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新视野大学英语读写教程词汇 第四册 Unit 4a

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  <1>telecommunications|n.   |[U] the sending and  receiving of messages over distance, esp. by telephone, radio and television |电信
  | |   | |a telecommunications satellite |通信卫星
  | |   | |the telecommunications industry |电信业
  |    |<2>dumb   |a.  |unable to speak |哑的,不会说话的
  | |   | |a deaf and dumb boy |一个聋哑男孩
  | |   | |Being dumb, the little girl had difficulty communicating her feelings. |因不会说话,那个小女孩交流感情有困难。
  |@   |<3>investment   |n.  |[C, U] the act of investing money in sth. |投资
  | |   | |This country needs investment in education. |这个国家需要在教育上投资。
  | |   | |He hopes to attract foreign investment. |他希望吸引外国投资。
  |    |<4>Latin   |n. & a. |[U] |拉丁语(的);拉丁语系(的)
  |    |<5>utility |n.  |[C] (usu<. ~ties ) a service used by the public, such as electricity or gas supply |公用事业;公用设施
  | |   | |public utilities |公用事业
  | |   | |Railways and roads are public utilities. |铁路和公路是公用设施。
  |    |<6>optical  |a.   |connected with sight or light |视觉的;光的
  | |   | |He suffers from an optical defect. |他有视觉障碍。
  | |   | |This is the most advanced optical telescope in the world. |这是世界上最先进的光学望远镜。
  |    |<7>diameter|n.  |[C] |直径
  | |   | |The diameter measures twice the radius. |直径为半径的两倍。
  | |   | |The pond is six feet in diameter. |该池塘直径为6英尺。
  |   |<8>millimeter |n. |[C] (Bre. millimetre ) |毫米
  |    |<9>cable  |n.   |[C] a set of wires covered in plastic or rubber, used to carry electricity |电缆
  | |   | |The road has been dug up in order to lay cables. |路被挖开以便铺设电缆。
  |    |<10>copper  |n. |[U] |铜
  |    |<11>transmission    |n.  |1. [U] the act or process of sending out an electronic signal or message or of broadcasting a radio or television program |播送;发射;传输
  | |   | |The BBC has just successfully demonstrated a new digital radio transmission system. |英国广播公司刚刚成功地演示了一套新的数字式无线电播送系统。
  | |   | |Data transmission techniques including satellite telecommunications have applications in financial control and electronic banking. |包括卫星通信的数据传输技术可用于金融控制和电子银行业务。
  |    |          |   |2. [U] the process of passing sth. from one person, place or thing to another |传播
  | |   | |the transmission of the disease/virus |疾病/病毒的传播
  | |   | |Effective measures are being sought to prevent the sexual transmission of AIDS. |正在寻找有效的措施来避免艾滋病的性传播
  |    |<12>parade  |n.  |1. [C] a series of people or things that seems never to end |一连串,一系列
  | |   | |an endless parade of advertisements |一连串没完没了的广告
  | |   | |For the next six hours, he treated a parade of sick children. |在接下来的六小时他给一大批病孩治疗。
  |    |          |     |2. [C] a line of people, vehicles, etc. moving forward in order, often as a celebration of some event |游行
  | |   | |The small boy loves watching the soldiers on parade. |这个小男孩喜欢看士兵的检阅队伍。
  | |   | |The crowd marched through town in a victory parade. |人群游行走过市中心,欢庆胜利。
  |    |<13>urban   |a.   |of or in a city or town |城市的,都市的
  | |   | |Urban dwellers often accept noise as part of city life. |城市居民通常承认噪音是城市生活的组成部分。
  | |   | |Modern industry has been concentrated in a few large urban centers. |现代工业一直集中在一些大城市中心。
  |    |<14>spider   |n.    |[C] |蜘蛛
  | |   | |a spider's web |蜘蛛网
  |    |<15>condense |vt.  |make sth. shorter or smaller |缩短;压缩
  | |   | |The editor condensed the manuscript to half of its original length. |编辑把稿子长度压缩成原稿的一半。
  | |   | |I've tried to condense ten pages of comments into two. |我试图把十页长的评论文章缩短成两页。
  |    |<16>intensive |a.    |involving a lot of activity, effort, or careful attention in a short period of time |密集的;集中的;加强的
