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新视野大学英语读写教程词汇 第一册 unit09 a

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<TITLE>New Words</TITLE>
||<1>fantastic   |a.|extremely good, attractive, enjoyable, etc. |极好的;极出色的
||||She's a fantastic swimmer.|她游泳真棒。
||||You look fantastic!|你的气色好极了!
||<2>error |n.|[C, U] a mistake |错误
||||Human error has been blamed for the air crash.|人为的错误被认为是飞机失事的原因。
||||The letter contains a number of typing errors, which I must correct.|信中有很多打字错误,我得改一下。
||<3>whatsoever1|ad.|used to emphasize a negative statement |任何;丝毫
||||There can be no doubt whatsoever about it.|这件事是毫无疑问的。
||||He has no respect whatsoever for authority.|他一点也不尊崇权威。
|@|<4>arouse |vt.|1. cause an emotion |引起;激起
||||This issue has aroused much resentment2 among the masses.|这个问题已经激起了民众强烈的愤慨。
||||The success of the recent TV series has aroused young people's curiosity about rock music.|最近的电视连续节目的成功激起了年轻人对摇滚乐的好奇。
||||2. wake sb. up |唤醒
||||We aroused him from his deep sleep.|我们把他从熟睡中叫醒。
||||It seems that I can't arouse her no matter how hard I try.|看来不管我怎么努力,我都把她弄不醒。
||<5>magnificent |a.|very good or beautiful, and very impressive |出色的;壮丽的;宏伟的
||||It is a magnificent performance.|那场演出精彩极了。
||||I was impressed by the magnificent Taj Mahal.|泰姬陵的雄伟壮丽给我留下了深刻的印象。
remarkable3">|@|<6>remarkable  |a.|worthy of attention; unusual |值得注意的;显著的
||||Nelson Mandela is a truly remarkable man.|纳尔逊·曼德拉的确是个不平凡的人。
||||It is quite remarkable that no one was hurt in the accident.|令人惊讶的是,事故中无人受伤。
||<7><em>schoolwork</em>  |n.|[U] work that students do for school or in classes |作业
||||After his girlfriend broke up with him, he lost all interest in schoolwork.|与女朋友分手之后, 他对学校功课失去了所有的兴趣。
||||The child was too tired to concentrate on schoolwork.|这孩子太累了,难以打起精神做作业。
|@|<8>ease |n.|[U] ability to do sth. easily |容易,不费力
||||They are expected to win the election with ease.|预计他们在竞选中能轻易取胜。
||||The wall is so low that they can jump over it with ease.|这墙很低,他们可以轻而易举地跳过去。
|||vt.|make sth. less painful or severe |减轻;缓解
||||I gave him some medicine to ease the pain.|我给了他一些药来减轻痛苦。
||||The doctor tried to ease her mind about her son's illness.|医生劝她不要担心儿子的病情。
||<9>devil       |n.|[C] a person, esp. one who is annoying |家伙;人
||||You devils never give me a moment to rest!|你们这些家伙从不让我休息一下。
||||The little devils broke my window with their ball.|这些小家伙用球砸碎了我的窗户。
||<10>factor|n.|[C] one of the things that help to produce a result |因素
||||Working hard is an important factor in success.|勤奋是成功的重要因素。
||||What factors are responsible for a decreased population?|人口减少的因素是哪些?
