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新视野大学英语读写教程词汇 第四册 Unit 4b

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  |<1>cassette  |n.    |[C] |盒式磁带
  | |   | |an audio cassette |录音带
  | |   | |a cassette player |放音机;放像机
  |     |<2>edition  |n.  |[C] the copies of a book, newspaper, etc.  that are published and printed at the same time |(书、报等的)版次;版本
  | |   | |I've ordered the paperback edition of the dictionary. |我已订购了这本词典的平装本。
  | |   | |Electronic editions of the novel can be found online. |那小说的电子版可以在网找到。
  |@   |<3>tutor    |n.   |[C] a college or private teacher |导师;家庭教师
  | |   | |His parents employed a tutor for him instead of sending him to school. |他父母没送他去上学,而是给他请了一位家庭教师。
  | |   | |His tutor encouraged him to read widely. |他的导师鼓励他广泛阅读。
  |    |<4>feedback  |n.   |[U] advice, criticism, etc. about how successful or useful sth. is |反映;反馈
  | |   | |We are waiting for feedback from the students' parents on the new scheme for buying schoolbooks. |我们正在等待学生家长对购买教材新计划的反馈信息。
  | |   | |The feedback from the customers is very positive. |从客户那里收到的反馈信息是令人乐观的。
  |@   |<5>via      |prep. |1. by means of |通过;凭借
  | |   | |The news program came to us via satellite. |新闻节目是经卫星传送到我们这儿的。
  | |   | |The news reached me via my aunt. |这消息是通过我姑妈传到我这里的
  |    |          |      |2. through a place |经;经由
  | |   | |He went to New York via Rome. |他经由罗马到纽约。
  | |   | |We flew home via Shanghai. |我们经上海飞回家。
  |    |<6>semiconductor  |n.     |[C] |半导体
  | |   | |Semiconductors are used for making integrated circuits and computers. 半导体用于制造集成电路和计算机。
  |@  |<7>transmit|vt.  |1. send out an electronic signal such as a radio or television signal |播送;传送
  | |   | |Fiber-optic cables will transmit electronic signals. |光纤电缆能传送电子信号。
  | |   | |The survivors of the shipwreck transmitted a distress signal every hour. |失事船只的幸存者每小时发出一次求救信号。
  |    |          |      |2. spread a disease from one person to another |传染;传播
  | |   | |It is a sexually transmitted disease. |它是一种性传播疾病。
  |   |<8> <em>fiber-optic</em>  |a.  |(BrE ibre-optic) |光学纤维的
  | |   | |A superhighway uses digital and fiber-optic technology to provide new telecommunications links. |信息高速公路使用数字和光纤技术提供新的远程通信连接。
  |    |<9>carrier   |n.    |1. [C] a thing that carries sth. |运送工具,载体
  | |   | |This kind of cable is not an efficient carrier of information. |这种电缆不是一种很高效的信息载体。
  | |   | |Carrier-based planes refer to those that can take off and land on an aircraft carrier. |舰载机指的是那些可以在航空母舰上起飞和降落的飞机。
  |    |          |      |2. [C] sb. who passes a disease to other people, esp. without being affected by it themselves |(病毒)携带者,带菌者
  | |   | |Over 12,000 people have died of AIDS in San Francisco alone, and right now there are more than 28,000 HIV carriers. |仅旧金山就有12,000多人死于艾滋病,现在还有28,000多名艾滋病病毒携带者。
  | |   | |The doctor estimates that as many as 1 in every 7 of the community is a carrier of the defective gene. |这位医生估计该社区每七人中有一人是缺陷基因携带者。
  |     |<10>laser    |n.  |[C] |激光
  | |   | |a laser printer |激光打印机
  | |   | |Lasers are used for cutting hard substances such as metal and for performing delicate surgical operations. |激光被用来切割金属类的坚硬物质和进行高难度的精细手术。
  |@  |<11>hence    |ad. |for this reason; therefore |因此,所以
  | |   | |A better working environment improves people's performance, and hence productivity. |好的工作环境能改善人的表现,从而提高生产率。
  | |   | |Microwaves have got cheaper and hence more people can afford them. |微波炉已降了价,因此更多的人能买得起了。
  |   |<12>format   |n.  |1. [C] the way in which data is stored or held for processing by a computer |格式
  | |   | |a computer |格式
  | |   | |electronic format |电子版式
  |    |          |      |2. [C] a pattern, plan or arrangement |样式;计划;安排
  | |   | |We'll produce the leaflet in large and small formats. |我们将把传单印成大小两种样式。
