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新视野大学英语读写教程词汇 第四册 Unit 3a

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  |<1>raw      |a.   |not processed, treated, or cooked |未经加工的;天然的;生的
  | |   | |raw material |原材料
  | |   | |I prefer to eat vegetables raw, not cooked. |我喜欢生吃蔬菜,不要煮。
  |    |<2> <em>wheelchair</em>|n.  |[C] a chair on wheels for people who can't walk to get around |轮椅
  | |   | |He spent the last ten years of his life in a wheelchair. |他在轮椅上度过了一生中的最后10年。
  | |   | |He is so weak he can't leave home and hates to sit in his wheelchair. |他身体很虚弱,不能离开家,而且他讨厌坐轮椅。
  |   |<3>pension   |n.  |[C] an amount of money paid regularly by the government or a company to sb. who no longer works because of age or illness |养老金;抚恤金
  | |   | |He finds it hard to live on his pension. |他发现靠抚恤金生活很困难。
  | |   | |He won't be able to draw his pension until he's 65. |他在65岁以前不可能支取养老金。
  |■  |<4>caseworker|n. |[C] a social worker who works to help people with social problems |社会工作者
  | |   | |I stayed, first as a volunteer then as a caseworker. |我先是作为一名自愿者,然后是作为一名社会工作者留下的。
  | |   | |I've now understood what a caseworker is doing. |我现在明白了社会工作者是从事什么工作的了。
  |@  |<5>rent    |n.  |[C] an amount of money sb. pays regularly for the use of a room, house, car, etc. that is owned by sb. else |租金
  | |   | |We let the spare room at a monthly rent of $100. |我们把空房间以每月100美元的价格出租。
  | |   | |I pay a higher rent than the other tenants because my room is bigger. |因为我的房间比较大,我付的租金比其他房客高。
  |    |          |v.   |pay money regularly for the use of a room, house, car, etc. |租用
  | |   | |I rented a car from a garage and drove all around the city. |我从车行租了辆车,满城兜风。
  | |   | |The old lady rented us her spare room for $50 a week. |老妇人把空房间以每周50美元的价格出租给我们。
  |▲  |<6>opt       |vi.   |make a choice |选择;决定
  | |   | |Anyone who opted to work full-time was busy six days a week, thirteen hours a day. |选择做全日工的人一周6天都很忙,一天得忙上13个小时。
  | |   | |Against his father's advice, Peter opted for business. |彼得违背父亲的意见,选择了经商。
  |    |<7>drum    |v.  |make a continuous sound by hitting a surface |不停敲击
  | |   | |He kept drumming his fingers on the desk. |他不停地用手指敲击桌子。
  |    |          |n.   |[C] |鼓
  | |   | |the regular beat of the drum |有规律的击鼓声
  |   |<8>temptation    |n. |[C, U] a desire to do or have sth., esp. sth. that is bad for you |诱惑,引诱
  | |   | |Students should resist the temptation to focus on exams alone. |学生应该抵制只注重考试的诱惑。
  | |   | |As an actor, he simply has no way to resist the temptation to move to Hollywood. |作为一名演员,他根本无法抵制住去好莱坞的诱惑。
  |    |<9>profile  |n.   |1. [C] the public image of a person or organization |形象;印象
  | |   | |They have done a lot to change the profile of their company. |他们下了很大力气改变公司形象。
  | |   | |The government is trying to keep a low profile on this issue. |政府力图在这个问题上保持低姿态。
  |    |          |     |2. [C] a side view of a person's head |(人头部的)侧面;侧影
  | |   | |She has a good strong profile. |她侧面看上去美丽而坚毅。
  | |   | |The actor is photographed in profile, smoking a cigarette. |这个演员从侧面拍了一张抽烟的照片。
  |    |<10> <em>high-profile</em>  |a. |attracting a lot of public attention |引人注目的
  | |   | |He is a high-profile political star. |他是一个引人注目的政治新星。
  | |   | |He is one of football's high-profile chairmen. |他是足球界引人注目的主席之一。
  |@    |<11>bow    |vi.  |bend one's body forward, esp. to show respect |鞠躬
  | |   | |He bowed politely to the host. |他礼貌地朝主人鞠躬。
  | |   | |The people all bowed down before the Emperor. |人们都在皇帝前深深躬身。
