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听电影学英语-这个男人来自地球 02

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  [00:02.20]对付这种病 我有特效药 John There are over-The-Counter remedies for that, john.
[00:07.43]你果然有问题 So there is a problem.
[00:08.80]不 No.
[00:10.60]我只是喜欢时不时地搬家 I just like to move on now and then.
[00:12.93]这是个人问题 It’s a personal thing.
[00:15.73]我不是想打听 Well, not to pry1.
[00:25.30]不好意思 我没什么可招待你们的 I’m sorry I don’t have more to offer you.
[00:28.20]要聊天的话 后边有些凳子 Got conversation, some seats for your behinds,
[00:30.76]还有 呃  And, uh...
[00:35.56]他是不是又岔开话题了? Harry2: is he ducking out on us again?
[00:39.50]我有这个 ...I do have this.
[00:41.20]哦 吼吼 尊尼获加绿 Oh ho ho! Johnny walker green!
[00:45.86]我都不知道包装是绿色的 Didn’t even know they made it in green.
[00:48.66]他们该付你多少? What do they pay you?
[00:50.13]好东西要大家分享 Nothing is too good for my friends.
[00:52.10]不过 对不起 现在这儿只有塑料杯子 But I’m sorry We are down to plastic cups now.
[00:55.10]我会原谅这种亵渎的 That’s a sacrilege I’ll tolerate.
[00:57.10]我来招待大家 I will do the honors.
[00:58.78]哦 来吧 Oh, come to papa.
[01:02.00]这儿 杯子 杯子 Ooh! Here, cups, cups.
[01:03.53]开始了 There we go.
[01:04.60]到这儿来 Step on in here.
[01:05.73]给你满上 There ya go...
[01:06.80]这杯给寿星 让让 安特 One for the birthday boy Excuse me. Art?
[01:09.30]不 不是我 No, not for me.
[01:10.43]哦 不 我不会喝 Oh, no, I don’t drink.

[01:11.83]亲爱的 我们不查身份证 We’re not gonna card you, darling.
[01:13.90]行了 至少得加入我们吧 All right, here, join the circle at least.
[01:15.93]长命百岁 财源滚滚 Well, to long life and good fortune
[01:20.63]敬我们的好朋友 To our esteemed3 friend
[01:22.20]和同事 John Oldman And colleague, john oldman.
[01:24.15]祝他找到不应得的幸福 May he find undeserved bliss4
[01:26.06]不论他走到哪里 Wherever he goes.
[01:27.30]干 干 Here, here.
[01:28.30]祝你健康(俄语) <i>Skael. Na zdorovye.</i>
[01:30.21]考虑欠佳的John One off the top, john.
[01:37.16]嗯! 哦 这酒好 Mm! Oh, that’s good.
[01:38.93]失陪一下 Excuse me.
[01:42.33]John 我们都很舍不得你 John, we’re all sorry to see you go.
[01:45.73]真的 Truly.
[01:49.30]好吧 告别就到此为止 Okay. Now we’re done with that,
[01:51.43]剩下的时间我们干什么? What do we do for the rest of the afternoon?
[01:53.46]有人有话题聊吗? Anyone got a good topic?
[01:55.28]别如这个? 嘿 Like this, maybe? Heh.
[01:57.06]那是什么? What is that?
[01:58.10]那是块鹦鹉喙状的錾刀 It’s a burin of a parrot beak5.
[02:00.86]从凿子的刀口来看 Inclined chisel6 point...
[02:02.71]可能是马格德林早期(距今约1.6-1万年) Probably early magdalenian.
[02:04.77]- 我能看看吗?- 当然 Art: may I see that? Sure.