  | |   | |They started a one-week intensive course in English. |他们开始了为期一周的英语强化课程。
  | |   | |After a period of intensive training, I was allowed to make my first parachute jump. |经过一段时间的强化训练,我被允许第一次跳伞了。
  |    |<17> <em>labor-intensive</em> |a.  |(of work) needing a lot of people to do it |劳动密集型的
  | |   | |A lot of farming techniques have been abandoned because they were too labor-intensive. |许多耕作技术由于其劳动密集型程度太强,所以已被放弃。
  | |   | |The local authorities have mainly helped small businesses in more labor-intensive industries. |地方当局主要帮助在劳动密集型程度较强行业的小企业。
  |    |<18>rust    |v.    |become covered with a reddish-brown substance that forms on iron and steel |生锈
  | |   | |It'll rust if you leave it out in the rain. |如果你让它淋雨,它会生锈的。
  | |   | |Years of being left out in the rain had rusted the metal chairs. |由于常年淋雨,这些金属椅子生锈了。
  |    |          |n.     |[U] the reddish-brown substance that forms on iron and steel |铁锈
  | |   | |The car was covered with rust. |车子满身是锈。
  | |   | |The bicycle looked free of rust. |这辆自行车看起来没有生锈。
  |    |<19>antique|n.   |[C] sth. made long ago that is valuable or interesting |古董
  | |   | |The palace is full of priceless antiques. |王宫里全是价值连城的古董。
  | |   | |You can't give away Granny's old bookcase—it's a valuable antique. |你不能把奶奶的旧书架送人──那是一件很有价值的古董。
  |    |<20>lick   |vt.   |1. easily defeat sb. or deal with sth. |击败;克服
  | |   | |The computer people seem to have licked the problem. |电脑人员看起来已经克服了这个问题。
  | |   | |I'm not going to be licked by a small difficulty like that. |我不会被这么一个小小的困难所难倒。
  |    |          |     |2. move one's tongue over sth. |舔
  | |   | |The dog licked her hand. |那条狗舔了舔她的手。
  | |   | |The child finished the dessert and then licked the plate. |孩子吃完了甜点后把盘子舔得干干净净。
  |@  |<21>strategic|a.   |done as part of a plan, esp.  in a military, business, or political situation |战略(上)的;策略(上)的
  | |   | |strategic planning |战略部署
  | |   | |The company has appointed a new marketing director to broaden its strategic expertise. |这家公司任命了一位新的营销主管来增加战略规划方面的力量。
  |    |<22>recession  |n.  |[C, U] a period during which there is a decline in economy and prosperity |经济衰退
  | |   | |Many businesses are failing because of the continuing recession. |由于经济持续衰退,许多公司都倒闭了。
  | |   | |The latest report confirms that the economy is in recession. |最新报告证实经济在衰退。
  |@  |<23>scratch    |vt. |rub a surface slightly with sth. sharp or rough |抓,挠
  | |   | |The cat scratched my hand. |猫抓破了我的手。
  | |   | |Be careful not to scratch yourself on the roses. |当心不要被玫瑰刺扎伤。
  |   |<24>mainland   |n.   |[sing.] (the ~) the main area of land of a country |大陆
  | |   | |Hong Kong constitutes a critical economic gateway between the mainland and the outside world. |香港是大陆和外部世界的一个重要的经济门户。
  | |   | |He lives on an island off Scotland, but travels to the mainland once a month. |他住在苏格兰外的小岛上,每月去一次大陆。
  |★  |<25>provincial |a.  |of a province |省的;省级的
  | |   | |provincial governments |省政府
  | |   | |<em>Anhui Daily</em> is a provincial newspaper. |《安徽日报》是一份地方性的报纸。
  |▲  |<26>infrastructure |n.    |[C, U] the basic systems and structures that a country or organization needs in order to work properly |基础设施
  | |   | |The war has badly damaged the country's infrastructure from electricity plants and generators to roads and bridges. |战争严重破坏了该国从电厂、发电机到道路、桥梁等基础设施。
  | |   | |More money is needed to strengthen the country's infrastructure. |需要更多的钱加强国家的基础设施建设。
  |    |<27> <em>superhighway</em>  |n.    |[C] a large, wide road on which trafic travels at high speed |高速公路
  | |   | |Who will build this expensive new superhighway? |谁将来建造这条昂贵的新的高速公路?
