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听电影学英语-这个男人来自地球 13

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  [00:05.63]不论是佛祖还是十字架 From the buddha1 to the cross,
[00:07.83]我认为都是虚构的 I have always imagined both as entirely2 mythic-
[00:12.53]但我还是想听听 But I would like to hear more.
[00:14.93]我能在沙发上坐会吗? May I lie on the couch for a moment?
[00:17.63]我已经不再年轻了 I’m not as young as I used to be.
[00:22.96]哦! Ohh!
[00:26.13]你当过耶稣啊 So, you were jesus.
[00:30.20]不管好坏 总得有人当 反正是非对错 Well, perhaps somebody had to be, for better or for worse.
[00:33.33]尚未可知 The jury is still out.
[00:35.06]你从什么时候起认为自己就是耶稣的? When did you begin to believe you were jesus?
[00:38.10]你从什么时候起认为自己是精神病专家的? When did you begin to believe you were a psychiatrist3?
[00:41.23]从我从哈佛医学系毕业 Since I graduated harvard medical school
[00:44.33]完成了实习期开始 我有这种感觉 And finished my residency, I’ve had that feeling.
[00:47.06]我有时还做梦梦到呢 Oh, I sometimes dream about it.
[00:49.35]你有坚持这种信仰吗? Have you acted upon this belief?
[00:51.56]我开了一段时间的私人诊所 I had a private practice for a while,
[00:53.96]后来我就教书了 And then I taught.
[00:55.46]没什么特别的 Nothing unusual-
[00:56.90]哦 直到有一天 我遇到了一个穴居人 Oh, until one day, I met a caveman
[01:00.20]那个人还认为自己是耶稣 Who thought he was jesus.

[01:02.76]你觉得这事特殊吗? Do you find that unusual?
[01:05.26]非常特别 我押上我的名誉 Very. I would stake my reputation
[01:07.73]他肯定和我一样神经 He as sane4 as I am,
[01:10.13]那为什么他要坚持这么一个故事呢? So why does he persist in such a story?
[01:13.10]肯定得有原因 There must be a reason, though.
[01:15.26]除非这一切都是我想象出来的 Unless I imagined it all?
[01:17.16]那可能吗? Is that possible?
[01:18.43]我觉得你和他一样神经 I think you’re as sane as he is.
[01:20.30]哦 上帝 我  Oh, god, I-
[01:22.05]不 no.
[01:25.26]你会不会觉得与其被当做异端 Did you ever find it prudent5 to worship yourself
[01:28.23]还不如崇拜自己? Rather than be thought a heretic?
[01:30.03]这很重要 That would be something.
[01:31.26]其他年代 基督教也被当做过异端 Other times, christianity was considered heresy6.
[01:33.83]我不得不伪装成其他信仰 I had to pretend other faiths.
[01:35.60]那么耶稣会对那些 And what does jesus have to say to those present
[01:39.70]不愿相信他的人说些什么? Who find it difficult to believe in him?
[01:42.10]信仰他的的教义 Believe in what he tried to teach,
[01:44.76]不要胡言乱语 Without rigmarole.
[01:46.70]虔诚不是教出来的 Piety7 is not what the lessons bring to people.
[01:49.41]而是人们对教义的误解 It’s the mistake they bring to the lessons.
[01:59.46]天都黑了 Well, it’s getting to be night.

