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新视野大学英语读写教程词汇 第一册 unit09 b

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<TITLE>New Words</TITLE>
||<1>echo        |vi.|(of a sound) repeat because it hits a surface and returns |(声音)回响
||||The gunshot echoed through the valley.|枪声在山谷里回响。
||||His footsteps echoed in the empty hall.|他的脚步声在空荡荡的大厅内回响。
||        |n.|[C] a noise that is repeated because the sound hits a surface and returns |回音;回声
||||The echoes of his cries sounded in the cave for several seconds.|他的喊叫声在洞穴中回响了好几秒钟。
||||If you shout loudly, you'll hear the echo.|如果你大声喊, 你就能听到回声。
||<2> <em>hallway</em> |n.|[C] a passage in a building or house that leads to many rooms |走廊;通道
||||He entered the hallway and stood uncertainly.|他进了走廊,迟疑不决地站着。
||||There was a staircase at the end of the hallway.|走廊尽头有一段楼梯。
||<3>await|vt.|wait or be ready for sb. or sth. |等候,等待
||||He is anxiously awaiting the result of the medical tests.|他焦急地等待着医学检测结果。
||||A lot of hard work awaits you at university.|大学里有许多艰苦工作等着你。
||<4>abortion1|n.|1. [C] the removal of a developing baby in order to end a pregnancy2 |堕胎;人工流产
||||habitual/threatened/ artificial abortion|习惯性/先兆性/人工流产
||||Some people believe that abortion is murder, but I can't decide.|一些人认为堕胎就是谋杀,不过我不能下结论。
||||2. [C] sth. that fails to develop, progress, or mature, as a design or project |失败;流产
||||The project was an abortion; it was abandoned before it could be put into action.|这个项目流产了,还未付诸行动就被弃用。
||||His plan proved an abortion.|他的计划夭折了。
||<5>database    |n.|[C] a large collection of data stored in a computer system that can be found easily |数据库
||||The company has a database of over 23,000 hotels that allow pets.|这公司有一个数据库,包含23,000多功能家允许带宠物的旅馆。
||||Online learning depends on many databases to monitor the process of learning.|网上学习依赖许多数据库来监控学习过程。
|@|<6>available   |a.|able to be got, used, etc. |能得到的;可利用的
||||The house I want to buy will be available in June.|我要买的房子将于六月份交房。
||||The manager tells us that he has only one apartment available now and the other one will be available next month.|经理说现在他手中只有一套住房可供使用,另一套要到下月才可使用。
||<7> <em>indecision</em>  |n.|[U] the state of being unable to make a decision |迟疑不决
||||For weeks now the government has been paralyzed by indecision.|目前政府举棋不定,无法正常运转,这都好几周了。
||||We finally decided3 to go abroad after years of indecision.|经过多年的踌躇,我们终于决定要去国外了。
|@|<8>ban |vt.|forbid, esp. by law |禁止;取缔
||||After the accident, he was banned from driving. |事故发生后,他被禁止驾车。
||||The government has banned the import of products from that country.|政府禁止进口该国产品。
|||n.|[C] an order banning sth. |禁令
||||The city has a ban on parking cars on this busy street.|市里禁止在这条繁忙街道上停车。
||||The union has imposed a ban on overtime4.|工会禁止加班。
|@|<9>predict     |vt.|say sth. in advance |预言
||||Scientists still cannot predict when earthquakes will happen.|科学家依然不能预测地震在什么时候发生。
||||They predict that about twenty percent of the students will fail to pass the examination.|他们预计将有20%的学生考试不及格。
||<10>breakthrough|n.|[C] an important discovery that comes after a lot of hard work |突破;重大发现
||||Scientists have made a breakthrough in their treatment of that disease.|科学家在治疗这种疾病方面取得了突破。
||||The agreement represents a breakthrough in relations between the two countries.|此协议标志两国关系有突破。
|@|<11>fate|n.|[C] the things that happen to sb., esp. unpleasant events |命运;厄运
||||The company's fate is still uncertain.|这家公司的命运仍不明朗。
||||The fate of the hostages depends upon the release of the political prisoners.|人质的命运取决于政治犯是否获释。
|@|<12>host|vt.|provide the place and everything needed for an organized event |招待;接待;主办
||||Which country will host the next World Cup?|下一届世界杯将由哪国举办?
