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新视野大学英语读写教程词汇 第二册 Unit 9a

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  <TITLE>New Words</TITLE>
  ||<1> <em>quitter</em>  |n.     |[C] sb. who gives up easily |轻易放弃的人
  ||||He is by no means a quitter; he never gives up easily. |他决不是轻易放弃的人,他从不轻言放弃。
  ||||Don't be a quitter at any time, even in face of immense difficulties. |任何时候都不要轻易放弃,即使遇到了艰难险阻。
  ||<2>standpoint  |a.     |[C] a way of thinking about sth. |立场;观点
  ||||from an historical standpoint 从历史观点看
  ||||Let's look at this issue from the standpoint of an ordinary voter. |让我们从普通选民的立场来看这件事。
  |@ |<3>tender      |a.     |gentle and careful |温柔的;亲切的
  ||||She has a tender heart and would never hurt anyone. |她的心肠很软,从来不愿伤害别人。
  ||||She gave him a tender look and smiled. |她含情脉脉地看了他一眼,朝他微笑。
  |@|<4>equivalent  |n.     |[C] sth. that is equal to sth. else |等同物;对应物
  ||||There is no English equivalent for "bon appetit", so we have adopted the French expression. |英语中没有“祝你好胃口”的对应语,所以我们借用了法语表达法。
  ||||The dress cost the equivalent of a week's salary. |这件衣服等于花了一周的工资。
  |||a. |of the same value, importance, etc. as sth. else |相等的;对等的
  ||||The president's wish is equivalent to an order. |总统的愿望等同于命令。
  ||||His behavior was equivalent to cheating. |他的行为等于作弊。
  ||<5>bamboo      |n.     |[C, U] |竹子
  ||||a bamboo chair |竹椅
  ||||bamboo chopsticks |竹筷
  ||<6>torture     |n.     |[U] an act of hurting sb. in order to force them to tell sth., or punish them |拷打;折磨
  ||||instruments of torture 刑具
  ||||Torture was formerly used to make people give evidence about crimes, or to make them confess. |酷刑拷打原本用来逼迫受刑者给出犯罪证据,或是认罪。
  |||vt.|hurt sb. in order to force them to force them to tell sth., or punish them |拷打;折磨
  ||||The cruel boy tortures animals. |那个残酷的男孩折磨动物。
  ||||It was as if Spielberg was tortured by the thought of being "merely a super-director". |“仅仅是个超级导演”的想法似乎折磨着斯皮尔伯格。
  ||<7>Christ |inter. |used to express surprise or anger |天啊
  ||||Christ! I've forgotten the keys! |哎呀!我忘了钥匙!
  |||n.|Jesus Christ |基督;耶稣基督
  ||<8>utter |vt.    |say sth. |说;讲
  ||||He uttered her name in his sleep. |他在睡梦中呼唤着她的名字。
  ||||I have often wondered who first uttered that simple but profound truth. |我常常在想是谁首先讲出了这个简单而又深刻的道理。
  |||a.|complete; absolute |完全的;十足的
  ||||She spoke utter nonsense. |她讲的是一派胡言。
  ||||They worked in utter darkness. |他们在一片黑暗中干活。
  |@|<9>scatter |v.     |(cause to) move in different directions or spread over a wide area |(使)分散;(使)散开
  ||||The policemen blew his whistle and the students scattered in all directions. |警察吹响哨子,学生们朝各个方向散去。
  ||||The new mayor advocates that the factories should be scattered instead of being concentrated in a single area. |新一任的市长提倡将工厂分建在各地而不要集中在一个地区。
  ||<10> <em>scattered</em> |a.     |spread over a wide area or over a long period of time |分散的;零星的
  ||||After the concert hundreds of wine bottles and beer cans were left scattered on the grass. |音乐会结束后成百个酒瓶和啤酒罐散落在草地上。
  ||||There are scattered trees on the hillside. |山坡上零零落落长着些树。
  ||<11>insane |a.     |mentally ill, or extremely unreasonable |患精神病的;疯狂的
  ||||When his girlfriend walked out on him, he went insane. |当女朋友抛弃他时,他的精神失常了。
  ||||His family had no choice but to put him in an insane hospital. |他的家人没办法只好把他送进精神病院。
  ||<12> <em>institutionalize</em> |vt.     |send sb. to live in an institution, usu. because they are mentally ill or homeless |收容
  ||||Her condition got worse, to such a degree that we had to institutionalize her. |她的情形极度恶化,我们不得不把她送进精神病院。
  ||||Her children institutionalized her when she was too old to look after herself. |当她老得无法照顾自己时,孩子们送她去了养老院。
