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NPR 2012-05-16

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 JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon will remain chairman of the board, despite the bank’s $2 billion trading loss. Shareholders1 are also endorsing2 Dimon’s pay package from last year, which totaled $23 million. But despite the loss, the bank is still expected to outperform expectations. The annual shareholders meeting in Tampa wrapped up before the White House announced the Security and Exchange Commission would investigate the JP Morgan incident.

Dimon may have to answer tough questions though from Congress. NPR’s David Welna reports a prominent republican senator wants to hold hearing on the * deal. Batch 
Tennessee republican senator Bob Corker says JP Morgan’s bad bet on corporate3 debt is real life case for him and his colleagues to examine as regulators finish writing rules on what banks can and cannot invest in. Corker is on the banking4 committee which now plans to hold a hearing on the JP Morgan fiasco(惨败).
"There is * outcome here, and it’s going to be swift *, and I just think it’s our responsibility to aid in coming to a proper conclusion on that.”
Rules covering bank investments have not yet been worked out by Federal regulators even though they’re called for in the Dodd-Frank financial regulatory overhaul5. While that measure was signed into law nearly two years ago, much of it has yet to be implemented6. David Welna, NPR news, the Capitol.
In Columbia, a powerful bomb detonated on a busy commercial street left two people dead and injured many more. NPR’s Juan Ferrero in Bogota says the Columbian government is investigating whether the target was the former interior minister.
President Juan Manuel Santos said the attack could have been directed against former minister Fernando Londono. Londono, who is well-known for his criticism of the FARC guerrilla(游击队员) group suffered head injuries after the bomb blast near his car. His driver and a body guard were killed, authorities said, at least 20 more were injured by the explosion which went off just before the launch hour in an upscale district. It was unclear if the bomb was detonated on Londono’s vehicle or on a bus that was traveling next to his. The government has not publicly said who it believes is responsible. Juan Ferrero, NPR news, Bogota.
Another United Nation’s team has been struck by roadside bomb in Syria, so far no word of injuries in that convoy7. It was attack just minutes after Syrian troops opened fire on a nearby funeral procession, reportedly killing8 as many as 20 people and wounding many more. Last week, roadside bomb struck a Syrian military truck right after the head of UN observer mission drove by in a convoy.
Here is the latest from Wall Street, Dow Jones Industrial Average down 30 points at 12,665 in trading of two billion shares, and Nasdaq is up 3 points at 2,905.
You’re listening to NPR news.
Thousands of Palestinians marched in the West Bank to mark the anniversary of the creation of Israel, what they call the ‘nakba’ or ‘catastrophe’. As Linda Gradstein reports at least 30 Palestinians were slightly wounded in clashes with Israeli troops.
Police and soldiers were on high alert for violence after last year’s violent demonstrations9 in which thousands of Palestinians tried to cross into Israel from Lebanon and Syria and eight were reported killed after Israel opened fire. This year, there were scattered10 demonstrations in the West Banks in which protestors threw rocks as Israeli troops responded with tear gas and rubber bullets. Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas referred to the Israeli occupation of the West Bank in 1967, saying ‘no matter how strong, it will be removed.’ In the aftermath of the creation of Israel, hundreds of thousands of Palestinians became refugees. For NPR news, I’m Linda Gradstein in Jerusalem.
Documents introduced at John Edwards' corruption11 trial today show his campaign finance chairman paid the candidate’s mistress a $9,000 monthly cash allowance. It shows the late Texas attorney Fred Baron12 was one of the two big supporters who gave a total of nearly a million dollars to hide Edwards’ extramarital affair.
President Obama is paying tribute to the nation’s fallen law enforcement officers.
"To risk everything for a complete stranger is extraordinary and yet among our nation’s law enforcement officers, it is also common place”, Mr. Obama delivering remarks at the National Peace Officers Memorial Service at the Capitol.


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2 endorsing a5b3f1341cd4294ff105734a1ff0bd61     
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  • Yet Communist leaders are also publicly endorsing religion in an unprecedented way. 不过,共产党领导层对宗教信仰的公开认可也是以前不曾有过的。 来自互联网
  • Connecticut Independent Senator Joseph Lieberman is endorsing Republican Senator John McCain. 康涅狄格州独立派参议员约瑟夫。列波曼将会票选共和议员约翰。麦凯恩。 来自互联网
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