  [02:03.70]我还有东西要收拾 I still have stuff to carry
[02:05.90]还要驾驶很长时间 And a long drive.
[02:08.26]我来帮忙 I’ll help.
[02:09.80]John 你脑海里有目的地吗? Dan: john, do you have a destination in mind?
[02:14.76]算了 Never mind.
[02:16.18]我不问了 I won’t ask.
[02:18.60]谢谢 John: thank you.
[02:26.96]精神病患者会想象 Anyone mentally ill can imagine
[02:29.83]一个荒诞的家庭背景 甚至是一辈子 A fantastic background-Even an entire life-
[02:32.83]而且坚信不疑 And sincerely believe it.
[02:35.13]那个信自己是拿破仑的人 The man who thinks he is napoleon
[02:37.76]就是这样 Does believe it.
[02:39.63]他的真实身份被抛诸脑后 His true identity has taken a backseat
[02:42.58]幻想和需求取而代之 To his delusion8 and the need for it.
[02:45.50]如果John也是这个毛病 If that’s the case with john,
[02:47.51]那会有严重的失调症 There is a grave disorder9.
[02:49.50]他条理清楚 Organized brilliantly.
[02:51.93]对答如流 He’s got an answer for everything.
[02:54.03]这包括了他童年时期 It might involve rejection10 of his father,
[02:56.70]对父亲的拒绝 Of his entire early past,
[02:58.38]以这种幻想来替代 Replaced by this fantasy.
[03:00.00]他说他不记得他的父亲了 He says he can’t remember his father.
[03:02.13]真巧 为什么呢? Precisely11 why?
[03:03.13]你说他疯了 You said he was sane.
[03:04.73]我说过吗? Did I?
[03:07.43]你说有没有可能穴居人 Do you think that perhaps our caveman
[03:09.93]有很重的毒瘾? Has a monkey on his back?
[03:11.73]吸毒? Drugs?
[03:13.33]不 不 不 不 No, no, no, no.
[03:14.83]我做过很多麻醉药品的顾问工作 I’ve done a lot of consulting work with narcotics12.
[03:17.26]我看过人们或手舞足蹈或虚弱无力 I’ve seen people tripping, strung out-
[03:19.38]不论John是什么病 肯定不是毒品 Whatever’s up with john, it isn’t that.
[03:21.46]我观察过病症 没发现 I’ve looked for signs-None.
[03:23.35]穴居人真能说话吗? Could cavemen really talk?
[03:25.16]语言出现在 We think that language came into existence
[03:27.60]6’0000年之前 60,000 years ago.
[03:28.86]石器时代的文化结构 The structure of stone age culture
[03:30.90]佐证了人们能够进行语言 Is evidence of the ability to communicate-
[03:33.20]交流 Verbally.
[03:36.30]哦 闭嘴 Oh, shut up.
[03:47.60]也许我...的话 事情会好办点 Maybe it’d be easier if I were.
[03:49.83]疯了? Crazy?
[03:52.23]不 No.
[04:06.93]这太神奇了 不是吗? That is fascinating, isn’t it,
[04:09.70]有勇气在西方传授佛教 A brave attempt to teach buddhism13 in the west.
[04:12.86]也难怪他失败了 It’s no wonder he failed.
[04:14.58]我们还没有准备好接受 We’re not ready for it.
[04:16.23]你说得好像你相信他 Edith: you’re talking as if you believed him.
[04:18.70]这是可能的 不是吗? Well, it is possible, isn’t it?
[04:20.87]我是说 任何事都有可能 I mean, anything is possible.

  [04:22.88]听着 我们有两条路 Look, we have two simple choices.
[04:25.12]我们可以生气 We can get all bent14 out of shape
[04:27.30]理智对待 或是颠覆逻辑 Intellectualizing or bench-Pressing logic15,
[04:29.70]或者 我们可以放轻松并且享受它 Or we can simply relax and enjoy it.
[04:32.33]我能辩证地听 I can listen critically,
[04:34.13]但我不用确定任何事 But I don’t have to make up my mind about anything.
[04:37.53]但你想确定? But you think you do?
[04:39.00]可惜 我们这儿没有史前时期的专家 Well, unfortunately, there’s no authorities on prehistory,
[04:41.76]不然我们可以在那儿反驳 So we couldn’t stop him there.
[04:43.53]有研究《圣经》的专家 Edith: there are experts on the bible.
[04:45.36]做梦吧 Harry16: dream on.
[04:46.96]是啊 确实耶稣失踪了很多年 Yeah, thus the lost years of jesus.
[04:49.30]大家都以为他不存在的时候 John站出来了 He didn’t exist until john put on a hat.
[04:52.00]我不相信有天使 有诞生传说 有东方之星 I don’t believe in angels and the nativity and the star in the east,
[04:56.06]但确实有故事是描述耶稣的童年的 But there are stories about the childhood of jesus.
[04:59.20]历史厌恶真空 History hates a vacuum.


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