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听电影学英语-这个男人来自地球 09

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  [00:01.60]经常 Often.
[00:02.63]你有愧疚感吗? Have you ever felt guilt1 about that-
[00:05.06]类似对生者的愧疚? Something akin2 to survivor’s guilt?
[00:07.35]从严格的心理学角度说吗? In the strict psychological sense?
[00:09.60]我有 I suppose I have.
[00:10.96]是的 Yeah.
[00:13.53]但我能做什么呢? But what can I do about it?
[00:17.63]确实 Indeed.
[00:20.23]抱歉 女士 I’m sorry, ma’am.
[00:21.50]先生们 我  Gentlemen, I’m-
[00:22.70]我得留下这张沙发 I’m gonna keep the couch.
[00:24.66]谢谢 Thanks.
[00:25.63]女士们?威尔?哦 不用  Ladies? Will? Oh, no...
[00:27.83]你们有心脏病 别抱怨 You’ve got a heart condition. Don’t grump about it.
[00:30.50]嘿 换个话题如何 威尔? Hey, how about changing the subject, will?
[00:32.30]死亡到此为止 Enough with the - With the dying.
[00:34.10]但这是生的对立面 哈里 But this is the flip3 side of his coin, harry4.
[00:37.83]我很好奇他的感受 I’m very curious to know his feelings.
[00:40.63]你不介意我问他父亲的事吧? Would you prefer I asked him about his father?
[00:43.56]我以为你要问 I thought you always started with
[00:45.00]"说说你的母亲吧" "Tell me about your mother. "
[00:46.36]可是史前社会是父系的 Yes, but prehistory was strongly patriarchal.
[00:49.43]你肯定记得你的父亲 Surely you remember your father.

[00:52.58]我只记得一个轮廓 I seem to remember a figure,
[00:55.66]也许是个长兄 或是族长 Perhaps an older brother, a social father, maybe.
[00:58.63]没关系 Well, no matter.
[01:00.33]我也记不太清我的 I can scarcely remember mine.
[01:04.20]你对此有没有 Do you feel a vacancy5
[01:06.76]感到空虚 In your life about that, john,
[01:08.81]想用一张脸 一个声音 Something you wish could be filled
[01:10.83]一个影像来填充? By a face, a voice, an image?
[01:16.10]现在不会了 Not at this late date.
[01:17.60]有没有人令你 There must be someone- Probably many-
[01:19.93]非常珍惜 尊敬 That you valued intensely.
[01:21.66]爱过的? Loved.
[01:23.06]你看着他们老去 死亡 You saw them age and die-
[01:26.60]朋友 同事 妻子 A friend, a colleague, a wife.
[01:30.06]你应该有过妻子和孩子吧? Certainly you’ve had wives and children?
[01:33.40]我得迁徙 I’d move on.
[01:34.80]我必须得迁徙 I had to move on.
[01:36.63]他成了历史上最大的重婚者 Making him history’s biggest bigamist.
[01:40.43]你这一生中有没有想过 Have you ever in your life thought
[01:43.13]"本该是我"? "It should have been me"?
[01:47.00]也许 Maybe.
[01:48.10]安特和我说 Yeah, art has told me
[01:49.60]你的一些族人 That some of your early fellows
[01:51.40]怕你在偷走他们的生命 Feared you were stealing their lives.
[01:54.11]你有没有想过也许你真是那样? Have you thought that perhaps you were?
[01:56.80]也许你现在也是 Perhaps you are!