  [02:12.86]对 的确是 Yes indeed, that’s what it is.
[02:15.83]什么是錾刀? What’s a burin?
[02:17.06]錾刀是一种打火石 A burin is a flint tool
[02:18.73]用来给木头和鹿骨打孔 For grooving7 wood and bone, antlers especially,
[02:21.36]或是做鱼叉和鱼枪的头 To make spear and harpoon8 points.
[02:23.86]马格德林时期还没有出现打火石 Magdalenians weren’t noted9 for flint work,
[02:25.90]所以这是个很好的实例 So this is a very nice specimen10.
[02:27.66]什么是马格德林? Okay, what’s a magdalenian?
[02:30.16]是晚期的克鲁马努人(距今3.1-4万年) A later cro-Magnon,
[02:31.60]还没有掌握技术 Without gettin’ technical.
[02:32.93]这是旧石器时代早期的最后文明 It’s the final culture of the upper paleolithic.
[02:36.10]石头为证 是吧 安特? If stones could speak, eh, art?
[02:37.92]你从哪儿弄来的 John? So where’d you get that, john?
[02:39.66]随便你们信不信 从旧货店淘来的 0.25美元 Believe it or not, from a thrift11 shop A quarter.
[02:42.26]你太幸运了 You lucky dog!
[02:43.83]我也要去找找这种东西 I gotta go digging for this kind of stuff.
[02:46.13]我能  Can I, uh...?
[02:47.36]行 Yeah.
[02:51.76]啊 Huh.
[02:57.93]也许  Maybe...
[02:59.66]我很高兴你们这么做 I’m glad you did this.
[03:01.26]做什么?你是说过来看你? Did what? You mean come over?
[03:04.10]也许? Maybe?
[03:05.83]确实 Definitely.
[03:07.15]哦 谢谢 Gee12, thanks.
[03:08.51]我们也是 Well, so are we.
[03:09.83]我们也是 So are we.
[03:11.26]我们不能让你就这么溜了 We couldn’t let you just run off.
[03:13.43]谢谢 Thanks.
[03:16.63]John 怎么了? John, what is up, huh?
[03:18.43]难道你是全美最大的逃犯? Are you on america’s most wanted?
[03:19.96]我们不会揭发你的 We won’t turn you in.
[03:21.13]是啊 说吧 Yeah, come on, out with it.
[03:22.53]我们都是你的朋友 You’re among friends.
[03:23.53]八卦的朋友 Snoopy friends.
[03:24.80]还是算了 Forget it.
[03:25.83]你现在在故作神秘 You are creating the mystery here.
[03:27.50]很显然 你想告诉我们什么 说吧! Obviously, you have something you’d like to say. Say it!
[03:31.43]也许我  Well, maybe I...
[03:34.20]10 9 8 7   Ten, nine, eight, seven...
[03:35.46]哈里 够了 Harry, stop.
[03:38.00]我想我确实有些事 想要告诉你们 There is something I’m tempted13 to tell you, I think.
[03:40.90]我从来没试过 我不知道能不能行 I’ve never done this before, and I wonder how it’ll pan out.
[03:47.66]我能不能问你们一个傻问题 I wonder if I could ask you a silly question.
[03:50.00]John 我们是老师  John, we’re teachers.
[03:51.00]我们整天都在回答傻问题 We answer silly questions all the time.
[03:52.96]嘿 Hey!
[03:54.06]如果有人从旧石器时代 What if a man from the upper paleolithic
[03:57.76]活到今天 Survived until the present day?
[03:59.60]"活到今天" 什么意思? What do you mean, survived?