||||They also discussed an important proposal to host an international conference on global warming in England next year.|他们还讨论了一项重要提议,该提议提出明年由英国主办一次有关全球变暖的国际会议。
|||n.|1. [C] a person or organization that provides the place and everything needed for an organized event |主人;东道主
||||Nick's a perfect host; he always looks after his guests very well.|尼克是个称职的东道主, 他总是将客人照料得很好。
||||2. [C] sb. who introduces guests and programs, esp. on television or radio |主持人
||||She is a popular Chinese television show host.|她是很受欢迎的中文电视节目主持人。
||||Our host for tonight's show is Terry Wogan.|今晚演出的主持人是泰莉·沃根。
|@|<13>pose |vt.|ask a question |提问题
||||The events pose a challenge to the church's leadership.|这些事件对宗教领导提出了挑战。
||||You've posed us an awkward question.|你给我们出了个难题。
|||vi.|sit or stand in a particular position to be drawn5, photographed, etc. |摆姿势
||||A group of fans wanted the star football player to pose for pictures.|一群球迷希望那位足球明星让他们拍照。
||||Before going into their meeting the six foreign ministers posed for photographs.|进去开会之前,六位外交部长站在一起拍了照。
|@|<14>instance   |n.|[C] an example of a particular situation |事例
||||There have been several instances of terrorists planting bombs in the city.|这个城市发生了几起恐怖分子放置炸弹的事件。
||||I usually support people who take such actions, but in this instance I have to condemn6 them.|我通常支持采取这种行为的人,但这一次,我不得不谴责他们。
|@|<15>expert     |n.     |[C] sb. who is very good at or have special knowledge about sth. |专家
||||Experts generally agree that diet has an important bearing on one's general health.|专家们普遍都同意,日常饮食对人体全面健康有重要影响。
||||He's an expert in economics.|他是一位经济学专家。
|||a.     |having a special skill or special knowledge |熟练的;有经验的
||||an expert chemist|有经验的化学家
||||She is expert in/at/on teaching children.|她是儿童教育专家。
||<16>surgery    |n.|[U] medical operation |手术
||||Many lives have been saved by surgery.|外科手术拯救了很多人的生命。
||||Heart surgery is much more common these days than it was ten years ago.|现在心脏手术已比十年前常见多了。
||<17>naval7|a.|relating to the navy |海军的
||||This map shows clearly where the naval ports are.|这张地图清楚地显示出军港的位置。
||||His orders were to protect the port from naval attack.|他的命令是保卫这港口不受海上攻击。
||<18>aircraft   |n. |[C] (pl. aircraft) a plane or other vehicle that can fly |飞机;飞行器
||||The return flight of the aircraft was delayed.|飞机的返程飞行被推迟了。
||||At least three military aircraft were destroyed.|至少有三架军用飞机被摧毁。
|@|<19>target|vt.    |aim at sb. or sth. |瞄准;以...为目标
||||In 23 attacks, the enemy troops targeted military bases.|有23次袭击敌军瞄准的是军事基地。
||||The campaign will target insurance companies.|这次运动的目标是保险公司。
|||n.     |[C] sth. one tries to achieve; a goal |目标
||||The target of our inquiry8 was to discover what had actually happened.|我们调查的目标是要弄清楚究竟发生了什么。
||||The company will reach its target of 12% growth this year.|公司今年将实现增长12%的目标。