  [01:58.26]传说中经常出现 There have always been legends of such a thing,
[02:01.50]一种生物 非人类 A creature not quite human
[02:03.56]吸人生命来存活 Taking not the blood, but the life force itself?
[02:07.66]老天啊 威尔 Dan: my god, will.
[02:08.96]也许是无意识的 Unconsciously, perhaps,
[02:11.43]通过某种生物或心理途径 By some biological or psychic6 mechanism7
[02:15.46]我们现在只能猜测 That we can only guess at.
[02:17.46]我不是指你会故意那么做 I’m not saying you would do such a thing deliberately8.
[02:20.50]我也不是说你知道这种方法 I’m not saying that you would even know how to...
[02:23.56]有这可能性吗? Would you?
[02:26.40]这种生物会害怕吗? But would such a thing be fair?
[02:29.33]那么你现在是相信我了? So you believe me now?
[02:31.00]我只是拓展了你所说的 I’m only exploring what you have said.
[02:34.36]我相信与否并不重要 Whether I believe it or not is of no importance.
[02:38.30]我们会死  We will die...
[02:40.11]你活着 You will live.
[02:41.86]你会参加我的葬礼吗 John? Will you come to my funeral, john?
[02:44.03]嘿 威尔  Dan: hey, will...
[02:45.32]你过头了 You’ve gone too far.
[02:46.53]John没有选择他是谁的权利 John didn’t ask to be what he is.
[02:49.23]我们也没有选择听到这个故事 And we did not ask to hear about it.
[02:51.90]但如果是真的 But if it were true,
[02:53.43]我们之中有谁会不嫉妒 Is there one among us who would not feel envy,
[02:56.53]甚至有点嫉恨? Even perhaps a touch of hatred9?
[03:00.76]你告诉了我们真相 John You told us of yourself, john.
[03:02.75]你能体会我们的感受吗? Can you imagine how we feel?
[03:04.70]我从没想过 I never thought of that.
[03:06.81]你也许不会死 Since you may not die,
[03:08.86]而我们注定要死  While we most assuredly will...
[03:11.66]这之中肯定有原因 没有吗? There must be a reason for that, no?
[03:13.86]也许你是个中高手 Perhaps you are an expert.
[03:17.10]呃 这就行了 Oldman先生 再见 Uh, that’s it, mr. Oldman. Have a good one.
[03:19.66]谢谢 再见 Thank you. You too.
[03:25.13]或者说你是个吸血鬼 John? Or are you a vampire10, john?
[03:28.33]或是其他怪物 Even an unknowing one.
[03:31.03]你是否骄傲地站在 Do you stand alive and tall
[03:32.73]你亲手填满的墓园内? In a graveyard11 that you helped to fill?
[03:34.90]你太过分了 Dan: that’s going too far.
[03:36.40]无趣 也许寂寞 因为你的心 Bored, perhaps lonely, because your heart
[03:39.33]再也装不下任何宝藏 Cannot keep its treasures.
[03:41.38]这就是你吗? Is that what you’re doing?
[03:44.76]你是否已经误入歧途? Have you led a wrongful life?
[03:47.83]那么 也许  Well, then, perhaps...
[03:50.96]该是时候了 It is time to die.
[03:54.53]等一下 Wait a minute, now.

  [03:55.80]听着 我不知道John在做什么 Look, I don’t know what john is doing,
[03:57.80]但我一点也不喜欢你所做的 But I sure as hell don’t like what you’re doing.
[04:00.26]把枪给我 不然我会拧断你的手臂 Give me that gun or I’m gonna break your goddamn arm.
[04:02.73]你的口气像我们的足球教练 丹 You sound like our football coach, dan.
[04:06.06]你觉得呢 John? What do you think, john?
[04:08.03]手臂上来一枪? A shot to the arm?
[04:10.00]也许我们能目睹它愈合 Perhaps we could watch it heal.
[04:12.93]脑袋上来一枪 A bullet in the head-
[04:15.11]会发生什么呢? What exactly will happen?
[04:23.20]我还有试卷要改 I have papers to correct.
[04:25.40]尽管我不喜欢这个工作 As much as I dislike that job,
[04:28.15]但也比待在这里好 It’ll be preferable to this.
[04:32.43]你们慢慢享受 I leave you with it.
[04:36.83]耶稣·基督啊 Jesus christ.
[04:39.16]刚才发生了什么? What the hell was that all about?
[04:41.13]他哪儿来的枪? Where’d he get a gun?
[04:42.43]你刚才命悬一线啊 John He had you on the ropes, john.
[04:44.05]你真的那么聪明吗? Are you really so damn smart?
[04:45.63]这不像平时的威尔 It’s not like will.
[04:48.83]玛丽昨天去世了 Mary passed away yesterday.


1 guilt 9e6xr     
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  • She painted flowers and birds pictures akin to those of earlier feminine painters.她画一些同早期女画家类似的花鸟画。
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3 flip Vjwx6     
  • I had a quick flip through the book and it looked very interesting.我很快翻阅了一下那本书,看来似乎很有趣。
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6 psychic BRFxT     
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10 vampire 8KMzR     
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