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新视野大学英语读写教程词汇 第二册 Unit 6b

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  <TITLE>New Words</TITLE>
  ||<1>sociology |n. |[U] scientific study of society |社会学
  ||||a sociology course |社会学课程
  ||||She has a degree in sociology and political science. |她拥有社会学和政治学的学位。
  ||<2> <em>sociological</em> |a.     |of sociology |社会学的
  ||||a sociological theory |社会学理论
  ||||conduct sociological research |进行社会学研究
  |★|<3>validate |vt.|prove that sth. is true or correct |证实
  ||||Mr. Brown tried to validate his criticisms. 布郎先生试图证明他的批评是有道理的。
  ||||Can you validate your views against economic growth? |你能证明你反对经济增长的观点吗?
  ||<4>virtually |ad.|almost |实际上;差不多
  ||||It used to be virtually impossible to find restaurants outside the cities, but it's much easier now. |过去在城外几乎找不到餐馆,不过现在容易多了。
  ||||On the label, the milk is described as "virtually fat-free". |这牛奶的标签上写着“基本不含脂肪”的字样。
  ||<5> <em>slightly</em> |ad. |a little; somewhat |稍微;轻微
  ||||Her car is a slightly different color. |她的汽车颜色稍微有点不同。
  ||||The temperature had risen slightly, but it was still very cold. |气温略有上升,但仍很冷。
  ||<6> <em>inappropriate</em> |a.     |not suitable |不合适的;不恰当的
  ||||Such language would be quite inappropriate for this occasion. |这类语言对这个场合来说很不恰当。
  ||||If such discriminations are appropriate for birds, why should they be inappropriate in the case of men? |如果这些区别适用于鸟类的话,那么对人类来说为什么就不合适了呢?
  |@ |<7>tidy |a. |neatly arranged with everything in the right place |整洁的; 整齐的
  ||||a tidy person |穿着整洁的人
  ||||She keeps her house very tidy. |她把屋子收拾得非常整洁。
  ||<8> <em>untidy</em> |a. |not tidy; in a mess |不整洁的;凌乱的
  ||||an untidy desk |乱糟糟的书桌
  ||||He's an untidy worker; he leaves his tools everywhere. |他是个邋遢工人,工具放得到处都是。
  ||<9>wrinkle |v.     |(cause to) form small lines or folds |(使)起皱纹;(使)起褶皱
  ||||The apples are beginning to wrinkle. |这些苹果开始起皱了。
  ||||Too much sunshine will wrinkle your skin. |过多阳光会使你的皮肤起皱纹。
  |||n.|[C] a small line on one's face and skin |皱纹
  ||||She's beginning to get wrinkles around her eyes. |她眼部周围开始有皱纹了。
  ||||There are some wrinkles in the back of your skirt where you've been sitting down. |你裙子后面坐着的地方有些褶皱。
  ||<10> <em>wrinkled</em> |a.  |having small lines or folds |有皱纹的;皱巴巴的
  ||||a wrinkled face |满是皱纹的脸
  ||||His suit was wrinkled and he looked very tired. |他衣服皱巴巴的,人也显得很疲倦。
  ||<11>pants |n. |(pl.) trousers |裤子
  ||||sweat pants |<主美> (尤指运动员运动前后保暖穿的)宽松长运动裤
  ||||These pants look good, but they are expensive. |这种裤子很漂亮,但价钱很贵。
  |@ |<12>conceal |vt. |hide sth. carefully |隐藏;隐瞒
  ||||He tried to conceal his heavy drinking from his family. |他竭力向家人隐瞒他酗酒的恶习。
  ||||I tried to conceal my surprise when she said she was only 22. |当她说她只有22岁时,我尽力掩饰自己的惊讶。
  ||<13> <em>unfashionable</em> |a.     |not in fashion or the current style |不时髦的;不流行的
  ||||These ideas became unfashionable after the collapse of the Berlin Wall. |这些观念在柏林墙倒塌后就不流行了。
  ||||Production stopped in the 80s when these products became unfashionable. |这些产品落伍了,80年代就停止生产了。
  ||<14> <em>sunshade</em> |n. |[C] sth. used as a protection from the sun's rays |遮阳物
  ||||She wears glasses with sunshades in hot summer. |她夏天用遮阳镜片。
  ||||She stayed under the sunshade when others were swimming in the sea. |别人在大海里游泳,而她呆在遮阳伞下面。
  ||<15>clip |vt. |1. hold sth. together with some device |别在...上;夹住
  ||||Do you clip those earrings on? |你的耳环是夹上去的吗?
