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新视野大学英语读写教程词汇 第一册 unit10 b

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  <TITLE>New Words</TITLE>
  ||<1>website     |n.|[C] a place on the Internet where information is available |网站
  || ||For more information visit our website. |欲知详情请参观我们的网站。
  || ||The result will be posted on the website. |结果会在网站上公布。
  |@|<2>cheat |v.|act dishonestly for one's own benefit |欺骗;作弊
  || ||He failed the test because he was caught cheating. |他因作弊被抓而没有通过考试。
  || ||He's trying to cheat her out of her money. |他企图骗她的钱。
  || |n.|[C] a person who cheats |骗子
  || ||No one likes cheats. |没人会喜欢骗子。
  || ||His addiction has turned him into a cheat. |他吸毒成瘾,这使他变成了一个骗子。
  ||<3>nerve|n.|1. (~s) the state of being nervous or worried |神经过敏;紧张不安
  || ||Breathing deeply should help to calm your nerves. |深呼吸可以缓解你的紧张。
  || ||He gets nerves before every examination. |每次考试前他都紧张。
  || ||2. [C]  |神经
  || ||facial nerves |面部神经
  || ||nerve cells |神经细胞
  |@|<4>ultimate|a.|1. greatest |最大的
  || ||His ultimate goal at the moment is to go and study out of the country. |他眼下的最大目标是出国留学。
  || ||Our ultimate objective is to have as many female members of parliament as there are male. |我们的最大目标是要国会的女性成员和男性成员一样多。
  ||||2. being at the end or happening in the end |最终的,最后的
  || ||After many defeats, the war ended for us in ultimate victory. |打了许多败仗后,最终还是我们打赢了战争。
  || ||His ultimate purpose is to become a doctor. |他的最终目的是想成为一名医生。
  ||<5>nightmare   |n.|1. [C] a terrible experience or event |恐怖的经历;可怕的事情
  || ||Driving on that ice was a nightmare. |在那样的冰上开车很可怕。
  || ||The party was a nightmare. Children jumped on the furniture, broke a window, and got the floors all dirty. |那次聚会真是一团糟。孩子们跳到家具上面,打破了一扇窗户,还把地板全弄脏了。
  || ||2. [C] an unpleasant and terrible dream |恶梦
  || ||The child awoke suddenly from a nightmare. |孩子突然从恶梦中醒来。
  || ||The horror film caused her to have nightmares. |那场恐怖电影使她晚上做恶梦。
  |★|<6>illicit    |a.|not allowed by laws or rules |非法的;违规的
  || ||In the United States drinking alcohol was once regarded as illicit. |在美国,喝酒一度被看作是非法的。
  || ||Illicit diamond exports are said to be worth over $200 million. |据说非法钻石出口价值超过2亿美元。
  |@|<7>link        |n.|[C] a tie or connection |纽带
  || ||He has links with that company. |他与那个公司有联系。
  || ||Is there a link between smoking and lung diseases? |吸烟与肺病之间有没有关系?
  ||        |vt.|join or connect |连接
  || ||Strong family ties still linked them together. |牢固的家庭纽带依然将他们连在一起。
  || ||The bridge links the two sides of the river. |那座桥连接河的两岸。
  |@|<8>contemporary|a.|1. of the present time |当代的
  || ||contemporary Chinese literature |当代中国文学
  || ||He prefers classic music to contemporary music. |他喜欢古典音乐,不喜欢当代音乐。
  || ||2. of the same time |同时代的
  || ||Beethoven was contemporary with Napoleon. |贝多芬与拿破仑是同时代的人。
  || ||Contemporary reports of past events are often more interesting than modern historians' views of them. |对于历史上的事件,当时的报道往往比现代历史学家的评说更为有趣。
  || |n.|[C] a person who belongs to the same period of time |同时代的人
  || ||Beethoven and Napoleon were contemporaries. |贝多芬与拿破仑是同时代的人。
  || ||The two famous authors were contemporaries who spent a lot of time together. |那两位著名作家是同时代的人,他们在一起度过了很多时光。
  ||<9>fake        |vt. |make or copy sth. to trick people |伪造;造假
  || ||The picture was faked by sticking together two photos. |这张照片是把两张照片拼在一起伪造的。
  || ||He is trying to fake an answer. |他企图伪造一个答案。
  || |n.|[C] a copy of sth. that is intended to trick people |假货,赝品
  || ||This painting is a fake. |这幅画是赝品。
  || ||Jane found it a fake at the first sight. |简一眼就看出那是个赝品。
  || |a.|made to look like sth. real in order to trick people; unreal |假的;伪造的
  || ||These diamonds are fake. |这些钻石是假的。
  || ||The bank uses machines to detect fake money. |银行用机器鉴别假钞。
  |@|<10>appropriate|a.|proper or suitable |合适的,适当的
  || ||Clothes of this kind are not appropriate for school wear. |这种衣服不适合在学校穿。
  || ||Fill in each of the blanks with an appropriate word. |在每个空白处填入一个恰当的字。
  |@|<11>purchase  |vt. |buy  |购买
  || ||Tickets may be purchased in advance. |可以提前买票。
  || ||Where did you purchase the painting? |你是在哪里买到这幅画的?
