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新视野大学英语读写教程词汇 第一册 unit10 a

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  <TITLE>New Words</TITLE>
  |@|<1>demonstrate  |vt.|1. show or prove sth. clearly |表明;证明
  || ||The study demonstrated that good performance is related to good learning habit. |研究表明好成绩与良好的学习习惯有关。
  || ||His last remark demonstrates his total ignorance of the subject. |他最后一段话证明他对这个问题一无所知。
  ||        ||2. show and explain how to do sth. or how sth. works |演示;示范
  || ||The teacher demonstrated how to do the experiment. |老师演示了如何做这个实验。
  || ||The company demonstrated its new solar power system before a large audience. |公司在一大群观众面前演示了新的太阳能系统。
  |||vi.|take part in a march to protest or support sth. |示威;游行
  || ||Thousands of workers gathered to demonstrate against bad working condition. |数千名工人聚在一起举行示威反对恶劣的工作环境。
  || ||A large group of people were demonstrating in front of the factory, which had polluted the river. |一大群人在工厂门口示威,抗议该厂污染了河流。
  |@|<2>integrity |n.|1. [U] the quality of being honest |诚实;正直
  || ||He's a person of great integrity who will say exactly what he thinks. |他这个人很诚实,不会口是心非。
  || ||A good judge must act with integrity at all times. |一个好法官在任何时候都必须以诚信办事做人。
  || ||2. [U] the state of being complete |完整;完全
  || ||mutual respect of territorial integrity |互相尊重领土完整
  || ||We should try our best to keep our cultural integrity intact. |我们应该尽力保持我们的文化完整无损。
  ||<3>morality|n.|[U] beliefs about what is right and wrong |道德;道德观
  ||||It's not a question of morality but a question of law. |这不是道德问题,而是法律问题。
  ||||We do not often consider the morality of our daily actions, though that should occupy a high position in our thinking. |虽然道德应在我们心目中占重要位置,可我们很少关心日常行为的道德问题。
  |@|<4>boundary|n.|1. [C] the farthest limit of sth. |界限;局限
  ||||the boundaries of human thought |人类思想的局限
  ||||The boundaries of human knowledge are constantly being extended. |人类知识的限度在不断地扩展。
  ||||2. [C] the dividing line, esp. between two areas of land |边界
  ||||The main road is the boundary between the two districts. |这条干线是两区的分界。
  ||||The lake forms part of the boundary between the two countries. |这个湖成了两国边界的一部分。
  ||<5>convenience |n.|[U] a condition that makes it easier to do sth. |方便;便利
  ||        ||The great convenience of your house is its position. |你的房子最大的便利在于其所处的位置。
  ||        ||This building was designed for the convenience of disabled people. |这栋房子是为方便伤残人而设计的。
  ||<6>inner       |a.|1. personal or secret |内心的;隐秘的
  ||        ||She keeps her inner thought to herself. |她不向别人透露她的内心思想。
  ||        ||She'll need great inner strength to get through the difficulty. |她需要强大的心理力量来度过这个难关。
  ||        ||2. inside |内部的;里面的
  ||        ||Life in the inner city is different than that of the suburbs. |旧城区的生活与郊区的不同。
  ||        ||The London railway that is under the ground has an inner circle and an outer circle. |伦敦地铁有内环线和外环线。
  ||<7>compass     |n.|1. [C] a tool for showing direction, with a needle pointing north |指南针
  ||        ||a map and a compass |一张地图和一个指南针
  ||        ||According to the compass, we are traveling southeast. |根据指南针,我们正向东南方向走。
  ||        ||2. [C] (also ~es) a tool used for drawing a circle |圆规
  ||        ||a pair of compasses |一副圆规
  ||        ||I will need a compass to draw a circle. |我需要一个圆规来画圈。
  |@|<8>scarce|a.|not much or many compared with what is wanted |不足的;缺乏的
  ||        ||Chairs that are older than one hundred years are scarce. |百年以上的旧椅子不多了。
  ||        ||Because there is little water in the desert, trees are scarce. |由于沙漠中缺水,树很少见。
  ||<9>triangle    |n. |[C] a figure or shape with three straight sides and three corners |三角(形)
  ||        ||a triangle of land |一块三角形的地
  ||        ||How many sides does a triangle have? |三角形有几条边?
  |@|<10>consist    |vi.|(of) be made up of |由...组成
  ||        ||The supper consisted of several different Italian dishes. |晚饭有几道不同的意大利菜。
  ||        ||The audience consisted mainly of teenagers. |观众主要是青少年。
  ||<11>firm |a.|strong or steady and not likely to change |坚定的;稳定的
  ||        ||Have you got a firm date for your holiday yet? |你决定了度假的日期没有?
