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听电影学英语-这个男人来自地球 05

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  [00:02.13]像你刚才说的 她们说我不会变老 As you’ve said, there’s talk of my not aging,
[00:04.86]一旦有人谈起 我就会离开 And when that happens, I move on.
[00:07.66]这就解释了 你会换下一个身份 Well, it might make sense to set up your next identity,
[00:11.26]计划下一个十年 然后开始实践 Your next ten years, and then just drop into it.
[00:14.56]我已经做过几次了 I’ve done that a few times,
[00:16.35]甚至假装成我自己的儿子 Even passed as my own son.
[00:18.21]"喔 你也是个工程师? "Oh, you’re an engineer, too?
[00:20.00]原来你是本的儿子 他是个好人" You’re ben’s son. He was a good man. "
[00:22.53]能省下很多文书上的麻烦 Saves trouble with credentials1 and references.
[00:25.21]当然 我也搞砸过几次 On the other hand, I’ve been busted2 a few times.
[00:27.86]1862年 我在比利时蹲了一年牢 Spent a year in jail, belgium, 1862-
[00:30.93]我永远刻骨铭心 I won’t forget that-
[00:32.60]就因为伪造政府申请表 For faking a government application.
[00:34.63]你什么时候来美国的? When’d you come to america?
[00:36.53]1890年 就在梵高死后不久 1890, right after van gogh’s death,
[00:38.70]和一些法国移民一起 With some french immigrants...
[00:40.76]开始新生活 Moving on.
[00:45.10]你回答了所有问题 An answer for every question.
[00:48.20]除了一个 John Except one, john.
[00:49.96]你为什么告诉我们? Why’re you doing this?
[00:53.83]一时兴起 也许不是个好主意 A whim3. Maybe not such a good idea.
[00:56.33]我  I...
[00:57.90]想以真面目和你们说再见 Wanted to say good-Bye to you as me,

[01:01.03]而不是你们认为的那个"我" Not what you thought I was.
[01:02.98]既然这不是个玩笑 Well, since this isn’t funny,
[01:04.86]我们觉得你可能遇到麻烦了 We think you might have a problem.
[01:07.33]遇到了很大的麻烦 A very serious problem.
[01:10.40]我有箱子要搬 I’ve got boxes to move.
[01:12.23]我可以帮你 Sandy: I’ll give you a hand.
[01:15.16]你有没有一些遗产 或是古董 Wouldn’t you have some relic4, an artifact
[01:20.00]来纪念你的早年生活? To remind you of your early life?
[01:22.43]就像这样的? Like this, maybe?
[01:23.93]旧货店 Thrift5 shop.
[01:25.33]是真的 Really.
[01:28.70]如果你生活100 1000年  If you lived 100... 1,000 years...
[01:33.63]你还会带着这个吗? Would you still have this?
[01:35.10]为什么你会想留着它? What would cause you to keep it?
[01:37.10]用来怀念故乡? As a memento6 to your beginnings,
[01:39.06]即使你连 Even if you didn’t have
[01:40.60]故乡的概念都没有? The concept of beginnings?
[01:42.67]它肯定会不见的 It would be gone, lost.
[01:45.80]不 No.
[01:46.90]我没有古董 I don’t have artifacts.
[01:51.16]你拿着吧 Keep that.
[01:54.70]有意思 Interesting.
[01:57.56]你本可以撒谎的 You could have lied about that.
[01:59.73]别在我离开的时候议论我 Don’t talk about me while I’m gone.
[02:09.86]他是认真的吗? Is he serious?

