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新视野大学英语读写教程词汇 第四册 Unit 1b

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  |<1>barn     |n.    |[C] a farm building for storing crops, or for keeping animals in |谷仓;牲口棚
  | |   | |They live in a converted barn. |他们住在谷仓改建的屋子里。
  | |   | |When he came into the barn from the brilliant sunlight outside, he was momentarily blinded. |当他从阳光明媚的外面走进谷仓,他有一小会儿什么都看不见。
  |     |<2>bull    |n.  |[C] a male cow |公牛
  | |   | |Several times I saw a big bull, sometimes even two together. |好几次我看到一头大公牛,有时甚至两头大公牛在一起。
  | |   | |They did not see the sign by the gate saying "Beware of the bull". |他们没有看到大门旁“当心公牛”的标牌。
  |   |<3>mill    |n.   |[C] a building where grain is crushed into lour |磨坊
  | |   | |Many of these local mills remain in name alone, having fallen into disuse. |许多当地的磨坊只不过是名义上存在,已弃之不用了。
  |    |<4>spray   |v.  |force liquid out of a container through an opening into the air |喷;喷洒
  | |   | |Water sprayed across the room. |水洒得满房间都是。
  | |   | |The crops are regularly sprayed with pesticide.|这些庄稼定期喷洒杀虫剂。
  |   |<5>sunshine|n.  |[U] the light and heat that come from the sun |阳光
  | |   | |The children were playing in the sunshine. |孩子们在阳光下玩耍。
  | |   | |I was sitting in the garden enjoying the sunshine. |我坐在花园里享受着阳光。
  |    |<6>canal     |n.    |[C] an artiicial river |运河
  | |   | |We walked along by the side of the canal. |我们沿着运河行走。
  | |   | |The Panama Canal provides a crucial shipping link between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. |巴拿马运河为大西洋和太平洋间提供了一个重要的运输纽带。
  |@  |<7>bathe    |vi.  |swim in the sea, a river, or a lake |游泳
  | |   | |I like to bathe in  the sea. |我喜欢在大海里游泳。
  | |   | |They bathed in the lake in the moonlight. |月光下,他们在湖里游泳。
  |    |          |v.   |(BrE bath) wash oneself or sb. else in a bath |(给...)洗澡
  | |   | |I bathed in the hot water. |我在热水中洗澡。
  |   |<8> <em>air conditioning</em>   |n. |a system used for keeping the air in a building or vehicle cool |空调设备
  | |   | |My car has air conditioning. |我的车装有空调。
  | |   | |The air conditioning was not yet in place. |空调设备还没装好。
  |    |<9>towel  |n.   |[C] a piece of cloth used for drying sb. or sth. that is wet |毛巾
  | |   | |She came downstairs after her shower, wrapped in a towel. |她淋浴后,裹着一个毛巾下了楼。
  |    |<10>clay   |n.  |[U] a type of heavy sticky soil used for making pots, bricks, etc. |黏土
  | |   | |He studied sculpture because he enjoyed working with clay. |他学习雕塑,因为他喜欢用粘土干活。
  |    |<11>ditch    |n.   |[C] a narrow passage dug at the side of a ield, road, etc. for water to low through |水沟;渠
  | |   | |The water drains into the ditch at the edge of the field. |水缓缓流入田边的沟里。
  | |   | |I fell asleep on the way home and drove my car into a ditch. |我在回家途中睡着了,把车开进了沟里。
  |   |<12>seashell |n.  |[C] the empty shell of a small sea creature |贝壳
  | |   | |We spent the whole morning collecting seashells on the beach. |我们花了整个上午在海滩上捡贝壳。
  | |   | |He gave us a big seashell as a gift. |他给了我们一个大贝壳作为礼物。
  |   |<13>seaweed|n.  |[U] |海草;海藻
  | |   | |The fossils appear to be an early form of seaweed washed up on a beach. |这些化石看上去是一种冲到海滩上海藻的最初轮廓。
  |    |<14>crane    |n.    |[C] a tall machine used for lifting and moving heavy objects |起重机;吊车
  | |   | |The truck was lifted up by a crane. |卡车由一架吊车吊起。
  | |   | |The next day they decided to use a different crane. |第二天们决定用一个不同的起重机。
  |▲  |<15>racism  |n.  |[U] the belief that some races of people are better than others |种族主义
  | |   | |Racism is unacceptable under any circumstances. |在任何情况下种族主义都是不能接受的。
  | |   | |The government has promised to continue the fight against racism. |政府已经承诺要继续与种族歧视斗争。