|@|<11>outstanding|a.|extremely good |优秀的;突出的
||||The results in the exams were quite outstanding.|考试成绩很突出。
||||Professor Cary has a name as an outstanding lecturer. His classes are always well attended.|卡里教授上课之精彩是出了名的,他的课总是能吸引许多学生。
||<12>infinite   |a.|very great, and seeming to have no limit |极大的;无限的
||||The universe is infinite.|宇宙是无限的。
||||This is a discovery of infinite importance.|这是一项极其重大的发现。
||<13><em>infinitely4</em> |ad.|very much, used esp. when comparing things |极其;非常
||||His design was infinitely better than anything I could have done.|他的设计比我所可能做的一切都好得太多了。
||||The school is infinitely better than the last one I went to.|这所学校比我上次去的那所好多了。
|@|<14>accomplish |vt.|succeed in doing sth. |完成
||||They tried to plan a peace talk but accomplished5 nothing.|他们试图安排一次和谈,但没有成功。
||||We should do our best to accomplish the goal.|我们应该尽力实现这一目标。
||<15><em>accomplished</em>   |a.     |good or skillful at sth. |熟练的;有才艺的
||    |    |He was the most accomplished black painter in his time.|在他那个年代,他是最为出色的黑人画家。
||    |    |He is a highly accomplished designer.|他是一个非常有才艺的设计者。
||<16>mission    |n.|1. [C] an important task that sb. has been given to do |任务;使命
||||Their mission was to blow up the bridge.|他们的任务是炸毁那座桥。
||||The astronauts completed their mission.|宇航员完成了他们的使命。
|||  |2. [C] sth. that one feels one must do |职责
||||She felt that her mission in life was to help old people.|她认为帮助老人是她的天职。
||||Her work with the poor was more than just a job—it was her mission in life.|她对穷人所做的事不仅仅是一项工作──那是她的天职。
|@|<17>investigate|vt.|examine a crime, problem, etc. carefully, esp. to discover the truth |调查;审查
||||Scientists are investigating how the plane crash occurred.|科学家们正在调查这起飞机坠毁事故的原因。
||||Food chemists have investigated the grain to see if it really provides the benefits claimed.|食品化学家仔细研究这种谷物,看它是否真的具有所声称的益处。
|@|<18>mysterious |a. |full of mystery; not easy to understand |神秘的;难以理解的
||||The mysterious disappearance6 of my brother upset the whole family.|我弟弟神秘地失踪了,全家都心烦意乱。
||||They're being very mysterious about where they're going this evening.|他们对于今天晚上要去哪里,一直表现得十分诡秘。
|@|<19>analysis|n.     |[C, U] a careful examination of sth. |分析
||||The analysis of the food showed the presence of poison.|化验表明食品有毒。
||||My evaluation7 of a work of art may be based not on analysis but on a general impression.|我对文艺作品的评价往往不是基于分析,而是凭总体印象。
||<20>peak       |n.|[C] the highest point or level |最高点;高峰
||||Sales reached a peak during September and October.|销售在九、十两个月到达顶峰。
||||Gold fever reached its peak with the discovery of the largest nugget in Colorado history.|在发现了科罗拉多州历史上最大的金块后,淘金热达到了顶峰。
||<21>excellence8 |n. |[U] the quality of being extremely good |优秀;卓越;杰出
||||The school seems to value sporting success more than academic excellence.|该校似乎把体育成就看得比学业优秀还重。
||||There can be no doubt about the excellence of his morals.|他道德高尚毋庸置疑。
||<22>credit|n. |1. [C] a successfully completed part of a course at a university or college |学分
||||This course counts as one credit towards your degree.|这门课可以为你获得学位加上一个学分。
||||He doesn't have enough credit to graduate.|他学分没有修够,不能毕业。
||||2. [U] belief or trust in the truth or rightness of sth.|信任
||||Do you give credit to what the man said?|你相信那人讲的话吗?
