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新视野大学英语读写教程词汇 第二册 Unit 7a

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<TITLE>New Words</TITLE>
||<1>overwhelm |vt. |1. affect sb.'s emotions in a powerful way |使受不了;使不知所措
||||He was suddenly overwhelmed by a strong feeling of sadness. |一阵强烈的孤独感突然袭上心头。
||||I was quite overwhelmed by all the flowers and letters of support I received. |我收到的所有鲜花和支持信件使我激动不已。
||||2. defeat |击败
||||They were overwhelmed by the enemy. |他们被敌军击败了。
||||With his great strength, the policeman overwhelmed the robber. |警察用大力制服了抢劫者。
|@ |<2>spin |v.  |(cause to) turn around very quickly |(使)旋转
||||I feel faint and the room is spinning. |我感到昏昏沉沉,觉得房间在旋转。
||||Our washing machine spins the clothes quite fast. |我们的洗衣机使衣服快速转动。
|||n.|[C] an act of turning around quickly |旋转
||||I hit something on the road, which sent the car into a spin. |我撞到了路上的什么东西,使得车子直打转。
||||Suddenly, the plane went into a spin. |飞机突然旋转起来。
||<3>title |vt.    |give a name to a book, article, etc. |给...取名
||||Shakespeare titled his play <em>A Mid-summer Night's Dream</em>. |莎士比亚给自己的剧本取名为《仲夏夜之梦》。
||||Have you found the book titled <em>Water Margin1</em>. |你找到书名为《水浒传》的那本书了吗?
|||n.|[C] a name of a book, article, etc. |名称;题目
||||I can never remember film titles. |我从来就记不住电影的片名。
||||This next record bears the title <em>The Red Shoes</em>. |下一张唱片的名字就是《红鞋子》。
||<4>clinical |a. |relating to a clinic or hospital |诊所的;临床的
||||This disease should figure prominently in textbooks of clinical medicine. |这种疾病在临床医学教科书中应该有突出的叙述。
||||We have had a bit more clinical experience than before. |我们比以前有了更多的临床经验。
|@ |<5>react |vi. |behave in a particular way because of sth. that has happened |反应
||||People can react badly to certain food. |人们对某些食物会有不良反应。
||||How did she react when you told her you were leaving? |你告诉她你要离开时她有什么反应?
||<6> <em>reactor2</em> |n. |[C] |核反应堆
||||Some would argue that while nuclear power reactors3 exist, then the hazard of radiation is inevitable4. |有些人争论说只要原子反应堆存在,辐射的危险就不可避免。
||||The plant's two reactors were shut down in February 2001 out of safety fears. |出于对安全的考虑,工厂的两个核反应堆于2001年2月关闭。
|@ |<7>tense |a. |nervous; not relaxed |紧张的
||||She was very tense as she waited for the interview. |在等待面试时她很紧张。
||||You seem very tense. Are you still waiting for that phone call? |你看来很紧张。你还在等那电话吗?
||<8>tremendous|a.|1. very big |巨大的;极大的
||||The washing machine makes a tremendous noise when it works. |这台洗衣机在使用时发出巨大的噪音。
||||That kind of job will require you a tremendous effort. |那种工作需要你作出极大的努力。
||||2. very good; excellent |很好的;非常好的
||||Thank you for treating me! It's a tremendous dinner! |感谢你招待我!晚餐太棒了!
