捷
[01:37.16]I’m just gonna play this whole thing aloof5 我只要表现冷淡
[01:38.36]and she’s gonna be eating out of the palm of my hand in no time. 她就会马上对我唯命是从
[01:41.64]Hey. 嘿
[01:41.96]Gotta go. 得挂了
[01:43.00]Wow! Porsche. Girls must love this. 哇!保时捷 女孩子一定喜欢
[01:48.12]I hate this stupid thing too. It’s a rental6. 我也讨厌这个蠢东西 这是租的

  [01:49.96]So ostentatious. It’s all they had left. 太招摇了 他们只有这个了
[01:52.96]Hmm. 哼
[01:58.92]- God, this place hasn’t changed a bit. - I know. - 天哪,这个地方没怎么变化 - 我知道
[02:02.20]Are you sure that you don’t want to go someplace else? 你确定你不想去什么别的地方了?
[02:04.48]- No, we can’t leave. We have history here. - History. - 不,我们不走,这里有我们的过去 - 过去
[02:08.28]Oh my goodness, I remember you two. 哦天哪 我记得你们两个
[02:12.04]Oh, you’re not a chubby7 bunny anymore. 噢,你再也不是个大胖小子了
[02:15.84]- Oh, my personal space. - I’ll be right back. - 噢,我的私人空间 - 我这就回来
[02:16.24]I’ve got a little surprise for you. 我想给你个小惊喜
[02:19.12]Can’t wait. 不能等了
[02:22.48]Haha! Chubby bunny! 哈哈! 大胖小子!
[02:25.60]Ahh! Thanks for reminding me I was fat. 啊!谢谢你提醒我 我曾经那么胖
[02:29.44]So why did you disappear on me 10 years ago? 你为什么10年之前消失?
[02:33.64]Uh, listen, about that-- 唔,听着,关于--
[02:33.84]Where you that mad at me? 你是不是在生我的气?
[02:37.40]Come on, Jamie. It was like 100 years ago, all right? 行了,洁蜜,这似乎是100年前的事了,好吗?
[02:38.88]I’m not that pathetic little dweeb anymore. 我不再是那个可怜的小呆子
[02:42.60]You were never a dweeb, Chris. 你从来不是呆子,克里斯
[02:45.56]- So, tell me about your job. - Oh my God. - 那么,跟我来说说你的工作 - 哦我的天
[02:48.72]You know, once you get over all the glamour8, you know, it’s uh-- 你知道,一旦你恢复了所有的魅力 你知道,这就是嗯--
[02:52.32]- it’s nothing but total insanity9. - Mm. - 除了疯狂就没有别的了 - 嗯
[02:53.64]You know, if it’s not Pink calling you, then you got Good Charlotte-- 你知道,如果没有品克打电话给你 然后是古德 夏洛特--
[02:55.20]it’s Jay Z’s birthday party, you know, and I’m totally name-dropping right now 杰奇的生日派对 我现在完全生活在名人圈里
[02:59.68]and I’d really like to stop. Mick Jagger. How ’bout you? 我真的要停下了,还有米克 杰戈 那你好吗?
[03:01.08]You know, what happened to you? How’d you end up working at The Maple10? 你出什么事了? 为什么不在红枫干了?
[03:03.04]I don’t work at The Maple. 我不在红枫工作
[03:07.76]I mean, I work at The Maple but I don’t really work at The Maple. 我是说,我在红枫工作 但我不是真的为红枫工作
[03:09.20]- Yeah. - I’m studying to be a teacher - 噢 - 我在学着当个老师
[03:09.88]so I’m living at home and I’m working-- 我住在家里 我工作在--
[03:13.12]It’s the coast. Be right back. 那边的电话 马上回来
[03:16.64]What happened to him? 他怎么了?
[03:20.48]# Five golden rings #