||||The witness's story gained credit with the jury.|陪审团相信了证人的话。
|@|<23>responsibility|n.     |1.[U] the state of being responsible for sb. or sth. |责任
||   |   |I take full responsibility for losing the money.|我对丢失这笔钱负有完全的责任。
||   |   |The new job means taking on more responsibility.|这份新工作意味着要承担更多责任。
||   |       |2.[C] a job or duty that one must do |职责;义务
||   |   |the responsibilities of parenthood|做父母的责任
||   |   |The head of a large company has many responsibilities.|大公司领导要负责的事情很多。
|@|<24>amount |n.|[C, U] quantity |数;数量
||||We spent large amounts of money on the bridge.|我们建造这座桥花了许多钱。
||||That amount will not be enough to serve six people.|这些食物不够六个人吃。
|| |vi.|(<em>to</em>) equal to; add up to |等于;总计达
||||Our debts amount to over $1,000.|我们的债务总共超过1,000美元。
||||She hasn't actually refused, but it amounts to the same thing.|她言词上没有拒绝,但实际上等于拒绝了。
|@|<25>entertain  |vt.|1. be ready and willing to think about sth. |考虑;怀着
||||I wouldn't entertain the idea of such an unsociable job.|我不会考虑这样一个不利于人际交往的工作。
||||Copies of the Committee's report were circulated and basically I will entertain the questions from it.|委员会所作的报告的复印件已经分发了,基本上我会对上面的问题加以考虑。
||||2. do sth. to amuse or interest people |使快乐;给...娱乐
||||He entertained his daughter by reading her a story before bedtime.|他在女儿睡前给她念故事,让她高兴。
||||The play failed to entertain its audience.|那部戏没能逗乐观众。
|@|<26>alternative|a.|different from sth. else and able to be used instead of it |供选择的
||||We returned by the alternative road.|我们从另一条路返回。
||||The alternative project that was suggested by Mr. Smith will be more expensive.|史密斯先生提出的另一个方案花钱更多。
||        |n.|[C] sth. that can be chosen instead of sth. else |供选择的东西
||||I'm afraid I have no alternative but to report you to the police.|恐怕除了向警察告发你之外,我没有别的选择。
||||The only alternative to being taken prisoner was to die fighting.|除了当俘虏外,唯一的选择就是奋战至死。
|★|<27>irregular  |a. |not following the usual pattern of grammar |不规则的
||||irregular verbs/nouns|不规则动词/名词
|@|<28>grant      |vt.|give sb. sth. |给予
||||She granted their request.|她答应了他们的请求。
||||The US agreed to grant the new state diplomatic recognition.|美国同意在外交上承认这个新建立的国家。
||        |n.|[C] an amount of money given to sb. for a particular purpose |资助;拨款
||||You can get a grant to repair your house.|你可以得到一笔修房补助金。
||||They gave her a grant to study abroad for one year.|他们给予她一份助学金资助她出国学习一年。
|@|<29>cease      |n.  |[U] stop; end |停止;终止
||||It felt like we had walked for days without cease.|我们似乎觉得已不停地走了好几天了。
||||I think and think without cease.|我想啊想, 总停不下来。
||        |v.  |stop doing sth. or stop happening |停止
||||They threatened to cease financial support to the university.|他们威胁要停止给这所大学财政支持。
||||The music ceased suddenly.|音乐嘎然而止。
||<30>concentration|n.  |1. [U] the process of giving all one's attention to sth.|集中精力;专心;专注
||  |  |He kept interrupting, breaking my concentration.|他不停地插嘴,分散我的注意力。
||  |  |It takes a lot of concentration to study here — it's far too noisy.|这里太吵了,学习时需要非常专心。
||  |  |2. [U, C] bringing or coming together in a large amount |集中;群集
||  |  |He strongly opposed the concentration of power in the hands of few people.|他极力反对把权力集中在少数人手里。
||  |  |Concentrations of police became obvious as they drove further into the town.|当他们驶入城里时,到处可见警察正在集结。
|@|<31>adapt      |v.|change one's behavior or attitude to deal with a new situation |(使)适应
||||Our eyes slowly adapted to the dark.|我们的眼睛慢慢地适应了黑暗。
||||When we moved to France, the children adapted to the change well.|我们搬到法国时, 孩子们很顺利地适应了这一变化。