  ||        ||I'm a firm believer in always telling the truth. |我坚信应该说真话。
  ||<12> <em>firmly</em> |ad.    |strongly; steadily |坚定地;稳定地
  ||        ||I firmly believe that we are justified in taking this course of action. |我坚信我们采取这一行动是正当的。
  ||        ||She holds his arm firmly to keep balance. |她紧紧地抓着他的胳膊来保持平衡。
  |★|<13>surgical |a.|of or used for surgery |外科(手术)的
  ||        ||surgical instruments |手术器具
  ||        ||a surgical procedure |手术程序
  ||<14>assistance |n.|[U] help or support |帮助;援助
  ||        ||Unless given more financial assistance, the school will have to close. |如果得不到更多财政援助,学校就得停办。
  ||        ||I was given some assistance in coming to my decision. |我作出这个决定时得到过一些帮助。
  |@|<15>ensure     |vt.    |make sure that sth. will happen properly |确保;保证
  ||        ||Careful planning and hard work ensured the success of the party. |精心规划加上努力工作确保了晚会的成功。
  ||        ||A letter of introduction will ensure you an interview. |一封介绍信可确保你有机会去参加面试。
  ||<16>instrument |n.|1. [C] a tool that is used for doing a particular job |工具,器具
  ||        ||A compass and a clock are the most essential instruments in sailing. |指南针和时钟是航海时最基本的工具。
  ||        ||The company specializes in producing high quality scientific instruments. |这家公司专门生产高质量的科学仪器。
  ||||2. [C] sth. used for making music |乐器
  ||        ||My favorite instruments come from the woodwind family. |我最喜欢的乐器是木管乐器。
  ||        ||She hoped to learn a more difficult instrument in the future. |她希望将来能学会一种难点的乐器。
  ||<17>sponge|n.|[C] |海绵
  ||        ||Use a sponge to clean up the water. |用海绵把水擦掉。
  ||        ||She cleaned the table with a sponge. | 她用海绵来擦桌子。
  |@|<18>assure     |vt. |1. tell sb. that sth. will definitely happen or is definitely true |使确信
  ||        ||Her doctor has assured us that she'll be fine. |她的医生向我们担保她会好起来。
  ||        ||The dealer had assured me of its quality. |这位卖主向我保证它的质量。
  ||        | |2. make certain sth. will happen |确保
  ||        ||He was assured a well-paid job after graduation. |有人保证他毕业后获得待遇优厚的工作。
  ||        ||His hard working assured his success. |他的勤奋确保了他的成功。
  |@|<19>protest|v.     |strongly disagree with sth. |反对;抗议
  ||        ||There was a large crowd in the square, protesting against the war. |广场上聚集了一大群人,他们是在抗议战争。
  ||        ||“I don't see why I should take blame for this!” She protested. |她抗议道:“为什么要我承担责任!”
  |||vt.    |state very firmly that sth. is true |申明;断言
  ||        ||The charged man protested his innocence. |被指控的男子宣称自己是无辜的。
  ||        ||She protested that she knew nothing of their plans. |她宣称对他们的计划一无所知。
  |||n.     |[C, U] a strong complaint or disagreement |抗议
  ||        ||We've received thousands of letters of protest. |我们已收到数以千计的抗议信。
  ||        ||The center has been closed after protests from local residents. |当地居民抗议后,中心便关闭了。
  ||<20>concede    |v.|yield; admit defeat |让步;认输
  ||        ||He had to concede in the third round. |第三回合他不得不认输。
  ||        ||Finally the company conceded wage increases to their workers. |最后,公司只好同意给工人增加工资。
  ||        |vt.|admit sth. is true, often unwillingly |承认
  ||        ||He had to concede that it was his fault. |他不得不承认是他错了。
  ||        ||I concede that a larger house would have cost more, but I still think we should have bought one. |我承认大房子花费更高,但我仍认为我们该买一套。
  |@|<21>intelligent|a. |smart or bright |聪明的
  ||        ||a group of highly intelligent students |一群非常聪明的学生
  ||        ||She was once described as the most intelligent woman in America. |她曾被描述为美国最有智慧的女人。
  |@|<22>clarify    |vt.    |make clear; explain |澄清;解释
  ||        ||The report aims to clarify how these conclusions were reached. |报告旨在解释这些结论是怎么来的。
  ||        ||Reporters asked him to clarify his position on welfare reform. |记者请他解释他对福利改革的态度。
  |@|<23>appoint |vt.|choose sb. for a position or job |任命