  | |   | |There is no set format for these weekly meetings. |这些每周举行的会议没有固定的模式。
  |   |<13>audio  |a.  |relating to sound that is recorded and for broadcast |声音的;音频的
  | |   | |She recorded audio tapes of books for blind people. |她为盲人把书的内容录成录音磁带。
  | |   | |He demonstrated how audio signals could be transmitted without distortion. |他演示了如何能不失真地转送音频信号。
  |@  |<14>file      |n.    |1. [C] a set of information stored in a computer |(计算机)文件;文档
  | |   | |Every file on the same disk must have a different name. |同一磁盘上的每一个文件必须有一个不同的文件名。
  | |   | |I'm going to save this file. |我准备把这文件保存起来
  |    |          |      |2. [C] written records that are kept about a particular person or subject |档案
  | |   | |Your application will be kept on file. |您的申请将会存档。
  | |   | |We keep a file on each student's progress. |我们对每个学生的进展都存档。
  |    |<15>dose     |n.  |[C] a measured amount of a medicine |(药的)一剂;一服
  | |   | |He was not able to sleep without heavy doses of sleeping pills. |他不服大剂量的安眠药就无法入睡。
  | |   | |The label on the bottle says the dose is three of the pills with every meal. |瓶子上的标签说,用量是每餐服用3粒药丸。
  |    |<16>blade    |n.   |[C] the cutting part of a knife |刀片;刀刃
  | |   | |This blade needs sharpening. |这个刀片需要磨一下。
  |▲ |<17>wield    |vt.  |hold a weapon or tool and use it |挥动;使用
  | |   | |She was confronted by a man wielding a handgun. |她被一个挥舞着手枪的男子拦住了。
  | |   | |They rushed at him, wielding their knives. |他们挥着小刀向他冲过来。
  |   |<18>keyboard      |n. |[C] the set of keys on a computer or typewriter |键盘
  | |   | |The new model of word processor has a smaller keyboard. |新型的文字处理机键盘更小。
  | |   | |The pianist sat down at the keyboard and began to play. |钢琴家坐在钢琴前开始演奏。
  |    |<19>correspondent |n.  |[C] sb. who writes reports for a newspaper, TV, etc. |记者;通讯员
  | |   | |a war correspondent |战地记者
  | |   | |He is our correspondent in Beijing. |他是本报驻北京记者。
  |   |<20>specialize  |vi.   |(BrE specialise) (~ in) limit all or most of one's study, business, etc. to a particular subject or area |专攻;专门研究;专门从事
  | |   | |This shop specializes in chocolate. |这家商店专门经销巧克力。
  | |   | |We went to a restaurant that specializes in Italian food. |我们去了一家专门做意大利菜的餐馆。
  |    |<21>era    |n.   |[C] a period of time that is marked by particular events or stages of development |时代,时期
  | |   | |The treaty marks the dawn of a new era in East-West relations. |这条约标志着东西方关系的一个新时代到来了。
  | |   | |Some said it was the end of an era. |有人说这是一个时代的终结。
  |    |<22> <em>high technology</em>   |n.  |[U] |高新技术
  | |   | |Norway has also made an international impact as a high-technology country. |挪威作为一个高新技术的国家在世界上也有重大影响。
  | |   | |Last year less of the money went into high-technology companies. |去年更少的钱投入高新技术公司。
  |    |<23>vacuum   |n.   |1. [sing.] a situation in which sth. is missing |真空般的状态
  | |   | |His resignation has left a political vacuum at the head of the party. |他辞职后,该党领袖空缺,留下了一个政治真空。
  | |   | |Her death left a vacuum in his life. |她的去世使他的生活变得空虚。
  |    |          |      |2. [C] a space that is completely empty of all gas |真空
  | |   | |Nothing can live in a vacuum. |任何生命都不能在真空中生存。
  | |   | |Sound waves cannot travel through a vacuum. |声波在真空中无法传播。
  |   |<24>synthetic    |a.   |artiicial |人造的;合成的
  | |   | |This synthetic dress material does not crush. |这种合成纤维衣料不会皱。
  | |   | |Synthetic rubber has substituted natural rubber in many fields. |合成橡胶在许多领域取代了天然橡胶。
  |@  |<25>crucial  |a.  |very important |至关重要的,关键的
  | |   | |The next game is crucial. If we lose it, we will lose the match. |下一场比赛十分关键。如果输了,就输掉了整个比赛。
  | |   | |It is crucial that the problem be tackled immediately. |关键是马上着手处理这个问题。
  |     |<26>postman  |n.    |[C] sb. whose job is to collect and deliver letters |邮递员
  | |   | |Has the postman come this morning? |今天上午邮递员来过没有?
