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听电影学英语-这个男人来自地球 04

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  [00:01.46]当然 那时候我们是游牧民族 We were semi-Nomadic, of course,
[00:03.03]根据气候变换和猎物而迁移 Following the weather and the game we hunted.
[00:06.03]第一个2’000年间很冷 The first 2,000 years were cold.
[00:08.03]我们发现在海拔低的地方会暖和点 We learned it was warmer at lower elevations1.
[00:10.66]也许是后冰川时期 Late glacial period, I assume.
[00:13.30]地表是什么样的? What was the terrain2 like?
[00:15.90]山川地貌 Mountainous.
[00:19.06]西面有大片平原 Vast plains to the west.
[00:22.13]西面 应该是你从学校学到的 West-Something you learned in school.
[00:25.10]它朝向太阳下山的地方 Towards the setting sun.
[00:27.73]我怀疑我那时看到了不列颠群岛 I suspect I saw the british isles3
[00:30.10]从现在的法国海岸线上 From what is now the french coast.
[00:32.43]高大的山脉  Huge mountains...
[00:34.10]在另一面有一个极其深的山谷 On the other side of an enormous deep valley
[00:36.86]被夕阳的余晖所笼罩 That was shadowed by the setting sun.
[00:38.82]这就是它们在被冰川融化的海面上升前 This is before they were separated
[00:40.70]从大陆分离前的样子 From the continent by rising seas, as glaciers4 melted.
[00:44.46]这事发生过吗? That happened?
[00:45.96]发生过 在更新世末期(距今约260万年至1万年) Yes, the end of the pleistocene.
[00:48.13]目前为止 他说的都合理 So far, what he says fits.
[00:50.20]是啊 每本教科书里都有 Oh, yeah, into any textbook.
[00:52.27]我就是在那儿找的 And that’s where I found it.
[00:54.26]不然我怎么会有渊博的回忆 How can I have knowledgeable5 recall

[00:56.16]如果我没有渊博的知识呢? If I didn’t have knowledge?
[00:58.03]这些都是可回溯的 It’s all retrospective.
[01:00.06]我能做的就是用现代的发现 All I can do is integrate my recollections
[01:02.56]来补充我的回忆 With modern findings.
[01:04.36]穴居人 你会用大棒敲我的头 Caveman, you gonna hit me over the head with a club
[01:07.06]然后把我拖进卧室去吗? And drag me into the bedroom?
[01:08.75]你要是神志清醒就更有趣了 You’d be more fun conscious.
[01:10.40]哦 John Oh, john.
[01:11.36]我们得先说清楚 Let me get this straight.
[01:12.66]我们不是在讨论转世 We’re not talking about reincarnation.
[01:14.55]你确定不是在说你记得 You’re not saying that you remember
[01:16.40]不管你记得什么 Whatever the hell it would be,
[01:17.83]200个独立的一世 200 separate lifetimes, dying
[01:19.20]死亡 投胎 然后轮回 等等 等等? And being born again and yada yada?
[01:21.63]只有一世 One lifetime.
[01:24.26]相当长的一世 Some lifetime.
[01:25.66]哇哦 Wow.
[01:27.00]也许真有投胎这回事 Maybe there is something to this reincarnation thing.
[01:29.50]你有能力一次次地 You’re supposed to come back
[01:30.80]转世投胎 不断学习 Again and again, learn and learn,
[01:32.43]不知为何 John 你成功地 And somehow, john, you just managed
[01:34.03]穿越了另外所有的躯壳 To bypass all the other bodies.

