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刘毅词汇 5000 lesson 14

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1.Amaze v.使惊讶 同:surprise
They were all amazed at the mighty1 power of nature.

2.Bargain n. 1.协定 同:contract 2.廉价货
The boys made a bargain with one another to exchange baseball gloves.
These good shoes are a real bargain at such a low price.

3.Belongings2 n.财产 同:possessions
She packed all her belongings in a box and took them with her.

4.Besiege3 v. 1.围攻 同:attack 2.围困 同:congregate
Troy was besieged4 by the Greeks for ten years.
The teacher was besieged with the questions and requests from pupils.

5.Fowl5 n.家禽 同:poultry
I prefer the taste of chicken to that of other kinds of fowl.

6.Harsh adj.刺耳 同:coarse
At the end of the football game, the cheer leader’s voice became harsh.

7.Menace n.威胁 同:intimidation
The crossroad in front of the school is a menace to the children’s safety.

8.Rapture6 n.出神 同:ecstasy
The beauty of the sunset filled everybody with rapture.

9.Renowned7 adj.著名的 同:famous
Ladies and gentlemen, now I will introduce to you the renowned star of the stage and screen, John Wayne.

10.Stool n.凳子 同:chair
I pulled the stool near the wall to hang a picture.

11.Verify v.证明 同:certify
We will repeat the experiment twice in order to verify the results.

12.Abnormal adj.异常的 反:normal
His abnormal behavior shows that something is wrong.

13.Abundance n.丰富 反:shortage
At the party there was food and drink in abundance.

14.Apprentice8 n.学徒 反:expert
He worked seven years at the printing company as an apprentice.

15.Bearable adj.可忍受的 反:intolerable
She said to the doctor that her pain would be just bearable.

16.Immortal9 adj.不朽的 反:dying
Most people believe that a man’s body dies but his soul is immortal.

17.Innumerable adj.无数的 反:countable
The sun is one of the innumerable stars in the universe.

18.Preliminary adj.预备的 反:consequent
The chairman made a preliminary statement before beginning the main business meeting.

19.Remote adj.遥远的 反:near
Some of your statements are rather remote from the subject we are discussing.

20.Repose10 n.休息;睡眠 反:work
His brief repose was interrupted by her sudden arrival.

21.Shrewd adj.精明的 反:stupid
Although he had no formal education, he is one of the shrewd businessmen in the steel company.

22.Temporary adj.临时的 反:permanent
He has a temporary job, which ends in two weeks,

23.Automatic adj.自动的
An automatic timer turns the street light on at night and off in the morning.

24.Comprehend v.理解
The child read the story but did not comprehend its meaning.

25.Cordial adj.真诚的
When one of his former students visited him, the teacher gave him a cordial welcome.

26.Elaborate 1. adj.精心的 2. v.详细拟定
The scientists made an elaborate plan for landing a man on the moon.
The inventor elaborated his plan for a new engine, spending several months in his laboratory.

27.Expire v.期满
His term of office as president will expire next year.

28.External adj. 1.外在的 2.国外的
He judges people by mere11 external clothes rather than internal character.
This newspaper doesn’t pay enough attention to external affairs.

29.Glorify12 v.赞美
Singing hymns13 is one of the ways to glorify god.

30.Priority n.优先
The badly wounded take priority for medical attention over those slightly hurt.

31.Reliable adj.可信赖的
Send the boy to the bank for money; he is a reliable boy.

32.repetition n.反复
Repetition of the sentence helped him to memorize it.

33.Survive v.残留
Only three of the fifty passengers survived the shipwreck14,

34.Behalf n.代表
My husband can’t be here today, so I’m going to speak on his behalf.

35.Breed v.饲养
The farmer breeds cattle and horses for market,

36.Disguise v.掩饰 n.伪装
She disguised her writing by writing with her left hand.
The thief wore a false beard and glasses as a disguise.

37.Domain15 n. 1.版图 2.知识领域
The king is respected throughout his domain.
I can’t answer your question about photography; it ‘s not in my domain.

38.Morsel16 n.少量
The dinner must have been good because there is not even a morsel of it left over.

39.Routine n.惯例
Getting up and going to bed are parts of your daily routine.

40.Transit17 n.通行
The points of transit from one country to another are carefully guarded.

41.Transform 改观
That dress transforms her from a little girl into a young lady.

42.Ultimate adj.最终的
Her ultimate goal is to receive her degree and return to her country to work as a teacher.

43.Warily18 adv.留心的
The hikers climbed warily up the dangerous path.


1.The boys went hunting for pheasant and other wild _____.
2.Many students find _____ jobs during their summer holidays.
3.The lawyer knows all the tricks ; he is very _____.
4.It is _____ for a baby to have teeth at the age of two months.
5.I believe whatever he says because he is very _____.
6.We _____ although others died in the traffic accident.
7.Great Britain is large island _____ under the Crown of England.
8.He went among the enemy in the ______ of an enemy soldier.
9.The young mother gazed at the newborn baby with _____.
10.All members of the family except _____ relatives were invited to his birthday party.