  ||||When you've finished your work, clip them together and hand them in to me. |完工之后,把它们别在一起交给我。
  ||||2. cut parts of sth. to make it tidy |修剪
  ||||The children were amazed to see the sheep being clipped. |剪羊毛时,孩子们好奇地看着。
  ||||You need to clip your nails. |你该修剪指甲了。
  |||n.|[C] a small object used for tying things together or holding them in position |夹子;别针
  ||||a hair clip |发夹
  ||||The paper was tied together with a plastic clip. |纸张是用一个塑料夹子夹在一起的。
  |@ |<16>poverty |n.|[U] the state of being poor |贫穷;贫困
  ||||She had been worn down by poverty and illness. |贫病交加,她被折磨倒了。
  ||||Two million people in the city live in poverty. |城里有两百万人生活在贫困中。
  |@ |<17>mild |a. |1. slight in degree |轻微的;不严重的
  ||||She's only got a mild fever. |她只是轻微发烧
  ||||She can't accept even mild criticism of her work. |她甚至不能接受对她工作一点点的批评。
  ||||2. gentle |温和的;和善的
  ||||He's the mildest man you could wish to meet. |他是你能见到的最和善的人。
  ||||He gave a mild answer, in spite of his anger. |尽管十分恼火,他还是态度温和地回答了。
  ||<18> <em>mildly</em> |ad.|in a slight or gentle way |轻微地;温和地
  ||||She seemed mildly disappointed when I didn't buy any perfume. |我没买香水,她似乎微微有点失望。
  ||||She spoke mildly to us. |她对我们说话很温和。
  |@ |<19>emotional |a. |1. relating to feelings |情感的;情绪的
  ||||emotional problems |情绪问题
  ||||My doctor said the problem was more emotional than physical. |我的医生说问题不是出在身体上而是在情绪上。
  ||||2. causing or showing strong feelings |引发(或表现)强烈情感的
  ||||The president has made an emotional speech for the killing to stop. |总统发表了感人的演说,呼吁停止屠杀。
  ||||That music's so emotional; it always brings tears to my eyes. |那音乐如此让人动情;它总让我落泪。
  ||<20> <em>dramatics</em> |n.   |(pl.) behavior that shows too much unnecessary emotion |夸张做作的行为
  ||||George's dramatics began to irritate me. |乔治的夸张做作的行为开始让我生气。
  ||||His friends were tired of all his phony dramatics. |他的朋友厌烦了他虚伪的做作。
  |@|<21>park |v. |put a car or other vehicle in a particular place for a period of time |停放(车辆)
  ||||You can't park here. |这儿不能停车。
  ||||A red van was parked in front of the house. |屋子前停了一辆红色的货车。
  |@ |<22>bargain |n.     |1. [C] sth. bought at a price lower than usual |便宜货;廉价品
  ||||a bargain hunter |搜购廉价商品的人
  ||||The carpet is a bargain at 50 dollars. |地毯50美元一条,够便宜的。
  ||||2. [C] an agreement to do sth. in return for sth. else |协议;交易
  ||||The two parties made a bargain to cease fire. |双方达成了停火协议。
  ||||The two businessmen struck a bargain with each other. |两个生意人做成了一笔交易。
  |||vi.|talk about the conditions of a sale, agreement or contract |讨价还价;谈判
  ||||bargain over the terms of a lease |就租约的条款进行谈判
  ||||bargain with a sales rep for a used car |与销售代表就一辆旧车讨价还价
  ||<23>charity |n. |1. [C] an organization for helping people who are poor, sick, etc. |慈善机构
  ||||Money from the sale of these cards will go to local charities. |卖这些贺卡所得的钱将捐献给地方慈善组织。
  ||||Many charities sent money to help the victims of the flood. |许多慈善机构寄款救济遭受水灾的人们 。
  ||||2. [U] money or gifts given to help people who are poor, sick, etc. |施舍物;救济金