  |@  |<16>enquire|v.   |(also inquire) ask for information |打听;询问
  | |   | |I'll enquire about the train. |我将打听有关火车的情况。
  | |   | |They enquired whether he would attend. |他们问他是否参加。
  |   |<17>deposit  |n.  |1. [C] a sum of money that is paid into a bank account |存款
  | |   | |Deposits can be made at any branch. |可以在任何分行存款。
  | |   | |I'd like to make a deposit into my savings account. |我想存一笔款到我的储蓄账户上。
  |    |          |    |2. [C] a sum of money that is given as the irst part of a larger payment |定金
  | |   | |We've put down a 5% deposit on the house. |我们已为这房子付了5%的定金。
  | |   | |They normally ask you to pay $100 as a deposit. |他们一般要你付100美元定金。
  |   |<18>container |n.  |1. [C] sth. used for storing or holding things |容器
  | |   | |The air pressure on the inside of the container is higher than the air pressure on the outside. |容器内的空气压力比容器外高。
  | |   | |The increasing use of child-proof containers for medicines is helpful. |药品越来越多地使用对儿童安全的容器是有好处的。
  |    |          |    |2. [C] a large metal or wooden box used for transporting goods |集装箱
  | |   | |The crane lifted the container off the ship. |吊车把集装箱从船上吊下来。
  | |   | |This is by far the largest container ship. |这是目前最大集装箱船。
  |    |<19>coil    |n.  |[C] a length of rope or wire arranged into circles or rings |卷;盘
  | |   | |a coil of thick rope |一卷粗绳子
  | |   | |large coils of sheet metal |大卷的金属薄板
  |   |<20>tray   |n.    |[C] a lat object for carrying small articles |托盘
  | |   | |She asked Sally to take a tray upstairs. |她让萨利拿一个托盘到楼上。
  | |   | |The door opened and the man entered carrying a tray. |门开了,那男子拿着一个托盘走了进来。
  |    |<21>brow    |n.   |[C] the forehead |额;前额
  | |   | |He wiped his brow with the back of his hand. |他用手背擦了擦前额。
  | |   | |The man took out a handkerchief and mopped his brow. |那男子拿出了一块手帕,擦了擦自己的前额。
  |    |<22>moist    |a.   |slightly wet |湿润的
  | |   | |Leave a vent open to let some moist air escape. |让通风口开着,好让一些潮湿空气跑出去。
  | |   | |Keep the soil moist. That way, the seedling will flourish. |使土壤保持湿润,那样,秧苗会长得好。
  |@  |<23>amuse    |vt. |make sb. laugh or smile |使开心,使发笑
  | |   | |We were very amused by her comments. |我们被她的评论逗得哈哈大笑。
  | |   | |My funny drawings amused the kids. |我有趣的图画使得孩子们哈哈大笑起来。
  |   |<24> <em>amused</em> |a.  |thinking sth. is funny |被逗乐的;愉快的
  | |   | |He had an amused look on his face. |他的脸上露出愉快的表情。
  |    |<25>booklet  |n.  |[C] a thin book giving information about sth. |小册子
  | |   | |Read a booklet about how to react in case of earthquake. |阅读一本关于地震时该怎么做的小册子。
  |     |<26>sigh     |n.    |[C] a slow breath that makes a  long soft sound |叹息;叹气
  | |   | |He leaned back in his seat with a sigh. |他朝后靠了靠,叹息了一声。
  | |   | |she gave a sigh of relief. |她宽慰地叹了口气。
  |@    |<27>relief   |n.    |[sing., U] a relaxed feeling that sth. unpleasant has not happened or has ended |安慰;如释重负
  | |   | |We all breathed a sigh of relief when he left. |当他离开时我们都如释重负地叹了口气。
  | |   | |Much to my relief the car was not damaged. |令我感到宽慰的是车没损坏。
  |     |<28>heave    |vt.   |pull or lift sth. heavy with one great effort |(用力)举;拉;推
  | |   | |He heaved the bag onto his shoulder. |他用力把那袋子举到肩膀上。
  | |   | |All afternoon we heaved bales of hay up onto the truck. |整个下午我们都在把一捆捆的干草拖上卡车。
  |     |<29>freight  |n.    |[U] goods that are carried by ships, planes, trains or trucks |货物
  | |   | |The ship carries both freight and passengers. |这船既载货也载乘客。
  | |   | |These trains haul freight between Shanghai and Nanjing. |这些火车在上海和南京两地之间运送货物。
  |@    |<30>furnish  |n.    |1. supply or provide sth. |供应;提供
  | |   | |Will these findings furnish more information on prehistoric man? |这些发现会对史前人类的情况提供更多的资料吗?
