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新视野大学英语读写教程词汇 第一册 unit07 b

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<TITLE>New Words</TITLE>
|@|<1>handle      |n.|[C] the part of sth. that one holds when using it |柄,把手
||| |She turned the handle and opened the door. |她转了一下把手,开了门。
||| |The handle on this door is rather stiff. |这门上的把手很不灵活。
||        |vt. |deal with or control |处理,处置
||| |This port handles 100 million tons of goods each year. |这港口每年要处理1亿吨货物。
||| |I have a problem at work and I really don't know how to handle it. |我工作上遇到了一个问题,真不知如何来处理它。
||<2>bullet|n. |[C] |子弹
||| |The bullet hit her in the arm. |子弹射中了她的手臂。
|@|<3>advocate    |vt.|publicly support a particular policy or way of doing things |主张,拥护,提倡
||| |The minister advocated a change of the tax laws. |这位部长主张修改税法。
||| |She advocates taking a more long-term view. |她主张要有更长远的观点。
||        |n.|[C] sb. who publicly supports sb. or sth. |拥护者,提倡者
||| |She has always been an advocate of changes to the current educational system. |她一贯主张对目前的教育体制进行改革。
||| |He's a strong advocate of state ownership of the railways. |他是铁路国有化的坚决拥护者。
|@|<4>ignorance |n.|[U] lack of information or knowledge |无知,不知
||| |The mistake was due to her ignorance. |这个错误是由于她的无知造成的。
||| |His comments showed his total ignorance of the event. |他的评论表明他对此事件毫不了解。
||<5>statistics  |n.|1.(pl.) a group of numbers that represent facts or describe a situation |统计;统计数据
||| |Statistics show that 90 percent of homes in this country have a television. |统计资料表明这个国家百分之九十的家庭拥有电视机。
||| |Recent statistics support the professor's opinion. |最近的统计数据支持那位教授的观点。
||        ||2.[sing.] the science of collecting and examining numbers for patterns |统计学
||| |Statistics is a branch of mathematics. |统计学是数学的一个分支。
||| |Did you take statistics at college? |你上大学时学统计学了吗?
|@|<6>previous |a.|coming or happening before or earlier |以前的,先前的
||| |Do you have previous experiences in this type of work? |你以前有过从事这类工作的经历吗?
||| |This issue has been discussed at length in the previous chapter. |这个问题已经在上一章中详细地讨论过了。
||<7> <em>previously1</em> |ad.  |before now or before a particular time |以前,先前(地)
||| |I had previously worked in Italy and Spain. |我移居法国前,曾在意大利和西班牙工作过。
||| |She was previously employed as a tour guide. |她此前曾是导游。
|@|<8>violence  |n.|[U] behavior that is intended to hurt other people physically2 |暴力(行为)
||| |Never use violence against children. |千万不要对儿童实施暴力行为。
||| |There is too much violence on TV these days. |现在电视上有关暴力的内容太多。
|@|<9>violent|a. |involving actions that are intended to injure or kill people |暴力的
||| |The strike led to violent conflicts. |罢工导致了暴力冲突。
||| |The increase in violent crime is troubling the authorities. |暴力犯罪的上升使当局很头痛。
|@|<10>affect|vt.|1. influence or cause sb. or sth. to change in a particular way |影响
||| |Her personal problems seem to be affecting her work. |她个人方面的问题似乎正影响着她的工作。
||| |Loud music can affect your hearing. | 喧闹的音乐会影响你的听力。
||||2. have a strong effect on sb.'s emotion |打动;使感动
||| |The sight affected3 her to tears. |此情此景使她感动得流泪。
||| |We were all deeply affected by her death. |她的死对我们震动很大。
|@|<11>transport  |vt.|move sb. or sth. from one place to another |运送,搬运
||| |The goods were transported by air. |这些货物是空运的。
||| |Such heavy items are expensive to transport by plane. |这么重的东西空运很贵。
||<12>residence  |n.|[C] a person's home; a large house of sb. important |住处,住宅;公馆
||| |The red building is a private residence. |那栋红楼是私人住宅。
||| |The official residence of the Queen is Buckingham Palace. |白金汉宫是女王的官邸。
|@|<13>intend |vt.|1. plan, mean, or make sth. for a particular person or purpose |(为...而)准备,打算使...成为
||| |You shouldn't have read that letter; it wasn't intended for you. |你不该读那封信的,那信不是写给你的。
||| |This dictionary is intended for international learners of English. |这本词典是专为学习英语的外国学生编的。
||||2. plan or mean to do sth. |想要,打算,计划
||| |I spent more money than I had intended. |我花的钱已超过我原来的计划了。
||| |I intended to call but I completely forgot. |我原打算打电话的,可忘了个一干二净。
|@|<14>injure     |vt.|harm or hurt sb. |伤害,损害
||| |David was badly injured in the accident. |戴维在事故中伤得很重。
||| |She fell and injured her shoulder. |她摔倒了,伤了肩膀。
|@|<15>confront|vt.|1. face sb. or sth. unpleasant, difficult, etc. |使面对
||| |When the teacher confronted Tommy with the facts, he admitted it. |当这位教师把证据摆在汤米面前时,他坦白了。
||| |We try to help people confront their problems. |我们试图帮助人们去面对自己的问题。
||||2. (of problems, difficulty, etc.) appear and need to be dealt with |面临,遭遇
||| |The problems confronting us are hard to handle. |我们面临的困难很难解决。
||| |He was confronted with the biggest crisis in his political life. |他面临着政治生涯中最大的危机。
|@|<16>imagination|n.  |1. [U] sth. only existing or happening in one's mind |想象;幻觉
||| |Did you hear that noise, or was it my imagination? |你听到那声音了没有?还是我的幻觉?