  ||        ||They appointed him (to be) chairman. |他们任命他为主席。
  ||        ||A new school secretary should be appointed. |应该任命一位新的校秘书。
  ||<24>progressive|a.|1. happening or developing gradually |逐渐发展的
  ||        ||The past five years saw the progressive development of the city. |这个城市在过去的五年里逐步发展。
  ||        ||The result is a progressive decline in physical abilities. |结果是体力渐渐下降。
  ||||2. improving or changing according to new ideas |进步的,先进的
  ||        ||a progressive administration |先进的管理
  ||        ||This is a progressive firm that uses the most modern methods of operation in its business. |这家公司很先进,采用了最现代的经营方法。
  ||<25> <em>progressively</em> |ad.    |gradually and steadily |逐渐地
  ||            |     |Her homework became progressively worse. |她的家庭作业一次比一次差。
  ||            |     |The amount of the loan from the bank was progressively reduced. |银行的贷款一次比一次少。
  |@|<26>dwarf|n.     |[C] a person who is much smaller than usual size |侏儒
  ||        ||<em>Snow White and Seven Dwarfs</em>|《白雪公主和七个小矮人》
  ||        ||For the moment she had forgotten that he was a dwarf. |有一会,她忘记了他是个侏儒。
  ||<27>giant      |n.|1. [C] a person who is much bigger than usual size |巨人
  ||        ||Then a giant appeared from the cave. |然后一个巨人从洞中走出来。
  ||        ||2. [C] a person of great ability |伟人
  ||        ||He is one of the giants in the field of science. |他是科学界的一位巨匠。
  ||        ||Shakespeare is a giant among writers. |莎士比亚在作家中是位大师。
  ||        |a.|extremely large |巨大的
  ||        ||a giant TV screen |大电视屏幕
  ||        ||The forest is full of giant snakes and spiders. |森林里有很多巨蛇和大蜘蛛。
  ||<28>genuine    |a. |real; true |真的;真实的
  ||        ||They're convinced that the picture is genuine. |他们相信这幅画是真品。
  ||        ||If the offer is genuine I will gladly accept it. |如果是真心帮忙,我将乐于接受。
  ||<29>core       |a. |most important or most basic |核心的
  ||        ||Schools should deliver core skills. |学校应该传授核心技能。
  ||        ||The core subjects are math, Chinese and science. |核心课程是数学、语文和科学。
  ||        |n.|[C]  the central or most important part |核心
  ||        ||The core of the book focuses on the history of language development. |本书的核心内容是语言发展的历史。
  ||        ||This is the core of the discussion. |这是讨论的核心内容。
  |@|<30>rely       |vi.|(on) depend on; trust in |依赖;信赖
  ||        ||They have to rely on the river for their water. |他们用水只好依靠这条河。
  ||        ||The old lady had to rely on other people to do her shopping for her. |那位老太太得依靠别人替她购物。
  ||<31>external   |a.|1. easily seen but not essential; on the surface |外在的,表面的
  ||        ||Judged by his external appearances he was a quiet man.|从外表看,他是个文静的人。
  ||        ||Many external factors affect the market in this country. |许多外界因素影响着这个国家的市场。
  ||||2. outside |外部的,外面的
  ||        ||the external appearance of the building |建筑物的外表
  ||        ||This material is good for the house to keep out external heat. |这材料对防止室外的热量进入屋内很有用。
  |@|<32>inevitable |a.     |certain to happen or cannot be avoided |不可避免的
  ||        ||With more cars on the road, traffic jams are inevitable. |汽车增加,路上也就少不了交通堵塞。
  ||        ||It was inevitable that she would find out the truth one day. |总有一天她会发现真相的。
  ||<33> <em>inevitably</em> |ad.    |unavoidably; certainly |不可避免地
  ||        ||The decision will inevitably lead to political tensions. |这一决定将不可避免会导致政治紧张。
  ||        ||Bad weather will inevitably lead to the decline of the output of the wheat. |坏天气不可避免地会导致小麦产量下降。
  |@|<34>preserve|vt. |1. keep; protect |保存;保护
  ||        ||We will do everything to preserve peace. |我们将尽一切努力维护和平。
  ||        ||Farmers feel that their countryside homes should be preserved. |农民们感到他们在乡下的家应该被保留下来。
  ||||2. store |储存
  ||        ||She preserved the eggs in jars. |她将鸡蛋储存在罐子里。