||        |vt.|change sth. for a different purpose |改编;改装
||||The play has been adapted for children.|该剧已改编, 以适合儿童观看。
||||This novel has been adapted for radio from the English original.|这部小说已由英文原著改编成广播剧。
||||This machine has been specially9 adapted for use underwater.|这台机器经过特别改装以适于水下使用。
||<32>weird10      |a.|very strange and unusual, and difficult to understand or explain |离奇的;难以理解的
||||It was a weird old house, full of creaks and groans11.|这是一所神奇而可怕的旧宅,到处嘎吱嘎吱作响。
||||It's a weird feeling to go back to a place that you lived in a long time ago.|回到你很久以前住过的地方心里有种怪怪的感觉。
|@|<33>profit     |v.|be useful or helpful to sb. |有益于,有利于
||||Do as you're told, and you'll profit.|你按照吩咐行事,这对你有利。
||||Many people believe the development will profit them.|许多人认为开发会对他们有利。
||        |n.|[C, U] money gained by trade or business |利润,赢利
||||We sold our house at a profit.|我们出售房屋获得了利润。
||||The company announced a pre-tax profit of $2 million for 2003, after making a loss in 2002.|公司宣布,2002年亏损之后,2003年税前利润为二百万美元。
|@|<34>alter      |v.|change or make sb. or sth. change |(使)改变
||||It is weird to spend a lot of money to alter that old candy store.|用那么多钱去改造那家陈旧的糖果店,实在令人不解。
||||Little had altered in the village.|这村庄没有什么变化。
|@|<35>performance|n.|1. [C, U] how well or badly a person does a particular job |成绩;表现
||||He had a very poor performance at the interview, and therefore lost the chance of getting the job.|他面试时表现很差,所以失去了得到那份工作的机会。
||||Her performance in the exam was rather disappointing.|她的考试成绩相当令人失望。
||||2. [C] the act of performing a play, dance, etc. |表演
||||His performance as Hamlet was very good.|他扮演哈姆雷特非常出色。
||||The orchestra will give two more performances before leaving Britain.|离开英国之前,这个管弦乐队将加演两场。
<TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
||<36>stand out  |be much better than others |突出;出色
|||He stood out in terms of competence12 from all his fellows.|从能力而言,他胜过他的同伴。
|||From the quotes on previous pages, only one stood out as surprising.|在前面所引用的内容中,只有一条引用十分出色,令人惊讶。
||<37>no matter how/where/what, etc.|used to say that sth. is the same whatever happens |不管怎样(哪里,什么等)
|||No matter how hard I try I cannot seem to catch up on all the bills.|不管我怎么努力,似乎都不能把帐单付清。
|||No matter what the request, as long as it's legal, don't hesitate to ask.|不管你有什么要求,只要是合法的,你就提出来,别犹豫。
||<38>turn in    |give sth. to the person who is in charge |上交
|||Have you all turned in your homework assignments?|你们把作业都交了么?
|||Now we wait for them to turn in their contracts.|现在我们等着他们交合同。
||<39>with ease  |without any difficulty |容易地,不费力地
|||The task was accomplished with comparative ease.|任务完成得比较轻松。
|||It is a cancer that can be cured with relative ease.|这种癌症可以比较容易地治愈。
||<40>sit back   |make no effort to do sth. |闲坐着;不作努力
|||They sit back and let others do the work.|他们自己袖手旁观,却让别人来做这工作。
|||If you give them a new idea they will sit back and say that it won't work.|如果你出了新主意,他们会不积极,还会说这法子不管用。
||<41>get behind |not do as much as one should have done |拖延
|||Once you get behind in class, it's difficult to catch up.|一旦落后于班上的进度, 就难以赶上。
|||She can always catch up later if she gets behind.|如果落后了,她后来总能赶上。
||<42>get sth. out of the way    |finish or deal with sth., esp. sth. difficult or unpleasant |完成或处理某事
|||I can't wait to get all this housework out of the way.|我巴不得把所有的家务活赶快做完。
||<43>strike sb. as sth. |give sb. a particular opinion or feeling |给某人某种感觉或印象
|||Connie suddenly struck her as a logical candidate.|她突然觉得康妮是个合适的候选人。
