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刘毅词汇 5000 lesson 20

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1.Attribute 1. v.归于 同:ascribe 2. n.品性同:characteristic

We attribute Edison’s success to intelligence and hard work.

Politeness and kindness are attributes of a gentleman.

2.Banish1 v.放逐 同:exile

England once banished2 many criminals to Australia.

3.Barrier n.障碍 同:hindrance3

The Sahara desert is a natural barrier that separates Northern and Central Africa.

4.Code n. 1.法规 同:rule 2.暗号,密码

The city building code limits the height of new buildings.

The enemy could not understand the code in which the general’s letter was written.

5.Hinder v.妨碍 同:prevent

You’re hindering me in my work by talking all the time.

6.Isolate4 v.使隔离 同:separate

Several villages in the north have been isolated5 by heavy snowfall.

7.Mist n.雾 同:fog

During the autumn the mountain top is always covered in mist.

8.Porter n.脚夫 同:carrier

The hotel porter carried their suitcases to their room.

9.Subdue6 v.征服 同:conquer

They subdued7 the enemy and captured the city after a long battle.

10.Tempest n.暴风雨 同:storm

The tempest forced the ship onto the rocks.

11.Transform v.使改观 同:change

The beautiful dress transformed the girl into a pretty young lady.

12.Amenable8 adj.应服从的 反:disobedient

People living in a country are amenable to its laws.

13.Casual adj.偶然的 反:intentional9

Our long friendship began with a casual meeting at a Christmas party.

14.Condense v.缩写 反:expand

A long story can sometimes be condensed into a few sentences.

15.Detach v. 1.分开 反:attach 2.派遣

The engine was detached from the body of the train.

One squad10 of soldiers was detached to guard the important road and bridge.

16.Exaggerate v.夸大 反:underestimate

He exaggerated the dangers of the trip in order to frighten them into not going.

17.Inadequate11 adj.不充分的 反:sufficient

He was tired because he had had inadequate sleep last night.

18.Literate12 adj.受过教育的 反:uneducated

A literate person can get knowledge through reading many books.

19.Mansion13 n.大厦 反:hut

That old mansion has more than twenty rooms.

20.Meek14 adj.温顺的 反:violent

He isn’t bad-tempered15; he is as meek as a lamb.

21.Zeal16 n.热诚 反:negligence17

A good citizen works with zeal for his country’s interests.

22.Aggression18 n.侵略

We need a self-defense posture19 to deter20 the possible aggression.

23.Agitate21 v. 1.扰乱 2.摇摆

We thought that the bad news would upset tom, but it didn’t seem to agitate him.

The slightest wind agitates22 the leaves of the trees.

24.Architect n.建筑师

We employed an architect to design our summer house.

25.Bond n. 1.结合 2.合同;契约

There is a close bond of affection between the two sisters.

He is so honest that his spoken promise is as good as a bond.

26.Dominate v.支配

The chairman’s strong will dominated the committee, which did what he wanted without arguing.

27.Integrate v.合而为一

He integrated ideas from several philosopher into his own philosophy.

28.Publicity23 n出风头

His rescue of the child from the burning house brought him much publicity.

29.Rely v.信赖

Nowadays, we repy increasingly on computers for help.

30.Retract24 v. 1.缩回 2.收回(声明,承诺)

A cat can retract its claws, but a dog can’t.

You can depend on Frank. Once he has given his promise, he will not retract it.

31.Unify25 v.使统一

We should make every effort to unify china.

32.Broil26 v. 1.烤 2.争斗

Flames flared27 as he broiled28 the meat a fire in the backyard.

When I left, two women were quarreling noisily; when I returned an hour later, they were still broiling29.

33.Desolate30 adj. 1.荒废的 2.孤独的

A few desolate houses stood in the former mining town.

She had led a desolate life since her husband’s death.

34.Gamble v.赌博

A reckless young man gambled his fortune on a turn of cards in one night.

35.Improve v.改进

I’ll improve the shape of the handle so that it’s easier to use.

36.Incense31 1. v.激怒 2. n.香

The official was incensed32 at the lack of respect shown to him.

Incense is burnt in some religious services.

37.Marine33 adj.海的

Many kinds of marine life are found in this ocean.

38.Nourish v.滋养

There are hundreds of children in the slums, who need to be nourished,

39.Phase n.阶段

The old man overcame the critical phase of his illness.

40.Spur n.刺马钉;激励

The horse leaped over the fence at the touch of the spur.

41.Thaw34 v. 1.溶解 2.变温和

Exposed to the warm air, the frozen meat thawed35 rapidly.

At first the visitors were shy, but after drinking a glass of wine they thawed.



