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21世纪大学英语读写教程第三册 Unit8

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Unit 8

Text A

Pre-reading Activities

1. In the famous tale Through the Looking-Glass, Alice finds her way through a mirror to a very strange land. In the scene you're about to hear, Alice has been sitting under a tree and talking with the Red Queen. Listen to the passage twice and fill in the missing words from the text below.

Suddenly they began to run.
Alice never could quite understand how they began: All she remembers is that they were running hand in hand, and the Queen went so fast that Alice could hardly manage to keep up with her. The Queen kept crying " _____! _____!" But Alice couldn't go faster, though she had no breath left to say so. She felt as if she would never be able to talk again, she was getting so out of breath. And still the Queen cried "_____! _____!" and dragged her along.
" _____?" Alice managed to gasp1.
" _____?!" the Queen repeated. "Why, _____ten minutes ago! _____!" And they ran on, with the wind whistling in Alice's ears and almost blowing her hair off her head, she imagined. They went so fast that at last they seemed to hardly touch the ground with their feet. And then suddenly, just as Alice was getting quite exhausted2, they stopped, and she found herself sitting on the ground.
Alice looked around in great surprise. "Why, I do believe _____!"
"Of course we have," said the Queen. "What would you expect?"
"Well, in my country," said Alice, "you'd generally _____."
"_____!" said the Queen. "Here it takes _____."

2. The Queen's final statement is very often quoted(引用)as a comment on modern society. What aspects of life does it make you think of?

The Highs of Low Technology

Johanne Mednick

I have a wonderful bicycle. My family refers to it as "that piece of junk" —an ancient piece of metal, the likes of which can be found in the dump or, if you're lucky, at garage sales. But I have confidence in my bike. It gives me power, and I cherish its simplicity3.
What intrigues5 me, in this age of technological6 innovation (which is nowhere more apparent than in the bicycle world), is the number of people who stop me and comment on my bike. It's a real conversation piece. "Where did you get that thing?" "I haven't seen one of those in ages." "What a great bike." I get all kinds of comments — the best one being from a motorcycle gang who cornered me while I was locking it up. They politely suggested that I should wear gloves while riding to protect my hands. Maybe I should also put on a leather jacket.
But really, what is it that people are admiring? Are they admiring me for resisting the lure7 of mass bicycle consumerism? I must look like an eyesore pedaling behind my family, who all ride the latest model of mountain bike. (To them, I'm some sort of odd person, an embarrassment8 not fit to be on the road.) On the other hand, maybe people are just genuinely curious, as they would be if confronted with a dinosaur9 bone. I never get the feeling that they think I'm crazy for riding something so old when I could be fussing with gears and having a presumably easier time of things. My bike seems to touch a sensitive chord in people, and I'm not quite sure what or why that is.
Perhaps my bike is representative of a world gone by: the world before gimmicks11 and gadgets12, accessories and attachments14. A time when people thought in terms of settling into a cushioned seat, stopping the movement with their heel and travelling a bit slower than we are travelling now. My bike is certainly not built for speed, but who needs speed when I can coast along the streets, hold my head high and deliciously feel the wind on my face? My bike is built for taking time. It makes people feel relaxed.
When I'm riding my bike, I feel as though I have control. And I don't feel that way about most things these days. I don't deny that my computer and my microwave make my life a lot easier. I use these things, but they also make me feel rather small and, in a strange way, inadequate15. What if I press the wrong button? What if something goes wrong? Maybe if I learned to understand these appliances I'd feel better — more secure about my relationship with technology. But frankly16, I'm not comforted by manuals and how-to courses. Of course there are always "experts" I could go to who seem to know everything about anything. Relatives, friends, salespeople17 — people who seem at ease with all the latest inventions and who delight in ingenuity18.
I just don't get excited over the idea of yet another thing I could do if I pulled the right lever or set the right program. Nervous and unsure in the beginning, I eventually adapt to these so-called conveniences and accept them as a part of life, but I'm not entirely19 convinced of their merit. I hunger for simplicity and I have a sneaking20 suspicion that many people feel the same way. That's why they admire my bike. It comforts them and gives them a sense of something manageable, not too complicated.
I'm not suggesting that we all go back to a pioneer-village attitude. But I do think it's important to respect that which is simple and manageable — no doubt difficult in a time when more means better and new means best. I'm proud that my "piece of junk" makes me and others feel good. It allows me the opportunity to relax and, when I'm heading down the road, to escape what I don't understand.
(672 words)