  || |n.|[C] sth. that one buys |购买物
  || ||Her latest purchase was a brown coat. |她最新购买的东西是一件棕色大衣。
  || ||The statement lists all the purchases made with your credit card. |这张结算表单列出了你用信用卡采购的所有物品。
  |@|<12>download |vt.|transfer information from a network to a computer |下载
  || ||Users can download this material to a desktop. |用户可将此资料下载到桌面上。
  || ||Download your favorite songs by clicking here. |点击这里就可以下载你喜欢的歌曲。
  |@|<13>reconcile|v.|make peace or find agreement between two parties |和解;调和
  || ||He hoped to be reconciled with his wife. |他希望和妻子和解。
  || ||My brother and I managed to reconcile after a week's quarrel. |吵了一星期后,我与弟弟设法和解了。
  ||<14> <em>irreconcilable</em> |a.     |impossible to bring into agreement |不可调和的
  ||     |    |Killing in a war was irreconcilable with his religious beliefs. |战场上杀人与他的宗教信仰相违背。
  ||     |    |The conflicts between them were irreconcilable from the start. |他们间的冲突一开始就不可调和。
  |@|<15>moral      |a.     |relating to right and wrong and the way people should behave |道德的,道义的
  || ||moral standard |道德标准
  || ||The child was faced with the moral dilemma of whether to return the money he found. |这个孩子面临进退两难的道德困境,不知是否该把捡到的钱还回去。
  ||<16>dilemma    |n.|[C] a difficult choice between two things |进退两难;难处
  || ||She was in a dilemma as to whether to marry John, who was handsome, or Charles, who was wealthy. |是嫁给帅气的约翰呢还是嫁给富有的查尔斯,她陷入了进退两难的境地。
  || ||They managed to find a way out of their dilemma. |他们设法找到了一个摆脱困境的办法。
  |@|<17>expense    |n.|[C] an amount of money sb. spends on sth. |花费,费用
  || ||The traveling expense amounts to $2,000. |旅行费用达到2,000美元。
  || ||He traveled at the company's expense. |他的旅行费用是由公司负担的。
  |■|<18>on-file|a.|recorded or kept in a file or in a database |存档的
  || ||These photographs are on-file. |这些照片已经存档了。
  || ||Your suggestion will be kept on-file. |你的建议将被存档。
  |@|<19>per        |prep.|for each |每,每一
  || ||a speed limit of 80 kilometers per hour |每小时限速80公里
  || ||The park attracts one million visitors per year. |这公园每年吸引100万游客。
  ||<20>consumer   |n.|[C] a person who buys and uses goods or services |消费者
  || ||Consumer spending was down by 1% last month. |上个月,消费者的消费下降了1%。
  || ||Consumers of jeans are mostly young people. |买牛仔裤的多数是年轻人。
  ||<21>readily    |ad.|1. easily  |容易地
  || ||I don't readily make friends. |我不轻易交朋友。
  || ||These are readily available in grocery stores. |这些东西在杂货店里随时都可买到。
  ||        ||2. willingly  |乐意地
  || ||I readily accepted his invitation to a party. |我欣然接受了他的宴会邀请。
  || ||She readily agreed to be interviewed. |她欣然答应接受采访。
  ||<22>semester   |n.     |[C] (AmE) a term |学期
  || ||We'll touch upon Shakespeare's <em>Hamlet</em> this semester. |这个学期我们将讲到莎士比亚的《哈姆雷特》。
  || ||Fall semester starts on the 28th of August. |秋季学期始于8月28日。
  |■|<23>emporium  |n.|[C] a large store selling many different things |商场
  || ||An emporium is a shop. |商场是个购物的场所。
  || ||He made a number of further purchases at a nearby emporium. |他在一个附近的商场买了很多东西。
  |@|<24>press|vt.|push firmly |压;按
  || ||Could you press the button for the third floor, please? |请按一下三层的按钮,好吗?