  ||<13>grocer |n.     |[C] sb. who owns or works in a shop that sells food and other things used in the home |食品杂货商;杂货铺店员
  ||||I bought some flour at the grocer's. |我在食品杂货店里买了些面粉。
  ||||I made friends with the grocer after visiting his shop for a few times. |去了那家店几次后,我和食品杂货商成了朋友。
  |@ |<14>deceive |vt.    |make sb. believe sth. that is not true |欺骗
  ||||He deceived me by pretending to be a famous movie star. |他假装成电影明星,骗了我。
  ||||He had been deceived into thinking that she was a good person. |他上当受骗,以为她是个好人。
  ||<15>missile |n.     |[C] |导弹
  ||||an air-to-air missile |空对空导弹
  ||||a cruise missile |巡航导弹
  |@ |<16>ambitious |a.     |having a great desire to be successful, powerful or wealthy |雄心勃勃的;充满野心的
  ||||He's very ambitious for his children. |他对他的孩子们抱有极大的期望。
  ||||The tunnel was one of the most ambitious engineering projects ever undertaken. |这条隧道是所承接过的工程项目之中要求最高的。
  ||<17>identification |n.    |[U] the action of recognizing sb. or sth |识别;辨认
  ||||Identification of the jewels was made by the owner. |珠宝是由主人鉴定的。
  ||||The identification of the customer needs is vital for the company to make its marketing strategy. |公司要制定市场策略,正确地辨别客户需求非常重要。
  ||<18>revolve |v.     |(cause to) move round a central point or line |(使)旋转
  ||||The moon revolves around the earth and the earth revolves around the sun. |月亮绕着地球转,地球绕着太阳转。
  ||||His whole life revolves around his work. |他的生活以工作为核心。
  |@|<19>intermediate |a.     |at a level between the basic and the advanced level |中级的;中等程度的
  ||||This book is intended for readers of intermediate level. |这本书是写给中级水平的读者的。
  ||||Eventually we hope to be making profits of $100,000 a year, but our intermediate target is $60,000. |我们希望最终可以每年获利10万美元,但中期目标为一年6万美元。
  |@|<20>advanced |a.     |far on or ahead in development or progress |高级的,先进的
  ||||My views are too advanced for him. |我的观点对他而言太先进了。
  ||||Teachers of advanced reading should develop a conscious awareness of the syntax of written English. |教高级阅读的老师应该有意识地注意到书面英语的句法。
  ||<21>lap |vt.    |drink liquid with the tongue |舔食
  ||||The cat lapped the porridge as if she had been nearly starved to death. |那猫舔着粥,似乎快饿死了。
  ||||The cat laps its milk. |猫舔食牛奶。
  |||v.|(of water) move or beat upon a shore with a soft sound |(水)拍打
  ||||Water lapped the shore. |波浪拍打海岸。
  ||<22> <em>monstrous</em> |a.     |very wrong, immoral, or unfair |残忍的;可怕的
  ||||It was unbelievable that such a monstrous crime could have occurred in their neighborhood. |如此骇人听闻的罪行会在小区里发生,让人难以置信。
  ||||It's monstrous that he should be so ungrateful for all the help his friends have given him. |太可怕了,他竟然对朋友们的帮助如此不领情。
  ||<23>refugee |n.     |[C] sb. who has been forced to leave their country, esp. during a war, or for political or religious reasons |难民
  ||||During the war, many refugees fled to Britain. |打仗时,许多难民逃到了英国。
  ||||They were living in a refugee camp. |他们住在难民营里。
  |@|<24>corruption |n.     |[U] dishonest, illegal, or immoral behavior, esp. by sb. with power |腐败
  ||| |Corruption among officials was another cause for discontent. |官员的腐败是导致不满的另一个原因。
  ||||<em>The Bible</em> warns against sin and corruption. |《圣经》告诫世人不能犯罪和腐败。
  ||<25>fascinate |vt.    |attract or interest sb. very much |强烈吸引,迷住
  ||||What fascinates me about him is his charm. |是他的魅力吸引了我。
  ||||The idea of working in an international company fascinates Susan. |在国际性公司工作的想法把苏珊吸引住了。
  |▲|<26>humiliate |vt.    |make sb. feel ashamed or stupid, esp. when other people are present |使丢脸;使蒙羞
  ||||It's so humiliating to sign such a peace treaty with those countries. |与那些国家签定这样一份和平协议真是耻辱。
  ||||Don't you think it's a bit humiliating for Robert that his girlfriend is now dating his brother? |你不认为罗伯特的女友现在与他弟弟约会让他有些丟脸吗?