  ||        ||Here's a recipe for preserving fruit. |这是个储存水果的秘方。
  |@|<35>tough |a.|1. hard; difficult |艰难的;困难的
  ||        ||It's a tough job. |这是一件难干的活儿。
  ||        ||She's had a tough life. |她生活过得很艰难。
  ||||2. strong and able to deal with difficult situations |坚强的;强壮的
  ||        ||Camels are tough and hardy animals. |骆驼是能吃苦耐劳的动物。
  ||        ||He is very tough and never gives up when facing difficulties. |他很坚强,面对困难从不放弃。
  |@|<36>mature     |a.  |1. behaving in a sensible way, like an adult |成熟的
  ||        ||Laura is very mature for her age. |就年龄而言,劳拉是很成熟的。
  ||        ||He has become a mature singer. |他已是一位成熟的歌唱家了。
  ||        ||2. fully grown and developed |长熟的,成熟的
  ||        ||The human brain isn't fully mature until about age 25. |人类大脑要到25岁左右才完全发育成熟。
  ||        ||One mature lemon tree like this can produce 300 lemons. |像这样的一棵成熟的柠檬树能结300个柠檬。
  |@|<37>conscience |n.|[C, U] the sense of right and wrong |良心;良知
  ||        ||Let your conscience be your guide. |凭你的良心办事。
  ||        ||Her guilty conscience made her confess to her crime. |她的犯罪感使她供认了罪行。
  |@|<38>component  |n.|[C] a necessary or essential part |成分;部件
  ||        ||Exercise is one of the key components of a healthy lifestyle. |锻炼是健康生活方式的主要成分之一。
  ||        ||That factory produced electronic components. |那家工厂生产电子部件。
  |@|<39>enrich     |vt. |1. improve |改善,改进
  ||        ||Add fertilizer to enrich the soil. |施肥以改进土壤。
  ||        ||The goal of the course is to enrich our understanding of other cultures. |这门课程的目的是提高我们对其他文化的理解。
  ||||2. make rich or richer |使丰富
  ||        ||Education can greatly enrich your life. |教育能大大丰富你的生活。
  ||        ||Many foreign words and phrases have enriched the English language.|许多外来词和短语丰富了英语。
  |@|<40>fashionable|a.|popular; following the fashion |时髦的,时尚的
  ||        ||Her hats are always fashionable, but they do not always suit her. |她的帽子总是很时髦,可并不都适合她。
  ||        ||We ate at a fashionable new restaurant. |我们是在一家考究的新餐馆吃的饭。
  |@|<41>yield      |vi.|(to) agree to do sth. that one does not want to do |屈服;屈从
  ||        ||He yields to temptation easily. |他很容易受诱惑。
  ||        ||One shall not yield to the mercy of the enemy. |人不应屈服于敌人的怜悯。
  ||        |vt.|produce |出产;生产
  ||        ||This land yields good crops. |这块地长出了好庄稼。
  ||        ||This investment will yield a big profit. |这项投资会带来丰厚的利润。
  |@★|<42>tempt     |vt.|make sb. want to have or do sth. |引诱;诱惑
  ||        ||Your offer of a job tempts me greatly. |你为我提供的工作机会真让我动心。
  ||        ||If you leave valuables in your car it will tempt thieves. |如果你把有价值的东西留在车里,那会招来小偷。
  ||<43>attraction |n. |1. [C] sth. that attracts sb. |有吸引力的事物
  ||        ||The elephant was a big attraction at the circus. |马戏中大象很吸引人。
  ||        ||Niagara Falls is a great tourist attraction, drawing millions of visitors every year. |尼亚加拉瀑布是个旅游胜地,每年吸引数百万的游客。
  ||        ||2. [C, U] a quality that makes sth. attractive |吸引;吸引力
  ||        ||I can't understand the attraction of fishing. |我不明白钓鱼的吸引力何在。
  ||        ||The Internet has great attraction for young people. |因特网对年轻人有很大的吸引力。
  ||<44>rear       |a.|at or in the back |后面的
  ||        ||the rear window |后窗
  ||        ||He left by the rear door of the house. |他从房子后门走了。
  ||        |n.|[sing.] the back part; back |后面;背后
  ||        ||The kitchen is in the rear of the house. |厨房在房子的后面。
  ||        ||Smoking is only permitted at the rear of the bus. |只允许在公共汽车的后部吸烟。
  ||<45> <em>rear-view</em> |n.  |[C] a sight of what is behind |后视
  ||        ||Check your rear-view mirror before you drive away. |开走之前先看看后视镜。
  ||        ||I glance in the rear-view mirror to see other cars close behind, slowing down but then speeding up again. |我望了望后视镜,看着跟在后面的汽车,一会儿减速,一会儿加速。
  <TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