||| |The problem was all in your imagination. |问题都是你想象出来的。
|||  |2. [C, U] the ability to form pictures or ideas in one's mind |想象力
||| |Children often have vivid imaginations. |孩子们常常有生动的想象力。
||| |Try to make full use of your imagination when designing the building. |设计大楼时一定要充分发挥你的想象力。
||<17>reality    |n.|[C, U] what actually happens or is true |现实,实际
||| |We had hoped that things would get easy but the reality was very different. |我们曾希望事情会变得容易些,可现实却截然不同。
||| |What we should do is face reality. |我们所要做的就是面对现实。
||<18>apartment  |n. |[C] (esp. AmE) a set of rooms for living in |一套房间;公寓套房
||| |I'll give you the keys to my apartment. |我会给你我公寓的钥匙。
||| |She lives in a small apartment. |她住在一套很小的公寓里。
|@|<19>intention|n.     |[C, U] what sb. intends to do |意图,打算,目的
||| |Our intention was to leave early in the morning. |我们打算早上早点走。
||| |I've got no intention of staying indoors on a nice sunny day like this. |像这样一个阳光明媚的日子,我根本不打算呆在屋里。
||<20> <em>intentionally4</em> |ad.    |on purpose |故意地,有意地
||| |I can't believe the boys broke the windows intentionally. |我相信这些男孩不是故意打碎窗玻璃的。
||| |I didn't ignore her intentionally—I just didn't recognize her. |我不是故意不理她的,我就是没有认出她。
|@|<21>omit |vt.|not include sb. or sth. |省略,遗漏
||| |You can omit the last two sentences of the passage. |你可以把这篇文章的最后两句话省去。
||| |Please don't omit any details. |请不要漏掉任何细节。
|@|<22>dominate  |v. |have control over a place or a person, or be the most important person or thing |支配,统治;在...中占首要地位
||| |These two questions dominated the discussion. |在讨论中这两个问题占首要地位。
||| |The tree, which had grown too large, dominated the little garden. |这棵树长得太大了,独占了这个小庭园。
||<23> <em>dominating</em> |a.   |controlling or having a lot of influence over sb. or sth. |有支配力的,有影响力的
||| |She was certainly a dominating figure. |她当然是一个有影响力的人物。
||| |The boy was brought up by his mother, who had a dominating influence in his life. |这男孩是由他母亲养育大的,他母亲对他的一生有很大的影响。
||<24>Negro      |n.  |[C] (offensive) a black person |黑人
||| |The Negro is not someone to be laughed at. |黑人不是被取笑的。
||| |Black people now would rather be called black than Negro. |黑人现在宁愿被称为black,而不是Negro。
||<25>gas        |n.|[U] (AmE, also  gasoline) the liquid that is used as fuel for motor vehicles |汽油
||| |There is a gas station near the school. |学校附近有一个加油站。
||| |I'll stop and get some gas—we're running low. |我得停下加点油,油快用完了。
||<26>cashier    |n. |[C] sb. whose job is to receive or give money in a shop, bank, etc. |出纳员,收银员
||| |She was once a cashier. |她曾经当过出纳员。
||| |The cashier made a mistake and the manager scolded her in public. |出纳员出了差错,经理当众责备了她。
|@|<27>reveal|vt.|make sth. known; show |揭示,展现;使显露
||| |All their secrets have been revealed. |他们所有的秘密都被揭露了。
||| |He revealed that he had been in prison twice before. |他透露他以前蹲过两次牢。
|@|<28>anxiety    |n. |[C, U] a feeling of worry or fear |焦虑,担忧
||| |There are anxieties over the effects of job losses. |人们对失业的影响感到忧心忡忡。
||| |Children normally feel a lot of anxiety about their first day of school. |孩子们对第一天上学通常会感到焦虑。
||<29>automobile5 |n. |[C] (also auto) a car |汽车
||| |The automobile industry has developed very rapidly in this country. |这个国家的汽车制造业发展得很快。
||| |There are several second-hand6 automobile dealers7 in the city. |这个城市有好几个二手汽车经销商。