  |@ |<27>sympathize |vi.    |(BrE sympathise) feel sorry for sb. |同情;体谅
  || ||I find it difficult to sympathize with him when he complains so much. |他抱怨这么多,我觉得很难对他表示同情。
  ||||While I sympathize, I cannot do much about it. |尽管我表示同情,但我却帮不上什么忙。
  ||<28>diplomat |n.     |[C] sb. who officially represents their government in a foreign country |外交官
  ||||He is a US diplomat assigned to the embassy in London. |他是被派往驻伦敦大使馆的美国外交官。
  ||||Mr. Richard is an experienced diplomat who has served in many countries. |理查德先生出使过许多国家,是一位经验丰富的外交官。
  ||<29>embassy |n.     |[C] the group of people who represent their country in a foreign country, or the building they work in |大使馆全体官员;大使馆
  ||||He was working at the Indian Embassy. |他在印度大使馆工作。
  ||||The embassy gave a reception for the visiting delegates. |大使馆为来访的代表们举行了招待会。
  ||<30>oval |a.     |shaped like a long narrow circle |椭圆形的
  ||||an oval table |一张椭圆形桌子
  ||||There was a large oval mirror in her bedroom. |她的卧室里有一面巨大的椭圆形镜子。
  ||<31>journalist |n.     |[C] sb. who writes news reports for newspapers, magazines, television, or radio |新闻记者
  ||||She worked as a political journalist before becoming a politician. |她成为政治家之前是一名政治记者。
  ||||A journalist should first and foremost be honest. |作为一名记者首先应该要诚实。
  |@|<32>considering |prep.  |used to say that one is thinking about a particular fact when giving their opinion |考虑到
  ||||The child was quite tall considering his age. |考虑到他的年龄,这孩子够高的了。
  ||||Considering the weather, we got here quite quickly. |考虑到天气因素,我们到这儿算是够快的了。
  |★|<33>onward |a. & ad.  |moving forward |向前的(地);前进的(地)
  ||||There's nothing you can do to halt the onward march of time. |谁都阻挡不了时间前进。
  ||||From its foundation onward the company has been involved with charitable activities. |这家公司从成立开始就一直参与慈善活动。
  |@ |<34>correspond |vi.    |1. (to, with) be the same as sth. else, or very much like it |相符;相一致
  ||||The American FBI corresponds to the British MI5. |美国的联邦调查局相当于英国的军情五处。
  ||||His story of what happened that night didn't correspond with the witness's version. |他关于那天晚上发生的事的陈述和证人所说的不符。
  ||||2. (with) write letters to sb. and receive letters from them |通信
  ||||He's been corresponding with the famous writer for many years. |他和这位著名作家通信多年了。
  ||<35>marginal |a.     |1. very small |微小的;少量的
  ||||There has been a marginal improvement in the firm's sales. |公司的销售情况略有改善。
  ||||The new law will only have a marginal effect on the lives of most people. |新的法律对大多数人的生活产生的影响不大。
  ||||2. relating to a margin |边缘的
  ||||marginal notes |旁注
  ||<36>concession |n.     |1. [C] an acknowledgment or admission |承认,认可
  ||||concessions to reality |承认现实
  || ||The lawyer's concession on that point will help your case. |律师认可这一点将对你的案子有利。
  ||||2. [C] sth. that you allow sb. to have in order to end an argument or a disagreement |让步