New Words

garage sale

* intrigue4
vt. excite interest or curiosity 激起…的兴趣

* innovation
n. the creation or introduction of new ideas, methods, etc.; a new invention, idea or method 革新;新方法

ad. not anywhere; in/at/to no place 无处

conversation piece
sth. that stimulates21 conversation between people 话题;可作话题的东西

n. 摩托车

n. a group of people associated together in some (often criminal) way 群;帮

n. 手套

* lure
n. attraction; temptation 诱惑
vt. attract, tempt22 引诱;诱惑

n. the consumption of goods and services 消费

n. something ugly to look at 刺眼的东西

* pedal
v. 骑(自行车);踩动踏板
n. 踏板

ad. authentically24; truly 真地;确实地

a. authentic23; real, not pretended 真的;真心的

vi. behave in an unnecessarily anxious or excited way over small matters 忙乱;小题大做
n. unnecessary, useless expression of excitement, anxiety, anger, etc. 忙乱;大惊小怪

n. 齿轮;排档

* chord
n. two or more musical notes played at the same time; a feeling or emotion thought of as being played on like a musical instrument 和弦;心弦

a. typical; being an example of 典型的;代表的
n. a person acting25 on behalf of another person or a group of people 代表;代理人

n. an unusual action, object or device which is intended to attract attention or publicity26 (为引人注意而搞的)小革新,小发明;巧妙的小玩意儿

* accessory
n. (oft. pl) an extra part which makes sth. more effective or beautiful 附属物;附件

n. something that is fixed27 to something else 附属物

n. a soft pillow or pad to rest on; protection from harm, esp. from impact 软垫;缓冲
vt. reduce the force of; protect from hardship or sudden change 缓和…的冲击;使免受打击

ad. very pleasantly 美美地;怡人地

vt. 1. declare as untrue; refuse to accept as true 否认
2. refuse to give or allow 拒绝给予

n. a machine for use in the home 器具;装置

n. skill and cleverness in arranging things, solving problems, etc. 灵巧;精巧

* ingenious
a. having or showing cleverness at making or inventing things 灵巧的,善于创造发明的

* lever
n. 杠杆;控制杆

n. the quality of being convenient; something that makes sth. easier, quicker, more efficient, etc. 方便;提供方便的用具

a. 1. (for) near; easy to reach 近处的,近便的
2. suited to one's needs 方便的;合适的

n. value; worth 价值,优点

n. belief or feeling (usually) that sth. is wrong, or that sb. has done wrong, etc. 怀疑;疑心

a. easy to control or deal with 易操纵的;易处理的

Phrases and Expressions

refer to... as
speak about sb./sth. as...; call sb. something 把…称为…;把…叫做…

the likes of which/whom
sth./sb. of the same kind 诸如此类的人或物

corner sb.
get sb. into a place or situation difficult to escape 缠住某人;将某人逼入困境

lock sth. up
fasten sth. with a lock 锁住

fuss with sth.
concern oneself with sth. unimportant (因小事而)惴惴不安

touch a chord
call up one's feelings about sth. 触动(人的)心弦

be representative of
be an example or type of (a certain class or kind of thing) 代表…的

think in terms of sth./doing sth.
give primary consideration to sth./doing sth.; emphasize sth./doing sth. in one's thinking; have sth./doing sth. as one's priority 首先考虑(做)某事;认为(做)某事是最首要的