  |    |          |n.   |[C] the act of bowing |鞠躬
  | |   | |She gave a deep bow to the audience. |她向观众深深地鞠了一躬
  |    |<12>compensation  |n.  |1. [C, U] sth. used to balance or reduce the bad effects of a damage, loss, injury, etc. |补偿;弥补
  | |   | |Compensation of injured workers has cost the company a lot. |对受伤工人的补偿花费了公司不少钱。
  | |   | |You should claim compensation. |你应该要求赔偿。
  |    |          |     |2.  [U] money that sb. receives because sth. bad has happened to them |补偿金;赔偿金
  | |   | |She received $50,000 in compensation. |她得到了5万美金的补偿费。
  | |   | |She was awarded $350,000 compensation for her injuries. |判定赔偿她受伤补偿费35万美金。
  |    |<13>liberal |n.   |[C] sb. who accepts different opinions or ways of behaving |思想开明的人
  | |   | |He liked to think of himself as a liberal. |他喜欢视自己为思想开明的人。
  | |   | |As a liberal, he'd like to listen to the different opinions about the matter. |作为一名思想开明的人,他想听听对这件事的不同看法。
  |    |          |a.   |willing to accept different opinions or ways of behaving |心胸宽广的;开明的
  | |   | |a man of liberal views |思想观点开明的人
  | |   | |Her parents were far more liberal than mine. |他父母远要比我父母开明得多。
  |    |<14>detective  |n.    |[C] sb. who tries to discover information about a crime and ind the criminal |侦探
  | |   | |Detectives have finally tracked down the killer. |侦探们最终追捕到了杀手。
  | |   | |He worked as a private detective for the company. |他为这家公司当私人侦探。
  |    |<15>shorts    |n.   |(pl.) short trousers ending at or above the knees |短裤
  |@  |<16>paste  |vt. |stick sth. to sth. else or in a speciied place |粘贴
  | |   | |Please paste a label on the box. |请在盒子上贴一张标签。
  | |   | |The walls were pasted with pictures of movie stars. |墙壁上贴满了电影明星的照片。
  |    |          |n.   |[U] a kind of glue made of lour and water |浆糊
  | |   | |wallpaper paste |墙纸浆糊
  | |   | |When I put wallpaper up I got paste all over my hands and clothes. |我贴墙纸时手上和衣服上全都沾满了浆糊。
  |@  |<17>receipt  |n.  |[C] a written statement showing that you have paid for sth. |收据,收条
  | |   | |Make sure you are given a receipt for everything you buy. |一定要确保你买的每样东西都有一张收据。
  | |   | |I paid the bill and he gave me a receipt. |我付了账单,他给了我一张收据。
  |    |<18>donation|n.   |[C] money or goods that you give to a person or an organization in order to help them |捐赠物;捐款
  | |   | |They received a large donation to the school. |他们收到了给这所学校的大笔捐款。
  | |   | |She gave/made a donation of $200 to the Children's Hospital. |她捐赠200美元给儿童医院。
  |    |<19>hip    |n.   |[C] the part on each side of human body between the top of the leg and the waist |臀(部);髋(部)
  |    |<20>crawl   |vi.   |1. move along on hands and knees or with the body close to the ground |爬行;匍匐前进
  | |   | |The child crawled across the floor. |这孩子爬过了地板。
  | |   | |There's an insect crawling down your sleeve. |有只昆虫顺着你的袖子在往下爬。
  |    |          |     |2. move slowly |缓慢行进
  | |   | |The traffic was crawling along at ten kilometers per hour. |车辆正以每小时10公里的速度缓慢地向前移动着。
  | |   | |Cars and trucks crawled along the main road. |轿车和货车沿着这条主要交通道路缓慢地行进。
  |    |<21>spine  |n.   |[C] the row of bones down the middle of the back |脊椎;脊柱
  | |   | |She damaged her spine when she fell. |她摔下来时,脊柱受到了损伤。
  |★  |<22>spinal   |a.   |relating to the spine |脊椎的;脊柱的
  | |   | |a spinal injury |脊骨受伤
  | |   | |a spinal disorder |脊椎病
  |    |<23>cord     |n.   |[C, U] a piece of thick string or thin rope |细绳;粗线
  | |   | |Have you got a bit of cord that I can tie this parcel up with? |你能给我一点绳子捆这个包裹吗?