  ||||You say both should make concessions; I think so too. |你说双方都应让步,我也觉得是这样。
  ||||As a concession, mother let Nell stay up an hour longer. |作为让步,母亲同意奈尔过一小时再睡觉。
  |@ |<37>keen |a.     |1. wanting to do sth. or liking sth. very much |渴望的;热衷的
  ||||We were very keen to start work. |我们热切盼望着开始工作。
  ||||They were keen for their children to go to the best schools. |他们渴望子女上最好的学校。
  ||||2. very strong |强烈的
  ||||Many people are taking a keen interest in the result of vote. |许多人对选举结果有浓厚的兴趣。
  ||||It's a summer night with very keen moonlight. |那是一个月光明亮的夏夜。
  ||<38>nuisance |n.     |[C] sb. or sth. that is annoying |讨厌的人或东西
  ||||Flies are a nuisance. |苍蝇是讨厌的东西。
  ||||Don't make a nuisance of yourself: Sit down and be quiet! |别让你自己令人讨厌:坐下,安静点。
  ||<39>thrill |n.     |[C] a feeling of extreme excitement, usu. caused by sth. pleasant |兴奋,激动
  ||||A letter arrived which gave her an extraordinary thrill. |来了一封信,让她异常兴奋。
  ||||It gave me quite a thrill to meet the President. |见到总统,令我着实激动。
  |||vt.|make sb. feel excited and happy |使激动;使兴奋
  ||||She was thrilled by his music. |他的音乐让她兴奋不已。
  ||||Stories of adventure thrilled him. |冒险故事使他感到兴奋激动。
  ||<40>fantasy |n.     |[C] an imagined exciting situation or experience |幻想
  ||||He lives in a world of fantasy. |他生活在幻想的世界里。
  ||||Some of the old fantasies are coming true. |过去的幻想正在变成现实。
  ||<41>depart |vi.    |leave a place, esp. to start a journey |启程;离开
  ||||Before you depart, let me give you a word of advice. |在你离开之前,让我给你一句忠告。
  ||||In a few minutes she was ready to depart. |几分钟后,她准备动身。
  ||<42>scheme |n.     |[C] a plan to do sth. |计划;规划
  ||||Most of his schemes were never carried out for lack of money. |因为缺乏资金,他的大多数计划都没有实现。
  ||||He planned to steal the money, but his schemes were discovered. |他计划偷钱,但是阴谋被发现了。
  ||<43>summit |n.     |[C] the highest point or part |顶点;顶峰
  ||||This is the summit of the mountain; we can't get any higher. |这就是峰顶;我们无法再登高了。
  ||||He is now at the summit of his career. |他正处在事业顶峰。
  ||<44>namely |ad.    |that is |即;也就是
  ||||Only one person can do the job, namely you. |只有一个人能做这份工作,那就是你。
  ||||There are three colors in the British flag, namely red, white and blue. |英国国旗上有三种颜色,那就是红,白,蓝。
  |@ |<45>overall |a.     |including everything |全面的
  ||||The overall cost is still rising. |总成本还在持续上涨。
  ||||The overall situation is encouraging. |总体形势是有利的。
  ||<46> <em>forevermore</em> |ad.    |forever |永远
  ||||I hope we'll remain friends forevermore. |我希望我们能永远做朋友。
  ||||The lovers promised to be faithful forevermore. |两个相爱的人许诺要永远忠诚。
  <TITLE>Phrases and Expressions</TITLE>
  ||<47>in (the) face of |when facing sth., esp. sth. unpleasant or difficult |面对
  |||He remained calm even in the face of such a danger. |他临危不惧。
  |||What could he do in the face of all these difficulties? |面对着所有这些困难他能怎么办?