go wrong
turn out badly; make a mistake 坏掉;出错

be at ease with sth./sb.
feel confident and comfortable with sth./sb. 自在,不拘束

hunger for sth.
want sth. very much 渴望得到

have a sneaking suspicion

Proper Names

Johanne Mednick


1 gasp UfxzL     
  • She gave a gasp of surprise.她吃惊得大口喘气。
  • The enemy are at their last gasp.敌人在做垂死的挣扎。
2 exhausted 7taz4r     
  • It was a long haul home and we arrived exhausted.搬运回家的这段路程特别长,到家时我们已筋疲力尽。
  • Jenny was exhausted by the hustle of city life.珍妮被城市生活的忙乱弄得筋疲力尽。
3 simplicity Vryyv     
  • She dressed with elegant simplicity.她穿着朴素高雅。
  • The beauty of this plan is its simplicity.简明扼要是这个计划的一大特点。
4 intrigue Gaqzy     
  • Court officials will intrigue against the royal family.法院官员将密谋反对皇室。
  • The royal palace was filled with intrigue.皇宫中充满了勾心斗角。
5 intrigues 48ab0f2aaba243694d1c9733fa06cfd7     
n.密谋策划( intrigue的名词复数 );神秘气氛;引人入胜的复杂情节v.搞阴谋诡计( intrigue的第三人称单数 );激起…的好奇心
  • He was made king as a result of various intrigues. 由于搞了各种各样的阴谋,他当上了国王。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Those who go in for intrigues and conspiracy are doomed to failure. 搞阴谋诡计的人注定要失败。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
6 technological gqiwY     
  • A successful company must keep up with the pace of technological change.一家成功的公司必须得跟上技术变革的步伐。
  • Today,the pace of life is increasing with technological advancements.当今, 随着科技进步,生活节奏不断增快。
7 lure l8Gz2     
  • Life in big cities is a lure for many country boys.大城市的生活吸引着许多乡下小伙子。
  • He couldn't resist the lure of money.他不能抵制金钱的诱惑。
8 embarrassment fj9z8     
  • She could have died away with embarrassment.她窘迫得要死。
  • Coughing at a concert can be a real embarrassment.在音乐会上咳嗽真会使人难堪。
9 dinosaur xuSxp     
  • Are you trying to tell me that David was attacked by a dinosaur?你是想要告诉我大卫被一支恐龙所攻击?
  • He stared at the faithful miniature of the dinosaur.他凝视著精确的恐龙缩小模型。
10 gimmick Iefzy     
  • He dismissed the event as just a publicity gimmick.他不理会这件事,只当它是一种宣传手法。
  • It is just a public relations gimmick.这只不过是一种公关伎俩。
11 gimmicks ebf13bd5f71fff192597aad2cac0592e     
n.花招,诡计,骗人的玩意儿( gimmick的名词复数 )
  • Financial institutions are also often expected yield of gimmicks. 金融机构也往往以预期收益率为噱头。 来自互联网
  • However these are just marketing gimmicks that propagate the myth. 然而这些只是噱头的营销传播的神话。 来自互联网
12 gadgets 7239f3f3f78d7b7d8bbb906e62f300b4     
n.小机械,小器具( gadget的名词复数 )
  • Certainly. The idea is not to have a house full of gadgets. 当然。设想是房屋不再充满小配件。 来自超越目标英语 第4册
  • This meant more gadgets and more experiments. 这意味着要设计出更多的装置,做更多的实验。 来自英汉非文学 - 科学史
13 attachment POpy1     
  • She has a great attachment to her sister.她十分依恋她的姐姐。
  • She's on attachment to the Ministry of Defense.她现在隶属于国防部。
14 attachments da2fd5324f611f2b1d8b4fef9ae3179e     
n.(用电子邮件发送的)附件( attachment的名词复数 );附着;连接;附属物
  • The vacuum cleaner has four different attachments. 吸尘器有四个不同的附件。
  • It's an electric drill with a range of different attachments. 这是一个带有各种配件的电钻。
15 inadequate 2kzyk     
  • The supply is inadequate to meet the demand.供不应求。
  • She was inadequate to the demands that were made on her.她还无力满足对她提出的各项要求。
16 frankly fsXzcf     
  • To speak frankly, I don't like the idea at all.老实说,我一点也不赞成这个主意。
  • Frankly speaking, I'm not opposed to reform.坦率地说,我不反对改革。
17 salespeople xjuz25     
n.售货员,店员;售货员( salesperson的名词复数 )
  • The shop usually employs additional salespeople for the Christmas toy trade. 这家商店通常雇一些临时售货员来做圣诞节玩具生意。 来自《现代汉英综合大词典》
  • Under our new system, salespeople sit down with each of our dealers. 根据新的制度,销售人员应逐个地同承销商洽商。 来自辞典例句
18 ingenuity 77TxM     
  • The boy showed ingenuity in making toys.那个小男孩做玩具很有创造力。
  • I admire your ingenuity and perseverance.我钦佩你的别出心裁和毅力。
19 entirely entirely     
  • The fire was entirely caused by their neglect of duty. 那场火灾完全是由于他们失职而引起的。
  • His life was entirely given up to the educational work. 他的一生统统献给了教育工作。
20 sneaking iibzMu     
  • She had always had a sneaking affection for him. 以前她一直暗暗倾心于他。
  • She ducked the interviewers by sneaking out the back door. 她从后门偷偷溜走,躲开采访者。
21 stimulates 7384b1562fa5973e17b0984305c09f3e     
v.刺激( stimulate的第三人称单数 );激励;使兴奋;起兴奋作用,起刺激作用,起促进作用
  • Exercise stimulates the body. 运动促进身体健康。 来自《简明英汉词典》
  • Alcohol stimulates the action of the heart. 酒刺激心脏的活动。 来自《现代英汉综合大词典》
22 tempt MpIwg     
  • Nothing could tempt him to such a course of action.什么都不能诱使他去那样做。
  • The fact that she had become wealthy did not tempt her to alter her frugal way of life.她有钱了,可这丝毫没能让她改变节俭的生活习惯。
23 authentic ZuZzs     
  • This is an authentic news report. We can depend on it. 这是篇可靠的新闻报道, 我们相信它。
  • Autumn is also the authentic season of renewal. 秋天才是真正的除旧布新的季节。
24 authentically MOyyR     
  • Gina: And we should give him something 2 authentically Taiwanese. 吉娜:而且我们应该送他有纯正台湾味的东西。
  • A loser is one who fails to correspond authentically. 失败者则指那些未能做到诚实可靠的人。
25 acting czRzoc     
  • Ignore her,she's just acting.别理她,她只是假装的。
  • During the seventies,her acting career was in eclipse.在七十年代,她的表演生涯黯然失色。
26 publicity ASmxx     
  • The singer star's marriage got a lot of publicity.这位歌星的婚事引起了公众的关注。
  • He dismissed the event as just a publicity gimmick.他不理会这件事,只当它是一种宣传手法。
27 fixed JsKzzj     
  • Have you two fixed on a date for the wedding yet?你们俩选定婚期了吗?
  • Once the aim is fixed,we should not change it arbitrarily.目标一旦确定,我们就不应该随意改变。
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