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  He is a four-time U.S. national champion and won the Pan American Games title last year in Rio de Janeiro. But Ryan Reser of the U.S. judo1 team has never been to the Olympics. This year, that will change, when Reser competes in the men's 73-kilogram category in Beijing. For Reser nothing less than Olympic gold will be satisfying.
瑞安·里色尔在美国全国运动会中曾四度赢得冠军,去年又在巴西里约热内卢举行的泛美运动会中夺冠。但是这位美国柔道选手以前从来没有参加过奥运比赛。今年,里色尔将在北京奥运中参加男子 73 公斤级比赛,他说,只有奥运金牌才能让他感到满足。
Ryan Reser first got involved in judo at age five. His parents were looking for a sport to keep the rambunctious2 child and his siblings3 busy and out of trouble. By age seven, Reser was competing in national events. While he also played soccer and wrestled4, by the time he finished high school, Ryan was focused only on judo with one goal in mind - winning the Olympics.
That dream came closer to reality this year. At the U.S. Olympic trials in Las Vegas, Nevada in June, Reser lost the first of three matches to countryman Chuck Jefferson. But he came back to beat Jefferson in the next two matches to win the berth5 to Beijing.
Reser and Jefferson had been battling for the top spot for years. Reser had also been the top alternate to four-time Olympian and former world champion Jimmy Pedro in 2000 and 2004. Pedro retired6 after winning his second Olympic bronze medal in Athens. Ryan Reser says he learned much from watching Pedro, but now he is out to earn his own reputation.
"It does not bother me because Jimmy is obviously a very good judo player, one of the best that we have had," he said. "So it is actually an honor to be mentioned in the same sentence as Jimmy, but you know, you obviously want to live your own legacy7. You want to - I want to be Ryan Reser instead of the next Jimmy Pedro. I mean it is an honor but I want to make my own stand."
In judo, the goal is to score an ippon, similar to a pin in wrestling or a knockout in boxing. There are several techniques, including hip8 throws, arm locks, strangle holds and other moves that players use to score an ippon.
At the 2007 Pan American Games in Rio de Janeiro, Reser scored an ippon with a throw of Leandro Guilhero of Brazil. The partisan9 Brazilian crowd disagreed with the ruling, and Reser said fans were throwing things and cursing him as he left the venue10. But the American says that kind of passion is part of judo. However, unlike other countries, American judo players are not professionals. Reser has a job and is also going to school part time. He says it is tough, but worth it to make the Olympics.
"For the Europeans, the Japanese or the Asian countries, it is a job for them. That's their job. Unfortunately for us, we are not that recognizable yet in the United States, which we are working on," he said. "You know we put our time in working, we put our time in going to school, and then we do as much as we can. And we do get a lot of support from USA Judo and also from our families and other avenues like that."
To realize his dream of making the Olympics, Ryan Reser moved to Colorado Springs 10 years ago to train at the U.S. Olympic Training Center. Ryan and his older brother Reno, a decorated judoka in his own right, share a house there and Ryan was often his brother's sparring partner. Judo requires a disciplined training regimen, which Ryan says includes strength and endurance training and judo practice. That training is in addition to work, school and caring for two dogs, a boxer11 and a bulldog mix.
"I get up about 5:30 or 5:45 and get everything ready for the day. I go to do a workout for about an 1.5 or two hours. Do cardio, weights and then I go to work until about 3:00 or 3:30-ish and then go straight to practice from there. And then home to take care of the dogs take care of the family stuff again and get ready to start early the next day."
他说: “我早上五点半或者五点45分就起床,准备迎接新的一天。然后,我去作一个半小时到两小时的运动。我做增强心肺功能的有氧运动和举重。然后去上班。直到下午三点或三点半,又直接去训练。然后我回家照顾狗,做一些家事,又要为第二天做准备了。”
But Ryan Reser's life is not all judo. He told VOA Sports the wilderness12 of Colorado's Rocky Mountains offers him somewhere to relax and get away from the intense preparation for the Olympics.
"I mean relaxing isn't really relaxing; it's hiking, a lot of mountain biking, taking the dogs out. But just anything to get away from judo, which is such a demanding sport both physically13 and mentally, so just anything to where I can just head out to the country," added Reser. "And check out the sights and just breathe in the mountain air."
Ryan Reser says his goals are simple - not only to make the Olympic team, but also to make the podium, preferably the gold medal platform. He told VOA that his favorite phrase is "being an Olympian is not every four years, it is every day." Reser has made that his credo and he hopes that his everyday commitment to judo will lead to a gold in Beijing.


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