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听电影学英语-这个男人来自地球 12

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  [00:01.98]他不想看到他们变成 He didn’t like what they became-
[00:03.70]一座巨大的屠杀机器 A giant killing1 machine.
[00:05.93]他来到了近东 他想  He went to the near east thinking,
[00:07.66]"为什么不把佛祖的道义用现代版本教给大家呢" "Why not pass the buddha2’s teachings on in a modern form. "
[00:10.96]然后他尝试了 So he tried.
[00:13.20]一次反罗马帝国的政变? One dissident against rome?
[00:15.40]罗马帝国赢了 Rome won.
[00:16.56]接下来的 历史有记载 The rest is history.
[00:17.96]有些 很多神话故事掺杂进来 Well, sort of. Lot of fairy tales mixed in.
[00:23.26]我就知道 I knew it.
[00:25.26]他说他是上帝 He’s saying he was christ.
[00:27.23]不 那是钉在耶稣身上的 Oh, no. That’s the medal
[00:29.13]那块牌子 用来实现预言 They pinned on jesus to fulfill3 prophecy.
[00:31.50]那个十字架 The crucifixion.
[00:32.70]他封住了疼痛 用他在西藏和印度 He blocked the pain as he had learned to do
[00:35.73]所学的知识 In tibet and india.
[00:37.10]他同时学会减缓循环过程 He also learned to slow his body processes
[00:39.50]降至任何人都觉察不出的地步 Down to the point where they were undetectable.
[00:42.13]他们觉得他死了 They thought he was dead.
[00:43.56]后来他的信徒们把他拖离 So his followers4 pulled him
[00:44.93]十字架 将他安葬在一个山洞 From the cross, placed him in a cave...
[00:47.26]他的身体依照所学的 开始修复 His body normalized as he had trained it to...

[00:51.16]他本想无声无息地离开 He attempted to go away undetected,
[00:53.66]但一些狂热者仍然在外守候 But some devotees were standing5 watch.
[00:57.53]试着解释 Tried to explain.
[01:00.01]但他们欣喜若狂 They were ecstatic.
[01:02.43]就这样 我复活了 Thus, I was resurrected,
[01:04.93]然后我逃到中欧 And I ascended6 to central europe
[01:06.98]尽可能地远走高飞 To get away as far as possible.
[01:08.96]你不是说真的 John You don’t mean a word of this, john.
[01:11.46]我的上帝啊 你为什么这么做? My god, why are you doing this?
[01:13.46]让我看看你的手腕 Let me see your wrists.
[01:15.03]我不留疤 I don’t scar.
[01:16.50]他们只是把我绑起来  Besides, they tied me...
[01:18.16]而钉子和鲜血更彰显宗教艺术 But nails and blood make better religious art.
[01:21.36]世界上有那么多对耶稣的猜测 All the speculations7 about jesus.
[01:24.53]他是黑人 他是亚洲人 He was black, he was asian,
[01:26.30]他是蓝眼睛 金色胡子的雅利安人 He was a blue-Eyed aryan with a golden beard
[01:28.81]有一头维达·沙宣设计的发型 And hair straight out of vidal sassoon’s,
[01:31.26]他是善心的外星人 他或许根本不存在 He was a benevolent8 alien, he never existed at all.
[01:34.46]现在 他成了穴居人 Now he’s a caveman.
[01:36.60]对上帝外貌的描述可以追溯到克里希纳神 The christ figure goes all the way back to krishna-
[01:39.73]当然还有海格力斯 Hercules, of course.

