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听电影学英语-这个男人来自地球 08

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  [00:02.60]先入为主的观念 宗教的阻碍 Preconceptions, screams from the church.
[00:05.83]10个博士学位 Ten doctorates1.
[00:07.00]太厉害了 John 你全部教过吗? That’s impressive, john. Did you teach them?
[00:08.90]某些教过 Some.
[00:10.26]换了你们也可以的 You might have all done the same.
[00:12.90]活了1’4000年 并不意味着我是个天才 Living 14,000 years didn’t make me a genius.
[00:16.06]只是我有时间 I just had time.
[00:17.40]时间 Dan: time.
[00:19.03]看不见 听不见 We can’t see it, we can’t hear it,
[00:21.03]无法测重 无法在实验室里测量 We can’t weigh it, we can’t measure it in a laboratory.
[00:24.76]时间是一种主观感受 It’s a subjective2 sense of becoming
[00:27.03]以此时之我易彼时之我 What we are instead of what we were a nanosecond ago,
[00:31.53]转瞬之间 "我"又成了他日之我 Becoming what we will be in another nanosecond.
[00:33.96]霍皮人认为时间是一道风景 The hopis see time as a landscape,
[00:36.00]只存在于身后和眼前 Existing before and behind us,
[00:38.48]而我们只是穿过它 And we move - We move through it,
[00:40.93]移步换形 Slice by slice.
[00:42.73]钟表能测量时间 Clocks measure time.
[00:44.03]不 它只能测量自身 No, they measure themselves.
[00:45.43]钟表的参照物只能是另一只钟表 The objective3 referent of clock is another clock.
[00:47.83]很有意思 这和John有什么关系? How very interesting. What has it got to do with john?
[00:50.26]哦 他 他可能是 Oh, he-He might be a man
[00:52.30]一个生活在时间之外的人 Who lives outside of time as we know it.

[00:59.83]好吧 Yes, uh, well.
[01:02.36]现在人们出门都会武装自身 People do go around armed these days.
[01:05.51]如果我向你开枪 你会不死吗? If I shot you, john - You’re immortal4?
[01:08.63]你能幸存吗? Would you survive this?
[01:10.60]我从没说过我是不死之身 只是个老人 I never said I was immortal, just old.
[01:13.40]我也许会死 I might die.
[01:14.60]然后你就可以 And then you could wonder
[01:16.03]在监狱里思考你射中了什么 The rest of your incarcerated5 life what you shot.
[01:20.10]呃 我可以 ? Well, uh, may I?
[01:24.53]更希望是支枪 Preferable to a gun.
[01:26.23]威尔 你太过了 Will, that was a bit much.
[01:29.53]哦 是书 Ooh. Books.
[01:32.18]博士学位 Doctorates.
[01:34.76]是 你是长大了 改变了 Yes, you have grown and changed.
[01:38.01]但人总有些天性 But there is always innate6 nature.
[01:40.44]你会喜欢在 Wouldn’t you be more comfortable
[01:42.83]后院里蹲着吗? Squatting7 in the backyard?
[01:44.46]有时候会 威尔 Sometimes I do, will.
[01:45.98]抬头望天 Look up at the stars.
[01:47.46]思考 Wonder.
[01:48.50]那么原始人对它们怎么看? And what did primitive8 man make of them?
[01:50.93]一团迷惑 A great mystery.
[01:52.86]那时天上住着神仙 There were gods up there then.

