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听电影学英语-这个男人来自地球 15

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  [00:04.20]没有从东方来的智者膜拜马槽 No wise men came from the east to worship at a manger.
[00:07.83]我倒是做过点治疗 I did do a little healing
[00:09.96]用我所学的东方医术 With some eastern medicine I’d learned.
[00:14.60]就这样 That’s it.
[00:19.50]三位智者的传说 The three wise men began as a myth
[00:21.41]来源于佛祖的出生 About the birth of the buddha1.
[00:28.00]John 我得回家亲亲我的老婆了 John, I should be home, uh, kissing my wife.
[00:34.16]我们都被你的故事吸引了  We’re all here, trapped by your story...
[00:37.80]期待一场...革命?我不知道 Hoping for a... revolution? I don’t know.
[00:46.90]还有没有  Are there any, uh...
[00:48.88]更多的启示? More revelations for us?
[00:57.26]就和古时候一样 It’s just like old times.
[01:05.80]你不是耶稣 You weren’t jesus.
[01:10.66]援引 登山宝训 Quote the sermon on the mount.
[01:13.00]哪一版? Which one?
[01:14.30]达秘版? 詹姆斯王朝版? 还是新美国标准本? Darby, king james, new american standard?
[01:17.53]你全都看过吗? Do you know them all?
[01:19.40]没人真正了解耶稣 我也是 No one knows the one, not even me.
[01:22.60]我  I...
[01:23.93]我某天的确在山上讲课 I did some teaching on a hill one day.
[01:26.26]那天没有很多人 Not that many people stayed.
[01:28.33]但你  But you...
[01:29.46]《圣经里》耶稣说 Biblical jesus said,
[01:31.50]"你们认为我是谁?" "Who do you think I am?"
[01:33.96]他给了他们一个选择 He gave them a choice.
[01:37.90]我现在也给你们同样的选择 I’m giving you one.
[01:42.23]你是吗? Were you?
[01:45.60]如果我说不是 你们如何确定? If I said no, could you ever be sure?
[02:05.40]把歌关了 Turn that off.
[02:07.36]拜托 Please.
[02:11.40]这样太过火了 This has gone far enough.
[02:13.45]已经太过分了 It’s gone much too far.
[02:15.43]这些人很难过 These people are very upset.
[02:18.01]我不认为你疯了 I don’t believe you’re mad,
[02:20.53]但你说的绝对不是真的 But what you’re saying is not true.
[02:23.93]那就只有一种解释了 That leaves only one explanation.
[02:27.93]现在你必须承认 The time has come when you must admit
[02:30.06]这是一个恶作剧  This is a hoax2...
[02:32.93]谎话 A lie.
[02:34.23]是不是 John? Isn’t that true, john?
[02:37.90]如果趁还能挽回的时候 你不做 If you don’t drop this now- If you can-
[02:40.70]我会觉得 I’ll be convinced
[02:42.23]你非常需要被留心 That you need a great deal of attention.
[02:45.21]我会让你强制入院观察 I can have you committed for observation.
[02:48.16]你知道的 You know that.
[02:49.83]我现在问你 I ask you now-
[02:51.78]我要求 I demand it-
[02:53.66]告诉这些人实话吧 That you tell these people the truth.
[02:56.76]给他们一个了结 Give them closure.
[03:00.05]是时候了 John It’s time, john.
[03:03.30]拜托 Please.
[03:18.13]故事结束 大家退场吧 End of the line. Everybody off.