1.When a person has an infectious disease , he is usually _____ .

2.One who has entered a foreign country illegally may be _____ .

3.He _____ the lock from the door in order to repair it .

4.The little boy _____ when he said there was a lion in the backyard .

5.The school’s main goal is to make people _____ .

6.A great man _____ others by force of character .

7.She was _____ with grief when she heard the news that her husband’s ship had sunk .

8.After a big fire , the forest land became _____ .

9.Milk is all we need to _____ our small baby .

10.The sun at noon _____ the ice on the roads very quickly .

1. isolated 2. banished 3. detached 4. exaggerated 5. literate 6. dominates 7. agitated36 8. desolate 9. nourish 10. thawed


1 banish nu8zD     
  • The doctor advised her to banish fear and anxiety.医生劝她消除恐惧和忧虑。
  • He tried to banish gloom from his thought.他试图驱除心中的忧愁。
2 banished b779057f354f1ec8efd5dd1adee731df     
v.放逐,驱逐( banish的过去式和过去分词 )
  • He was banished to Australia, where he died five years later. 他被流放到澳大利亚,五年后在那里去世。
  • He was banished to an uninhabited island for a year. 他被放逐到一个无人居住的荒岛一年。 来自《简明英汉词典》
3 hindrance AdKz2     
  • Now they can construct tunnel systems without hindrance.现在他们可以顺利地建造隧道系统了。
  • The heavy baggage was a great hindrance to me.那件行李成了我的大累赘。
4 isolate G3Exu     
  • Do not isolate yourself from others.不要把自己孤立起来。
  • We should never isolate ourselves from the masses.我们永远不能脱离群众。
5 isolated bqmzTd     
  • His bad behaviour was just an isolated incident. 他的不良行为只是个别事件。
  • Patients with the disease should be isolated. 这种病的患者应予以隔离。
6 subdue ltTwO     
  • She tried to subdue her anger.她尽力压制自己的怒火。
  • He forced himself to subdue and overcome his fears.他强迫自己克制并战胜恐惧心理。
7 subdued 76419335ce506a486af8913f13b8981d     
adj. 屈服的,柔和的,减弱的 动词subdue的过去式和过去分词
  • He seemed a bit subdued to me. 我觉得他当时有点闷闷不乐。
  • I felt strangely subdued when it was all over. 一切都结束的时候,我却有一种奇怪的压抑感。
8 amenable pLUy3     
  • His scientific discoveries are amenable to the laws of physics.他在科学上的发现经得起物理定律的检验。
  • He is amenable to counsel.他这人听劝。
9 intentional 65Axb     
  • Let me assure you that it was not intentional.我向你保证那不是故意的。
  • His insult was intentional.他的侮辱是有意的。
10 squad 4G1zq     
  • The squad leader ordered the men to mark time.班长命令战士们原地踏步。
  • A squad is the smallest unit in an army.班是军队的最小构成单位。
11 inadequate 2kzyk     
  • The supply is inadequate to meet the demand.供不应求。
  • She was inadequate to the demands that were made on her.她还无力满足对她提出的各项要求。
12 literate 181zu     
  • Only a few of the nation's peasants are literate.这个国家的农民中只有少数人能识字。
  • A literate person can get knowledge through reading many books.一个受过教育的人可以通过读书而获得知识。
13 mansion 8BYxn     
  • The old mansion was built in 1850.这座古宅建于1850年。
  • The mansion has extensive grounds.这大厦四周的庭园广阔。
14 meek x7qz9     
  • He expects his wife to be meek and submissive.他期望妻子温顺而且听他摆布。
  • The little girl is as meek as a lamb.那个小姑娘像羔羊一般温顺。
15 bad-tempered bad-tempered     
  • He grew more and more bad-tempered as the afternoon wore on.随着下午一点点地过去,他的脾气也越来越坏。
  • I know he's often bad-tempered but really,you know,he's got a heart of gold.我知道他经常发脾气,但是,要知道,其实他心肠很好。
16 zeal mMqzR     
  • Revolutionary zeal caught them up,and they joined the army.革命热情激励他们,于是他们从军了。
  • They worked with great zeal to finish the project.他们热情高涨地工作,以期完成这个项目。
17 negligence IjQyI     
  • They charged him with negligence of duty.他们指责他玩忽职守。
  • The traffic accident was allegedly due to negligence.这次车祸据说是由于疏忽造成的。
18 aggression WKjyF     