  ||||The old man was too proud to accept what he regarded as charity. |那个老人太要强了,不肯接受他所认为的施舍。
  ||||They live on charity. |他们靠救济过日子。
  ||<24>exclusive |a.     |1. expensive and not many people can afford to use or buy |奢华的;高级的
  ||||an exclusive restaurant |高级饭店
  ||||The tennis club has an exclusive membership. |这家网球俱乐部的成员都是些有钱人。
  ||||2. not shared with others |专用的;独享的
  ||||This room is for the exclusive use of guests. |这房间专供客人使用。
  ||||Singing is not her exclusive interest outside work; she does many other things as well. |唱歌不是她工作之余唯一的爱好;她还有很多其他爱好。
  |||n.|[C] a piece of news that is published or reported by only one newspaper, magazine, etc. |独家新闻;独家报道
  ||||The newspaper published an exclusive about the incident. |这家报纸刊登了有关那个事件的独家新闻。
  ||||<em>The Sun</em> has had a number of useful exclusives. |《太阳报》发表过几篇有用的独家新闻。
  |@ |<25>wander |v. |move about an area without a definite aim |漫游;闲逛
  ||||We wandered around for hours looking for the house. |我们转悠了好几个小时来寻找那座房子。
  ||||We spent the morning wandering the old part of the city. |我们花了一个上午在老城区逛悠。
  ||<26>second-hand |a. |owned or used by sb. else before you |二手的;用过的
  ||||a second-hand car |二手车
  ||||I finally found the textbook I need in a second-hand book store. |我终于在二手书店找到了我需要的那本教科书。
  ||<27>blend |v. |mix or combine |(使)混合;(使) 掺和
  ||||Blend the eggs and milk together. |把鸡蛋和牛奶调在一起。
  ||||I tried to blend into the crowd, but I was obviously not dressed for the occasion. |我试图融入人群,但很明显我的穿着不适合这种场合。
  |||n.|[C] the act of blending or sth. created by blending |混合;混合物
  ||||Which blend of coffee would you like? |你喜欢往咖啡里放些什么?
  ||||His manner is a blend of charm and politeness. |他的态度既有魅力又文雅。
  ||<28>upper |a. |in a higher position; superior |较高的, 上面的
  ||||He already had a light growth of hair on his upper lip. |他上唇已经依稀长出胡须。
  ||||Most meteorites do not make it through the Earth's upper atmosphere. |大多数流星无法穿过地球的大气层外层。
  |@ |<29>scale |n. |[sing., U] the size or level of sth. |规模;大小;等级
  ||||The pay scale goes from $8,000 to $20,000. |薪金级别介于8,000至20,000美元之间。
  ||||My parents used to entertain friends on a large scale. |我父母过去常常举行大规模的宴会招待朋友。
  ||<30> <em>upper-scale</em> |a.    |high class |上流的;高级的
  ||||an upper-scale men's wear shop |高档男装商店
  ||||He often dines with friends at upper-scale restaurants. |他常常和朋友在高档饭店吃饭。
  ||<31> <em>lunchroom</em> |n.   |[C] a large room in a school or office where people can eat |餐厅;食堂
  ||||The meals at the school lunchroom don't look appealing. |学校餐厅的饭菜看上去不吸引人。
  ||||He seldom takes a meal at the company lunch-room. |他很少在公司餐厅用餐。
  ||<32>ID |n. |[U] |身份证明;身份证
  ||||We were asked to show our ID before the guards let us in. |保安在让我们进去前要求我们出示身份证。
  ||||You can book a ticket in advance at the box office only with your ID. |只有用身份证才能提前在售票处订票。
  |@ |<33>discourage |vt. |1. try to prevent sth. from happening |阻止;劝阻
  ||||Parents should discourage smoking. |父母应当设法制止吸烟。
  ||||What discourages me from going camping is the rain! |阻止我去露营的就是这场雨!
