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NPR 2012-05-15

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 The political tug-of-war(拔河) in Greece is threatening to unravel1 Greece’s bailout arrangement with its EU and IMF partners, which could cause a ripple2 effect through global markets. They’re struggling to form a coalition3 government, without that, new elections will have to be held next month.

Before the close on Wall Street, we see the Dow down 125 points, nearly 1% at 12,695; Nasdaq and S&P 500 already down 1%.
JP Morgan Chase’s Chief Investment Officer is the first so far the bank’s highest ranking casualty of the $2 billion trading loss announced last week. NPR’s Sonari Glinton has more on the announcement that Ina Drew is retiring.
Ina Drew who worked at JP Morgan for more than 30 years will retire, that’s according to a statement from JP Morgan. In addition, two of Drew’s direct employees based in London are also expected to leave. Drew’s departure comes after her unit, which was responsible for managing derivatives4 tied to the creditworthiness of bonds had at least a $2 billion loss. The failed hedging strategy has renewed calls for tight regulations from Congress. The company’s CEO Jamie Dimon is expected to address JP Morgan’s annual meeting on Tuesday. Sonari Glinton, NPR news.
Rastan, Syria coming under heavy military shelling today, according to this amateur recording5 that could not be independently verified. But there’ve been various reports from anti-government activists7 in the town, who say hospitals are overwhelmed with people wounded in the latest reported clashes. The unrest is spilling across the border in Lebanon. The uprising continues to inflame8 sectarian conflict in Turkey. There are renewed concerns about the safety of refugee camps.
Weeks of mass hunger strike among Palestinians in Israeli prisons appear to be over. NPR’s Lourdes Garcia-Navarro reports that inmates9 agree to a deal in which hundreds of Palestinian inmates, some of whom were near death, are expected to see their prison conditions improved.
Some of the hunger strikers have not been eating for over 70 days, making this the longest strike ever by Palestinians and certainly the largest. At least 1,200 Palestinians have participated in the protest, and it’s had an effect. The deal signed at Israeli prison will see increase family visitation rights for prisoners from the Gaza Strip and an end to solitary10 confinement11 among the initial demands where an end to the use of administrative12 detention13, in which Palestinian prisoners can be held infinitely14 without charge, Israel though, will continue the controversial practice. Apart from helping15 to end the strike and improve the life of Palestinian prisoners, the deal say activist6 shows that the Palestinians push towards non-violent resistance. It’s having an effect. Lourdes Garcia-Navarro, NPR news.
You’re listening to NPR news.
Ron Paul is shifting gear in his bid for the presidency16 in a statement today. The candidate announces he will stop spending money on campaigning. From now on, the favorite libertarians will fight for delegates. But that’s likely to prove insurmountable(难以对付的). The GOP’s presumptive nominee17 is Mitt18 Romney. He is 178 delegates shy of the number he needs to clinch19 the republican nomination20 by the start of the convention in Tampa.
Florida A&M University’s renowned21 marching band is being suspended until next year, FA&M President James Ammons notifies the school’s Board of Trustees today of his decision as 17 band members face felony hazing22 charges, two others face misdemeanor counts in connection with the death of a fellow band member, Robert Champion last November.
There are some changes among the most popular names for babies in the United States. Sophia has edged up Isabella to top of the list of popular girl’s names last year. As compiled by the Social Security Administration, NPR’s Craig Windham reports there is only one new name in the top ten on either list.
It’s not Billy or William, that’s the number three name for boys, it’s Mason, number two on the list of boy’s names, knocking Mike out of the top five for the first time in decades. And where did Mason come from? Well, some point to reality TV star Kardashian, who gave birth to his son Mason, after a highly publicized pregnancy23. The top boy’s name remains24 Jacob for the 13 straight years, rounding up the top five for boys Jaden and Noah, and for girls, Emma, Olivia and Eva. Craig Windham, NPR news, Washington.


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