  [04:01.40]长生不老? Never died?
[04:02.73]是的 那么他会长什么样? Yes. What would he be like?
[04:04.83]我认识一些人 Well, I know some guys.
[04:06.36]你们见过奥扎克族人吗? You ever been to the ozarks?
[04:08.21]这个点子不错 It’s an interesting idea.
[04:10.00]怎么 你在写科幻小说吗? What, are you working on a science fiction story?
[04:12.53]假设我在写 那他会长什么样? Say I am. What would he be like?
[04:14.80]相当疲劳 Pretty tired.
[04:17.97]说真的 Well, seriously,
[04:19.76]就像安特的书名写的那样 As art’s book title suggests,
[04:21.96]他和我们基本无异 He might be like any of us.
[04:24.13]丹 一个穴居人? Dan. A caveman?
[04:25.43]从解剖学上来说 Well, there’s no anatomical difference
[04:27.28]克鲁马努人和我们无异 Between, say, a cro-Magnon and us.
[04:29.06]除了一条原则 我们更高一些 Except that as a rule, we’ve grown taller.
[04:31.50]在自然选择学上 高有什么好处? What’s the selective advantage of height?
[04:33.86]能在高耸的草丛里看到食肉动物 亲爱的 Better to see predators14 in tall grass, my dear.
[04:36.63]实际上 高瘦的人 Actually, tall and skinny
[04:38.93]在炎热的气候里更能有效散热 Radiates heat more effectively in warmer climates.
[04:41.83]对于穴居人来说 And as for neanderthals,
[04:43.13]我是说 我们都见过类人猿 I mean, we’ve all seen apish people.
[04:44.86]我们仍然有那种遗传特点 That strain’s still with us.
[04:46.10]但他仍然是个穴居人 But he’d be a caveman.
[04:48.23]不 他不会 No, he wouldn’t.
[04:49.26]John假设的那个穴居人 John’s hypothetical man
[04:50.30]已经活了1’4000年  Would have lived through 140 centuries...
[04:52.10]是的 大约 Yeah, roughly.
[04:53.50]不断适应周围环境 ...and changed with every one of them.
[04:55.91]假设他有正常人的智力 I mean, assuming normal intelligence.
[04:58.26]我们认为旧石器时代的人 Well, we think men of the upper paleolithic
[05:00.76]已经具备和我们同样的智力水平 Were as intelligent as we are.


1 pry yBqyX     
  • He's always ready to pry into other people's business.他总爱探听别人的事。
  • We use an iron bar to pry open the box.我们用铁棍撬开箱子。
2 harry heBxS     
  • Today,people feel more hurried and harried.今天,人们感到更加忙碌和苦恼。
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3 esteemed ftyzcF     
adj.受人尊敬的v.尊敬( esteem的过去式和过去分词 );敬重;认为;以为
  • The art of conversation is highly esteemed in France. 在法国十分尊重谈话技巧。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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4 bliss JtXz4     
  • It's sheer bliss to be able to spend the day in bed.整天都可以躺在床上真是幸福。
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5 beak 8y1zGA     
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  • This chisel is useful for getting into awkward spaces.这凿子在要伸入到犄角儿里时十分有用。
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7 grooving 661da1ad5e5d40a35d005dd9075a15e0     
n.(轧辊)孔型设计v.沟( groove的现在分词 );槽;老一套;(某种)音乐节奏
  • It can be used for cutting ceramics, grooving and beveling. 该切机具备切割、切槽、倒角等功能。 来自互联网
  • Top-quality steel blades are used to guarantee smoothness grooving. 选任优质锯齿型开槽刀片,保证开槽光洁度。 来自互联网
8 harpoon adNzu     
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9 noted 5n4zXc     
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  • Jim is noted for arriving late for work.吉姆上班迟到出了名。
10 specimen Xvtwm     
  • You'll need tweezers to hold up the specimen.你要用镊子来夹这标本。
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11 thrift kI6zT     
  • He has the virtues of thrift and hard work.他具备节俭和勤奋的美德。
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12 gee ZsfzIu     
  • Their success last week will gee the team up.上星期的胜利将激励这支队伍继续前进。
  • Gee,We're going to make a lot of money.哇!我们会赚好多钱啦!
13 tempted b0182e969d369add1b9ce2353d3c6ad6     
  • I was sorely tempted to complain, but I didn't. 我极想发牢骚,但还是没开口。
  • I was tempted by the dessert menu. 甜食菜单馋得我垂涎欲滴。
14 predators 48b965855934a5395e409c1112d94f63     
n.食肉动物( predator的名词复数 );奴役他人者(尤指在财务或性关系方面)
  • birds and their earthbound predators 鸟和地面上捕食它们的动物
  • The eyes of predators are highly sensitive to the slightest movement. 捕食性动物的眼睛能感觉到最细小的动静。 来自《简明英汉词典》
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