  ||||2. make sb. less confident or less willing to do sth. |使泄气;使灰心
  ||||The thought of how much work she had to do discouraged her. |一想到要干那么多的活儿,她就心灰意冷。
  ||||Don't discourage her; she's doing her best. |别给她泼冷水,她正竭尽全力呢。
  ||<34>entry |n.|[U] the act of entering a place |进入
  ||||The thieves had forced an entry into the building. |窃贼强行进入了那幢建筑物。
  ||||The actress' entry into the world of political affairs surprised most people. |那位女演员进入政界使许多人都大为吃惊。
  ||<35> <em>down-scale</em> |a.    |at the lower end of a scale; inferior |低档的;劣等的
  ||||down-scale clothing |低档服装
  ||||The discount stores caters mainly to down-scale customers. |减价商店主要满足中低收入的顾客。
  ||<36>setting |n. |[C] the place where sth. is or where sth. happens, and the general environment |环境;背景
  ||||We should seek more formal settings for the party. |我们应该找个更正式的环境聚会。
  ||||In beautifully landscaped settings, this unique zoo is great fun for all the family. |这个独特的动物园环境优美,对全家人来说都十分有意思。
  ||<37>rib |vt.|make fun of sb. in a friendly way |开玩笑;戏弄
  ||||She was continuously ribbed about her accent. |她常因口音受别人取笑。
  ||||His brothers ribbed him about his new girlfriend. |他的兄弟们因他交上了新的女朋友而跟他开玩笑。
  |@ |<38>imitate |vt. |1. copy the way sb. behaves, speaks, moves, etc. |模仿;效仿
  ||||He's very clever at imitating his friends. |他很善于模仿朋友们的讲话和动作。
  ||||Some of the young men try to imitate their musical heroes from the past. |一些年轻男子试图模仿他们心中昔日的乐坛偶像。
  ||||2. copy sth. |仿制;仿造
  ||||They produce man-made chemicals which exactly imitate particular natural ones. |他们生产的人造化学制品完全仿照某些天然物质。
  ||||He imitated the works of Picasso. |他临摹了毕加索的作品。
  |@ |<39>rude |a.|1. speaking or behaving in an impolite way |无礼的;粗鲁的
  ||||It's rude not to say "Thank you" when you are given something. |别人给你东西时不说“谢谢”是不礼貌的。
  ||||He's got no manners; he's rude to everyone. |他没有礼貌,对每个人都很粗鲁。
  ||||2. made or designed in a simple way |简陋的
  ||||We built a rude shelter from rocks on the beach. |我们用海滩上的岩石搭建了一个简陋的栖身之所。
  ||||These are rude stone tools. |这是些粗糙的石制工具。
  |@ |<40>accompany |vt. |1. happen or exist at the same time as sth. else |伴随;和...一起发生
  ||||It had strong winds accompanied by heavy rain. |那天暴风骤雨。
  ||||Fever is almost always accompanied by cough. |发烧时几乎总会有咳嗽的症状。
  ||||2. go somewhere with sb. |陪伴;陪同
  ||||Would you like me to accompany you to the company? |您想让我陪您去公司吗?
  ||||He was accompanied on the trip by his wife. |他那次旅行有妻子随行。
  ||<41>removal |n. |1. [C, U] the act of getting rid of sth. |消除;清除
  ||||He has recovered form the removal of a tumor. |肿瘤切除手术后,他已康复了。
  ||||After the removal of the soup, fish was served. |汤撤下去后,鱼端了上来。
  ||||2. [C, U] the act of moving sth. to a different place |移动;搬迁
  ||||our removal to London |我们搬往伦敦
  ||||He runs a removal company. |他经营一家搬家公司。
  |@ |<42>grace |n. |[U] polite and pleasant behavior |礼貌;风度
  ||||Joanna has natural grace and elegance. |乔安娜具有一种天生的高雅气质。
  ||||The Queen always speaks to the public with grace and dignity. |女王和公众讲话时总是维持着高贵端庄的仪态。
  ||<43>symbol |n. |1. [C] a picture or shape that represents sth. |象征;标志
  ||||The lion is the symbol of courage. |狮子是勇敢的象征。
  ||||The heart shape is a symbol of love. |心的形状象征着爱。
  ||||2. [C] a mark or sign with a particular meaning |记号;符号
  ||||You see the symbol on this label? Does that mean I have to hand-wash this shirt? |你看到标签上的图标了吗?那是不是说这件衬衫只能手洗?