  || ||Press the button, and the light will be on. |按一下这个钮,灯就亮了。
  |||n.|[sing.] newspapers and the journalists who work for them |报界;新闻界
  || ||the national press |全国新闻界
  || ||The minister refused to speak to the press. |那位部长拒绝向新闻界发表谈话。
  ||<25>hail       |vt.    |1. say how good or important sb. or sth. is |向...欢呼;拥戴
  || ||The new service has been hailed a great success. |人们赞扬这一新服务很成功。
  || ||A young man is being hailed as a hero after rescuing two children. |一位年轻人救了两个孩子后被拥戴为英雄。
  || ||2. call out to sb. by name or in greeting |招呼
  || ||She leaned out of the window and hailed a passerby. |她探出车窗口,向一个过路人打招呼。
  || ||The hotel doorman will hail a cab for you. |旅馆门卫会给您叫出租车。
  ||<26> <em>authorship</em> |n.     |[U] the fact of being  the person who has written a book, play, poem, etc. |作者身份
  || ||an investigation into the authorship of Bible |调查《圣经》的原作者是谁
  || ||He has denied authorship of the article and refused to comment further. |他否认这篇文章是他写的,并拒绝评论。
  ||<27>authentic  |a.|real; not false or copied |真的;非复制的
  || ||an authentic work by Picasso |毕加索的真品
  || ||The wallet is made of authentic leather. |这个钱包是真皮做的。
  ||<28>perception |n.|1.[U] the ability to notice or understand sth. |洞察力;理解力
  || ||I was impressed by her perception and her grasp of the facts. |她的洞察力和把握事实的能力给我印象很深。
  || ||Human perception is highly imperfect and by definition subjective. |人的洞察力极不完善,而且从根本上说是主观的。
  || ||2.[C] a particular way of looking at or understanding sth. |看法;领悟
  || ||children's perceptions of the world |儿童对世界的看法
  || ||She doesn't have a very realistic perception of the situation. |她对形势的看法很不现实。
  ||<29> <em>perceptive</em> |a.   |quick to notice or understand things |洞察力强的;理解力强的
  || ||highly perceptive comments |极具洞察力的评论
  || ||You're right. That's very perceptive of you. |你是对的。你看问题非常深刻。
  |▲|<30>twitch    |vi.|move with a quick sharp pull of a muscle |抽动,抽搐
  || ||The rabbit twitched and then lay still. |兔子抽搐了一下,接着就躺着不动了。
  || ||When I stood up to her, her right cheek twitched. |当我站起来朝她走去时,她的右脸颊抽动了一下。
  |||n.|[C] a sudden slight movement of the body |抽动,抽搐
  || ||It's just a nervous twitch. |那是不安的抽动。
  || ||There was a twitch in my left cheek, which I couldn't control. |我的左脸颊不由自主地抽动了一下。
  ||<31>intellectual    |a.      |1. concerning the ability to think in an intelligent way and to understand things |智力的;理解力的
  ||      |      |Universities are centers of intellectual activities. |大学是智力活动的中心。
  ||      |      |Teaching is an intellectual career. |教书是一种用脑的职业。
  ||     |      |2. well educated |有知识的
  ||      |      |He is an intellectual but over-cautious man. |他是一个有知识但过于谨慎的人。
  ||      |      |They were very intellectual. |他们知识渊博。
  ||     |n.      |[C] a person who is well educated and interested in art, science, literature, etc. |知识分子
  ||      |      |Teachers, artists and other intellectuals took part in the demonstration. |教师、艺术家和其他知识分子参加了游行示威。
  ||      |      |Almost everyone in the family is an intellectual. |这家人几乎都是知识分子。
  |@|<32>property   |n.     |1. [U] the thing or things sb. owns |财产;所有物
  || ||That car is my property; you can't use it without my permission. |那辆车是我的财产,没有我的允许你不能使用。
  || ||The police found some stolen property hidden in the thief's house. |警察发现小偷的房子里藏有一些被偷的财产。
  ||||2. [C, U]  land, buildings, or both |地产;房地产
  || ||Several properties on this street are to be let. |这街道的几处房产将租出去。
  || ||Property prices have shot up recently. |最近房地产价格上涨。
  ||||3. [C] (usu. pl.) a quality or feature of sth. |属性;特性
  || ||the chemical properties of a substance |物质的化学特性
  || ||Many plants have medicinal properties.|许多植物具有药性。
  |@|<33>issue      |n.|1. [C] a subject that people discuss |问题;议题
  || ||The real issue is that we should use the Internet properly. |问题的关键是我们必须正确使用因特网。
