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美国国家电台 NPR 2012-10-18

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 From NPR News in Washington. I'm Lakshmi Singh. Federal authority have arrested a Bangladeshi national in connection with plot to bomb New York Federal Reserve. The Justice Department says in the statement that the terroe suspect was picked up this morning in lower Manhattan. The culmination1 of a sting operation during which the man was closely monitored by the FBI's Joint2 Terrorism Task Force New York office. The authority say the public was never in any danger. 

President Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt3 Romney are back on the campaign trail after their dramatic debate last night. Mr. Obama scheduled appearances in Iowa and Ohio while Romney appeared to voters in Virginia. The third and final debate between the two candidates is coming up in less than a week. NPR's P reports some political analysts4 say it may not be as contentious5 or as closely watched as last night showed out.
The third debate will focus on foreign policy and John who is the professor of government at the collage6 W in Virginia says the president is likely to feel he has a significant advantage in that area. 
He has a lot more experience in foreign affairs. He has a lot more information. He's probably going to be able to address a number of these issues. No way that the voters are likely to give the president more credibility on than the challenger. 
J says he does not expect next debate to get as much attention as the first two got.
People have seen these candidates a couple of times. I frankly7 unthink there is going to be as much intrest among the billions (of) audience.
Final debate is next Monday in B Florida. C, NPR News.
Germany powerful Finance Minister is calling on the European Union to appoint a  commissioner who would in effect control the per strains of member countries' budgets. NPR's P reports from Berlin that the suggestion is likely to meet with stiff opposition8 that two-day EU summit that begins Thursday.
German Finance Minister VS says the point is to get the European Union to take more meaningful steps for creating a fiscal9 union that would stabilize10 the euro. But his proposal for currencies are, in call for a more flexible voting arrangements in European parliament are likely to make many EU members skittish11. What's more likely a garner12 support the summit in Brussels is a proposal to strengthen the European Central Bank role by giving it control of private banks. Currently, those banks are regulated by the central banks of the country they are located in. Analysts say any of these measures if approved would require a new treaty , discussions for which will happen in December at the earliest. N, NPR News, Berlin.
Before the close on Wall Street, Dow Drones Industrial Average up 5 points at 13,557, Nasdaq gaining 3 at 3,104; the S&P 500 up slightly, it's 1,461. 
This is NPR News.
The Taliban is claiming responsibility for another mass attack on coalition13 forces in Afghanistan. This time, in Eastern P province. For NPR S says ten Afghan troops were wounded.
The attacks targeting Afghan bases and forces around the rises they continue to consume more responsibility for security in the country. According to NATO, Afghan forces are now leading 60% of security operations and they are suffering five times as many casualties as coalition forces. NPR C reporting.
US officials say a CIA operative was among those killed in a suicide attack on an Afghan Intelligence Office in K, Saturday. Another intelligence officer, 24 year-old soldier and four Afghan intelligence officials also lost their lives. 
A trial day has been set for Gorge14 Zellman, the neighborhood watch volunteer charged with shooting and killing15 unarmed teenager TM. NPR's M reports form Miami. The trial was set for next June.
It was the first hearing in the case for second judge DN .She took over the case after Zellman defended successfully,a sock? had previous judge dismissed. The Judge set trial for June tenth next year. Attorney says the trial may last three weeks. Z's lawyer M indicated he may not be ready by then. M has previously16 asked the judge to delay proceedings17 in the case, saying he has taken as many as 75 depositions18 and still seeking discovery documents from prosecutors19. This week, Z's defense20 is also waiting for records of trails on Facebook and twitter accounts. Another hearing in the case in S, Friday, to determine whether the Z's defends is *, the teenager's school records. M, NPR News, Miami.


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