  ||||O<font size="-2">2</font> is the symbol of oxygen. |O<font size="-2">2</font>是氧气的化学符号。
  |@ |<44>inherent |a. |existing as a natural quality |固有的;与生俱来的
  ||||There is an inherent weakness in the design. |这个设计有其固有的弱点。
  ||||There are dangers inherent in almost every sport. |每种运动都有其危险性。
  ||<45>dignity |n.  |1. [U] the ability to behave in a calm way even in a difficult situation |端庄;体面
  ||||She kept her dignity in spite of the laughing. |尽管人们讥笑她,可她仍然表现得体面端庄。
  ||||She has a quiet dignity about her. |她身上有一种娴静的高贵气质。
  ||||2. [U] the fact of being respected or deserving respect |尊严
  ||||How could you say that? Have you no dignity? |你怎么能说这样的话?你就没有自尊心吗?
  ||||She has lost everything but her dignity. |她失去了所有东西,但她没有丢失自己的尊严。
  |★ |<46>conspicuous |a.  |easy to notice |显著的;明显的
  ||||If you're walking along the dark road at night you should wear conspicuous clothes. |如果你晚上在黑暗的街道上行走,就应该穿醒目的衣服。
  ||||He tried not to be conspicuous and moved slowly along the back of the room. |他沿着房间后面慢慢移动,尽量不让自己引起注意。
  ||<47> <em>conspicuously</em> |ad.    |noticeably |显著地;明显地
  ||||The red flag rose conspicuously over the beautiful city. |红旗十分醒目地在这座美丽的城市上空飘扬。
  ||||He is conspicuously not present in the meeting. |会议他缺席了,这太引人注目了。
  |@ |<48>internal |a.|1. inside sth. |内部的
  ||||We are holding an internal inquiry to find out who is responsible. |我们正在进行内部调查以查明谁该负责。
  ||||The internal record indicates that there had been concern about safety before the accident. |内部记录表明,在事故发生前就已有了安全方面的担心。
  ||||2. within a particular country |国内的;本国的
  ||||internal trade |国内贸易
  ||||It is not certain whether a meeting would solve the internal conflict. |一次会议是否能解决这一内部冲突,值得怀疑。
  ||<49> <em>internalize</em> |vt.     |make a particular belief, attitude, etc. become part of one's character |使内在化
  ||||He had not expected the people to internalize the values of equal rights so readily. |他没有料到人民这么快就接受了权力平等的价值观念。
  ||||It is proved that present-day children easily internalize violent behavior through social learning. |事实证明现在的孩子由于受社会的影响很容易产生暴力行为。
  ||<50>superficial |a.  |1. not thinking about serious or important things; shallow |肤浅的;浅薄的
  ||||You have only a superficial knowledge of the subject. |你对该学科只有粗浅的了解。
  ||||I only have a superficial knowledge of French. |我对法语只懂些皮毛。
  ||||2. of or on the surface |表面的
  ||||The driver only got superficial cuts. |司机只是受了点外伤。
  ||||There are superficial similarities between the two cars, but actually they're quite different. |从表面上看两辆车差不多,但实际上差别很大。
  |@ |<51>prevail |vi.|exist among a group of people at a certain time |盛行;流行
  ||||The use of horses still prevails among the poorer farmers. |贫穷的农民仍然普遍用马代步和运输东西。
  ||||This is a strange custom that still prevails. |这个奇怪风俗仍然盛行。
  ||<52>catalogue |vt.    |make a complete list of all the things in a group |把...编入目录
  ||||Many rare plants have not yet been catalogued. |许多珍稀植物还未被归类。
  ||||This report is the first effort to catalogue the effects of smoking. |这份报告试图首次对吸烟所造成的影响进行归纳。
  |||n.|[C] a complete list of things |目录
  ||||a library catalogue | 图书馆目录
  ||<53>undoubtedly |ad.  |without doubt; certainly |确实地;无疑地
  ||||The painting is undoubtedly authentic. |这幅画无疑是真迹。