  | |   | |I got onto the superhighway and drove as fast as I could. |我上了这条高速公路,以尽可能快的速度驾驶。
  |    |<28>log      |vt.   |make an oficial record of events, facts, etc. |记录
  | |   | |They have logged more than 90 complaints. |他们已经记录了90余例投诉。
  | |   | |The old plane had logged hundreds of hours of flying time. |那架老飞机已经积累了数百小时的飞行记录
  |    |          |v.   |cut down trees |伐木
  | |   | |The forest has been so heavily logged that it is in danger of disappearing. |森林被严重砍伐,面临毁灭的危险。
  | |   | |They continued to log despite having been ordered to stop. |尽管他们已被命令停止砍伐树木,他们仍在继续砍伐。
  |@  |<29>invest   |v.    |spend money on sth. in the hope of making a proit |投资
  | |   | |They will invest 5 million in the project. |他们将为这个项目投资500万。
  | |   | |He refuses to invest in companies without a good social record. |他拒绝向那些社会记录不佳的公司投资。
  |    |          |vt. |use lots of time, energy, or effort to do sth. |投入(时间、精力等)
  | |   | |They have all invested significant amounts of time and energy in making this project a success. |他们都为这个项目的成功花费了大量的时间和精力。
  | |   | |He invested a lot of time and efforts in passing the exam. |他为通过这项考试投入了很多时间和精力。
  |★  |<30>investor  |n.    |[C] sb. who gives money to a company, business, or bank in order to get a proit |投资者
  | |   | |A New York investor offered to acquire the company's shares for $13 each. |一名纽约商人愿以每股13美元的价格收购这家公司的股票。
  | |   | |Investors sought to recover losses sustained earlier in the week. |投资者们设法挽回本周早些时候蒙受的损失。
  |    |<31>import    |n.    |1. [U]  the act of bringing a product, service, etc. into one country from another |进口;输入
  | |   | |The report calls for a ban on the import of foreign cars. |这份报告要求禁止进口外国小汽车。
  | |   | |Germany, however, insists on restrictions on the import of Polish coal. |然而,德国坚持对进口波兰的煤作出限制性的规定。
  |    |           |    |2. [C] a product or service that is brought into one country from another |进口商品
  | |   | |Imports exceeded exports in value last year. |去年进口商品的价值超过了出口商品。
  | |   | |Imports rose last month. |上个月进口商品增加了。
  |    |           |vt.  |bring a product, service, etc. into one country from another |进口;输入
  | |   | |The country has to import most of its raw materials. |这个国家的大部分原材料需要进口。
  | |   | |The fashion for wearing baseball hats was imported directly from the States. |戴棒球帽的时尚是直接从美国引入的。
  |    |<32>stake     |n.    |1. [C] money that sb. invests in a company |股份
  | |   | |He holds a 40% stake in the company. |他在这家公司拥有40%的股份。
  | |   | |The company is selling off its 15% stake in the Commercial Bank. |这家公司正在出售15%的商业银行的股份。
  |    |           |    |2. [C] a pointed piece of wood, metal, etc. that is pushed into the ground to support sth. or mark a particular place |桩;柱
  | |   | |One of the stakes in the fence is broken. |篱笆上的一根桩折断了。
  | |   | |His boat was fastened by a chain to a stake in the ground. |他的小船用链条拴在岸边的一根地桩上。
  |    |<33>lease     |v.    |use or let sb. use sth., esp. property or equipment, in return for rent |租借;出租
  | |   | |We have leased an apartment for one year. |我们已租到一套公寓,租期为一年。
  | |   | |He had persuaded them to lease him a house. |他已说服他们租给他一座房子。
  |    |           |n.  |[C] an agreement which allows sb. to use sth. in return for rent |租约;租契
  | |   | |The lease runs out in two years' time. |该租约两年后到期。
  | |   | |We signed the lease yesterday. |我们昨天签了租约。
  |    |<34>ridge     |n.    |[C] a long narrow raised part of land, esp. at the top of a mountain |脊;山脊
  | |   | |We walked along the narrow mountain ridge to reach the summit. |我们沿着狭窄的山脊爬向顶峰。
  | |   | |He sat on the ridge of the roof. |他坐在屋脊上。
  |    |<35>reliable  |a.    |able to be depended on or trusted |可靠的;值得信赖的
  | |   | |Is your watch reliable? |你的表准吗?