  ||<46>middle ground  |a position which is between two very different ones |中间道路;折中
  ||    |The negotiators could find no middle ground. |会谈者没有寻找到中间道路。
  ||    |You have to decide either to stay at home or to go out with me. There is no middle ground. |你要么待在家里,要么跟我走,没有折中的办法。
  ||<47>sell out (to)  |do sth. that is disloyal to one's principles or beliefs |出卖(原则或信念等)
  ||    |They spoke of people who had sold out to the enemy. |他们提到了那些背叛投敌的人。
  ||    |The leaders of the trade union were charged with selling out to the managers. |工会领导被指责背叛了自己的立场,倒向了雇主。
  ||<48>at hand    |1. being considered |在考虑中
  |||What he said has nothing to do with the question at hand. |他所说的与眼下的问题无关。
  |||Peter turned his attention to the task at hand. |彼德将注意力转向手上的工作。
  |||2. near in time or place |即将到来;近在手边
  |||Having the right equipment at hand will be very helpful. |将适当的器具放在手边将会大有帮助。
  |||Don't worry; help is at hand! |别担心,马上就有人来帮忙。
  ||<49>in short supply |lacking; not quite available |缺货;短缺
  ||     |Fresh water is in short supply. |缺少淡水。
  ||     |These goods are in short supply; therefore, the price will be high. |这些货正短缺,所以价格会上涨。
  ||<50>the bottom line |the most important factor; the main or essential point |重要因素;关键的东西
  ||     |The bottom line is that it's not making any money. |关键是这不赚钱。
  ||     |The bottom line is that it did not get the best out of everybody. |关键是它不能充分发挥每个人的作用。
  ||<51>demand of  |expect sth. from sb. or sth. |期待;要求
  |||She demands little of others but much of herself. |她对别人要求不高,但对自己要求很高。
  |||Some parents demand too much of their children. |有些家长对孩子要求太高。
  ||<52>stand for  |1. support a set of aims or principles |主张;支持
  |||This party stands for equal treatment in employment and fair trading. |这个党派主张平等就业和公平贸易。
  |||This decision goes against everything I stand for. |这个决定与我所主张的相违背。
  |||2. represent |代表;象征
  |||The pigeon stands for peace. |鸽子象征和平 。
  |||What does ATM stand for? |ATM代表什么?
  ||<53>confront with   |bring face to face with; force to deal with or accept the truth of |面对;对质
  ||     |Fearless hunters confront wild animals with bravery. |胆大的猎人勇敢地面对野兽。
  ||     |When the police confronted her with the evidence, she admitted that she was guilty. |当警察拿出证据与她当面对证时,她承认自己有罪。
  ||<54>think of   |1. consider sb. and their needs or situation |考虑;为...设想
  |||I was thinking particularly of the children when I chose the house. |我选择这房子主要是为孩子着想。
  |||You are always thinking of other people. |你总是替别人着想。
  |||2. remember sb. or sth. |想起;回忆起
  |||On her way to school Sandy thought of her brother Bill. |在上学的路上,桑迪想起了她哥哥比尔。
  |||I can't think of the name of the song. |我想不起那首歌的名字了。
  ||<55>do fine    |do a good job |干得好
  |||I'm doing fine in the school. |我在学校学习还不错。
  |||Don't worry, you're doing fine. |别担心,你干得不错。
  ||<56>give sb. credit |give sb. praise |赞扬
  ||     |He was given credit for his work. |他因工作出色而受到赞扬。
  ||     |Everybody in the team was given credit for their excellent performance. |队里的每一个人都因为出色的表现得到了赞扬。
  ||<57>in other words  |that is (to say); put in a different way |换言之
  ||     |The flight was cancelled for the bad weather; in other words, we couldn't attend their wedding. |航班因为天气不好而取消了,换言之,我们不能参加他们的婚礼了。
  ||     |The traveling library services have been reorganized; in other words, they visit fewer places. |流动图书服务得到了调整。换言之,他们服务的地方减少了。
  ||<58>win the day     |be successful |获胜;成功
  ||     |Common sense won the day, and the plans were dropped. |常识占了上风,计划被放弃了。
  ||     |On this occasion the strikers won the day and were given a pay increase of 20%. |这一回,罢工者赢了,工资增加了20%。
  <TITLE>Proper Names</TITLE>
  ||<59>David Ogilvy   | |戴维·奥格尔维(人名)
  ||<60>Ogilvy & Mather| |奥美广告公司
  ||<61>Robert Schuller| |罗伯特·舒勒(人名)

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