  [01:55.30]能窥探天机的萨满法师告诉我们的 Shamans who knew about them told us.
[01:57.83]他们仍然能 They still do.
[02:00.63]有时你希望生命结束吗? Have you ever wished it would end?
[02:05.16]不 No.
[02:06.16]1’4000年 Fourteen thousand years.
[02:08.56]受伤 生病 天灾 Injuries, illness, disasters.
[02:11.25]你统统克服了 You’ve survived them all.
[02:13.61]你非常幸运 You’re a very lucky man.
[02:21.21]进来 Come in.
[02:25.40]John Oldman? John oldman?
[02:26.53]是的 Yes.
[02:27.90]我们是慈善会的 我们来这里收家具 Charity now. We’re here to pick up the furniture.
[02:29.83]都归你们了 It’s all yours.
[02:31.63]来 把这椅子拿走 Here, take this chair.
[02:32.90]我到角落里去喝 I’m gonna go drink in the corner.
[02:36.83]你 你捐了它们? You’re, uh... you’re donating it?
[02:39.46]所有家具? Everything?
[02:40.70]我会拥有更多的 I’ll get more.
[02:41.86]你每次都轻装上路吗? Do you always travel this light?
[02:43.43]这是唯一的方法 It’s the only way to move.
[02:47.23]哦 Oh, you-
[02:49.13]你已经谈了很多 You’ve talked a good deal
[02:50.70]关于生存的奇迹 About your extraordinary amount of living.
[02:53.96]你对死亡怎么看? What do you think of dying, john?
[02:56.16]你害怕死亡吗? Do you fear death?
[02:57.80]谁不害怕? Who wouldn’t?
[02:59.10]原始人怎么看待死亡? How did primitive man regard death?
[03:01.26]我们已有实际的概念 Well, we had the practical concept.
[03:03.40]人们停止 You know, we stopped,
[03:05.36]倒下 再也不起来 Fell down, didn’t get up,
[03:07.26]开始变臭 分解 Started to smell bad, come apart.
[03:09.50]受伤 我们可以理解 Injuries we could understand-
[03:11.66]就是内脏散落一地 If someone’s insides were all over the ground.
[03:14.26]但感染  Infections...
[03:15.60]是神秘的 They were, uh, mysterious.
[03:21.20]变老  Aging...
[03:22.66]是最神秘的 The biggest mystery of all.
[03:24.23]你意识到你不同常人 You realized you were different.
[03:26.26]花了更久知道我如何不同寻常 Longer to realize how I was different,
[03:29.36]寻找我的经验和 To find a way to synthesize
[03:31.20]对自身的看法的契合点 My experience into a view of myself.
[03:33.75]刚开始 我觉得其他人 At first, I thought everybody had
[03:36.26]有问题 Something wrong with them.
[03:38.03]他们变老 死亡 动物也是这样  They got old and they died, animals, too...
[03:41.66]但我不会 But not me.
[03:45.65]哦 对不起 亲爱的 Oh, forgive me, my dear.
[03:48.53]你生活很朴素 You live simply.
[03:50.20]我拥有过城堡 但对于总是 I’ve owned castles, but why leave a lot
[03:52.73]搬家的人来说 财产有什么用? If you’re always leaving?
[03:54.03]我有过钱 I have money.
[03:55.26]怎么 你在AT&T股价50美分的时候买入过? What, you get into at&t at 50 cents, john?
[04:00.23]对于年长的人来说 As one grows older,

  [04:01.96]时间会过的很快 The days, weeks, months go by more quickly.
[04:07.33]那么一天或者一年 What does a day or a year
[04:10.43]或一个世纪对你有何意义? Or a century mean to you?
[04:13.05]生死循环? The birth-Death cycle?
[04:15.63]波动 Turbulence9.
[04:17.28]我遇到某个人 I meet someone,
[04:18.86]知道他们的名字 说一句话 他们离开 Learn their name, say a word, they’re gone.
[04:21.73]别人又来 就像浪一样 上升 下降 Others come like waves. Rise, fall.
[04:27.70]像风吹过麦田 泛起的涟漪 Ripples10 in a wheat field, blown by the wind.
[04:30.13]你对此感到厌倦吗? Do you ever get tired of it all?
[04:32.86]过去和现在都很无趣 I get bored now and then.
[04:34.30]人们不断地重复着同样的错误 They keep making the same stupid mistakes over and over.
[04:37.60]嘿 Hey.
[04:39.56]然后你觉得自己 Then you see yourself
[04:40.83]有别于其他人类 As separate from the rest of humanity11.
[04:44.10]我没这个意思 I didn’t mean it that way.
[04:47.13]不过 But of course...
[04:49.46]我确实想过 I am.
[04:51.86]你觉得当你身边所有人 Are you comfortable knowing that you have lived
[04:54.73]所有人都死了 While everyone you knew-
[04:56.24]只有你活着  还有意思吗? Everyone you knew, john! - has died?
[04:59.80]我悼念死者 I’ve regretted losing people...


1 doctorates 37b4c8280180b658704daaa0cb0fe037     
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  • Nearly 1,000 specialized personnel with doctorates have settled in Shenzhen. 现已引进博士学位的专门人才近千名。 来自互联网
  • John played the field academically, obtaining doctorates from several universities. 约翰的学术广博,他从几所大学拿到了博士学位。 来自互联网
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3 objective CHBxY     
  • He tried to take an objective view of the situation.他试图对形势有个客观的看法。
  • The cultivation in good taste is our main objective.培养高雅情趣是我们的主要目标。
4 immortal 7kOyr     
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  • I don't want to worry them by being incarcerated. 我不想让他们知道我被拘禁的事情。 来自电影对白
6 innate xbxzC     
  • You obviously have an innate talent for music.你显然有天生的音乐才能。
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  • They ended up squatting in the empty houses on Oxford Road. 他们落得在牛津路偷住空房的境地。
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9 turbulence 8m9wZ     
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10 ripples 10e54c54305aebf3deca20a1472f4b96     
逐渐扩散的感觉( ripple的名词复数 )
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11 humanity Nc4xR     
  • Such an act is a disgrace to humanity.这种行为是人类的耻辱。
  • We should treat animals with humanity.我们应该以仁慈之心对待动物。
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