  | |   | |The burglars tied up the night watchman with a piece of cord. |夜盗用一根绳把守夜人捆了起来。
  |   |<24>screw    |n.   |[C] |螺丝钉
  | |   | |fix with a screw |用螺丝钉固定
  | |   | |He needed four strong screws for fixing the cupboard to the wall. |他需要4个大螺丝钉把这个碗橱固定在墙上。
  |    |<25>roller   |n.  |[C] |滚筒;轧辊
  | |   | |They pushed the boat down to the water on rollers. |他们用滚轴将船推下水。
  | |   | |We'll need to move the piano on rollers. |我们需要用滚轴来移动钢琴。
  |    |<26>bearing  |n.    |[C] |轴承
  |    |<27>brake    |n.    |[C] a device for reducing the speed of a vehicle and bringing it to a stop |闸;制动器;刹车
  | |   | |She had no brake on her bicycle. |她的自行车上没有车闸。
  | |   | |His brakes failed on a slippery road. |他的刹车在打滑的路面上失灵了。
  |    |<28>notify   |vt.   |tell sb. oficially about sth. |通知,告知
  | |   | |The school is required to notify parents if their children fail to come to school. |如果孩子没来上学,要求学校通知他们的家长。
  | |   | |Has everyone been notified of the decision? |已经把决定通知了每个人了吗?
  |★  |<29>certify  |vt.   |state that sth. is correct or true |证明,证实
  | |   | |Here is a document certifying that I was born in France. |这是证明我出生在法国的文件。
  | |   | |I hereby certify that the above information is true and accurate. |兹证明上述情况属实且准确无误。
  |    |<30>bid      |n.    |[C] an offer to pay a certain price for sth., esp. at an auction |出价;投标
  | |   | |Bids for building the bridge were invited from big firms throughout the country. |已向全国几个大公司招标建造这座桥梁。
  | |   | |I made a bid of $150 for the painting. |我出价150美元买这幅画。
  |    |          |v.   |offer to pay a particular price for sth., esp. at an auction |出价;投标
  | |   | |A French firm will be bidding for the contract. |一家法国公司将竞标这份合同。
  | |   | |He bid $1,000 for the painting. |他为这幅画出价一千美元。
  |@  |<31>alert    |vt.   |make sb. notice sth. important or dangerous |提醒;引起对...的重视
  | |   | |The sign alerted people to thin ice. |这块告示提醒人们冰层很薄。
  | |   | |We must alert the nation to the need to solve these problems. |必须告诉全国人民解决这些问题的必要性。
  |    |          |a.   |1. paying attention to what is happening and ready to react if necessary |警觉的,警惕的
  | |   | |We must be alert to the possibility of danger. |我们要对潜在的危险保持警惕。
  | |   | |The police hid in the bushes, alert to what was happening around. |警察躲在灌木丛中,警惕地注视着周围的情况。
  |    |          |     |2. able to think quickly and clearly |机敏的,机警的
  | |   | |Though he is 70 years old, he is still mentally alert. |虽然已经70岁了,他仍思维敏捷。
  | |   | |She is old but still very alert. |她年龄很大,但还是非常机敏。
  |    |<32>appliance  |n.   |[C] a piece of equipment, esp. an electrical one that is used in the home |家用电器
  | |   | |electric/domestic/home/household appliances |家用电器
  |    |<33>maid     |n.    |[C] a female servant |女佣,女仆
  | |   | |She told the maid to prepare some tea. |她吩咐女佣准备茶水。
  | |   | |In California many illegal immigrants work as maids. |在加利福尼亚州,许多非法移民做女佣。
  |@  |<34>roast    |a.    |cooked in an oven or over a ire |烤过的,烤制的
  | |   | |roast beef |烤牛肉
  |    |          |v.   |cook sth., such as meat, in an oven or over a ire |烤,烘