  [03:21.12]- # Four calling birds # - I don’t care what your mommy said.
[03:26.68]Oh, this is gonna be a great song. "Mall People." 噢,这会是一首好歌 “购物广场的人"
[03:26.84]# Three French hens, two turtle doves #
[03:29.92]"Mall people, they come and go-- “购物广场的人 他们来来往往--
[03:32.36]small people, they just don’t know." 渺小的人们 他们就是不知道”
[03:34.48]- How’s it goin’? - Fantastic. - 怎么样? - 很好
[03:36.04]- How’s it going with Jamie? - Treating her like - 你和洁蜜呢? - 对待她就像
[03:36.16]- every boyfriend she’s ever had. - You da man! - 她的每一任男友 - 你行!
[03:39.76]- So I wanna run an idea by you. - No. - 所以我有个主意 - 不
[03:43.40]Since you’re trying to hook up with Jamie, what if I went to Paris with Samantha 既然你和洁蜜约会 那我和萨曼沙一起去巴黎怎么样
[03:46.08]- You haven’t heard the whole thing yet! - No. - 你还没听完这个计划! - 不
[03:49.60]You know what, just-- just think about it and get back to me. 你知道吗,只要--只要好好想想 然后给我回电
[03:52.96]Ow! 噢!
[03:55.16]- Oh my God! - I gotta go. - 哦我的天! - 我得挂了
[04:05.00]- So, how’s the coast? - Super. - 那边如何? - 很好
[04:08.64]Here we go! 来了!
[04:09.08]One grilled11 cheese with ranch12 on the side 一份烤干酪 边上是配菜
[04:13.92]and one Sugar Mountain Supreme13 for the chubby bunny. 还有一份超级无敌甜点山 是给胖小子的
[04:20.48]But this is what you always order. 但这是你老点的
[04:20.52]this-this-- this isn’t gonna work for me. 这个-这个--这个不适合我
[04:25.16]Yeah. 10 years ago, when I was a whale. 对,10年以前 当我还很胖的时候
[04:28.16]The pancakes are fine. He’s just kidding. 蛋糕很好 他开玩笑的
[04:30.52]What? 什么?
[04:34.60]- Be more rude! - She’s rude! She’s rude! - 别这么无礼! - 是她无礼!是她无礼!
[04:37.88]I haven’t had sweets in 10 years, okay? Do you know 我有10年不吃甜食了,好吗?你知道
[04:38.48]- what this would do to my stomach? - Relax, little girl. - 这对我的胃会怎么样吗? - 放松,小女孩
[04:42.48]I’ll have the pancakes and you can have my sandwich, okay? 我吃这个你可以吃我的三明治,好吗?
[04:44.32]I’ll just enjoy this glass of water. 我只要喝水就好了
[04:50.12]I’m stuffed. 我饱了
[04:57.64]Good times. Good times! 好时光 好时光!
[05:00.36]- Yeah. - Yeah. - 对 - 对


1 jersey Lp5zzo     
  • He wears a cotton jersey when he plays football.他穿运动衫踢足球。
  • They were dressed alike in blue jersey and knickers.他们穿着一致,都是蓝色的运动衫和灯笼短裤。
2 crutch Lnvzt     
  • Her religion was a crutch to her when John died.约翰死后,她在精神上依靠宗教信仰支撑住自己。
  • He uses his wife as a kind of crutch because of his lack of confidence.他缺乏自信心,总把妻子当作主心骨。
3 prick QQyxb     
  • He felt a sharp prick when he stepped on an upturned nail.当他踩在一个尖朝上的钉子上时,他感到剧烈的疼痛。
  • He burst the balloon with a prick of the pin.他用针一戳,气球就爆了。
4 retard 8WWxE     
  • Lack of sunlight will retard the growth of most plants.缺乏阳光会妨碍大多数植物的生长。
  • Continuing violence will retard negotiations over the country's future.持续不断的暴力活动会阻碍关系到国家未来的谈判的进行。
5 aloof wxpzN     
  • Never stand aloof from the masses.千万不可脱离群众。
  • On the evening the girl kept herself timidly aloof from the crowd.这小女孩在晚会上一直胆怯地远离人群。
6 rental cBezh     
  • The yearly rental of her house is 2400 yuan.她这房子年租金是2400元。
  • We can organise car rental from Chicago O'Hare Airport.我们可以安排提供从芝加哥奥黑尔机场出发的租车服务。
7 chubby wrwzZ     
  • He is stocky though not chubby.他长得敦实,可并不发胖。
  • The short and chubby gentleman over there is our new director.那个既矮又胖的绅士是我们的新主任。
8 glamour Keizv     
  • Foreign travel has lost its glamour for her.到国外旅行对她已失去吸引力了。
  • The moonlight cast a glamour over the scene.月光给景色增添了魅力。
9 insanity H6xxf     
  • In his defense he alleged temporary insanity.他伪称一时精神错乱,为自己辩解。
  • He remained in his cell,and this visit only increased the belief in his insanity.他依旧还是住在他的地牢里,这次视察只是更加使人相信他是个疯子了。
10 maple BBpxj     
  • Maple sugar is made from the sap of maple trees.枫糖是由枫树的树液制成的。
  • The maple leaves are tinge with autumn red.枫叶染上了秋天的红色。
11 grilled grilled     
adj. 烤的, 炙过的, 有格子的 动词grill的过去式和过去分词形式
  • He was grilled for two hours before the police let him go. 他被严厉盘查了两个小时后,警察才放他走。
  • He was grilled until he confessed. 他被严加拷问,直到他承认为止。
12 ranch dAUzk     
  • He went to work on a ranch.他去一个大农场干活。
  • The ranch is in the middle of a large plateau.该牧场位于一个辽阔高原的中部。
13 supreme PHqzc     
  • It was the supreme moment in his life.那是他一生中最重要的时刻。
  • He handed up the indictment to the supreme court.他把起诉书送交最高法院。
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