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美国国家电台 NPR 2012-10-19

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 After the years of court battles, the names of more than 1,200 people accused of child sexual abuse within the boy scouts2 were released today.  ChrishionFoldinvensoxx, of organ public broadcasting reports the documents covered the years from 1965 to 1985. 

The names of individuals who've made allegations have been redacted. But child abuse attorney, KallyClobxx, says the files paint the picture volunteers staff repeatedly abusing children on scatting trips and sleep overs. 
You can read these files and say, wow, probably they should have had role that set scouts couldn't spend the light in scout1 leaders homes because of a lot of abuse happned there. 
Several media organizations including Organ public broadcasting went to court to secure the release of the files. The scouts release the statement last month, saying it plans to report the names of suspect to child abuses in the files but also said that in many cases the files have protected children by listing the names of abuses. For NPR News, I'm ChristainFoldenVensoxx, in Portlandxx. 
A brief scare for Google today trading Google shares with temporarily halted after the company released earnings3 prematurely4 in the filing with the ICC. NPR's StevenHanxx, reports profits of the internet search giant felt more than 20%. 
Google's third quarter earnings reports spooked investers. The report was released unexpected lead during the middle of trading and revealed that the price advertisers willing to pay the search giant to deliver clicks for ad. is plummeting5. The average price for click felt 14%. Most likely because advertisers are willing to pay lustrine ad. that appears on mobile device. Google's recent purchase of cell phone makers6, Motorola mobility7 has also created drag on earnings. Motorola lost more than 0.50 billion dollars last quarter. Wall Street was expecting better, much better. The news sent Google stock tumbling, 9%. By the time trading was temporarily halted, Google's share holders8 had lost 19 billion dollars. Steven Henxxx, NPR NEws, Silicon9 Valley. 
A fight is brewing10 among European leaders ahead of their finanial summit in Brussels. Germany, the block's largest economy, is calling for stronger central powers of European union's executive to NATO, national budgets. Germany's getting to push back from several nations including France, where president Francois Hollande said today, the EU should concentrate on creating a banking11 union. 
More riots erupt in Athens, Greece today against new cost cutting measures of many Greeks argued they can not afford. Crowds set to number in tens of thousands demonstrators outside the Greek parliament when a small group clashed with police, who used tear gas and stun12 grenades to disperse13 the protesters. The governments says it's moving ahead of austerity measures in order to receive international bailout funds. 
At last check on Wall Street, Dow Jones industry average down 30 at 13,525. This is NPR. 
Scientist and inventor, Stanford Ovshinsky has died. WDET's Jerome Vaughn reports, Ovshinsky was inter-grow to the creation of many modern technologies. 
Ovshinsky has created it developing the nickel-metal hydride battery, which has been widely used to power laptop computers, cell phones and electric cars. He also contributed to the development of flights green liquid crystal displays and hydrogen fuel cells. Ovshinsky and his wife founded energy convertion devices in Michigan in 1960s. The company focused on his working to fuelled energy and information. He left the company in 2006 and led to form two new companies, Ovshinsky's innovation and Ovshinsky solar. Stand of Ovshinsky's family, says the event died from prostate cancer, he was 89 years old. For NPR Nes, I'm Jerome Vaughn in Detroit. 
A US's appeals court in New York is now the second in the country to reject a central part of the defence of marriage act which defies marriage's union between the man and woman. Today, a three-judge panel said the law unconstitutionally denies federal benefits to legally marry same sex couples. The issue is expected to come up before the US supreme14 court. 
Authorities reportedly are investigating multiple shootings at the central Florida beauty Salon15 today. The associated press says three women were killed and the fourth person was wouned at the Casselberry establishment. It says police saying that the gunman later killed himself. Motive16 is still under investigation17.


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