||<20> <em>spoonful</em>   |n.|[C] the amount that a spoon will hold |一匙的量
||||three spoonfuls of brown sugar|三匙红糖
||||A woman bank cleaner was fired for "stealing" a spoonful of coffee and sugar.|一个女银行清洁工被开除了,因为她"偷"了一匙咖啡和糖。
|★|<21>navigation |n. |[U] the movement of a ship or an aircraft along a planned path |航空;航海
||||In the past, navigation depended largely on the position of the stars.|过去,航行在很大程度上依靠星星的位置。
||||The storms had caused difficulties in the navigation of the plane.|风暴造成飞机航行的困难。
|@|<22>numerous   |a.     |many |很多的
||||The professor used numerous papers to back up his statements.|那位教授用大量的文件来说明他的观点。
||||The library has numerous books, more than I had ever expected.|图书馆里有很多书,比我想象的还多。
||<23>fluent |a.|speaking or writing in a smooth and correct way |熟练的;流利的
||||He is fluent in five languages.|他能流利地讲五种语言。
||||Fluent readers seldom stop at an unknown word.|熟练的读者很少会因遇上生词而停顿下来。
|@|<24>mechanic   |n.|1. [U] (~s) the science that deals with the effects of forces on objects |力学;机械学
||||He has not studied mechanics or engineering.|他没学过力学或工程。
||||2. [C] a person who repairs or works with machines, esp. as a job |技工;机械师
||||The mechanic phoned to say your car was ready for collection.|汽车修理工来电话说你可以去取车了。
||||That's the mechanic who repaired my car.|那就是给我修汽车的机修工。
|@|<25>advertise  |v.|try to persuade people to buy sth. by announcing it in a newspaper or on TV |为...做广告
||||The job was advertised in the local newspapers.|那个职位的招聘广告登在本地的报纸上。
||||Are lawyers allowed to advertise their services?|允许律师为他们的业务登广告吗?
||<26> <em>advertising9</em> |n. |[U] the activity or business of advertising |广告;广告业
||||This campaign is one of the most successful in the history of advertising.|这次活动是广告史上最为成功的活动之一。
||||Its advertising is devastatingly10 successful.|它的广告做得极为成功。
||<27>waken      |v.|wake up or make sb. wake up |唤醒;醒来
||||I shook him but he didn't waken.|我摇了摇他,但他没有醒过来。
||||I was wakened by their shouts.|他们的叫喊声把我吵醒了。
|@|<28>enormous   |a. |extremely large |巨大的,庞大的
||||In that area the number of houses is still relatively11 modest, and the distances are not enormous.|在那个地区房屋数量仍然不多,相互间距离也不大。
||||That event gave you enormous mood swings, which nobody told me about.|那件事让你情绪起伏极大,却没人对我提起这个。
||<29> <em>enormously</em> |ad.|very or very much |很,非常
||||Countries vary enormously in their supply of early education programs.|在提供早期教育的规划问题上,国与国之间大不相同。
||||I was hot, as if I were standing12 under an enormously powerful sun.|我很热,就像站在威力巨大的太阳下。
||<30> <em>oversleep</em>  |vi.|(overslept, overslept) sleep for longer than one intended |睡过头
||||He avoided the medication, because it caused him to oversleep.|他避免用药,因为用药会使他睡过头。
||||Why are you so late? Did you oversleep again?|为什么迟到这么久?是不是又睡过头了?