  || ||One of the biggest issues today is education. |今天的重大议题之一是教育。
  ||||2. [C] a newspaper or magazine printed at a particular time |(杂志、报纸等)期;号
  || ||Here is today's issue of <em>China Daily</em>. |这是今天的《中国日报》。
  || ||I read that article in the most recent issue of <em>Foreign Literature</em>. |我在最近一期《外国文学》上读到了那篇文章。
  |||vt.|officially make a statement, give an order, warning, etc. |颁布;发表
  || ||The government issues a warning that those who won't pay income taxes will be billed. |政府发出了警告,凡不愿付所得税的人将被罚款。
  || ||This official paper is issued by the foreign affairs office. |这份正式文件是由外事办签发的。
  |@|<34>incline|vi. |tend to |倾向于
  || ||I'm inclined to agree with John. |我倾向于同意约翰的看法。
  || ||Those who fail incline to blame the world for their failure. |失败的人往往怨天怨地。
  ||<35>cynical |a.|not believing people are sincere or honest | 愤世嫉俗的;玩世不恭的
  || ||He has a cynical view of the world. |他以玩世不恭的态度看待世界。
  || ||I think movie stars just do charity work to get publicity —but maybe I'm too cynical. |我想电影明星做慈善工作是为了炒作自己,但我说这话也许偏激了。
  |@|<36>notion     |n. |[C] an idea, belief, or opinion |概念;观念;看法
  || ||One common notion is that red hair goes with a quick temper. |人们常常认为红头发意味脾气暴躁。
  || ||This article deals with some modern notions about the Internet. |这篇文章说的是现代人对因特网的一些看法。
  ||<37>incidence  |n.|[sing.] the number of times sth. happens |发生率
  || ||a high incidence of unemployment |高失业率
  || ||Smokers have the highest incidence of lung cancer. |吸烟者肺癌的发病率最高。
  |@|<38>honesty    |n. |[U] the quality of being honest |诚实,正直
  || ||Are you questioning my honesty? |你不相信我的诚实?
  || ||As a newspaper reporter I am committed to honesty and accuracy. |作为报纸记者,我致力于诚实和准确。
  ||<39> <em>inventive</em> |a.  |able to think of new and original ideas |善于发明的,有创造能力的
  || ||an inventive writer |有创造力的作家
  || ||He is one of the most talented and inventive drummers in modern music. |他是现代音乐界最具天赋和创造力的鼓手之一。
  |@|<40>proof      |a. |(usu. used in compounds) having or giving protection |能防...的
  || ||bullet-proof glass |防弹玻璃
  || ||The material is fire-proof. |这种材料是防火的。
  ||        |n. |[C, U] evidence that shows sth. is true  |证据
  || ||This is not automatically proof that he is wrong. |这并不一定证明他错了。
  || ||Do you have any proof to show you are very capable? |你有证据证明你有能力吗?
  ||<41> <em>cheat-proof</em> |a.    |protected against cheating |防止作弊的
  || ||The educator developed a system of test taking that made tests cheat-proof. |该教育家开发了一个防止考试作弊的参试体系。
  || ||The assignment was personal, and thus cheat-proof. |该作业涉及个人的问题,所以可以防止作弊。
  |@|<42>structure  |vt.|plan or organize sth. |组织;构造;安排
  || ||He is trying to structure a sentence. |他正在努力组织一个句子。
  || ||The exhibition was structured around the topic. |展览是围绕这个主题展开的。
  ||        |n.|[C, U] the way that the parts of sth. are put together or organized |结构;组织
  || ||the political and social structure of a country |国家的政治和社会结构
  || ||A new management structure has been introduced. |引进了新的管理结构。
  |@|<43>transform  |vt. |change sb. or sth. completely |改变,改造
  || ||The Internet transformed the way people communicate. |网络改变了人们的交流方式。
  || ||They transformed the factory into a science museum. |他们把工厂改造成了科学博物馆。
  |■|<44>handout   |n. |1. [C] a paper containing information which will be dealt with in a lecture or talk |印发的讲稿
  || ||Please read the handout carefully .|请仔细阅读讲稿。
  || ||There are also handouts, which may be copied for personal use. |还有印发的讲稿,可以为个人复印。
  ||| |2. [C] sth. given to people for free |施舍物;救济物
  || ||The unemployed need jobs, not government handouts! |失业者需要的是工作,不是政府的救济。
  || ||The poor woman asked for a handout. |那个穷女人向人乞讨施舍物。
  ||<45>drama      |n. |[C] a play |戏剧
  || ||He plays a spy in the drama. |他在戏剧中扮演一个间谍。
  || ||Which do you like better: music or drama? |音乐和戏剧,你更喜欢哪个?