  ||||It is undoubtedly the best French film this year. |毫无疑问,这是本年度最好的法国影片。
  |★|<54>sociologist |n.  |[C] a person who specializes in the study of sociology |研究社会学的人;社会学家
  ||||She is a prominent sociologist. |她是位著名的社会学家。
  ||||Sociologists disagree about whether sociology is a science or not. |社会学家们对于社会学是否是一门科学有争议。
  <TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
  ||<55>go to great lengths |make a great deal of effort to do sth. |竭尽全力做某事
  || |Some people go to great lengths to make their homes attractive. |有些人千方百计把他们的家布置得很吸引人。
  || |They went to great lengths to keep the affair secret. |他们竭尽全力为这事保密。
  ||<56>take sides|support sb. and not others |支持某人;偏袒一方
  |||He has never dared to take sides against his superior. |他从未敢反对他的上级。
  |||Jim always takes sides with Alice. |吉姆总是站在爱丽丝那边。
  ||<57>act out |express one's thoughts or feelings through words or behavior |将(思想或情感)表达出来
  |||They acted out their frustration. |他们用行动来发泄受挫失望的情绪。
  |||Children's strong feelings often get acted out in bad behavior. |孩子们的强烈情感经常通过不良行为表现出来。
  ||<58>speak of |show that sth. exists or is true |表明;意味着
  |||Her behavior speaks of suffering bravely borne. |她的行为反映了她勇敢承受着痛苦。
  |||The whole robbery spoke of inside knowledge on the part of the criminals. |整个抢劫案表明罪犯掌握了内情。
  ||<59>turn off |drive sb. away from a place |使离开
  |||The shop owner turned off the old beggar. |店主赶走了老乞丐。
  |||The crowd was turned off by the police. |警察赶走了人群。
  ||<60>tune out |stop listening or paying attention |不理会;不理睬
  |||The children tuned out their mother's commands. |孩子们不理会母亲的吩咐。
  |||She tuned out after I said no extra money was involved. |在我说了之外再没有钱后,她就不想听了。
  ||<61>up to |well or good enough to do sth. |能适合的;能胜任的
  |||I don't feel up to going to work today. |我今天身体不舒服,不能去上班。
  |||He wants to compete at an international level, but I don't think he's up to it. |他想参加国际水准的竞争,但我认为他还不到那个水平。
  ||<62>more or less |almost |几乎;差不多
  ||  |I've more or less finished reading this book. |我差不多快读完这本书了。
  ||  |The project was more or less a success. |这项计划大体上是成功的。
  ||<63>follow one's track |go after sb. or sth. |跟着;跟踪
  |||We followed his tracks through the snow. |我们顺着他的足印在雪地里前进。
  |||The hunters followed the tracks of the animal for hours. |猎人循着动物的脚印追了几个小时。
  ||<64>apart from |except for; besides |除了;除...之外
  |||I hardly know anyone in the city apart from a few of my schoolmates. |除了几个同学之外,在这个城市我几乎不认识任何人。
  |||He is also interested in classical music apart from pop music. |他对流行音乐感兴趣,对古典音乐也感兴趣。
  ||<65>blow one's cover |tell people who sb. really is |揭露;揭某人的老底
  |||The enemy's cover was blown. |敌人的掩护身份暴露了。
  |||I was pretending to be her sister until she blew my cover. |直到她揭露真相,我一直在假装是她的姐姐。
  ||<66>out of character |not typical of sb.'s usual behavior |与某人个性不相符
  |||Her behavior last night was quite out of character. |昨晚她的举止颇有点反常。
  |||I can't believe he would have quarreled—it seems so out of character. |我不相信他会吵架──这太不像他了。
  ||<67>out of bounds |(of a place) not allowing sb. to go there |禁止进入的
  ||   |Bars are out of bounds to minors. |未成年人禁止进入酒吧。
  ||   |The school canteen is out of bounds for outsiders. |校外人员禁止在学校食堂用餐。

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