  | |   | |John is very reliable—if he says he'll do something he'll do it. |约翰很可靠──要是他说要做什么他就会做的。
  |    |<36>tag       |n.    |[C] a piece of paper or other material attached to sth. to identify it or give information about it |标签
  | |   | |The house has a price tag of half a million pounds. |这幢房子标价50万英镑。
  | |   | |Whose coat is this? Look at the name tag. |这件外衣是谁的?看看姓氏标签。
  |@  |<37>width     |n.    |[C, U] the distance from one side of sth. to the other |宽度;阔度;广度
  | |   | |It is 5 meters in width. |它宽5米。
  | |   | |Measure the length and width of the gap. |请量一量这个缺口的长度和宽度。
  |    |<38>breadth   |n.    |[C, U] the width |宽度;阔度
  | |   | |The length of this box is twice its breadth. |这个箱子的长度是它宽度的两倍。
  | |   | |This river is 10 meters in breadth. |这条河宽10米。
  |@  |<39>nowhere   |ad.   |not in, at or to any place; not anywhere |任何地方都不
  | |   | |His room had a smell that could be found nowhere else in the house. |他房间里有股味道,在房子里的其他地方都没有。
  | |   | |These young people have nowhere to go. |这些年轻人没有地方可去。
  |@  |<40>disposal  |n.    |[U] the act of getting rid of sth. |处理;消除
  | |   | |His business is waste disposal. |他的业务是处理垃圾。
  | |   | |Please see to the disposal of that rubbish. |请负责处理掉
  |    |<41>revenue   |n.    |[U] the income that a government, company, etc. receives regularly |财政收入;收益
  | |   | |The government was short of money because of falling oil revenues. |由于石油收入减少,政府感到财政拮据。
  | |   | |The government got much revenue from taxes last year. |政府去年从税收中获得大量收入。
  |    |<42>electron  |n.    |[C] |电子
  | |   | |Protons are nearly 2000 times as heavy as electrons. |质子比电子重将近2000倍。
  <TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
  ||<43>give sb. an advantage over |make sb. more likely to succeed than others |使具有优势
  | |   |Fluent English will give you an advantage over others. |英语流利会让你比别人有优势。
  | |   |His experience gave him an advantage over those fresh graduates. |他的经验使他比那些刚毕业的大学生有优势。
  ||<44>be stuck with|have sth. you do not want because you cannot get rid of it |无法摆脱,解脱不了
  | |   |We were stuck with unexpected visitors. |我们被迫接待不速之客。
  | |   |I'm stuck with this job for the moment. |我眼下被工作困住了。
  ||<45>push ahead|continue trying to achieve sth. |推进;推行
  | |   |The factory is pushing ahead with plans to expand production. |工厂正在推行扩大生产的计划。
  | |   |How to better push ahead with the project is under discussion. |如何更好地推进这个项目正在讨论中。
  ||<46>a matter of sth. |sth. that needs or depends on sth. else |是...问题
  | |   |He will know it sooner or later. It is only a matter of time. |他早晚会知道的,只是个时间问题。
  | |   |Some people prefer the old version to the new one. It's a matter of taste. |有些人喜欢旧版本胜于新版本,这只是品味问题。
  ||<47>date from |have existed since a particular time in the past |始于
  | |   |This law dates from the 17th century. |这条法律起源于17世纪。
  | |   |Our friendship dates from our college days. |我们的友谊始于大学时代。
  ||<48>be stuck in |be in an unpleasant situation and unable to change it or get away from it |陷入
  | |   |We were stuck in traffic for over an hour. |我们被交通堵塞困了一个多小时。
  | |   |He said his car had got stuck in the snow. |他说他的车当时陷在雪里了。
  ||<49>scratch the surface |deal with only the simple or obvious parts of sth. |仅触及表面;浅尝辄止
  | |   |The lecturer merely scratched the surface of the subject. |演讲人仅仅谈了谈该题目的一点皮毛。
  | |   |We left feeling that we had just scratched the surface of this fascinating country. |我们离开这个神奇的国家时,觉得只了解了她表面的一些东西。
  ||<50>log on |do the necessary actions that allow you to begin using a computer system |登录(计算机)系统
  | |   |You need a password to log on to the system. |你要有密码才能登录该系统。
  | |   |Customers pay to log on and chat with other users. |顾客要付费才能登录系统与其他用户聊天。
  ||<51>at one's disposal |available for one to use |供某人使用;由某人支配
  | |   |During your visit, I will put my room at your disposal. |在你来访期间我会把我的房间给你用。
  | |   |He will have a car at his disposal for the whole month. |这一整月都会有一部车供他使用。
  ||<52>make use of |use sth. or sb. in order to get an advantage |使用;利用
  | |   |We could make better use of our resources. |我们可以更好地利用我们的资源。
  | |   |You should make full use of the Internet. |你应该充分利用互联网。
  ||<53>keep pace with |move, increase, change, etc. at the same speed as sb. or sth.else |齐头并进;并驾齐驱
  | |   |Are wages keeping pace with inflation? |工资的提高能否与通货膨胀同步?
  | |   |The company is struggling to keep pace with changes in the market place. |这个公司正努力保持与市场变化同步。
  ||<54>lag behind |fail to achieve as much as sb. else; fail to remain level with others |落后;滞后
  | |   |The little boy lagged behind his parents. |那小男孩落在他父母的后面了。
  | |   |We still lag far behind many of our competitors in using modern technology. |在应用先进技术方面,我们仍落后于我们的许多竞争者。
  <TITLE>Proper Names</TITLE>
  ||<55>Latin America | |拉丁美洲
  ||<56>Eastern Europe | |东欧
  ||<57>Budapest  | |布达佩斯(匈牙利首都)
  ||<58>Vietnam  | |越南(东南亚国家)
  ||<59>Manhattan  | |曼哈顿区(美国纽约市政区名)
  ||<60>Hungary | |匈牙利(欧洲中部国家)
  ||<61>BellSouth Corporation | |南方贝尔电话公司
  ||<62>Thais | |泰国人

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