  | |   | |Foreign investors furnished most of the capital for the project. |外国投资者为这项目提供了大部分资金。
  |    |          |    |2. provide furniture for a house or room |为(房间或房屋)配备家具
  | |   | |Having bought the house, they couldn't afford to furnish it. |他们买了这屋子,没钱给它配置家具。
  | |   | |The house was simply furnished. |这屋子家具配置得很简单。
  |     |<31>auction  |n.    |[C] a public occasion when things are sold to people who offers the most money for them |拍卖
  | |   | |The painting will be sold at auction next week. |这幅画将在下周被拍卖。
  | |   | |The house and its contents are being put up for auction. |这房子和其房内的东西正在被拍卖。
  |@    |<32>behave   |vi.   |act in a particular way |举动;表现
  | |   | |She always behaves well when her aunts come to visit. |她姨妈们来时,她的表现总是很好。
  | |   | |Whenever there was a full moon he would start behaving strangely. |只要是有全月,他的举止就会开始变得怪异了。
  |     |<33>lest     |conj. |in order to make sure that sth. will not happen |以免;唯恐
  | |   | |They were afraid to complain about the noise lest they annoy the neighbors.| 他们不敢对这噪音抱怨,唯恐使邻居们生气。
  | |   | |I was afraid to open the door lest he should follow me. |我不敢开门,唯恐他跟踪我。
  |@    |<34>glue     |n.    |[C, U] a sticky substance used for joining things together |胶;胶水
  | |   | |Wait for the glue to dry before you sit on it. |等胶水干了你再坐上去。
  | |   | |What kind of glue should I use to stick plastic to wood? |要把塑料粘到木头上我该用哪种胶水?
  |     |<35>porter   |n.    |[C] sb. whose job is to carry things, esp. traveler's bags at railway stations, airports, hotels, etc. |行李工
  | |   | |There aren't any porters, so we'll have to find a trolley for the luggage. |没有行李工,所以我们只得找辆手推车拖行李。
  | |   | |I was a porter at this hotel. |我在这家旅馆当行李工。
  |@    |<36>initiative  |n.    |[U] the ability to decide what to do and when to do it |主动性;自主决断能力
  | |   | |You won't get much help. You'll have to use your own initiative. |你不会得到很多帮助,你得用你自己的决断能力。
  | |   | |She did it on her own initiative. |她是自己主动做这件事的。
  |@    |<37>restore  |vt.   |1. make sth. return to its formal level or condition |使恢复
  | |   | |The measures are intended to restore public confidence in the economy. |这些措施是为了恢复公众对经济的信心。
  | |   | |Order was quickly restored after the riots. |暴乱后,秩序很快就恢复了。
  |    |          |    |2. repair a building, piece of furniture, etc. so that it looks as good as it did originally |修复;使复原
  | |   | |The house has been lovingly restored to the way it looked in 1900 when it was built. |这房子已被精心修复到1900年它建造时的样子。
  | |   | |This cream claims to restore your skin to its youthful condition. |这种护肤霜声称能使你皮肤恢复到年轻状况。
  |     |<38>liquor   |n.    |[U] (AmE) strong alcoholic drink |烈性酒
  | |   | |She drinks wine and beer but no hard liquor. |她喝葡萄酒和啤酒,可是不喝烈性酒。
  | |   | |He got used to drinking liquor at an early age.| 他很小的时候就已习惯喝烈性酒了。
  |★   |<39>intent   |n.    |[U] what one intends to do |目的;意图
  | |   | |He entered the building with intent to steal. |他进入大楼企图行窃。
  | |   | |He is charged with possession of a gun with intent to commit a robbery. |他被指控拥有手枪,企图抢劫。