||<30>automatic  |a.|1. (of an action) done without thinking or like a machine |不加思索的;机械的
||| |She knew the lesson so well that her answers were automatic. |她对这一课极为熟悉,能够不假思索随口回答问题。
||| |My automatic response was to pull my hand away. |我下意识的反应就是把手拿开。
||        ||2. (of a machine) that can work by itself |自动的
||        ||automatic doors |自动门
||| |He bought an automatic washing machine yesterday. |他昨天买了 一台自动洗衣机。
||<31> <em>automatically</em> |ad.    |1. without thinking about what is being done |不加思索地,无意识地
||| |"Of course," I replied automatically. |“当然啰”,我不加思索地答道。
||| |You cannot automatically assume that everything your teacher says is correct. |你不能不加思索地认为你老师说的一切都是对的。
||        ||2. by the action of a machine, without a person making it work |自动地
||| |The light will come on automatically when it gets dark.|天一黑,灯就会自动亮起来。
||| |The doors opened automatically.|门自动地打开了。
|@|<32>disgust    |vt.|make sb. feel annoyed or upset about sth. |使(某人)反感,使厌恶
||| |His rudeness disgusted us. |他的粗鲁使我们很反感。
||| |Many parents claimed to be disgusted by the amount of violence in the film. |许多家长声称他们对这部电影中的大量暴力感到厌恶。
|★|<33>confrontation8     |n.|[C, U] a situation in which people or groups are arguing angrily or fighting |对抗,冲突
||| |Two people were killed and several wounded in the armed confrontation. |在武装冲突中死了两个人,伤了好几个。
||| |She wanted to avoid another confrontation with her father. |她想避免再次与父亲发生冲突。
|@|<34>guilty     |a. |1. feeling ashamed and sorry because one has done sth. wrong |内疚的;愧疚的
||| |I feel really guilty about not having written to you for so long.  |我这么长时间没给你写信了,感到十分内疚。
||| |I feel so guilty about forgetting her birthday. |我忘了她的生日,感到很内疚。
||        ||2. having done sth. that is a crime |有罪的;犯罪的
||| |She was found guilty of murder in the first degree. |她被发现犯有一级谋杀罪。
||| |The jury has to decide whether a person is guilty or innocent of a crime. |陪审团必须决定一个人是有罪还是无罪的。
|★|<35>guilt9      |n.|1. [U] the feeling of having done sth. wrong |内疚
||| |She felt terrible guilt at the way she had behaved. |她对自己过去的行为深感内疚。
||| |She had feelings of guilt about leaving her children and going to work. |她对离开孩子去工作有内疚感。
||        ||2. [U] the fact that one has broken a law |罪,犯罪
||| |His guilt was not proved and so he went free.|无法证明他有罪,所以他被释放了。
||| |Both suspects admitted their guilt to the police. |两个嫌疑犯都向警察承认他们有罪。
||<36>bet |v.|(bet, bet) |
|| ||1. risk money on the result of a race, game, match, or a future event |以(钱、物等)打赌
||| |I'll bet you $100 that you can't do it. |我与你赌100美元,你干不了这件事。
||| |She bet £50,000 on the horse, which came in second. |她下了5万英镑赌那匹马赢,结果那匹马跑了第二。
||||2. be very certain |确信,敢说
||| |I bet I can run faster than you. |我敢说我能跑得比你快。
||| |I bet you (that) she's missed the bus. |我敢说她没赶上公交车。
||<37>gasoline|n.|(=gas) |汽油
||| |After the war, everything cost more: gasoline, buses, hotel accommodations, and musicians' salaries. |战后什么花费都贵了:汽油、公交车、旅馆住宿、音乐演奏家的工资。
||| |Three hundred gallons of gasoline were loaded today. |今天加了300加仑的汽油。
<TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
||<38>be immune to   |be not affected by |不受...影响的,对...有免疫力的
||    |Most adults are immune to this disease. |大部分成年人对这种疾病有免疫力。
||    |The press had criticized her so often that in the end she was immune to it.|报纸经常批评她,到最后这些批评对她不起作用了。