  [01:35.60]重点是什么? Well, what’s the point?
[01:40.90]海洋是什么样的? What about oceans?
[01:42.76]我自那之后很久才见到 Didn’t see them till much later.
[01:45.10]你怎么分辨海与湖? So how would you know an ocean from a lake?
[01:47.46]大浪 和其他特征 Big waves Something else
[01:49.33]我只能从记忆中推测 I can only surmise7 in retrospect6.
[01:51.56]你那时候好奇它从哪儿来吗? Were you curious about where it all came from?
[01:55.03]我们会抬头望天 同时惊叹 We would look up at the sky and wonder.
[01:57.26]"上面应该住着一些大人物 "There’s gotta be some big guys up there.
[01:59.46]不然下面的一切从何而来?" What else made all this down here?"
[02:01.26]一开始我在想 At first I thought
[02:02.80]是不是我有什么问题 There was something wrong with me-
[02:05.43]也许我是个坏人 因为我不会死 Maybe I was a bad guy for not dying.
[02:09.16]后来我开始怀疑我是否被诅咒了 Then I began to wonder if I was cursed
[02:12.43]或者被保佑了 Or perhaps blessed.
[02:14.73]又后来我想也许我身负重任 Then I thought maybe I had a mission.
[02:18.43]你现在还这么认为吗? Do you still think you do?
[02:20.21]上帝的行为是不被凡人所理解的 God works in mysterious ways.
[02:21.96]我现在认为这就是既成事实 I think I just happened.
[02:33.06]喔 Wow.
[02:34.20]你好? Hello?
[02:36.33]是的 艾利? Yes, ellie?
[02:38.21]怎么了? What’s wrong?
[02:40.06]珊蒂? Sandy?
[02:41.21]来了 Coming.
[02:45.20]怎么了? Yeah?
[02:46.60]艾利的期中试卷在我们这儿吗? Do we have ellie’s midterm here?
[02:50.76]是的 不好意思 Yeah, sorry.
[02:51.83]我夹在期刊里了 I picked it up with the periodicals.
[02:54.33]找到了 Got it.
[02:55.66]哦 你担心你父母? No, you’re worried about your parents?
[02:57.40]别担心 Don’t-Don’t worry.
[02:58.83]你合格了 C+ You passed, c+.
[03:00.20]好好保重 Take care of yourself.
[03:02.63]好孩子 Good kid.
[03:04.06]医学预科为什么要考历史呢? What does pre-Med need with history?
[03:05.93]知道了 Got it.
[03:07.30]谢谢 Thank you.
[03:10.86]对不起 各位 Sorry, guys.
[03:12.10]John 请继续 John, please continue.
[03:13.83]不会吧 我以为已经说完了 Come on, I thought we were done with that.
[03:16.10]不 我们继续 No! Let’s go on with it.
[03:17.73]这很有趣 It’s interesting.
[03:19.13]更何况 我觉得他讲的挺像那么回事 Besides, I think he’s making a certain amount of sense.
[03:22.00]就像黑格尔说的 荒谬是逻辑的前提 Like hegel Logic8 from absurd premises9.
[03:24.60]那幅画是梵高的吗? That van gogh?
[03:25.96]他送给我的 John: he gave it to me.
[03:28.16]我那时候叫Jacque Bourne I was, uh, jacque bourne at the time,
[03:30.90]是个养猪的 A pig farmer.
[03:32.15]养猪的? A pig farmer?
[03:34.76]我喜欢亲手劳动 I like to work with my hands.
[03:36.86]他会来我这儿 画画 He would come out to the place, paint.

  [03:39.00]我们讨论在艺术中诠释自然 We talked about capturing nature in art.
[03:41.10]还有特纳(1775-1851) 塞尚(1839-1906) 毕加索 Turner, cezanne, pissarro.
[03:43.27]诺尔德(1867-1956)的风景画 Oh, the nolde landscapes.
[03:45.23]他和梵高不同时代 Not in van gogh’s time.
[03:47.13]他会喜欢他的画的 He would have loved them, though.
[03:48.70]是的 Yes.
[03:49.73]我不明白 Well, I don’t understand
[03:51.46]为什么你记不得你从哪里来 Why you can’t remember where you’re from.
[03:53.66]地貌没有改变过啊 Geography hasn’t changed.
[03:55.46]我从汉森教授的 I learned that in-
[03:57.16]无聊的课上学到的 Professor hensen’s tepid10 lectures.
[03:58.50]你说的对 But you’re right.
[03:59.93]你们5岁的时候住在哪儿? Where did you live when you were five years old?
[04:02.10]小石镇 Little rock.
[04:03.23]你妈妈 带你去过集市吗? Your mother, she took you to the market?
[04:05.26]- 嗯 - 从你家门口走 Mm-Hmm. What direction was it?
[04:06.60]它在哪个方向? From your house.
[04:08.01]我不知道 I don’t know.
[04:09.40]要走多久? How far?
[04:10.36]呃 3个街区 Um, three blocks.
[04:12.26]有哪些参照物吗? Were there any references
[04:13.80]在你印象中? That stuck in your mind?
[04:15.26]呃 有一个加油站 Well, there was a gas station
[04:16.76]和一大片田地 And a big field.
[04:18.36]我被关照过不能单独去那里 I was told I could never go there alone.
[04:20.53]那假如你如今再回去 And if you went back there today,
[04:22.20]它还会一样吗? Would it be the same?
[04:23.70]不会 我想肯定大不一样了 都改建过了 No. I’m sure it’s all different and built up.
[04:26.60]这就应了那句老话"你无法再次回家" Thus the saying "You can’t go home again"
[04:29.46]因为它已经不在那儿了 Because it isn’t there anymore.
[04:30.76]站在我的立场考虑下 Picture it on my scale-
[04:32.56]我不断地在一望无际的平原迁徙 I migrated through an endless flat space
[04:35.90]不断接受着新事物 Full of endless new things-
[04:38.33]森林 山川 冻土 峡谷 Forests, mountains, tundra11, canyons12.
[04:43.20]我只记得它们当时的样子 My memory sees what I saw then.
[04:46.78]而如今它们已经变成高速公路 蔓延的城镇 My eye sees freeways, urban sprawl13,
[04:50.11]埃菲尔铁塔下造起了麦当劳 Big macs under the eiffel tower.
[04:53.36]在早期 世界变得越来越大 Early on, the world got bigger and bigger,
[04:56.10]于是  And then...
[04:58.43]想想看 我需要修改的地方 Think what I’ve had to unlearn.
[05:00.26]而你还是得继续上路 And now you’re moving on.


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(水平或数量)提高( elevation的名词复数 ); 高地; 海拔; 提升
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