  |@    |<40>induce   |vt.   |cause sth., esp. a mental or physical change |引起,导致
  | |   | |Pills for seasickness often induce drowsiness. |晕船药片常常会引起磕睡。
  | |   | |Too much food induces sleepiness. |吃得过饱会产生睡意。
  |@    |<41>obligation   |n.    |[C, U] a moral or legal duty to do sth. |义务;责任
  | |   | |Employers have an obligation to treat all employees equally. |雇主有平等对待所有雇员的义务。
  | |   | |Parents are under a legal obligation to educate their children. |家长负有教育自己子女的法律责任。
  |@    |<42>melt     |vi.   |gradually disappear |逐渐消失
  | |   | |Opposition to the government melted away. |对政府的反对消失了。
  | |   | |His anger slowly melted. |他的愤怒慢慢地消失了。
  |    |          |v.  |become or make sth. become liquid as a result of heating |(使)融化;(使)熔化
  | |   | |The snow showed no sign of melting. |雪没有融化的迹象。
  | |   | |The sun had melted the snow. |太阳使雪融化了。
  |     |<43>exceedingly  |ad.   |extremely |非常,极其
  | |   | |He was clever, handsome and exceedingly rich. |他聪明、英俊,非常有钱。
  | |   | |I've become exceedingly worried about the future of our son. |我对我们儿子的前途变得非常担心。
  |@    |<44>meanwhile    |ad.   |during the same period of time when sth. else is happening |与此同时;在此期间
  | |   | |Jim went to answer the phone. Meanwhile, Peter started to prepare lunch. |吉姆去接电话了,在此时间彼得开始准备午饭。
  | |   | |The incomes of male professionals went up by almost 40%. Meanwhile, professional women saw little increase in their incomes. |男性专业人员的收入增加了几乎40%,而兼职女性的工资几乎没增长。
  |     |<45> <em>civility</em>    |n.    |[U] polite behavior |礼貌;谦恭
  | |   | |Staff members are trained to treat customers with civility. |工作人员接受培训,礼貌对待顾客。
  | |   | |She greeted them with civility, but not much warmth. |她很有礼貌迎接他们,但并没有太多的热情。
  |     |<46>yawn     |n.    |[C] an act of opening the mouth wide and taking a big breath, usually when one is tired or bored |打哈欠
  | |   | |Seeing the yawns of the children, she sent them to bed. |看到孩子们在打呵欠,她就打发他们去睡觉了。
  | |   | |She stifled another yawn and tried hard to look interested. |她忍住了又一个呵欠,努力地试图显得感兴趣。
  |     |<47>shrug    |v.    |raise and then lower the shoulders to show one does not care about sth. |耸(肩)
  | |   | |"Where's David?" "How should I know?" replied my brother, shrugging. |“大卫在哪?”“我怎么知道?”我弟弟回答道,耸了耸肩。
  | |   | |He shrugged his shoulders as if to say that there was nothing he could do about it. |他耸了耸肩,好象要说对此他无能为力。
  |     |<48>barber   |n.    |[C] a man whose job is cutting men's hair |(男士的)理发师
  | |   | |He has a friend in New York, a barber named Mario. |他在纽约有一个朋友,名叫马里奥的理发师。
  | |   | |The young man tried to find something to complain to the barber about. |那个小伙子想找到点什么向理发师表示不满意。
  |     |<49> <em>barbershop</em>  |n.    |[C] a shop where men's hair is cut |(男士的)理发店
  | |   | |He whistled as he passed the post office and the barbershop. |他吹着口哨经过邮局和理发店。
  | |   | |He doesn't work in that barbershop any longer. |他不再在那家理发店干活了。
  |     |<50>pave     |vt.    |cover a road, area, etc. with lat stones or bricks |铺设,铺砌
