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英语听力:听电影学英语—天使与魔鬼 04

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  [00:03.52]We will brand your Preferiti and sacrifice them on the altars of science. 烙印受眷顾者其身,奉献于科学祭台前
[00:08.40]Then bring your church down upon you. 教会将倾覆于自身上
[00:12.68]Vatican City will be consumed by light. 梵蒂冈城将在一阵光中消失殆尽
[00:13.96]A shining star at the end of the Path of Illumination. 辰星闪耀于光明路径尽头
[00:25.56]It's the ancient Illuminati threat. Destruction of Vatican City through light. 这是光明会古老诗签,藉由光来毁灭 梵蒂冈城
[00:30.52]Four pillars. There's your kidnapped cardinals1. 四大支柱指的是被绑架的枢机主教
[00:33.44]You didn't tell me they were the Preferiti, the favorites to be named the next Pope. 你没说他们是下任教宗的候选人 就是被眷顾的人
[00:41.84]Play it again. 再播放一次
[00:50.20]We will destroy your four pillars. 吾等将摧毁教廷四大支柱
[00:54.72]We will brand your Preferiti... 烙印受眷顾者其身
[00:56.40]Wait, stop it. Stop. 等一下,停
[00:59.72]Brand them? 烙印?
[01:03.56]That's another Illuminati legend. 这又是另一个光明会传说
[01:06.08]This one says that there are a set of five 'Brands'. 传闻有五个印记
[01:11.88]Each one an ambigram. 都是对称图形
[01:12.92]The first four are the fundamental elements of science: 其中四个是科学元素
[01:14.16]earth, air, fire and water. 土、气、火和水
[01:16.80]Th fifth is a mystery. 最后一个是不解之谜
[01:23.20]Maybe it's this. 或许烙印指的就是这个
[01:23.64]You said they'd be killed publicly. 你说枢机主教会被公然处决
[01:26.76]Yes. Revenge. For La Purga. 对,作为对教廷肃清行动的报复
[01:32.20]La Purga? 肃清行动?
[01:35.04]Geez, you guys don't even read your own history, do you? 你们难道都不看自己信仰的宗教历史?
[01:39.04]1668. The church kidnapped four Illuminati scientists 天主教会在1668年绑架四名科学家
[01:43.60]and branded each one of them on the chest with the symbol of the cross. 为了“清洗”他们的罪过 把十字烙印在他们胸口
[01:48.04]To 'purge2' them of their sins and they executed them 然后付以处决
[01:49.64]threw their bodies out in the street 并将他们的尸体放在街上示众
[01:51.48]as a warning to others to stop questioning 藉此抑止他人质疑教会对科学的解释
[01:55.68]church rulings on scientific matters. They radicalized them. 将科学家视作激进份子
[01:56.60]The Purga created a darker, more violent Illuminati. 肃清行动使光明会转为黑暗残暴
[02:01.88]One bent3 on... on retribution. 决心要对教廷…报复
[02:05.68]And look how they intend to finally get it. Using anti-matter. 你们看最后他们打算利用反物质 作为报复手段
[02:06.96]Technology to destroy the church. Science obliterates4 religion. 用科技摧毁教会,用科学覆灭宗教
[02:12.48]Is there any more? 还有呢?
[02:16.44]...and sacrifice them on the altars of science. …奉献于科学祭台前
[02:19.60]Then bring your church down upon you. 教会将倾覆于自身上
[02:22.44]Vatican City will be consumed by light. 梵蒂冈城将在一阵光中消失殆尽
[02:26.60]A shining star at the end of the Path of Illumination. 辰星闪耀于光明路径尽头
[02:32.52]Path of Illumination? 光明路径?
[02:36.28]I need access to the Vatican archives. 我要进入教廷藏书室
[02:41.24]Professor, I don't think this is the appropriate moment... 教授,我不认为现在是时候…
[02:43.88]Your petition has been denied seven times. 教会七次驳回你的申请
[02:44.96]No, no. This has-This has nothing to do with my work. The Path of illumination 不是,这跟我的研究无关,光明路径
[02:49.24]is a hidden trail through Rome itself that leads to the Church of the Illumination. 指的是藏在罗马的密道 通往光明会教堂
[02:51.48]The place where the Illuminati would meet in secret. 也就是光明会的密会场所
[02:56.36]If I can find the "Segno", the sign, that marks the beginning of that path... 如果我能找到标于路径入口的记号
[03:00.64]the four churches along it. It may be where he intends to murder your Cardinals. 寻线追查四座教堂,就可能找到 主教预计被谋杀的地点
[03:05.28]One every hour. At 8, 9, 10 and 11. Then the device explodes at midnight. 从8点开始,每隔一小时到11点 然后装置在午夜引爆
[03:12.08]If we could figure out the first church and get there before he does... 如果我们能早歹徒一步抵达 第一座教堂
[03:14.64]maybe we could stop it. 或许我们就能阻止他
[03:17.40]But I can't find the start of the path until I get into the archives. 但是没有藏书室的资料 就找不到入口
[03:21.60]Even if I wanted to help you... 就算我想帮你
[03:22.96]access to the archives is only by written decree by the curator on the Board of Vatican Librarians. 进入藏书室需要梵蒂冈图书委员会长 亲笔函令
[03:29.40]Or by papal mandate5. 或透过教宗授权
[03:32.04]Yes, but, as you no doubt have heard, the Holy Father is dead. 没错,但是毋庸置疑教宗已经去世
[03:34.32]What about il Camerlengo? 不是还有教宗随侍?