|@|<31>survey     |n.|1. [C] a general description or report about a particular subject or situation |概况
||||a survey of fashion trends|时尚趋势概述
||||a survey of modern Chinese literature|中国现代文学概况
||||2. [C] an act of finding out information about sth. |调查;研究
||||A survey of public opinion is carried out by a group of experts in political science.|一组政治学方面的专家对舆论进行了调查。
||||A survey shows that students today have more assignments to do.|调查表明现在学生的作业量增加了。
|||vt.|ask a lot of people questions in order to find out their attitudes or opinions |调查
||||Have the house surveyed before you buy it.|买房子之前要找人对它作一次鉴定。
||||The mayor surveyed the situation before taking action.|市长在采取行动之前对情况作了调查。
||<32> <em>best-selling</em>       |a.     |well sold |畅销的
||        ||The store was stocked with award-winning novels by best-selling authors.|商店存有畅销书作家写的获奖小说。
||        ||The best-selling series of books was promoted for young children, but was not very appropriate for anyone under 18.|他们向儿童促销畅销系列书,但这些书对于18岁以下的人不是太适合。
||<33>filmmaker  |n.|[C] sb. who produces or directs a film |制片人;导演
||||My favorite filmmaker is Zhang Yimou.|我最喜欢的导演是张艺谋。
||||Much more than a filmmaker, he told stories that had genuine popular appeal. |他不光是一个制片人,还讲故事,那些故事很有吸引力。
||<34>prosperous|a.|rich and successful |富裕的;繁荣的
||||She was the daughter of a prosperous banker.|她是一个富有的银行家的女儿。
||||It's hard to believe that in this prosperous country, hunger could be a serious problem.|很难相信在这个富裕的国家里, 饥饿会成为一个严重的问题。
|@|<35>involve |vt.|1. take active part in a particular activity |积极参与
||||Try to involve as many children as possible in the game.|尽量让尽可能多的孩子参与这个游戏。
||||2. include sth.|包含;包括;需要
||||If their forces were not involved, then who is to blame?|如果他们的人员并没有卷入进来,那该由谁负责呢?
||||Accepting the job involves leaving home.|接受这份工作就得离家在外。
<TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
||<36>catch phrase   |a short phrase that many people know because a famous person often says it |流行语;口头禅
||    |coin a catch phrase|撰出一句流行语
||<37>drop out   |leave an activity, school, etc. before it has finished|中途退出;辍学
|||Some successful people managed to gain fame and fortune even though they dropped out of school.|有些成功人士虽然曾中途辍学,但后来还是事业有成,名利双收。
|||The criminal was an 18-year-old inner-city kid who dropped out of high school.|罪犯是个18岁的孩子,来自内城区,高中辍学。
||<38>figure out |succeed in solving or understanding sth. |想出;理解;明白
|||It took them a whole day to figure out how to start the equipment.|他们花了整整一天才琢磨出如何启用这台设备。
|||Try to figure out what feeling underlies13 your anger.|要尽力弄明白你怒火之下的感受。
||<39>would rather... than...  |prefer to do or have sth. |宁愿...不愿...
||    |We would rather have no help at all than continue to do that. |我们宁愿完全得不到援助也不愿再继续干下去。
||    |He would rather lose his job than give up his principles.|他宁愿失去工作也不放弃自己的原则。
||<40>care about |be concerned about |关心
|||We teased him because all he cared about was birds.|我们奚落他一心牵挂着鸟儿。
|||I'm curious to see if there really is another person in this world you care about.|我很想看看在这个世界上是否还真有另外一个人让你牵挂。
||<41>as to      |concerning sb. or sth. |至于;关于
|||As to me, I totally agree with her.|至于我,我完全同意她的观点。
|||There is some doubt as to whether the information is totally accurate.|关于消息是否完全准确存有一些怀疑。
||<42>page through   |look at a book, magazine, etc. by turning the pages quickly |翻看;浏览
||    |Seth was paging through a book.|塞思正翻看着一本书。
||    |My son was busy paging through the brochure for George Washington University.|我儿子正忙着翻阅乔治·华盛顿大学的宣传册。
||<43>end up     |be in a particular situation or place after a series of events |以...结束;最终达到
|||You end up as just a footnote in his autobiography14.|在他的自传里,你最后只不过是个无足轻重的人物而已。
|||He didn't want to end up a mean and ignorant man like his father.|他不想最终成为像他父亲那样一个吝啬无知的人。
||<44>as long as |if  |只要
|||It's acceptable as long as it's not too dangerous.|只要不是太危险,这是可以接受的。
|||You can look as long as you don't touch.|只要你不触摸,看看还是可以的。
||<45>do with    |used for saying how sb. uses sth. |利用;处置
|||I don't know what to do with this strange object.|我不知道这怪东西怎么用。
|||What are you doing to do with the robber? |你打算怎样处置那个抢劫犯?