1. fowls19 2. temporary 3. shrewd 4. abnormal 5. reliable
6. survived 7. domain 8. disguise 9. rapture 10.remote


1 mighty YDWxl     
  • A mighty force was about to break loose.一股巨大的力量即将迸发而出。
  • The mighty iceberg came into view.巨大的冰山出现在眼前。
2 belongings oy6zMv     
  • I put a few personal belongings in a bag.我把几件私人物品装进包中。
  • Your personal belongings are not dutiable.个人物品不用纳税。
3 besiege tomyS     
  • The Afghan air force was using helicopters to supply the besieged town.阿富汗空军正用直升机向被围城镇提供补给。
  • She was besieged by the press and the public.她被媒体和公众纠缠不休。
4 besieged 8e843b35d28f4ceaf67a4da1f3a21399     
包围,围困,围攻( besiege的过去式和过去分词 )
  • Paris was besieged for four months and forced to surrender. 巴黎被围困了四个月后被迫投降。
  • The community besieged the newspaper with letters about its recent editorial. 公众纷纷来信对报社新近发表的社论提出诘问,弄得报社应接不暇。
5 fowl fljy6     
  • Fowl is not part of a traditional brunch.禽肉不是传统的早午餐的一部分。
  • Since my heart attack,I've eaten more fish and fowl and less red meat.自从我患了心脏病后,我就多吃鱼肉和禽肉,少吃红色肉类。
6 rapture 9STzG     
  • His speech was received with rapture by his supporters.他的演说受到支持者们的热烈欢迎。
  • In the midst of his rapture,he was interrupted by his father.他正欢天喜地,被他父亲打断了。
7 renowned okSzVe     
  • He is one of the world's renowned writers.他是世界上知名的作家之一。
  • She is renowned for her advocacy of human rights.她以提倡人权而闻名。
8 apprentice 0vFzq     
  • My son is an apprentice in a furniture maker's workshop.我的儿子在一家家具厂做学徒。
  • The apprentice is not yet out of his time.这徒工还没有出徒。
9 immortal 7kOyr     
  • The wild cocoa tree is effectively immortal.野生可可树实际上是不会死的。
  • The heroes of the people are immortal!人民英雄永垂不朽!
10 repose KVGxQ     
  • Don't disturb her repose.不要打扰她休息。
  • Her mouth seemed always to be smiling,even in repose.她的嘴角似乎总是挂着微笑,即使在睡眠时也是这样。
11 mere rC1xE     
  • That is a mere repetition of what you said before.那不过是重复了你以前讲的话。
  • It's a mere waste of time waiting any longer.再等下去纯粹是浪费时间。
12 glorify MeNzm     
  • Politicians have complained that the media glorify drugs.政治家们抱怨媒体美化毒品。
  • We are all committed to serving the Lord and glorifying His name in the best way we know.我们全心全意敬奉上帝,竭尽所能颂扬他的美名。
13 hymns b7dc017139f285ccbcf6a69b748a6f93     
n.赞美诗,圣歌,颂歌( hymn的名词复数 )
  • At first, they played the hymns and marches familiar to them. 起初他们只吹奏自己熟悉的赞美诗和进行曲。 来自英汉非文学 - 百科语料821
  • I like singing hymns. 我喜欢唱圣歌。 来自辞典例句
14 shipwreck eypwo     
  • He walked away from the shipwreck.他船难中平安地脱险了。
  • The shipwreck was a harrowing experience.那次船难是一个惨痛的经历。
15 domain ys8xC     
  • This information should be in the public domain.这一消息应该为公众所知。
  • This question comes into the domain of philosophy.这一问题属于哲学范畴。
16 morsel Q14y4     
  • He refused to touch a morsel of the food they had brought.他们拿来的东西他一口也不吃。
  • The patient has not had a morsel of food since the morning.从早上起病人一直没有进食。
17 transit MglzVT     
  • His luggage was lost in transit.他的行李在运送中丢失。
  • The canal can transit a total of 50 ships daily.这条运河每天能通过50条船。
18 warily 5gvwz     
  • He looked warily around him,pretending to look after Carrie.他小心地看了一下四周,假装是在照顾嘉莉。
  • They were heading warily to a point in the enemy line.他们正小心翼翼地向着敌人封锁线的某一处前进。
19 fowls 4f8db97816f2d0cad386a79bb5c17ea4     
鸟( fowl的名词复数 ); 禽肉; 既不是这; 非驴非马
  • A great number of water fowls dwell on the island. 许多水鸟在岛上栖息。
  • We keep a few fowls and some goats. 我们养了几只鸡和一些山羊。
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