  • So long as we are firmly united, we need fear no aggression.只要我们紧密地团结,就不必惧怕外来侵略。
  • Her view is that aggression is part of human nature.她认为攻击性是人类本性的一部份。
19 posture q1gzk     
  • The government adopted an uncompromising posture on the issue of independence.政府在独立这一问题上采取了毫不妥协的态度。
  • He tore off his coat and assumed a fighting posture.他脱掉上衣,摆出一副打架的架势。
20 deter DmZzU     
  • Failure did not deter us from trying it again.失败并没有能阻挡我们再次进行试验。
  • Dogs can deter unwelcome intruders.狗能够阻拦不受欢迎的闯入者。
21 agitate aNtzi     
  • They sent agents to agitate the local people.他们派遣情报人员煽动当地的民众。
  • All you need to do is gently agitate the water with a finger or paintbrush.你只需要用手指或刷子轻轻地搅动水。
22 agitates 4841ed575caa1059b2f1931a6c190fcf     
搅动( agitate的第三人称单数 ); 激怒; 使焦虑不安; (尤指为法律、社会状况的改变而)激烈争论
  • A cement mixer agitates the cement until it is ready to pour. 水泥搅拌机把水泥搅动得可以倒出来用为止。
  • He agitates for a shorter working-day. 他鼓动缩短工作时间。
23 publicity ASmxx     
  • The singer star's marriage got a lot of publicity.这位歌星的婚事引起了公众的关注。
  • He dismissed the event as just a publicity gimmick.他不理会这件事,只当它是一种宣传手法。
24 retract NWFxJ     
  • The criminals should stop on the precipice, retract from the wrong path and not go any further.犯罪分子应当迷途知返,悬崖勒马,不要在错误的道路上继续走下去。
  • I don't want to speak rashly now and later have to retract my statements.我不想现在说些轻率的话,然后又要收回自己说过的话。
25 unify okOwO     
  • How can we unify such scattered islands into a nation?我们怎么才能把如此分散的岛屿统一成一个国家呢?
  • It is difficult to imagine how the North and South could ever agree on a formula to unify the divided peninsula.很难想象南北双方在统一半岛的方案上究竟怎样才能达成一致。
26 broil xsRzl     
  • Bake,broil,grill or roast foods rather than fry them.烧烤或烘烤而不要油炸食物。
  • He is in a broil of indignation.此刻他正怒气冲冲。
27 Flared Flared     
adj. 端部张开的, 爆发的, 加宽的, 漏斗式的 动词flare的过去式和过去分词
  • The match flared and went out. 火柴闪亮了一下就熄了。
  • The fire flared up when we thought it was out. 我们以为火已经熄灭,但它突然又燃烧起来。
28 broiled 8xgz4L     
  • They broiled turkey over a charcoal flame. 他们在木炭上烤火鸡。
  • The desert sun broiled the travelers in the caravan. 沙漠上空灼人的太阳把旅行队成员晒得浑身燥热。
29 broiling 267fee918d109c7efe5cf783cbe078f8     
adj.酷热的,炽热的,似烧的v.(用火)烤(焙、炙等)( broil的现在分词 );使卷入争吵;使混乱;被烤(或炙)
  • They lay broiling in the sun. 他们躺在太阳底下几乎要晒熟了。
  • I'm broiling in this hot sun. 在太阳底下,我感到热极了。 来自《简明英汉词典》
30 desolate vmizO     
  • The city was burned into a desolate waste.那座城市被烧成一片废墟。
  • We all felt absolutely desolate when she left.她走后,我们都觉得万分孤寂。
31 incense dcLzU     
  • This proposal will incense conservation campaigners.这项提议会激怒环保人士。
  • In summer,they usually burn some coil incense to keep away the mosquitoes.夏天他们通常点香驱蚊。
32 incensed 0qizaV     
  • The decision incensed the workforce. 这个决定激怒了劳工大众。
  • They were incensed at the decision. 他们被这个决定激怒了。
33 marine 77Izo     
  • Marine creatures are those which live in the sea. 海洋生物是生存在海里的生物。
  • When the war broke out,he volunteered for the Marine Corps.战争爆发时,他自愿参加了海军陆战队。
34 thaw fUYz5     
  • The snow is beginning to thaw.雪已开始融化。
  • The spring thaw caused heavy flooding.春天解冻引起了洪水泛滥。
35 thawed fbd380b792ac01e07423c2dd9206dd21     
  • The little girl's smile thawed the angry old man. 小姑娘的微笑使发怒的老头缓和下来。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • He thawed after sitting at a fire for a while. 在火堆旁坐了一会儿,他觉得暖和起来了。 来自《简明英汉词典》
36 agitated dzgzc2     
  • His answers were all mixed up,so agitated was he.他是那样心神不定,回答全乱了。
  • She was agitated because her train was an hour late.她乘坐的火车晚点一个小时,她十分焦虑。
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