<TITLE>Proper Names</TITLE>
||<46>Elkins      | |埃尔金斯(人名)
||<47>Albertson        | |艾伯森(人名)
||<48>Jacqueline Susann| |杰奎琳·苏珊(1918—1974,美国作家)
||<49>David Janssen    | |戴维·简森(1931—1980,美国演员)


1 abortion ZzjzxH     
  • She had an abortion at the women's health clinic.她在妇女保健医院做了流产手术。
  • A number of considerations have led her to have a wilful abortion.多种考虑使她执意堕胎。
2 pregnancy lPwxP     
  • Early pregnancy is often accompanied by nausea.怀孕早期常有恶心的现象。
  • Smoking during pregnancy increases the risk of miscarriage.怀孕期吸烟会增加流产的危险。
3 decided lvqzZd     
  • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents.这使他们比对手具有明显的优势。
  • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting.英国人和中国人打招呼的方式有很明显的区别。
4 overtime aKqxn     
  • They are working overtime to finish the work.为了完成任务他们正在加班加点地工作。
  • He was paid for the overtime he worked.他领到了加班费。
5 drawn MuXzIi     
  • All the characters in the story are drawn from life.故事中的所有人物都取材于生活。
  • Her gaze was drawn irresistibly to the scene outside.她的目光禁不住被外面的风景所吸引。
6 condemn zpxzp     
  • Some praise him,whereas others condemn him.有些人赞扬他,而有些人谴责他。
  • We mustn't condemn him on mere suppositions.我们不可全凭臆测来指责他。
7 naval h1lyU     
  • He took part in a great naval battle.他参加了一次大海战。
  • The harbour is an important naval base.该港是一个重要的海军基地。
8 inquiry nbgzF     
  • Many parents have been pressing for an inquiry into the problem.许多家长迫切要求调查这个问题。
  • The field of inquiry has narrowed down to five persons.调查的范围已经缩小到只剩5个人了。
9 advertising 1zjzi3     
n.广告业;广告活动 a.广告的;广告业务的
  • Can you give me any advice on getting into advertising? 你能指点我如何涉足广告业吗?
  • The advertising campaign is aimed primarily at young people. 这个广告宣传运动主要是针对年轻人的。
10 devastatingly 59f7cce5c3768db7750be91ff751f0fd     
adv. 破坏性地,毁灭性地,极其
  • She was utterly feminine and devastatingly attractive in an unstudied way. 她温存无比,魅力四射而又绝不矫揉造作。
  • I refuted him devastatingly from point to point. 我对他逐项痛加驳斥。
11 relatively bkqzS3     
  • The rabbit is a relatively recent introduction in Australia.兔子是相对较新引入澳大利亚的物种。
  • The operation was relatively painless.手术相对来说不痛。
12 standing 2hCzgo     
  • After the earthquake only a few houses were left standing.地震过后只有几幢房屋还立着。
  • They're standing out against any change in the law.他们坚决反对对法律做任何修改。
13 underlies d9c77c83f8c2ab289262fec743f08dd0     
v.位于或存在于(某物)之下( underlie的第三人称单数 );构成…的基础(或起因),引起
  • I think a lack of confidence underlies his manner. 我认为他表现出的态度是因为他缺乏信心。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Try to figure out what feeling underlies your anger. 努力找出你的愤怒之下潜藏的情感。 来自辞典例句
14 autobiography ZOOyX     
  • He published his autobiography last autumn.他去年秋天出版了自己的自传。
  • His life story is recounted in two fascinating volumes of autobiography.这两卷引人入胜的自传小说详述了他的生平。
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