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听电影学英语-这个男人来自地球 07

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  [00:03.00]John! John!
[00:04.10]很高兴我逮住你了 I’m glad I caught you.
[00:05.60]有人说你要走了 Someone mentioned that you were leaving-
[00:07.56]打你电话 和你说过快挡不住了 Called you, told you that I’ve lost it.
[00:09.46]还好你来了 局面有些失控 Glad you’re here. Things are going in unexpected directions.
[00:12.26]是的 我听说了 Yes, so I hear.
[00:13.53]嗨 Hi.
[00:14.80]你肚子饿了吗? Are you hungry?
[00:16.41]哦 谢谢 不饿 Uh, thank you, no.
[00:17.96]威士忌呢?尊尼获加绿 Whiskey? Johnny walker green.
[00:20.16]这个好 Oh, yes.
[00:25.53]- 你看起来很眼熟 - 我叫琳达·玛菲 You look very familiar, my dear. Linda murphy.
[00:28.16]我是你周二心理学1班的学生 哥鲁伯博士 I’m in your tuesday psych 1 class, dr. Gruber.
[00:30.76]啊 我对那堂课 Ah, well, this lesson may be something
[00:33.33]印象不是很深 I could not have imagined.
[00:36.40]恕我直言 John I regret being so obvious about this, john,
[00:40.76]这帮人都非常关心你 But these people are all very concerned for you.
[00:44.06]是啊 我正在剪纸恐龙呢 Yes, I’m cutting out paper dinosaurs2.
[00:46.70]我真希望从一开始就在这儿 I really wish I’d been here from the beginning.
[00:49.90]我也是 Me too.
[00:50.93]让我先说句话 Let me just say something right now.
[00:52.96]很显然 世界上没有一种方法 There’s absolutely no way in the whole world

[00:55.33]能够让John来证实他的故事 For john to prove this story to us,
[00:58.10]当然我们也无法证否 Just like there’s no way for us to disprove it.
[01:01.10]无论我们觉得多么离奇 No matter how outrageous3 we think it is,
[01:03.30]无论我们认为自己知识有多渊博 No matter how highly trained some of us think we are,
[01:06.60]我们都无法反驳 There’s absolutely no way to disprove it.
[01:08.80]那么我们的朋友要么真是个穴居人 要么他在说谎 要么是神经病 Our friend is either a caveman, a liar1, or a nut.
[01:13.30]既然这么做无疑是白费力气 So while we’re thinking about that,
[01:14.80]我们为什么不继续听下去呢? Why don’t we just go with it?
[01:17.46]天知道 I mean, hell, who knows,
[01:18.93]最后可能是我们被他说服 相信他 He might jolt4 us into believing him,
[01:20.98]或者他被我们说服 回归现实 Or we might jolt him back to reality.
[01:23.00]信他?现实相对于谁来说? Believing? Whose reality?
[01:25.51]你 是个穴居人? So... you’re a caveman.
[01:28.00]是的 呃  Yes. Uh...
[01:29.30]呃 我想我是个克鲁马努人 <i>Uh, I was a cro-Magnon, I think.</i>
[01:32.76]你连自己是不是穴居人都不知道? You don’t know if you’re a caveman or not?
[01:35.56]不 这点我很确信 No, I’m sure about that.
[01:36.86]克鲁马努人 A cro-Magnon, then.
[01:38.00]你什么时候意识到的? When did you first realize this?

  [01:40.13]当克鲁马努人首次被发现确认 When the cro-Magnon was first identified,
[01:42.36]从人类学界给他们命名起 When anthropology5 gave them a name,
[01:44.46]我有了名字 I had mine.
[01:45.96]请继续 Well, please continue.
[01:47.40]我想你肯定有很多话要说 I’m sure you must have more to say.
[01:49.36]你介意我坐下来吗? Would you like me to lie on the couch?
[01:51.30]请随意 As you wish.
[01:55.73]作为一个心理研究者 我很好奇 As a physician, I’m curious.
[01:58.36]在你描述的无穷的生命里 In this enormous lifetime you describe,
[02:01.73]你生过病吗? Have you ever been ill?
[02:03.58]当然 和普通人一样 Sure, as much as anyone.
[02:05.40]重病呢? Seriously ill?
[02:06.96]有时 Sometimes.
[02:08.46]得了什么病?你知道吗? Of what? Do you know?
[02:10.43]在史前时期 我不知道 In prehistory, I can’t tell you.
[02:12.03]也许得过一两次的肺炎 Maybe pneumonia6 once or twice.
[02:15.60]持续了几百年时间 Last few hundred years,
[02:17.50]我克服了伤寒 黄热病 I’ve gotten over typhoid, yellow fever,
[02:20.70]天花 我从黑死病中幸存下来 Smallpox7... I survived the black plague.
[02:23.86]黑死病? Bubonic?
[02:25.16]哦 太可怕了 Oh, that’s terrible.
[02:26.56]比历史书上写的更严重 More so than history describes.
[02:28.30]还有天花 但你身上没有疤痕 And smallpox - But you’re not scarred.
[02:31.86]我从不留疤 I don’t scar.
[02:33.06]不 John 那不可能 No, john, that is not possible.
[02:34.46]拜托 我们应该关注John这故事 Please, let’s take john’s story
[02:35.80]本身的意义和将来的研究价值 At face value and explore it from that perspective.
[02:38.95]他不结疤这点和其他部分比 一点不奇怪 If he doesn’t scar, it’s no stranger than the rest of it.
[02:42.06]John 你能在离开前来一下我的实验室吗? John, would you please stop by my lab, before you take off
[02:44.53]让你友好的邻居生物学家 Suffer a few tests from
[02:46.36]给你做几项测试 Your friendly neighborhood biologist.
[02:48.23]我对实验室很谨慎 I’m leery of labs.
[02:49.56]我怕一进去就得呆上几千年 Afraid I might go in and stay for a thousand years
[02:51.91]然后那些抽着香烟的人会不停研究我 While cigarette smoking men try to figure me out.
[02:54.23]你该不会觉得我会背叛你吧? You don’t think that I would betray you?
[02:56.10]隔墙有耳 Walls have ears.
[02:57.56]医学测试可以证明你所说的 Medical tests might be a way of proving what you say.
[03:00.10]我并不想证明 I don’t wanna prove it.
[03:01.32]那么你告诉我们 So you’re telling us this,
[03:02.49]时间旅行的故事 The yarn8 of the century,
[03:03.60]而你不在乎我们相信与否? And you don’t care if we believe it or not?
[03:05.36]我不该期待你们相信 I guess I shouldn’t have expected you to.
[03:07.07]你们认为我疯了 但你们没有 You’re not as crazy as you think I am.