  ||<46>narrative  |n. |1. [U] the process or methods of telling a story |叙述;叙述手法
  || ||He is studying different aspects of narrative of different writers. |他在研究不同作者的不同叙述手法。
  ||| |2. [C] a story or an account of sth. that has happened |故事;记叙文
  || ||The narrative is told in the first person. |故事是用第一人称叙述的。
  || ||The author was very strong on narratives. |这位作者善于讲故事。
  |@|<47>curb       |vt. |control or limit sth. that is harmful |抑制;控制
  || ||The law aims to curb pollution of rivers. |这条法律旨在抑制河流污染。
  || ||Measures should be taken to curb the spread of the virus. |应采取措施控制病毒扩散。
  |||n. |[C] a rule or control that limits sth. |抑制;控制
  || ||a curb on local government spending |控制当地政府开支
  || ||Put a curb on your temper. |收敛一下你的脾气。
  |@|<48>strategy   |n. |1. [C] a plan or method that sb. uses to achieve sth. |对策;策略;计划
  || ||Learners should find learning strategies suitable for themselves. |学习者应该寻求适合自己的学习策略。
  || ||What should our marketing strategy have achieved? |我们的销售策略本该取得什么效果?
  ||| |2. [U] the art of planning movements of armies in war |战略;兵法
  || ||Their strategy of attacking from the rear proved to be successful. |事实证明,他们从后路进攻敌人的战略方法是成功的。
  || ||It is the general's role to develop overall strategy. |应由将军来制定总体战略方针。
  ||<49>basically  |ad. |simply; essentially |基本地
  || ||All cheese are made in basically the same way. |奶酪的制作方式基本相同。
  || ||Basically, he's a nice person, but he doesn't always show it. |他本质上是个好人,但他并不常表现出来。
  <TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
  ||<50>for free   |without charge or cost |免费
  || |This card can enable you to watch movies for free in this cinema. |有了这张卡,你就可以在这家影院免费看电影。
  || |People over 60 years old can use public transportation for free. |60岁以上的人可以免费乘坐公交车。
  ||<51>hand over  |give to another |递交
  || |John handed his card over to the manager. |约翰把他的名片递给了经理。
  || |Hand over your exercises the day after tomorrow. |后天交作业。
  ||<52>do the trick    |do what one wants done; accomplish the purpose |达到目的
  ||      |Sometimes a few words will do the trick.|有时候几句话就能达到目的。
  ||      |That seemed to do the trick, or at least he thought so. |那好像能管用,至少他是这么认为的。
  ||<53>hail as    |recognize sb. or sth. as being good |称赞为
  || |They hailed it as a work of art. |他们说它是件艺术品。
  || |She's being hailed as one of the most promising young dancing stars today. |她被赞誉为当今最有前途的青年舞蹈明星之一。
  ||<54>a little bit    |to a small degree |有点
  ||      |He looks a little bit like his cousin. |他看上去有点像他堂兄。
  ||      |Is that a little bit tough? | 这是不是有点儿难?
  ||<55>be inclined to  |be likely to; tend to |倾向于;容易(做)
  ||      |I'm inclined to get tired. |我容易疲劳。
  ||      |He's inclined to accept my invitation. |他倾向于接受我的邀请。
  ||<56>sort of    |to some degree |有几分;近似
  || |I'm sort of tired. |我有点累。
  || |Isn't it sort of foolish to loan money to a cheat? |把钱借给骗子不是有点傻吗?
  ||<57>be a question of sth.  |used to say what the most important fact, part, or feature of sth. is |(重要的)是...的问题
  ||     |It is a question of whether they are good at managing. |这是个他们是否善于管理的问题。
  ||     |I would love to come, but it's a question of time. |我想来,只是有个时间的问题。
  ||<58>make the most of sth.  |make the best use of sth. or get the best possible result |充分利用某物
  ||     |He told the students to make the most of the opportunity to study. |他告诉学生好好利用这次机会学习。
  ||     |He didn't do well because he didn't make the most of his ability. |他没有干好是因为他没有尽力。
  <TITLE>Proper Names</TITLE>
  ||<59>Collegiate Care | |“大学关心”网
  ||<60>Hamlet          | |哈姆雷特(莎士比亚戏剧《哈姆雷特》的男主人公)
  ||<61>Jane Morrison   | |简·莫里森(人名)
  ||<62>Berkeley     | |(此处指)加州大学伯克利分校
  ||<63>Gary Handman    | |加里·汉德曼(人名)
  ||<64>Arianne Chernock| |阿里亚尼·彻诺克(人名)
  ||<65>Leslie Farmer   | |莱斯利·法默(人名)

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