  | |   | |They roasted a chicken for me. |他们为我烤了一只鸡。
  |    |<35>oven     |n.    |[C] |烤炉;烤箱
  | |   | |microwave oven |微波炉
  | |   | |Take the cake out of the oven. |把蛋糕从烤箱里取出来。
  |    |<36>helicopter  |n.   |[C] |直升飞机
  | |   | |Two helicopters have already been shot down. |已有两架直升机被击落。
  | |   | |The injured were ferried to hospital by helicopter. |伤员被直升飞机运送到医院。
  |@  |<37>provision |n.    |1. [C] a part of an agreement or law  that deals with a particular problem |条款,条文;规定
  | |   | |We have inserted certain provisions into the treaty to safeguard foreign workers. |我们已在协定中添了某些条款,保护外国工人。
  | |   | |Under the provisions of the lease, the tenant is responsible for repairs. |根据租约规定,租户负责修理。
  |    |           |    |2. [U] the act of providing sth. |提供,供应
  | |   | |The government is responsible for the provision of health care. |政府有责任提供卫生保健服务。
  | |   | |The provision of good public transport will be essential for developing the area. |提供良好的公共交通对开发这个地区是非常重要的。
  |@  |<38>champion  |n.    |1. [C] sb. who publicly supports, defends or fights for a belief, right, etc. |支持者;捍卫者
  | |   | |a champion of human rights |人权拥护者
  | |   | |She has long been a champion of free speech. |她很长时间以来一直是言论自由的拥护者。
  |    |           |    |2. [C] sb. who has won in a game, competition, etc. |冠军
  | |   | |this year's golf champion |今年的高尔夫冠军
  | |   | |She is the world champion for the third year in succession. 她是连续三年的世界冠军。
  |    |<39>chemist  |n.    |1. [C] sb. who prepares and sells medicines |药剂师
  | |   | |The chemist made up my prescription immediately. |药剂师立刻把我的处方配好了。
  | |   | |You will have to take your prescription to a chemist. |你得把你的处方带给药剂师。
  |    |          |     |2. [C] a scientist who studies chemistry |化学家
  | |   | |Understanding these rare molecules will help chemists to find out what is achievable. |了解这些稀有分子会有助于化学家们发现可取得什么结果。
  | |   | |The book is of great value for analytical chemists. |这本书对分析化学家们来说十分重要。
  |▲  |<40>urine    |n.    |[C] |尿,小便
  |    |<41>senator  |n.    |[C] |参议员
  | |   | |Only two senators voted against the bill. |只有两名参议员投票反对该议案。
  | |   | |All 100 senators agree to a postponement. |所有100位参议员都同意推迟。
  |    |<42>governor |n.    |[C] sb. in charge of a particular political unit |州长;总督;行政长官
  | |   | |Three US state governors have put themselves forward as presidential candidates. |三位美国州长成为总统候选人。
  | |   | |He is governor of the State of Maryland. |他是马里兰州州长。
  |@  |<43>thrive   |vi.   |become very successful or very strong and healthy |兴旺;繁荣;茁壮成长
  | |   | |Insects thrive well in a warm climate. |昆虫在温暖的气候中容易繁殖。
  | |   | |Flowers will not thrive without sunshine. |没有阳光花就不会盛开。
  |    |<44>convict  |vt.   |prove or declare sb. guilty |证明...有罪;宣判...有罪
  | |   | |She was convicted of theft. |她被判犯了盗窃罪。
  | |   | |There wasn't enough evidence to convict him. |没有足够证据证明他有罪。
  |    |          |n.   |[C] sb. who has been found guilty of a crime and sent to prison |囚犯
  | |   | |Fifty-two convicts began a hunger strike on November 30th. |52名囚犯在11月30日开始绝食。