  | |   | |If it is the postman, introduce them; let him know this man represents no threat. |如果是邮递员,向他们介绍一下,让他知道这个人不会构成威胁。
  |@    |<27>correspondence   |n.    |1. [U] letters, esp. business ones |信件
  | |   | |Any further correspondence should be sent to my new address. |以后的来信请寄往我的新地址。
  | |   | |He found her letter at the bottom of a piece of business correspondence. |他在一封商业信函底下找到了她的来信。
  |    |          |      |2. [U] the process of sending and receiving letters |通信
  | |   | |He has kept up a correspondence with his teacher since graduation. |他毕业后一直与他的老师保持着通信联系。
  | |   | |Her correspondence with Jim lasted many years. |她和吉姆的通信持续了许多年。
  |     |<28>diagram  |n.    |[C] a drawing that explains sth. that is difficult to understand |图解;示意图
  | |   | |The teacher drew a diagram showing how the blood flows through the heart. |老师画了张示意图,说明血液如何流过心脏。
  | |   | |The book has diagrams showing the parts of a car engine. |这本书有一些示意图,说明汽车发动机的部件。
  |@    |<29>portion  |n.   |[C] a part of sth. |一部分
  | |   | |A large portion of the company's profits goes straight back into new projects. |公司利润的一大部分又直接投入到新的项目中。
  | |   | |The computer factory represents only a small portion of the company's business. |计算机工厂只是该公司业务的一小部分。
  |@    |<30>insure   |vt.    |(BrE ensure) make certain that sth. will happen |保证,担保
  | |   | |The airline is taking further steps to insure public safety on its aircraft. |航空公司正采取进一步的措施以保证其飞机上乘客的安全。
  | |   | |Please insure that lights are switched off before you leave the building. |请确保你离开大楼时所有的灯都已关掉
  |    |          |v.     |arrange insurance for sth. |给...保险;投保
  | |   | |This silver's very valuable—you should insure it. |这块银牌非常贵重,你应该给它投保。
  | |   | |All our household goods are insured against accidental damage. |我家所有的物品都投了意外损失险。
  |     |<31>terminal |n.    |1. [C] computer equipment connected  to a computer system |计算机终端
  | |   | |The data will be fed into a computer terminal. |这些资料将被输入计算机终端。
  |    |          |      |2. [C] a building where people wait to get onto planes, buses, or ships or where goods are loaded |候机楼;终点站;码头
  | |   | |The new air terminal is very large and well-designed. |新的候机楼很大,设计得很好。
  | |   | |Your flight to Shanghai will leave from Terminal 4. |你去上海的航班将在4号航站出发。
  |     |<32>typewriter    |n.    |[C] a machine with keys for printing  letters on a piece of paper |打字机
  | |   | |We don't have a computer and have only recently bought an electric typewriter. |我们没有计算机,最近才买了一台电动打字机。
  | |   | |From somewhere distant he heard the clatter of a typewriter. |他听到从远处某个地方传来打字机嗒嗒的打字声。
  |     |<33>librarian  |n.    |[C] sb. who works in a library |图书管理员
  | |   | |She asked the librarian to reserve the book for her. |她请图书管理员为她保留该书。
  | |   | |Ask a librarian to help you find what you need. |叫图书管理员帮助你找到你需要的东西。
  <TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
  ||<34>play a leading/major/key role  |be important in making changes happen |起主要/关键作用
  | |   |Parents play a key role in the formation of their children's character. |父母在孩子的性格形成中起着关键作用。
  | |   |Teacher should play a leading role in teaching reform. |教师应该在教学改革中发挥主导作用。
  ||<35>come up with   |produce or provide sth. |拿出;提供
  | |   |She came up with some pictures taken by her father. |她拿出一些她父亲拍的照片。
  | |   |We wanted to buy the house but we couldn't come up with the cash. |我们想买那房子,可是我们拿不出钱。
  ||<36>in the hands of sb. /in sb.'s hands  |being dealt with by sb. |由某人负责;由某人处理
  | |   |The matter is now in the hands of my lawyer. |这件事已在我的律师的控制之下。
  | |   |At that time, the castle was in the hands of their enemy. |那时城堡还在他们的敌人手里。
  ||<37>take steps to do sth. |take action to do sth. |采取措施做某事
  | |   |Immediate steps should be taken to put an end to the spread of the disease. |应立即采取措施制止这种疾病的传播。
  | |   |The authorities are taking steps to curb the currency devaluation. |当局正采取措施控制货币的贬值。
  <TITLE>Proper Names</TITLE>
  ||<38> <em>Beauty and the Beast</em> | |《美女与野兽》(电影名)
  ||<39>Jeffrey Chester | |杰弗里·切斯特
  ||<40>the Center for Media Education | |大众媒介教育中心
  ||<41>Berkeley   | |伯克利(美国加利福尼亚州西部城市)
  ||<42>California | |加利福尼亚
  ||<43>Community Memory Project  | |社区存储器项目
  ||<44>Santa Monica  | |圣莫尼卡(美国加利福尼亚州南部城市)

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