||||I've just listened to your album; you have a tremendous voice. |我刚听了你的专辑,你的声音棒极了。
|★ |<9>cholesterol5 |n. |[U] |胆固醇
||||The doctor told her that her cholesterol level was much too high. |医生告诉她,她的胆固醇太高了。
||||This cooking oil is low in cholesterol. |这种烹调油胆固醇含量低。
|@ |<10>excess |a.  |more than is usual or necessary |过量的;过多的
||||Excess exercise can sometimes cause health problems. |过度的锻炼有时会导致健康问题。
||||We might seem to be carrying excess supplies but they would be necessary in the case of an emergency. |看上去我们所带的东西多了些,但情况紧急时,它们会派上用场的。
|||n.|[sing., U] an amount that is more than what is needed or wanted |过量
||||An excess of enthusiasm is not always a good thing. |过分热情并不总是一件好事。
||||They both eat to excess. |他们俩都吃得太多了。
||<11>fiber6 |n. |(BrE fibre) [C, U] |纤维
||||A lot of the fiber in the fruit is found in the skin. |人们发现水果的大量纤维都在水果皮中。
||||Natural fibers7, such as cotton, tend to be used in sportswear because they are cooler. |天然的纤维物质,如棉花,往往会用来做运动衫,因为它们穿起来比较凉爽。
||<12>circuit |n. |[C] a closed connection of wires through which electricity can flow |电路
||||There is something wrong with the electrical circuit. |电路中发现了一点毛病。
||||There must be a break in the circuit. |电路一定断了。
|@ |<13>pump |n.     |[C] a machine for forcing liquid or gas into or out of sth. |泵
||||water pump |水泵
||||The doctor removed the contents of her stomach with a stomach pump. |医生用胃泵清除掉她胃里的东西。
|||vt.|make liquid or gas move in a particular direction using a pump |(用泵)抽吸
||||The heart pumps the blood round the body. |心脏推动血液在身体内循环。
||||We took turns pumping water out of the boat. |我们轮流用泵把船里的水抽干。
|@ |<14>attribute|vt.  |(~ to) regard sth. as caused by sb. or sth. |把...归因于;把...归咎于
||||She attributes her success to hard work and a bit of luck. |她把她的成功归于努力和一点点运气。
||||We attribute our success to being in the right place at the right time. |我们把成功归因于天时地利。
||<15>exterior8 |n. |[C] the outside of sth. |外部;外表
||||He is a gentle man with a rough exterior. |他是一个外表粗鲁但性情温和的男人。
||||The exterior of the house needs painting. |房子外面需要粉刷。
|||a.|on the outside of sth. |外部的;外表的
||||In some of the villages the exterior walls of the houses are painted pink. |有些村庄的外墙刷成了粉红色。
||||Exterior to the main house there is a small building that could be used as an office. |主建筑外面有一个小建筑可用作办公室。
||<16>interior |n.  |[C] the inner part or inside of sth. |内部
||||He had the pictures of the house from the outside but none of its interior. |他有这栋房子的外观图片,但没有内部的图片。
||||This house has a modern interior. |这所房子的内部很现代化。
|||a.|inside |内部的
||||The interior walls have pictures on them. |内墙上挂着画。
||||The paint on the interior doors is in good condition. |室内门上的油漆还很完好。
|@ |<17>destructive |a.  |causing serious damage |破坏的
||||Lack of trust is very destructive in a relationship. |缺乏信任对维持关系有很大的危害性。
||||They are very concerned about the destructive effects that violent films may have on children. |他们很担心暴力片可能会对儿童产生危害作用。
|@ |<18>perceive |vt. |understand or think of sth. in a particular way |理解;认为
||||If they perceive that a military challenge threatens their country's interests, they will not hesitate to fight. |如果他们察觉军事挑衅威胁到国家利益,他们会毫不犹豫地奋起反击。
||||The prime minister will only resign if he perceives there is no other way out of the crisis. |如果首相意识到无法走出危机,就只有辞职了事。
||<19> <em>perfectionist</em> |n.      |[C] sb. who always wants things to be done perfectly9 |完美主义者
||||She's such a perfectionist that she notices even the smallest mistakes. |她是一个完美主义者,甚至连极其细小的毛病也不会放过。
||||He's a perfectionist about singing. |他在演唱方面是个完美主义者。
||<20>delegate |v.     |give part of one's power or work to sb. in a lower position |授权;委托
||||The job had to be delegated to an assistant. |那项工作只得交给一位助手去办理。
||||The boss doesn't know how to delegate. |老板不知道如何用人。
|||vt.|choose sb. as a representative |委派...为代表
||||The manager has not decided10 yet as to whom he would delegate to represent the company at the meeting. |经理还没决定派谁代表公司赴会。
||||A group of four teachers were delegated to represent the school at the meeting. |由4名教师组成的小组已被派去代表学校参加会议。
|||n.|[C] a person chosen or elected by a group to speak, vote, etc. for them, esp. at a meeting |代表
||||Delegates have voted for this suggestion. |代表们已经投票赞同这项建议。
||||Each union chooses several delegates to the yearly meeting. |每个工会选出几位代表参加年度会议。
|@ |<21>cycle |n.     |[C] a series of events that are repeated in the same order |循环;周期
||||the cycle of seasons |四季交替
||||She complained about the endless cycle of getting up, going to work, and coming home, day after day. |她抱怨生活就是这样起床、上班、回家,日复一日无止境的循环。
|||vi.|ride a bicycle |骑自行车
||||He cycles to work every day. |他每天骑车去上班。
||||Shall we cycle into town or go by bus? |我们是骑自行车还是乘公共汽车进城?