  | |   | |It was reported that the convict had escaped from the prison. |报道说那个囚犯已从监狱逃跑了。
  <TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
  ||<45>be faced with |meet sth. bad or dificult |面对,面临
  | |   |They were faced with financial difficulties. |他们面临经济困难。
  | |   |Faced with the evidence, he had to confess. |面对证据,他不得不坦白。
  ||<46>drum up|get sth. by asking a lot of people for help or support |竭力争取;兜揽
  | |   |We'll have to drum up more support for business. |我们不得不为了生意大力争取支持。
  | |   |Manufacturers are offering big discounts to drum up business. |生产厂家正提供很大的折扣来招揽生意。
  ||<47>under the table|in a secret way |背地里,私下
  | |   |They were charged with taking money under the table. |他们被指控私下拿钱。
  | |   |Quite some transactions were done under the able. |有不少交易是私下进行的。
  ||<48>get/be involved in |be part of or included in sth. |卷入;参与
  | |   |They had been deeply involved in the crimes. |他们深深地卷入了犯罪活动。
  | |   |I don't want to get involved in your family arguments. |我不想卷入你的家庭争论。
  ||<49>deep down |in one's true feelings |在内心深处,在心底
  | |   |Deep down, I know you love me really. |在你内心审深,我知道你是真心爱我的。
  | |   |Deep down, he knew he was at fault. |在心底里,他明白自己错了。
  ||<50>make a fool of sb. |trick sb. or make them appear stupid in some way |愚弄某人
  | |   |He'd been made a fool of. |他被人耍了。
  | |   |Your brother is making a fool of you. |你兄弟在愚弄你。
  ||<51>talk back |reply rudely |顶嘴
  | |   |In his youth he lost several jobs, just because he dared to talk back. |他年青时,只不过因为敢顶嘴,就失业了好几次。
  | |   |He knew better than to talk back to his father. |他知道最好还是不要和他父亲顶嘴。
  ||<52>break down |fail to work; stop working |发生故障;坏掉
  | |   |The telephone system has broken down. |电话线路出故障了。
  | |   |Our car broke down on the freeway. |我们的车在高速公路上抛锚了。
  ||<53>get around |move or travel around |四处走动
  | |   |It is difficult for her to get around without a cane. |她不用拐杖就寸步难行。
  News soon got around that he had resigned. |有关他辞职的消息马上传开了。
  ||<54>look into |examine the facts about a problem or situation |调查
  | |   |Police are looking into the disappearance of two children. |警察正在调查两名儿童失踪的事情。
  | |   |There seems to be an electrical problem. I'll get someone to look into it. |好像电路出毛病了,我得找个人检查一下。
  ||<55>build up |make sth. develop or form |建立;开发
  | |   |She's built up a very successful business. |她建立起了一家非常成功的企业。
  | |   |We've built up good relationships with our clients. |我们与客户建立了良好的关系。
  ||<56>lend itself to |be suitable for being used in a particular way or result in sth. bad easily |适宜于;会造成
  | |   |This hot weather lends itself to sleeping. |这种热天很容易让人昏昏欲睡。
  | |   |Some novels quite readily lend themselves to adaptation as plays; others do not. |有些小说很适合改编成剧本,有些却不合适。
  ||<57>convict... of |declare sb. guilty of a crime |判决...有罪
  | |   |The jury convicted the accused man of theft. |陪审团宣判被告犯有偷窃罪。
  | |   |He was convicted of murder. |他被判犯有谋杀罪。
  <TITLE>Proper Names</TITLE>
  ||<58>John Callahan | |约翰·卡拉汉(人名)
  ||<59>Suzanne | |苏珊娜(人名)

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