|||He struck me as a very serious person.|他给我的印象是非常严肃。
||<44>have to do with    |be connected with sb. or sth. |与...有关
|||I don't know what he does exactly, but I know it has something to do with computer.|我不知道他具体是做什么的,不过我知道和电脑有关。
|||The question doesn't have anything to do with the main topic.|这一问题与主题没有关系。
||<45>plow through |finish sth. that is difficult or boring |艰难地完成
||  |You've got to plough through the newspaper.|你得坚持把报纸看完。
||  |Researchers have plowed13 through 16,000 different pieces of statistical14 reports.|研究者已查阅了1,6000多份各种各样的统计报告。
||<46>adapt to   |change one's behavior or attitude so as to be used to sth. new |(使)适应
|||You've got to be willing to adapt yourself to the modern city life.|你得准备好适应现代城市生活。
|||These trees adapted themselves more easily to the red earth of this region.|这些树木比较容易适应这个地区的红土。


1 whatsoever Beqz8i     
  • There's no reason whatsoever to turn down this suggestion.没有任何理由拒绝这个建议。
  • All things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you,do ye even so to them.你想别人对你怎样,你就怎样对人。
2 resentment 4sgyv     
  • All her feelings of resentment just came pouring out.她一股脑儿倾吐出所有的怨恨。
  • She cherished a deep resentment under the rose towards her employer.她暗中对她的雇主怀恨在心。
3 remarkable 8Vbx6     
  • She has made remarkable headway in her writing skills.她在写作技巧方面有了长足进步。
  • These cars are remarkable for the quietness of their engines.这些汽车因发动机没有噪音而不同凡响。
4 infinitely 0qhz2I     
  • There is an infinitely bright future ahead of us.我们有无限光明的前途。
  • The universe is infinitely large.宇宙是无限大的。
5 accomplished UzwztZ     
  • Thanks to your help,we accomplished the task ahead of schedule.亏得你们帮忙,我们才提前完成了任务。
  • Removal of excess heat is accomplished by means of a radiator.通过散热器完成多余热量的排出。
6 disappearance ouEx5     
  • He was hard put to it to explain her disappearance.他难以说明她为什么不见了。
  • Her disappearance gave rise to the wildest rumours.她失踪一事引起了各种流言蜚语。
7 evaluation onFxd     
  • I attempted an honest evaluation of my own life.我试图如实地评价我自己的一生。
  • The new scheme is still under evaluation.新方案还在评估阶段。
8 excellence ZnhxM     
  • His art has reached a high degree of excellence.他的艺术已达到炉火纯青的地步。
  • My performance is far below excellence.我的表演离优秀还差得远呢。
9 specially Hviwq     
  • They are specially packaged so that they stack easily.它们经过特别包装以便于堆放。
  • The machine was designed specially for demolishing old buildings.这种机器是专为拆毁旧楼房而设计的。
10 weird bghw8     
  • From his weird behaviour,he seems a bit of an oddity.从他不寻常的行为看来,他好像有点怪。
  • His weird clothes really gas me.他的怪衣裳简直笑死人。
11 groans 41bd40c1aa6a00b4445e6420ff52b6ad     
n.呻吟,叹息( groan的名词复数 );呻吟般的声音v.呻吟( groan的第三人称单数 );发牢骚;抱怨;受苦
  • There were loud groans when he started to sing. 他刚开始歌唱时有人发出了很大的嘘声。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • It was a weird old house, full of creaks and groans. 这是所神秘而可怕的旧宅,到处嘎吱嘎吱作响。 来自《简明英汉词典》
12 competence NXGzV     
  • This mess is a poor reflection on his competence.这种混乱情况说明他难当此任。
  • These are matters within the competence of the court.这些是法院权限以内的事。
13 plowed 2de363079730210858ae5f5b15e702cf     
v.耕( plow的过去式和过去分词 );犁耕;费力穿过
  • They plowed nearly 100,000 acres of virgin moorland. 他们犁了将近10万英亩未开垦的高沼地。 来自辞典例句
  • He plowed the land and then sowed the seeds. 他先翻土,然后播种。 来自辞典例句
14 statistical bu3wa     
  • He showed the price fluctuations in a statistical table.他用统计表显示价格的波动。
  • They're making detailed statistical analysis.他们正在做具体的统计分析。
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