|@|<22>emphasis |n. |[C, U] special attention or importance |强调
||||The emphasis here is on hard work, not enjoyment11. |这里强调的是实干,而不是享乐。
||||We put a lot of emphasis on work experience. |我们很重视工作经验。
||<23>jam |n.     |[C] a situation in which it is difficult to move because there are so many cars or people |堵塞
||||traffic jam |交通堵塞
||||We were stuck in a jam for two hours. |我们已经被堵了两个小时。
|||vt.|push sth. somewhere using a lot of force |把...塞入
||||The newspapers were so tightly jammed in the letter-box that I could hardly get them out. |信箱里的报纸塞得太紧了,我几乎没法把它们拿出来。
||||He jammed the boxes into the back of the car. |他将盒子全塞到汽车的后部。
|@ |<24>stir |vt. |1. make sb. have a strong feeling or reaction |使激动;激起
||||The story stirred the boy's imagination. |那故事激起了男孩子的想象力。
||||The speech stirred the crowd to take action. |这讲话鼓动了群众们采取行动。
||||2. move a liquid around with a spoon or stick in order to mix it together |搅拌
||||Use a spoon to stir the sauce. |用调羹来搅拌调料。
||||Slowly add the flour, and keep stirring it. |慢慢地加进面粉,不停地搅拌。
outlet12">|@|<25>outlet |n. |[C] a way of expressing or getting rid of strong feelings |发泄
||||Children need an outlet for their energy. |孩子们要有发泄精力的途径。
||||Writing poems was his only form of emotional outlet. |写诗是他宣泄感情的唯一方式。
|★ |<26>physiological13 |a.    | |生理的;生理学的
||||They are doing research on the physiological effects of space travel. |他们正在研究宇宙航行对生理的影响。
||||The cause is unknown, but several physiological and psychological factors have been suggested. |原因还不清楚,但人们提出了几个生理和心理方面的因素。
||<27> <em>physiologically14</em> |ad.    | |生理上;在生理学上
||||The man is physiologically sound and healthy. |这个人在生理上是健康健全的。
||||Physiologically, there is nothing wrong with her. |她生理上没什么问题。
|@ |<28>recommend  |vt.|1. advise sb. to do sth. |建议;劝告
||||I recommend your meeting him first. |我建议你先和他见个面。
||||The doctor recommended that she should stop smoking as soon as possible. |医生建议她尽快戒烟。
||||2. say that sb. or sth. is good, or suggest them for a particular purpose or job |推荐
||||Can you recommend any cheap hotels? |你能否推荐些便宜的酒店?