||<39>believe in |consider sth. to be true; have faith or trust in |相信...的存在;信任
|||She used to say she didn't believe in marriage. |她过去常说她不相信婚姻。
|||I don't believe in miracles. |我不相信奇迹。
||<40>be capable of  |be able to |有能力(做)
||    |No one is capable of learning a foreign language within months. |谁也不可能在几个月内就学好一门外语。
||    |I think you are capable of doing the job. |我认为你有能力做这项工作。
||<41>be intended for |be provided or designed for a particular person or purpose |打算供...之用;为...而准备
||    |This course is intended for students interested in classical music. |这门课程是为对古典音乐感兴趣的学生开设的。
||    |The room is intended for the professor who will give a speech for us tomorrow.|这个房间是为明天要给我们作讲座的那位教授准备的。
||<42>hear of    |learn about; gain information about |听说,得知
|||We didn't hear of the news. |我们没听说过那个消息。
|||I've heard of him, but I've never read anything by him. |我听说过他,可是从来没有读过他写的任何东西。
||<43>at the sight of |when seeing |一看见
||    |She always faints at the sight of blood. |她一看见血就犯晕。
||    |He stopped at the sight of me. |他看到我就停了下来。
||<44>live with  |accept sth. unpleasant |忍受,容忍
|||Whether you like the new rule or not, you have to live with it. |无论你喜欢与否,你都得容忍这一新的规定。
|||You must live with the fact that you are no longer as strong as you were. |你得承认,你已经不像过去那样健壮了。
<TITLE>Proper Names</TITLE>
||<45>Claiborne| |克莱尔本街(地名)
||<46>Jackson    | |杰克逊街(地名)
||<47>Carlton    | |卡尔顿街(地名)
||<48>Tulane     | |图兰街(地名)


1 previously bkzzzC     
  • The bicycle tyre blew out at a previously damaged point.自行车胎在以前损坏过的地方又爆开了。
  • Let me digress for a moment and explain what had happened previously.让我岔开一会儿,解释原先发生了什么。
2 physically iNix5     
  • He was out of sorts physically,as well as disordered mentally.他浑身不舒服,心绪也很乱。
  • Every time I think about it I feel physically sick.一想起那件事我就感到极恶心。
3 affected TzUzg0     
  • She showed an affected interest in our subject.她假装对我们的课题感到兴趣。
  • His manners are affected.他的态度不自然。
4 intentionally 7qOzFn     
  • I didn't say it intentionally. 我是无心说的。
  • The local authority ruled that he had made himself intentionally homeless and was therefore not entitled to be rehoused. 当地政府裁定他是有意居无定所,因此没有资格再获得提供住房。
5 automobile rP1yv     
  • He is repairing the brake lever of an automobile.他正在修理汽车的刹车杆。
  • The automobile slowed down to go around the curves in the road.汽车在路上转弯时放慢了速度。
6 second-hand second-hand     
  • I got this book by chance at a second-hand bookshop.我赶巧在一家旧书店里买到这本书。
  • They will put all these second-hand goods up for sale.他们将把这些旧货全部公开出售。
7 dealers 95e592fc0f5dffc9b9616efd02201373     
n.商人( dealer的名词复数 );贩毒者;毒品贩子;发牌者
  • There was fast bidding between private collectors and dealers. 私人收藏家和交易商急速竞相喊价。
  • The police were corrupt and were operating in collusion with the drug dealers. 警察腐败,与那伙毒品贩子内外勾结。
8 confrontation xYHy7     
  • We can't risk another confrontation with the union.我们不能冒再次同工会对抗的危险。
  • After years of confrontation,they finally have achieved a modus vivendi.在对抗很长时间后,他们最后达成安宁生存的非正式协议。
9 guilt 9e6xr     
  • She tried to cover up her guilt by lying.她企图用谎言掩饰自己的罪行。
  • Don't lay a guilt trip on your child about schoolwork.别因为功课责备孩子而使他觉得很内疚。
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