  [03:24.16]什么?! What?!
[03:26.16]这是个故事 It was a story.
[03:28.33]这只是个故事 It was all a story.
[03:31.45]我的天! Good god!
[03:34.16]又是一个神话? Another fairy tale?
[03:35.98]全都是故事?但  All of it? But what-
[03:37.73]你还发过誓  What in the name of heaven...
[03:39.13]John 你让我们很纠结 你到底有没有疯 John, you had us wondering whether you were sane3 or not,
[03:41.40]这只是个故事! And it’s just a story!
[03:43.00]你哪来的这么残缺的 荒谬的灵感? Where’d you come off with such a half-Baked, asinine4 idea?
[03:46.33]至少你可以放心我没疯 At least you’re relieved I’m not a nut.
[03:48.13]我倒希望你是 I’d prefer you were!
[03:49.80]你们给我的灵感 You gave me the idea.
[03:51.43]你们所有人 All of you.
[03:52.83]又来了? Come again?
[03:54.16]伊迪斯看到了梵高的画的赝品 Edith saw my fake van gogh.
[03:55.76]你当时可以告诉我 You could have just told me.
[03:57.22]你还说我从未变老 You commented that I never age.
[03:58.84]你给我那本原始人的书 You gave me the book on early man.
[04:00.43]丹 你发现了錾刀 Dan, you spotted5 the burin
[04:02.03]你还说 "如果石头能说话" And you said, "if stones could speak. "
[04:03.73]我就知道 I knew it.
[04:05.36]我得到了灵感 在你们身上 I got the notion, I ran it past you
[04:07.83]测试一下反应 而我玩过头了 To check your reactions, and I took it too far.
[04:10.43]玩过头? Too far?
[04:11.80]测试我的反应? Check my reaction.
[04:13.30]是你问我 我是否是宗教历史上的人物 You asked if I was a figure from religious history,
[04:15.90]还有没有人和我一样 If there were others like me,
[04:17.41]要是我创造了未来人 If I’d created future identities.
[04:18.86]我们围着五月柱绕圈 We were chasing our tails around the maypole,
[04:22.05]享受神秘感 分析的延展 Enjoying the mystery, the analytical6 stretch.
[04:25.20]你们帮了我大忙 You were playing my game!
[04:27.13]我也在帮你们的忙 I was playing yours.
[04:28.70]哦 老兄 你牵着我们的鼻子走? Oh, man, you know, you had us going, right?
[04:31.33]你厉害 老兄 You were good, man.
[04:32.56]你知道中国盒子吧 You know those chinese boxes,
[04:34.06]盒子套盒子 盒子套盒子 盒子套盒子 One inside the other inside the other inside the other-
[04:37.16]我就感觉我在最后一个盒子里 I feel like I’m in the last box.
[04:40.23]你个狗娘... You son of a...
[04:42.53]养的! Bitch!
[04:43.56]你怎么能这么耍我们? How could you do this to us?
[04:45.13]我还在担心你 I was worried about you.
[04:47.20]我知道 我多次想摊牌 I know, I was tempted7 to cop out many times,
[04:49.58]但我很想看看你们 But I couldn’t resist seeing whether or not
[04:51.93]是否能把我驳倒 You could refute what I was saying.
[04:53.70]我有最完美的听众 I had the perfect audience-

  [04:55.63]人类学家 考古学家 Anthropologist8, archaeologist,
[04:57.53]基督直译学家 Christian9 literalist...
[04:59.63]心理学家 A psychologist.


1 Buddha 9x1z0O     
  • Several women knelt down before the statue of Buddha and prayed.几个妇女跪在佛像前祈祷。
  • He has kept the figure of Buddha for luck.为了图吉利他一直保存着这尊佛像。
2 hoax pcAxs     
  • They were the victims of a cruel hoax.他们是一个残忍恶作剧的受害者。
  • They hoax him out of his money.他们骗去他的钱。
3 sane 9YZxB     
  • He was sane at the time of the murder.在凶杀案发生时他的神志是清醒的。
  • He is a very sane person.他是一个很有头脑的人。
4 asinine iNHyU     
  • It is an asinine discussion.那是个愚蠢透顶的讨论。
  • I must have been insane to listen to your asinine gibberish!我真是昏了头居然听信了你的胡说八道!
5 spotted 7FEyj     
  • The milkman selected the spotted cows,from among a herd of two hundred.牛奶商从一群200头牛中选出有斑点的牛。
  • Sam's shop stocks short spotted socks.山姆的商店屯积了有斑点的短袜。
6 analytical lLMyS     
  • I have an analytical approach to every survey.对每项调查我都采用分析方法。
  • As a result,analytical data obtained by analysts were often in disagreement.结果各个分析家所得的分析数据常常不一致。
7 tempted b0182e969d369add1b9ce2353d3c6ad6     
  • I was sorely tempted to complain, but I didn't. 我极想发牢骚,但还是没开口。
  • I was tempted by the dessert menu. 甜食菜单馋得我垂涎欲滴。
8 anthropologist YzgzPk     
  • The lecturer is an anthropologist.这位讲师是人类学家。
  • The anthropologist unearthed the skull of an ancient human at the site.人类学家在这个遗址挖掘出那块古人类的颅骨。
9 Christian KVByl     
  • They always addressed each other by their Christian name.他们总是以教名互相称呼。
  • His mother is a sincere Christian.他母亲是个虔诚的基督教徒。
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