||||The headmaster agreed to recommend the teachers' suggestions to the government. |校长同意把教师的建议推荐给政府。
|@ |<29>financial  |a. |concerning money |财政的;金融的
||||Tokyo and New York are major financial centers. |东京和纽约是主要的金融中心。
||||The government is now in financial difficulties. |政府目前财政困难。
||<30> <em>financially</em> |ad.     | |金融上;财政上
||||The plan is not financially suitable. |从财政角度看,这个计划不恰当。
||||It is very common for students to be financially dependent on their parents. |学生在经济上依赖父母是很常见的事。
|@ |<31>independent |a.  |not dependent on or controlled by other people or things |独立的;自立的
||||She never borrows anything; she's far too independent for that. |她从不借东西,她独立性太强,不愿意那样做。
||||Now that Jean's got a job she's financially independent. |现在琼已找到了一份工作,经济上独立了。
|@ |<32>stimulate15 |vt. |make sb. or sth. more active |刺激;激励;激发
||||Praise can stimulate students to further efforts. |表扬能激励学生进一步努力。
||||The book was trying to stimulate discussion of the problem of global warming. |这书试图激起人们对全球变暖问题的讨论。
||<33>temper |n. |[sing., U] a particular emotional state or mood |心情;脾气
||||He is in a bad temper. |他心情不好。
||||I found it hard to keep my temper with so many things going wrong. |这么多事情都变得一团糟,使我很难不发脾气。
||<34> <em>even-tempered</em> |a.     |having a calm good temper; not easily become angry |性情平和的;不易激动的
||||Charles had been described as a gentle and even-tempered man. |查尔斯被描写成是个温柔、性情平和的人。
||||They will stay even-tempered from morning to night. |他们从早至晚都性情平和。
|@ |<35>priority |n. |1. [C] sth. important that must be done first |优先处理的事
||||You must decide what your priorities are. |你必须确定先做什么。
||||The management did not seem to consider office safety to be a priority. |管理部门似乎并不认为办公室安全是需要优先考虑的问题。
||||2. [U] the right to be given attention first |优先权;重要性
||||Official business takes priority over personal requests. |公事应放在私事之上。
||||Priority will be given to those who are fluent in spoken English. |口语流利者将优先考虑。
||<36> <em>self-worth</em> |n.    |[U] |个人的内在价值;自尊
||||When self-worth is gone, so goes the power to face problems and to solve them. |人一旦失去了自尊,便失去了面对问题、解决问题的能力。
||||Without work, a man can lose the precious sense of self-worth. |人要是失去了工作,也就可能失去宝贵的自尊。
|@ |<37>viewpoint |n. |[C] a particular way of thinking about sth. |观点;看法
||||It's my viewpoint that the price is much too high. |我认为价格实在太高。
||||Everyone will have a chance to make their viewpoint known. |每个人都将有机会发表自己的观点。
||<38>troublesome |a. |causing trouble or anxiety |令人烦恼的;麻烦的
||||My cough is rather troublesome today. |今天我的咳嗽真讨厌。
||||Her knee has been troublesome for quite a while. |她膝盖不舒服很长时间。
||<39>politician |n. |[C] sb. who works in politics, esp. an elected member of the government |政治家
||||Every politician dreams of leading his own party one day. |每一个政治家都梦想有一天能领导自己的党派。
||<40>deadline |n. |[C] a time by which sth. must be done or completed |最后期限
||||I have a March deadline for the novel. |三月是我完成这部小说的最后期限。
||||There's no way I can meet that deadline. |我无论如何也没法在最后期限前完成。
||<41>flee |v. |(fled, fled) leave somewhere very quickly in order to escape from danger |逃跑;逃避;逃脱
||||Everyone fled from the building when the fire alarm sounded. |当火警响起时,人人都从大楼里逃出来。
||||She fled the room in tears. |她满脸泪水地逃出了房间。
<TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
||<42>among other things |used when one is mentioning one or more things out of a large number |除了其他事情之外
|||It would be right to describe your father, among other things, as a very hard-working person.|除了别的方面的特点外,你父亲还是一个勤恳工作的人。
|||Among other things, the school lacks staff. |学校除了别的方面资源短缺外,还缺少教职人员。
||<43>blow one's top |become very angry suddenly |勃然大怒;大发雷霆
||    |My father will blow his top when he sees what happened to the car. |我父亲看到车子这个样子肯定会大发雷霆。
||    |When he told her how much it cost, she blew her top. |当他告诉她那花了多少钱时,她勃然大怒。
||<44>on one's trail |on one's way |在...路上