  [01:40.81]海格力斯? Harry9: hercules?
[01:41.83]由处女阿尔克墨涅所生 Born of a virgin10, alcmene.
[01:44.53]其父是天神宙斯 A god for a father, zeus.
[01:47.20]是唯一的造物主 救世主 The only begotten11.
[01:49.83]希腊神话里的索特 <i>The savior - The greek? Soter.</i>
[01:52.43]是一个牧羊人 和平的王子 The good shepherd, the prince of peace,
[01:54.60]带来慈爱的劝诫和神的智慧 Bringing gentle persuasion12 and divine wisdom.
[01:57.16]他死后 和他的父亲一起生活在奥林匹斯山 He died, joined his father on olympus
[02:00.00]也就是1000年后的蒙难地 A thousand years before gethsemane.
[02:02.76]你怎么能把异教徒的神话与真理混为一谈? How can you compare pagan mythology13 to the true word?
[02:06.66]要我说 是挺像的 Pretty damn closely, I’d say.
[02:09.23]早期的天主教领袖 The early christian14 leaders,
[02:11.73]剔除了希伯来语手稿 They threw away hebrew manuscripts
[02:13.66]用异教的故事改头换面 And borrowed from pagan sources all over the place.
[02:16.60]你有没有意识到  Do you realize how...
[02:19.23]多么藐视我的感受? Inconsiderately you’re treating my feelings?
[02:21.50]我们也同样藐视John的感受 About as inconsiderately as we’re treating john’s.
[02:25.03]他自己都不相信! Well, he doesn’t believe what he’s saying!
[02:27.30]你相信《圣经》里的每一个字吗 伊迪斯? Sandy: do you believe literally15 everything in the bible, edith?
[02:29.90]是的! Yes!
[02:31.03]在你说之前 Before you say it,
[02:32.43]我知道它也被修改过很多次 I know it’s undergone a lot of changes,
[02:35.13]但上帝需要通过人 But god has spoken through man
[02:37.63]来把他要传递的东西说清楚 To make his word clearer.
[02:39.66]难道他不能第一次就说清楚吗? He couldn’t get it right the first time?
[02:42.10]我们是有瑕疵的!他需要努力让我们明白 We’re imperfect! He had to work to make us understand.
[02:45.33]他不能第一次让我们明白吗?伊迪斯? <i>He couldn’t get us right the first time, edith?</i>
[02:48.50]一次一个 基督教的哲学教义 Dan: taken alone, the philosophical16 teachings of jesus
[02:51.33]是希伯来口音的佛学 Are buddhism17 with a hebrew accent-
[02:53.46]仁慈 宽厚 义气 博爱 Kindness, tolerance18, brotherhood19, love,
[02:57.26]冷酷的现实主义者承认 A ruthless realism acknowledging
[02:58.96]生命即在当下 即在当时 That life is as it is here on earth, here and now.
[03:02.23]天国意味着良善 The kingdom of god, meaning goodness,
[03:05.37]天国就在这儿 它还能去哪儿 Is right here, where it should be.
[03:08.46]"我就是我" "I am what I am becoming. "
[03:10.56]这是佛祖悟出的道理 That’s what the buddha brought in.
[03:12.16]这就是我教授的 And that’s what I taught.
[03:13.56]但一条会说话的蛇诱惑女人吃下了禁果 But a talking snake make a lady eat an apple,
[03:16.56]所以我们搞砸了 So we’re screwed.
[03:17.70]天国和地狱论被传播 Heaven and hell were peddled20

  [03:19.26]接着牧师们可以通过引诱 恐吓 So priests could rule through seduction and terror,
[03:22.55]救赎我们从未犯罪的灵魂来统治 Save our souls that we never lost in the first place.
[03:25.80]我指出一条明路  I threw a clean pass...
[03:27.43]他们将它发挥到极致 They ran it out of the ballpark.
[03:29.56]这是亵渎 This is blasphemy21.
[03:32.30]你太可怕了!你还有什么身份? It’s horrible! Who else were you?
[03:35.15]所罗门 猫王 开膛手杰克? Solomon, elvis, jack22 the ripper?
[03:37.47]有人说佛祖和耶稣 It’s been said that buddha and jesus
[03:39.59]会大笑或哭泣 如果他们知道 Would laugh or cry if they’d known
[03:41.66]那些以他们的名义做的事 What was done in their name.
[03:43.10]如果世上真有造物主 Harry: and if there is a creator,
[03:44.93]他估计也会那么觉得 He’d probably feel the same way.
[03:47.81]我看到庆典 仪式 队列 I see ceremony, ritual, processions,
[03:50.42]屈膝 呻吟 吟诵 Genuflecting23, moaning, intoning,
[03:53.13]神圣的饼干和葡萄酒 Venerating24 cookies and wine,
[03:55.80]我在想  And I think...
[03:57.56]这不是我想要的 It’s not what I had in mind.
[03:58.96]但那是梵蒂冈的瞎话 But that’s vatican flapdoodle.
[04:00.30]这些和上帝无关 It doesn’t have a thing to do with god.
[04:02.80]正如你所说 John 各地都有宗教  As you said, john, everywhere, religions...
[04:05.98]从讴歌生命到禁止谈笑 From exalting25 life to purging26 joy as a sin.
[04:09.13]罗马帝国发挥到了极致 Rome does it as grand opera.
[04:13.03]一条简单的通往良善的途径 A simple path to goodness needs
[04:14.86]超自然的路标 A supernatural roadmap.
[04:16.83]超自然的  Supernatural...
[04:18.96]可笑的词语 我是说  A stupid word, I mean...
[04:21.63]任何事物的形成都符合自然规律 Anything that happens, happens within nature,
[04:23.56]不论我们相信与否 Whether we believe in it or not.
[04:25.70]比如一个1’4000岁的穴居人 Like a 14,000- Year-Old caveman.
[04:36.60]我开了一会车 I- I-I drove for a while,
[04:38.78]然后我坐了一会 And then I sat for a while.
[04:40.93]我实在汗颜 I’m so ashamed.
[04:42.33]现在我快冻僵了 And I’m freezing.
[04:44.06]进来坐吧 Well, come inside.
[04:45.33]当然我还是不相信你 I still don’t believe you, of course.
[04:47.50]你需要帮助 You need help.
[04:48.53]每个人都需要帮助 Everybody needs help.
[04:49.56]是的 但有人更需要 Yes, well, some more than others.


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