[03:38.68]The Camerlengo is just a priest here. The former pope's chamberlain. 教宗随侍不过是个神父 负责服侍前任教宗
[03:39.00]Doesn't the power of the Holy See rest in him during "Tempo6 Sede Vacante"? 宗座从缺时期不是由他暂代圣座吗?
[03:53.84]Fellas, you called me. 各位,是你们找我来
[03:57.08]His Holiness once told me 教宗曾经告诉我
[03:57.64]the Pope is a man torn between the real world and the divine. 他挣扎于神与现实之间
[04:01.48]It seems the real world is upon us tonight. 今晚我们似乎要面临现实
[04:05.80]I'm familiar with Illuminati law and the legend of the brandings. 我对光明会法则和烙印传说并不陌生
[04:09.64]The Purga is a dark stain on this church's history. 肃清行动是教廷史上一大污点
[04:14.24]I'm not surprised this ghost has returned to haunt us. 我并不意外光明会来索命
[04:20.84]Commandante, have you begun a search for this explosive device? 队长,你针对爆炸装置 展开搜索了?
[04:23.88]Of course, but it could be anywhere. 当然,但任何地方都有可能
[04:24.92]My primary concern at the moment is the safety of the cardinals. 此刻枢机主教的安危最让我担心
[04:26.64]The Sistine Chapel7 is a fortress8. 西斯廷礼拜堂是座安全堡垒
[04:29.60]As long as the cardinals are in conclave9, your security concerns are at a minimum. 一旦枢机团开始秘密会议 就可以不用太过担心
[04:33.80]Devote as many of your people... 加派你的人手…
[04:37.04]Signore, if you are about to suggest a naked eye search of the entire Vatican City... 阁下,如果你想对整座梵蒂冈城 进行地毯式搜索
[04:38.80]I will tell you... - commander. - 我可以告诉你… - 队长
[04:39.00]I do not have the people. 我们人手不够
[04:40.64]Although I am not His Holiness... 虽然我不是教宗
[04:44.08]when you are addressing me you are addressing this office. Do you understand? 但你跟我说话等于跟教宗说话 了解吗?
[04:50.68]Yes, Father. - Good. - 是,神父 - 很好
[04:52.64]Now, you said the image on the screen was illuminated10 by artificial light. 你说荧幕上的影像会显示人照光
[04:58.40]Might I suggest methodically cutting power to various sections of the city? 可否依序切断梵蒂冈城各区域的电力?


1 cardinals 8aa3d7ed97d6793c87fe821585838a4a     
红衣主教( cardinal的名词复数 ); 红衣凤头鸟(见于北美,雄鸟为鲜红色); 基数
  • cardinals in scarlet robes 身披红袍的枢机主教
  • A conclave of cardinals was held to elect the new Pope. 红衣主教团举行了秘密会议来选举新教皇。
2 purge QS1xf     
  • The new president carried out a purge of disloyal army officers.新总统对不忠诚的军官进行了清洗。
  • The mayoral candidate has promised to purge the police department.市长候选人答应清洗警察部门。
3 bent QQ8yD     
  • He was fully bent upon the project.他一心扑在这项计划上。
  • We bent over backward to help them.我们尽了最大努力帮助他们。
4 obliterates 452adcbd3ea5180f1452ba85a8851d64     
v.除去( obliterate的第三人称单数 );涂去;擦掉;彻底破坏或毁灭
  • He obliterates her signature. 他擦掉了她的签名。 来自互联网
  • A curtain is too heavy, too thick, and it obliterates every texture save its own. 但是帏幕太沉重,太厚密了,它抹去了一切纹理,只除了它自己的。 来自互联网
5 mandate sj9yz     
  • The President had a clear mandate to end the war.总统得到明确的授权结束那场战争。
  • The General Election gave him no such mandate.大选并未授予他这种权力。
6 tempo TqEy3     
  • The boss is unsatisfied with the tardy tempo.老板不满于这种缓慢的进度。
  • They waltz to the tempo of the music.他们跟着音乐的节奏跳华尔兹舞。
7 chapel UXNzg     
  • The nimble hero,skipped into a chapel that stood near.敏捷的英雄跳进近旁的一座小教堂里。
  • She was on the peak that Sunday afternoon when she played in chapel.那个星期天的下午,她在小教堂的演出,可以说是登峰造极。
8 fortress Mf2zz     
  • They made an attempt on a fortress.他们试图夺取这一要塞。
  • The soldier scaled the wall of the fortress by turret.士兵通过塔车攀登上了要塞的城墙。
9 conclave eY9yw     
  • Signore,I ask and I prey,that you break this conclave.各位阁下,我请求,并祈祷,你们能停止这次秘密会议。
  • I met my partner at that conclave and my life moved into a huge shift.我就是在那次大会上遇到了我的伴侣的,而我的生活就转向了一个巨大的改变。
10 illuminated 98b351e9bc282af85e83e767e5ec76b8     
  • Floodlights illuminated the stadium. 泛光灯照亮了体育场。
  • the illuminated city at night 夜幕中万家灯火的城市
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