  [02:11.70]是的 即便我不愿意承认 he is, I’m sorry to say he’s...
[02:14.50]哦 他怎么能瞒我们10年? Oh, how could he have concealed7 that for ten years?
[02:17.43]还好他看起来不危险 Least he doesn’t appear to be dangerous.
[02:22.23]你在干嘛? What are you doing?
[02:23.43]检查下 有没有微型麦克风 Checkin’ for a hidden mic.
[02:25.46]我们是否在上"偷拍节目" <i>Candid8 camera.</i>
[02:28.63]他肯定在编造这些荒唐的故事 He’s fabricating these wild stories.
[02:30.61]我从没见过他这样 I’ve never seen him acting9 like this.
[02:32.56]这太疯狂了 Oh, it’s crazy.
[02:34.70]好吧 好吧 你尽快 All right, all right, as soon as you can, then.
[02:44.70]我爱你 你知道的 I love you, you know.
[02:47.70]我知道 I know.
[02:50.96]从我第一天来到办公室 Since my first week at the office.
[02:57.76]还有呢? And?
[02:58.76]我非常关心你 I care very much about you,
[03:02.13]但是现在你知道你爱的是谁了 But now you know what you’d be getting into.
[03:04.73]你真的觉得自己是个穴居人? Do you really think you’re a caveman?
[03:06.66]你觉得呢? Do you?
[03:14.26]你能爱我吗? Could you love me,
[03:15.53]或者你已经不相信爱情了? Or don’t you believe in that anymore?
[03:19.36]我已经经历太多次了 I’ve gotten over it too many times.
[03:23.16]喜欢你  Fond of you...
[03:25.96]完全被你吸引 Certainly attracted to you.
[03:30.70]就这样? That’s it?
[03:35.76]我没关系 I can work with that.
[03:40.40]如果我说的都是真的 If what I’m saying is true,
[03:42.98]你和孩子都会老去 You and any children will age.
[03:45.53]我却不会 I won’t.
[03:46.83]有一天我会离开 And one day I’ll leave.
[03:48.80]你会继续着老夫少妻的爱情 You’ll go back to your may-December romances.
[03:51.80]简而言之 The simple fact is
[03:52.96]我不能承诺你永远 That I can’t give you forever.
[03:56.96]永远是多远? How long’s forever?
[04:00.40]谁又能真正拥有永远? Who ever really has it?
[04:05.93]在我出生前 我的父母离婚了 My parents split up before I was born,
[04:08.91]我妈妈的第二段婚姻持续了 And then my mom’s next marriage lasted
[04:11.86]整整3年 What, a whole three years?
[04:15.30]接着就是病痛和死亡 都是神的旨意 Then there’s death, illness, acts of god...
[04:20.36]没人知道自己能活多久 No one knows how long they have.
[04:24.16]或是多短暂 Or how little.
[04:29.33]我爱你 I love you.
[04:32.56]我什么都愿意为你付出 Take whatever you can get.
[04:37.20]那10年呢? Like ten years?
[04:49.60]你在干嘛? Why did you do that?
[04:51.66]想看你速度怎样 测试你的反应力 I wanted to see how fast you were. Check your reflexes.
[04:54.33]我背后可没长眼睛 I don’t have eyes in the back of my head,
[04:56.50]我也听不到跳蚤走路 I can’t hear a flea10 walking,
[04:58.30]我没有特异功能 I am not in any way superman.

[05:00.03]但我是黑带二段 Well, I’m a second-Degree black belt.


1 credentials credentials     
  • He has long credentials of diplomatic service.他的外交工作资历很深。
  • Both candidates for the job have excellent credentials.此项工作的两个求职者都非常符合资格。
2 busted busted     
adj. 破产了的,失败了的,被降级的,被逮捕的,被抓到的 动词bust的过去式和过去分词
  • You are so busted! 你被当场逮住了!
  • It was money troubles that busted up their marriage. 是金钱纠纷使他们的婚姻破裂了。
3 whim 2gywE     
  • I bought the encyclopedia on a whim.我凭一时的兴致买了这本百科全书。
  • He had a sudden whim to go sailing today.今天他突然想要去航海。
4 relic 4V2xd     
  • This stone axe is a relic of ancient times.这石斧是古代的遗物。
  • He found himself thinking of the man as a relic from the past.他把这个男人看成是过去时代的人物。
5 thrift kI6zT     
  • He has the virtues of thrift and hard work.他具备节俭和勤奋的美德。
  • His thrift and industry speak well for his future.他的节俭和勤勉预示着他美好的未来。
6 memento nCxx6     
  • The photos will be a permanent memento of your wedding.这些照片会成为你婚礼的永久纪念。
  • My friend gave me his picture as a memento before going away.我的朋友在离别前给我一张照片留作纪念品。
7 concealed 0v3zxG     
  • The paintings were concealed beneath a thick layer of plaster. 那些画被隐藏在厚厚的灰泥层下面。
  • I think he had a gun concealed about his person. 我认为他当时身上藏有一支枪。
8 candid SsRzS     
  • I cannot but hope the candid reader will give some allowance for it.我只有希望公正的读者多少包涵一些。
  • He is quite candid with his friends.他对朋友相当坦诚。
9 acting czRzoc     
  • Ignore her,she's just acting.别理她,她只是假装的。
  • During the seventies,her acting career was in eclipse.在七十年代,她的表演生涯黯然失色。
10 flea dgSz3     
  • I'll put a flea in his ear if he bothers me once more.如果他再来打扰的话,我就要对他不客气了。
  • Hunter has an interest in prowling around a flea market.亨特对逛跳蚤市场很感兴趣。
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