  ||<48>make sth. of sb. |make sb. a successful person |使成为有出息的人
  ||  |He made something of himself in spite of difficulties. |尽管困难重重,他成了有出息的人。
  ||  |They made a super model of her. |他们让她成了超级名模。
  ||<49>pass away|die |死亡,逝世
  |||The old man passed away lonely in his small house. |老人在他的小屋子里孤独地去世了。
  |||David missed his wife who had passed away recently. |大卫十分想念自己刚去世的妻子。
  ||<50>have sth. at heart|really care about sth. |关心
  |||He has the honor of the family at heart. |他关心着家族的荣誉。
  |||The only interests they have at heart are their own. |他们只关心自己的利益。
  ||<51>from sb.'s standpoint |from sb.'s way of considering sth. |从某人的立场或观点来说
  |||From a literary critic's standpoint, his novels aren't actually much good. |从文学批评家的角度看,他的小说并不是很好。
  |||From the parents' standpoint, the school is doing well. |从家长的角度看,学校做得很好。
  ||<52>be entitled to |have the right to do or have sth. |有权做;有权得到
  |||You are entitled to some time on your own. |你有权支配自己的一些时间。
  |||If you fail three times, you are not entitled to try any more. |如果你失败三次,你就无权再试了。
  ||<53>pick up the pieces |try to return to a normal life after a difficult experience |收拾残局;恢复正常
  |||In Virginia, it's time to pick up the pieces after the hurricane. |飓风过后,弗吉尼亚市得修整残局,恢复正常生活。
  |||He's now struggling to pick up the pieces left by the power shift. |他正努力收拾权力更替留下的残局。
  ||<54>take shelter |find protection from bad weather or danger |躲避
  |||The rain was quite heavy and he took shelter in a doorway. |雨下得很大,他在门口避雨。
  |||Keep an eye on the weather and be prepared to take shelter immediately if conditions worsen. |注意关注天气变化,如果情形不好,赶紧躲避。
  ||<55>lap up |enjoy sth. |欣赏
  |||She flatters him all the time and he just laps it up. |她一直对他吹捧奉承,而他一并接受。
  |||They lapped up his story about the accident. |他们相信了他对事故的描述。
  ||<56>look forward to |feel happy and excited about sth. that is going to happen |盼望,期待
  || |I'm looking forward to your reply. |期待你的回信。
  || |She's looking forward to the day her husband returns from his business trip. |她期待着丈夫出差回来那一天。
  ||<57>know better |be wise enough to avoid making mistakes |有头脑;明事理(而不至于)
  |||She's old enough to know better than to spend all her money on clothes. |她这样的年龄应该知道不该把钱全花在衣服上。
  |||I should know better than to lend him any money. |我不该把钱借给他。
  ||<58>watch out |be careful |注意;小心
  |||Watch out for traffic here. |在这里要注意来往车辆。
  |||You'll catch cold if you don't watch out. |你如果不注意就可能着凉。
  ||<59>once and for all |completely and finally |一劳永逸地;永远地;彻底地
  |||I want to settle the question once and for all. |我想一劳永逸地解决这个问题。
  |||Let's settle this matter once and for all. |让我们一劳永逸地解决这个问题吧。
  ||<60>out of touch with |no longer have information about sth. |不再了解
  |||I've been out of touch with the old place for a great many years. |我已经好多年没去过那个老地方了。
  |||If you live in the country, you soon get out of touch with things. |如果你住在乡下,你很快会变得孤陋寡闻。
  <TITLE>Proper Names</TITLE>
  ||<61>Allen| |艾伦(人名)
  ||<62>Edwin James| |埃德温·詹姆士(人名)
  ||<63> <em>The New York Times</em> | |《纽约时报》
  ||<64>Johns Hopkins| |约翰·霍普金斯(大学 )
  ||<65> <em>Baltimore Sun</em> | |《巴尔的摩太阳报》
  ||<66>Russ| |拉斯(人名)
  ||<67>Pulitzer Prize| |普利策奖 (美国一种多项的新闻、文化奖,由美国著名的报纸编辑和出版家约瑟夫·普利策出资设立)

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