||    |On one's trail through life, one must discern right from wrong and establish one's own set of morals. |在人的一生旅途中,必须分清是非,建立自己的道德原则。
||    |He met many difficulties on his trail to success. |在取得成功的路途上,他曾遇到许多困难。
||<45>cut down |reduce the amount of sth. |减少...的数量
|||The factory cannot afford to employ any more workers, so it will have to cut down on production. |这个工厂没有能力再增雇工人,所以它只好减少生产。
|||In times of rising prices, we must cut down on our spending. |在物价上涨时期,我们必须紧缩开支。
||<46>keep in mind |remember sth. |记住
||  |You must keep your parents' needs in mind when you make your decisions. |当你作决定时,不要忘了你父母的需要。
||  |We must keep in mind that the younger people might not like the idea. |我们必须考虑到,年轻人可能不喜欢这个想法。
<TITLE>Proper Names</TITLE>
||<47>Robert S. Eliot ||罗伯特·S. 埃利奥特(人名)
||<48>Nebraska ||内布拉斯加州(美国州名)
||<49>Ben Franklin ||本·富兰克林(1706–1790,美国政治家、科学家)


1 margin 67Mzp     
  • We allowed a margin of 20 minutes in catching the train.我们有20分钟的余地赶火车。
  • The village is situated at the margin of a forest.村子位于森林的边缘。
2 reactor jTnxL     
  • The atomic reactor generates enormous amounts of thermal energy.原子反应堆发出大量的热能。
  • Inside the reactor the large molecules are cracked into smaller molecules.在反应堆里,大分子裂变为小分子。
3 reactors 774794d45796c1ac60b7fda5e55a878b     
起反应的人( reactor的名词复数 ); 反应装置; 原子炉; 核反应堆
  • The TMI nuclear facility has two reactors. 三哩岛核设施有两个反应堆。 来自英汉非文学 - 环境法 - 环境法
  • The earliest production reactors necessarily used normal uranium as fuel. 最早为生产用的反应堆,必须使用普通铀作为燃料。
4 inevitable 5xcyq     
  • Mary was wearing her inevitable large hat.玛丽戴着她总是戴的那顶大帽子。
  • The defeat had inevitable consequences for British policy.战败对英国政策不可避免地产生了影响。
5 cholesterol qrzzV     
  • There is cholesterol in the cell of body.人体细胞里有胆固醇。
  • They are determining the serum-protein and cholesterol levels.他们正在测定血清蛋白和胆固醇的浓度。
6 fiber NzAye     
  • The basic structural unit of yarn is the fiber.纤维是纱的基本结构单元。
  • The material must be free of fiber clumps.这种材料必须无纤维块。
7 fibers 421d63991f1d1fc8826d6e71d5e15f53     
光纤( fiber的名词复数 ); (织物的)质地; 纤维,纤维物质
  • Thesolution of collagen-PVA was wet spined with the sodium sulfate as coagulant and collagen-PVA composite fibers were prepared. 在此基础上,以硫酸钠为凝固剂,对胶原-PVA共混溶液进行湿法纺丝,制备了胶原-PVA复合纤维。
  • Sympathetic fibers are distributed to all regions of the heart. 交感神经纤维分布于心脏的所有部分。
8 exterior LlYyr     
  • The seed has a hard exterior covering.这种子外壳很硬。
  • We are painting the exterior wall of the house.我们正在给房子的外墙涂漆。
9 perfectly 8Mzxb     
  • The witnesses were each perfectly certain of what they said.证人们个个对自己所说的话十分肯定。
  • Everything that we're doing is all perfectly above board.我们做的每件事情都是光明正大的。
10 decided lvqzZd     
  • This gave them a decided advantage over their opponents.这使他们比对手具有明显的优势。
  • There is a decided difference between British and Chinese way of greeting.英国人和中国人打招呼的方式有很明显的区别。
11 enjoyment opaxV     
  • Your company adds to the enjoyment of our visit. 有您的陪同,我们这次访问更加愉快了。
  • After each joke the old man cackled his enjoyment.每逢讲完一个笑话,这老人就呵呵笑着表示他的高兴。
12 outlet ZJFxG     
  • The outlet of a water pipe was blocked.水管的出水口堵住了。
  • Running is a good outlet for his energy.跑步是他发泄过剩精力的好方法。
13 physiological aAvyK     
  • He bought a physiological book.他买了一本生理学方面的书。
  • Every individual has a physiological requirement for each nutrient.每个人对每种营养成分都有一种生理上的需要。
14 physiologically QNfx3     
  • Therefore, the liver and gallbladder cannot be completely separated physiologically and pathologically. 因此,肝胆在生理和病理上不能完全分离。
  • Therefore, the liver and gallbladder are closely related physiologically and pathologically. 因此,肝胆在生理和病理上紧密联系。
15 stimulate wuSwL     
  • Your encouragement will stimulate me to further efforts.你的鼓励会激发我进一步努力。
  • Success will stimulate the people for fresh efforts.成功能鼓舞人们去作新的努力。
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