  [03:08.73]阿门 Amen.
[03:09.70]我一直挺喜欢你的 I’ve always liked you.
[03:11.20]谢谢 亲爱的 Why, thank you, dear.
[03:12.65]我开始改观了 Now that’s changing.
[03:14.03]你不会相信这些浑话的吧 Surely you don’t believe this nonsense.
[03:15.56]我想我们至少该对我们认识 I think we should remain courteous9 to someone
[03:17.63]和信任的人维持礼貌 伊迪斯 Who we’ve known and trusted, edith.
[03:19.26]既然你坐在这儿就不该打断他的话 Here you sit-You can’t break his story.
[03:22.00]你顶多对他嗤之以鼻 All you can do is thumb your nose at it.
[03:24.70]这就是你想要的 John? Is that what you’re doing, john?
[03:26.73]你心里在嘲笑我们吗? Are you laughing at us inside?
[03:28.42]我希望你们别这么想 I wish you didn’t feel that way.
[03:30.03]你的故事不符合常识 What you’re saying - It offends common sense.
[03:33.43]相对论和量子力学也是 So does relativity, quantum mechanics-
[03:35.26]这些符合自然规律 That’s the way nature works.
[03:36.93]据我所知 你的故事可不符合自然规律 But your story doesn’t fit into nature as we know it.
[03:41.36]可我们知之甚少 丹 But we know so little, dan.
[03:44.13]我们知之甚少 We know so little.
[03:45.40]在你研究领域内的 How many of you know
[03:46.60]5个天才中 有没有1个 Five geniuses in your field
[03:47.91]是你不赞成  That you disagree with...
[03:49.16]而且要极力反驳的? One you would like to strangle?
[03:50.80]我一个都不赞成 Strangle them all.
[03:52.96]我们听够了哈里的 It’s bad enough we have to listen
[03:54.63]白痴玩笑 To harry’s idiotic10 jokes.
[03:55.90]非常感谢 伊迪斯 Thank you very much, edith.
[03:57.10]也许等我到了110岁 我会和你一样聪明 Maybe when I’m 110, I’ll be as smart as you are.
[03:59.53]即使你活到了John的岁数 If you lived as long as john did,
[04:01.00]你仍然不会长大 You still wouldn’t grow up.
[04:02.68]各位 别激动 Come on, guys. Take it easy.
[04:04.30]我们不是经常能碰到 How often do we get to meet someone
[04:06.80]生于石器时代的人 Who says he’s a stone age man?
[04:10.26]一次就够了 Well, once is enough.
[04:11.53]伊迪斯 Edith.
[04:12.93]那么 以你的智力 All right. A guy with your mind-
[04:15.06]你确实学习了很多 是吗? You’d have studied a great deal.
[04:17.13]我有10个学位 包括在场所有人的 I have ten degrees, including all of yours...
[04:20.60]除了你的 威尔 Except yours, will.
[04:23.00]你让我觉得无地自容 That makes me feel a trifle lilliputian.
[04:25.20]我花了170年时间 That’s over the span of 170 years.
[04:27.56]1840年 我在牛津获得生物学学位 I got my biology degree at oxford11 in 1840,
[04:30.83]所以我的知识有些过时 So I’m a little behind the times.
[04:32.56]其他领域也一样 The same in other areas-
[04:33.86]我不能跟上所有的新事物 I can’t keep up with the new stuff that comes along.

  [04:36.66]没有人可以 No one can.
[04:37.63]即使在他们专业领域也未必 Not even in their specialty12.
[04:38.96]万知老人 So much for the myth
[04:40.53]的故事讲完了吗 Of the super-Wise, all-Knowing immortal13.
[04:42.30]我懂了 John I see your point, john.
[04:44.20]不论一个人活多久 No matter how long a man lives,
[04:45.86]他永远不能超越他所处的时代 He can’t be in advance of his times.
[04:48.00]他无法超越世界上最聪明的人 He can’t know more than the best of the race knows,
[04:51.03]如果是这样 当全世界都知道地球是圆的 If that-I mean, when the world learned it was round,
[04:54.03]你也知道了 You learned it.
[04:55.38]那时候得滞后点 It took some time.
[04:56.74]信息传播很慢 News traveled slowly
[04:58.03]在发达的通信行业兴起之前 Before communications were fancy.
[04:59.96]而且有社会隔阂 There were social obstacles,


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