  | |   | |The area from the shops to the beach is paved with bricks set in patterns. |从商店到海滩按图案铺设了砖。
  | |   | |The city center streets are well paved. |市中心的街道都铺得很好。
  <TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
  ||<51>pen up   |shut an animal or a person in a small area |把...关起来
  | |   |When all the cattle were safely penned up, the farmer could stop work for the day. |当所有的牛都安全地关进了栏中,这农民就可以结束了一天的工作。
  | |   |The whole family were penned up in one room for a month. |整个一家人在一间房间被关了一个月。
  ||<52>cool off|become cooler after being very hot |变凉快;(使)变凉
  | |   |We cooled off with a swim in the lake. |在湖里游了个泳,我们感到凉快了。
  | |   |By late autumn it has cooled off. |到深秋,提气已凉快。
  ||<53>enquire into|try to ind out the truth about sth. |调查;查问
  | |   |When the authorities inquired into his background, they found he had a criminal record. |在当局调查他的背景时,发现他有犯罪记录。
  | |   |The police are enquiring into the matter. |警方正在调查这件事。
  ||<54>on credit |buying sth. and paying for it later |赊;赊购
  | |   |Many people have to make major purchases on credit. |许多人不得不用赊购方式购买大件商品。
  | |   |We bought the dishwasher on credit. |我们是用赊购方式买这太洗碟机的。
  ||<55>open a/the door to|make sth. possible |使...可能;给...以机会
  | |   |Research on genes will open the door to exciting new medical treatments. |基因研究将为新的激动人心的医疗方法打开大门。
  | |   |These talks may well open the door to a peaceful solution. |这些会谈很可能为和平解决方案创造条件。
  ||<56>keep one's word|do what one has promised to do |履行诺言
  | |   |I trust her to keep her word. |我对她履行诺言很放心。
  | |   |I said I'd visit him and I shall keep my word. |我说过我会去看望他,我会说到做到
  ||<57>melt away|gradually disappear |逐渐消失
  | |   |Her determination to take revenge slowly melted away. |他报复的决心慢慢的消失了。
  | |   |When he heard these words, he felt his inner doubts melt away. |听到这些话时,他感到自己内心的怀疑消失了。
  ||<58>fall apart|(of an organization, system, etc.) no longer continue |(组织、制度等)瓦解,崩溃
  | |   |Don't be reckless or your plans may fall apart. |不要鲁莽,不然的话你的方案也许会失败。
  | |   |Their marriage fell apart when she found out about her husband's affair. |当她发现丈夫有外遇时,他们的婚姻破裂了。
  ||<59>hold up|support sb. or sth. and stop them from falling down |支撑
  | |   |The roof is held up by four enormous pillars. |屋顶由四根巨大的柱子支撑着。
  | |   |Her legs were almost too shaky to hold her up. |她的双腿颤抖得几乎使自己都站不住。
  ||<60>shrug off|treat sth. as unimportant and not worry about it |对...不予理会;对...不屑一顾
  | |   |He shrugged off my thanks. |他对我的感谢不给予理睬。
  | |   |You're a father and you can't simply shrug off your responsibilities to your children. |你是一个父亲,你不能对自己孩子们的责任满不在乎。
  ||<61>pave the way for|make  it possible or easier  for sth. to happen |为...铺平道路;为...创造条件
  | |   |This decision paved the way for changes in employment rights for women. |这个决定为妇女就业权利方面的变化铺平了道路。
  | |   |Scientists hope that the data will pave the way for a more detailed exploration of Mars. |科学家们希望这些数据会为更彻底的火星考察铺平道路。
  <TITLE>Proper Names</TITLE>
  ||<62>Buck Davis | |巴克·戴维斯(人名)
  ||<63>North Carolina | |北卡罗来纳州(美国州名)

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